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STB Chapter 130: Nest
STB Chapter 132: Nice to Meet You

“We must leave here as soon as possible Dr. Mad is a wood system ability holder, so it’ll be very advantageous for him here if he caught up……” Jian Hua said half and found Li Fei grimly looking at the distance. He stopped and followed, closing his eyes to feel the movement around him.

There is a rustling sound, like a light rain, or like the leaves rubbing each other.

There will always be similar sounds in a forest. After the wind blew, this kind of strange sound felt more clear.

“The situation of these trees is not very good; they are dying.”

Li Fei looked up. He could see the trunk farther from the ground, the branches and leaves have yellowed, and higher up is a shadow. Li Fei initially thought it was a canopy of leaves. Now, after carefully identifying it, it’s layers of spiderwebs.

“The entire forest is the spider’s lair.” Li Fei whispered.

The giant spiders wantonly spun their webs, making them free to come and go between the trees. With the lack of sunshine, the plants below are dying, and even the trees themselves have been severely affected.

In an environment where the oxygen concentration is too high, people will feel uncomfortable.

Especially when the carbon dioxide in the air is too small, and oxygen is too high, it can lead to respiratory failure.

The forest has died, and the air is uncomfortable, the atmosphere of this world seemed to be high in oxygen……this is enough to explain a lot of problems: the giant insect and plants, the humid climate, and the active microorganisms.

Hunting will become difficult because the meat spoils very fast.

“There are also spiderwebs everywhere. Look, no mosquitoes.” Li Fei laughed.

More than mosquitoes, the other flying insects are also missing.

Probably only the insects that lived in the ground can survive.

Because the prey at the bottom of the forest is extinct, the position of the spiderwebs is high. The situation is much better than in the cave; Li Fei bypassed the dead tree where spider silk is hanging and chose another direction.

The hyphae quietly wrapped around Li Fei’s body.

Jian Hua controlled his ability not to let the mushrooms grow on the ground. If the mushroom grew all the way, it would undoubtedly reveal their whereabouts.

The strange rustling sounds continued. Jian Hua already knows that this sound came from the spiderwebs. The giant spiders, except for adult ones, there are also those that have not fully grown up yet.

“What are you looking at?”

“……we may have a hard time finding food.”

There are many giant spider remains on the small cracks of the spiderwebs between the tree branches, large and small, broken and messily stacked together.

——spider cannibalism, they devour each other.

“In this forest, the spiders probably ate everything.”

Jian Hua frowned. They can’t find food so they can only find other spiders to eat. He thought he saw a booth of roasted spiders in Huai City’s Annual Food Festival. Spiders are supposed to be edible, only……

He looked at Li Fei, once again thinking that the Movie Emperor’s stomach is too delicate to raise.

“Go out first then talk.”

Maybe wait until they get out of the spider’s nest to solve this problem.

The road in the forest is tough to walk through. Bark covered in slippery moss, and roots made the ground undulating and uneven. It often scratches the clothes, and if there is no hyphae as buffer protection, estimated that within half a day, the clothes of the two won’t be seen.

The wet air is stuffy, and just taking a walk made breathing difficult.

The forest seemed to have no end and because they can’t see the sky, there’s no difference between day and night. Sometimes there’s a clump of fluorescent lichens and mushrooms on the roadside. Some yellowish, and some blue-green, far and near, like ghost fire from the Netherworld.

After a long time, they can’t tell the direction in the forest. They were almost driven mad by this uniform light points, and suspected being in an illusion.

Jian Hua’s eyes have just became dazed, but he woke up in a few seconds.

Compared to the nightmare of nothingness, this is nothing.

With nothing here, Jian Hua began to pay attention to Li Fei’s expression. Whenever Li Fei appeared dazed, he would immediately wake him up.

These glowing things might have releases gas that created hallucinations, and made it easy to cause cognitive bias. Once, Li Fei walked straight toward a pool. Fortunately, Jian Hua found it timely.

This road is not easy; even Jian Hua accidentally bumped his forehead.

Illusions appeared more and more frequently. Li Fei saw that after he died, Jian Hua left the cemetery. The heavy rain wet his hair and clothes. In such an awkward shape, Jian Hua has no expression, and his whole body exudes the atmosphere of solitude.

The eyes that looked up at the sky have apathy.

He walked on the street, eyes occasionally moving to the middle of the road, looking like he wanted to cross the railing.

The city is no longer that lively bustling scene; ruins are everywhere with cars tattered and messy. Some homeless people trembled and huddled under the bridge.

There are two men on the street viciously fighting for a small bag of food. They held sharp weapons, and their knives are stained with blood, Jian Hua’s eyes stared straight at the blade. The two men became aware, turned around and shouted at Jian Hua.

Jian Hua slowly turned his head, like he used a lot of effort.

He walked alone on the road with no street lights, no smooth path, and no light in front……

“Li Fei!”

A fishy smell lingered on the tip of his nose. Li Fei violently woke up from the illusion.

Yes, an illusion. Li Fei is very sure. When he woke up and remembered, he found that except for Jian Hua, the other scenes are ridiculous. The cemetery is the graveyard of his grandparents. Since it was a mountain forest, it’s impossible for Jian Hua to leave the cemetery and then come to the ruins of a city in such a short time.

The tattered vehicles on the road include some cars used by celebrities. There is also Star Media Entertainment CEO Liang Jun’s car. All in all, he is more familiar with that car.

