DWBS 25: Business Rival

DWBS 24: Repayment
DWBS 26: Labyrinth

「So where is the Samaras Chamber of Commerce going to put up their store?」
Roa heard and anxiously asks Haruto.
「It’s in front of this store. They’re making fun of us」
Haruto’s face distorted showing his anger. It is evident that they were provoking him.

「By the way, what kind of person is this El Smith?」
When Haruto says so, Roa looks troubled.
「I’m sorry. I don’t know that person. I was five years old at that time」
Silence dominated between the two. The silence was broken by a voice.

「Yes Yes!! I have a question! Who is the Samaras Chamber of Commerce?」
Haruto and Roa looked at each other and laughed. Aisha has a strange look on her face.

「Eh? Why are you laughing?」
「Iya~, this is my story. Samaras Chamber of Commerce is the company that sells bubble-berry. The price is lower, and sold with high quality」
Haruto followed up after Roa said that.

「By the way, I was the daughter of the previous owner of the Samaras Chamber of Commerce. There were lots of things that happened but…」
Roa says that with a laugh. Aisha has discomfort all over her face.

「That……there seems to be a complicated situation. I’m not going to ask. But whatever happens, I am on Roa’s side. Because we’re friends」
Roa directed moist eyes at Aisha.

「So I don’t have to share Haruto either?」
「How did that happen!!」
Roa glared at Aisha. Aisha laughed happily.

「I’m impressed and lost……」
Roa muttered so and turned to Haruto.

「The quality of bubble-berry sold by the Samaras Chamber of Commerce is better than the ordinary ones. But that is not a threat to us. The problem is price」
「Certainly, the cost of bubble-fruit is 30,000 Doria?」
Roa nods at Haruto’s words.

「However, the price of bubble-berry from the Samaras Chamber of Commerce is 10,000 Doria. The cost of bubble-berry has lowered that far since I ran away. I don’t even know how they can sell it at such a price」
Haruto’s soap is mostly bought by the upper layer of the middle class and the bottom layer of the upper class. The bottom of the upper class can afford 10,000 Doria. So there is the possibility of losing some customers.

「But it’s only a part of our customers. I don’t think it will have an impact right now」
When Roa said so, Haruto embraced Roa.

「Eh!? What is it?」
Roa has a puzzled expression. Haruto said while hugging Roa.

「Don’t worry. I will protect you. I will definitely crush the Samaras Chamber of Commerce」
Roa’s body shook a little at Haruto’s words. And she buried her face in Haruto’s chest.

「I’m really really scared……if they thought I’m alive, I’d probably get killed……」
「It’s okay. It’s all right」
Haruto caresses Roa’s head. After a while, Aisha cleared her throat.

「It’s bad to interrupt this touching scene. But can we return to the story now?」
Roa listened to Aisha’s voice and raised her face from Haruto’s chest. Her face bright red.

「Tha-That’s right. E~tto, which part did we left off?」
「The part where it won’t affect us」
When Haruto says so, Roa continued from there.

「That’s right. The customer base of our Asuma Chamber of Commerce doesn’t coincide much with Samaras Chamber of Commerce. So coexistence is possible」
Roa says so while being a little puzzled. Haruto lifts his eyebrows.

「There is no coexistence. They’re the ones who killed your parents. And that El Smith guy. I feel like he’s looking down on me for being so young. I don’t like it. I will crush Samaras Chamber of Commerce. This is a definite matter」
As Haruto says so, Roa opens her eyes wide. And hugged Haruto’s body.
「That’s my Haruto-san!!」
Looking at Roa hugging him, Aisha piggybacked.

「I like ferocious males!! My man can only kill the enemy!! Nice!!」
Hugged by two people, Haruto fell while yelling.

「Oi, you guys let go. You’re right!! Roa, that position……painful!! Aisha, don’t hold so tight, I’ll die. I’ll really get killed!!」
Haruto said so while crying out.

The next morning, Haruto and Roa asked Eugene.
「Oh! It’s Asuma. What happened? Did you change your mind?」
Eugene told Haruto while drinking tea.
「Aah. 100 million Doria, I’d like you to lend it to me. The remaining 10 million will be returned with the 100 million that I borrowed from you」
When Haruto says so, Eugene took out a borrowing note from his pocket. He wonders, did he always carry it?

「The interest rate should be 20%」(First, set it high)
「It’s too much. 5%」
「Iya~, that’s too low. 15%」(5%, no way. He cheated me once)
「7%. 15 million interest is too high!」
「How about 10%. Don’t be so unreasonable.」(This is far from being dropped)
「Understood. 10% it is」

When Haruto tries to sign the IOU, Eugene picks it up at once. Eugene smiled.

「Tell me why you changed your mind. If you don’t tell me, it’s 15%」
Haruto was irritated, endures it and tells him the reason.

「You already know it. It’s the Samaras Chamber of Commerce. I need money to compete with it. Is that enough?」
When Haruto says so, Eugene narrows his eyes.