The two people who fought for food, one looked like Huo Wei, one is Lu Zhao……

This is of course impossible! Illusion has always been an illusion. Just like a dream, people will subconsciously fill the details of the dream with familiar scenes. There’s not the slightest doubt when you’re in it, so you can’t find anything strange until you get out of your dream.

For Jian Hua to be in the illusion is normal. After all, Li Fei “knew” the original story, and he hid one thing in his heart: The book transmigrator mentioned that there is speculation that the Devourer has depression.

In the information brought by various book transmigrators, some speculations are outrageous. Like Johnson has a shady relationship with Li Fei or something. Depression is not the mainstream view. Many people believed that Jian Hua has a mental illness, but don’t think it’s depression.

Because people with depression usually only hurt themselves, why would they have the idea of controlling the world and destroying everything?

After Li Fei saw it, he was very concerned. Because he knew in his heart, this possibility is huge.

In the illusion, Jian Hua’s performance has the shadow of depression. He become very sensitive and entertained the possibly of committing suicide. He fought against the sudden thoughts in his head, and put down the tumultuous thoughts.

“Li Fei.”

“I’m fine……”

Li Fei held his lover’s hand with an effort.

“What did you see?” Jian Hua had a hunch.

“Something to be afraid of, things I want to forget……” Li Fei subconsciously chose to lie. He did not want to talk to Jian Hua about his “fate in the book.” The previous illusory content fragmented, just in time to dodge.

“I saw my childhood, a completely vague memory.”

Jian Hua soon thought of something from Li Fei’s words.

Li Fei did not have kind parents. The couple did not return to their hometown after the divorce, and directly threw the child for the previous generation to raise, indifferent for more than 20 years.

“When they were together, they’re only seventeen or eighteen years old, young and rebellious. What’s so absurd is that they never thought about getting married at all. Of course, there is no love. They have the young people’s temper of wanting to screw with their parents. They run away from home, became alcoholic and smoked, hanged out with the bad people in society……”

Li Fei smiled, and self-mockingly said, “That was in the early years. They’re not that messed up since there’s a limit to wanting to be bad. They did not have a drug addiction and did not get sick.”

Jian Hua saw him making light of things, like having a casual chat.

“They probably look good.”

“……you’re right.”

Despite their bad character and irrational behavior, regarding appearance, that couple is outstanding.

“It’s said that I got their greatest points.” Li Fei said half-jokingly.

Jian Hua looked at him, “Nn, I can see that.”

“If you see them now, you woudn’t think that way.”

Li Fei’s father is middle aged, and unemployed at home. He lost a few portions of hair, has deep eyebags under the eyes, yellow teeth from smoking, and a beer belly……even if he claimed to be a handsome guy when he was younger, and have photos as evidence, no one would believe him.

The woman’s life is not good. He got old faster with sunken cheeks, prominent cheekbones, and skin badly damaged by cheap cosmetics. Plus the mouth is not very good; bitter words came out of that mouth, and everyone took a detour once they saw her.

It makes sense to live by the heart.

“Speaking of which, I’m probably an……illegitimate child?”

Jian Hua is somewhat surprised as he looked at Li Fei.

“Because they have not reached the legal age for marriage, and accidentally got pregnant, the two families forced them to marry, trying to get them to take care of each other and not mess around too much once they start a family.” Li Fei has a sarcastic look on his eyes, “Thinking that when they became a family, they would immediately understood responsibility. Anyway getting married is just setting up a little place to toast wine. At that time, it was not difficult to find a job to support the family. I have not been born yet, but father went missing and didn’t go home for six months at a time. Three months after birth, mother went to work in other cities and got married a few years later.”

In the beginning, the two people returned to their parents to ask for money. They waited until the child is about to go to school, and just didn’t return home. They cut off all kinds of contact, and refused to pay a penny.

“Probably out there tumbling about. Finally became adults, created a family, and started living life.”

The absurd experience of his early years is of course not mentioned.

Jian Hua did not want Li Fei to talk about these again, and changed the subject, “How did you get to the entertainment circle?”

“At that time, art school was better.” Li Fei then told the truth and also pointed at his face.

Jian Hua lifted his brow. You don’t have the money to show off like that.

“But it’s quite hard to get in since it’s all about connections……I have good luck since I met Liang Jun. At that time, he was the operations planning manager in Star Entertainment Media.”

“What did you do to catch his eyes?” Jian Hua can’t think why people like Liang Jun would personally promote new people.

“Do you know that he’s a man who cared a lot about his appearance?”

Jian Hua nodded.

A fifty-year-old CEO, just a picture is enough for a magazine cover. Not to mention the advantage itself, such a man who cares about his image, is rare in China, but there are many among Paris’ fashion circles.

“He thinks I’m a lot like him.”

“How are you like him?” Jian Hua frowned, he can’t think of it.

“Like having a camera pointed at me anytime and anywhere.”


In other words, it’s charisma and not money?

Wait, it’s no wonder that Liang Jun’s photos are perfect even if he’s just at the corner.

“*Cough* During that time, reporters liked to catch stars and expose their indecent habits. For example, rolling their eyes, or curling one’s lip.” Li Fei explained, “He made rhetoric to the Board of Directors, and said he was looking for a new guy without any problems and won’t hit the reporter in the face.”

Jian Hua was stupefied.

The truth of anything is always different from what one might think.

They walked in the jungle in tandem, whispering and joking.

Finally, there are less and less areas with fluorescent vegetation, and a faint light appeared in front of the forest.

“We’ll soon be out.”

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STB Chapter 130: Nest
STB Chapter 132: Nice to Meet You

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