「You’re kidding. Your company’s and Samaras’ customer bases are different. There is no need to compete. If you mean that you’ll drive out Samaras Chamber of Commerce, then it’s different. You’re a cautious guy. You even refused my 100 million loans once. Why did you want to destroy Samaras Chamber of Commerce, I want to hear it. Can you tell me, Young Miss Roa・・・・Samaras」
Eugene smiled very evilly.


「You’re a nasty guy. If you’ve noticed, say so from the beginning」
Haruto thought it’s useless to hide it, and told him.

「I was going for a little surprise……though it didn’t go very well」(But I had to do it……)
Eugene said that a little unhappy. Haruto snorted.

「I was surprised. But it wouldn’t be strange if you know about Roa. You are a merchant prominent enough to lend money to the Kingdom’s nobility. I hear that you’re even connected to the Empire through slavery. There’s no reason why you haven’t examined the Samaras Chamber of Commerce. Also if you have a direct relation due to debt, it’s not so surprising」

The death of Samaras Chamber of Commerce Chairman and his wife, and with the daughter missing became a significant incident. They would have heard of it even if they don’t want to. For an ordinary merchant, it’s possible that they may also know about Reinard’s conspiracy. In the first place, Samaras Chamber of Commerce has a massive debt. It’s strange to think that the famous Eugene who is known not only to the whole Claris but also to the entire City-State Union may not know of it.

「I see. Certainly. Aahh, your reasoning is correct. So you’re Miss Roa, I lent money to your father. He was kneeling down on the ground many times. I’ve also seen your mother. I  mean, I’ve even held you up. I was also called to the wedding」
Eugene said so happily. Roa is surprised by this.

「I have no such memory……or rather, didn’t you try to sell me to a brothel?」
Roa stares at Eugene with suspicious eyes. Eugene returned it while smiling.

「Oh right, you were 0 years old at that time. It’s natural that you don’t remember it. I was trying to sell you……ma~, that’s right. I didn’t notice at that time. It’s not that I never had human affection. Don’t get me wrong」
It’s impossible that Eugene would realize it. Someone at the age of 0 and at the age of 12 does not look alike at all. Roa was skinny at that time and dirtily dressed. You would not think of her as the former young miss of a vast business. Because she was considered to be dead in the first place.

「Well then, when exactly did you notice Roa?」
Eugene replied to Haruto’s words.

「It’s at the time of the party. Speaking of which, there was a woman with such hair……I thought that. And then Roa・Samaras・・・・she claimed to be that. So I remembered Helen・Samaras. If you look closely, it’s very similar to Rivas・Samaras. That’s what I thought, and I wasn’t wrong」
Eugene says proudly.

「But I think you saw my name when you sold me? Why didn’t you notice at that time?」
「I try not to be conscious of the slaves’ names. Because I feel bad if I wake up and remember. Besides, your hair at that time was brown rather than red. I wanted to erase it from my memory as soon as possible since you’re stinky」
Eugene had a good laugh. Roa made a shocked face. Eugene continues further.

「Roughly speaking, haven’t I sold you directly to Asuma? If I hadn’t been so quick at that time, you would have been shaking your ass at an old man. Thank you very much」
He is a wicked man. He wonders if you can’t become a slave merchant and a loaning merchant if you weren’t so evil?

「You already got it. The reason why I want to kick out Samaras Chamber of Commerce. Lend me money」
Haruto says, and Eugene handed over the IOU. Haruto writes his name on the IOU.

「Now then, although the contract was concluded with this……is there a chance of winning?」
「Aahh. In short, make soap that has better quality than the bubble-berry. With the gold and equipment, we can manage somehow. Are you worried?」
When he heard Haruto, Eugene says after drinking a sip of his tea.

「Well. I am also human. I feel sympathy for the heroine of this tragedy. Even more, if it’s a daughter of my acquaintance. And because Rivas firmly returned the money he borrowed. On the other hand, that Reinard left the debt to his brother and run away. A guy like that probably came back after the debt has been repaid. I don’t like it. It won’t make me itch if you crush him. I’ll cooperate, somewhat」
Eugene said so and held out his hand. Haruto holds out his hand.

「Then, best regards」
「Aahh, just give me my money」

Haruto and Roa left Eugene’s place.


「That’s why I’m entirely hostile to the Samaras Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps there may be interference. I’m counting on you for security」
Haruto asks Rusk, Pudding, and Aisha.

「Roger that. I will protect the children」
「If you pay us money, mercenaries will do anything. Nothing has particularly changed」
「Ma~, I don’t know what kind of disturbance will happen, but I’m here a dessert person」
The three people said while complaining.

「By the way~, is there a chance of success? We also use bubble-berry as a luxury once a year, you know~. That thing is impressive ~. Can you make something better than that one?」
「That’s right. And 100 million is a lot of money. Even if we work all the time, we can’t save that amount. What are the prospects for repayment?」
Pudding and Rusk anxiously ask Haruto. Haruto answers it.

「There is a likelihood of repayment. I am confident that I can make a better one than bubble-berry」
「What will you specifically do?」
Roa also seems worried. 100 million is a lot of money, no matter how much she trusts Haruto, it’s natural that she’ll worry.

「First, make a luxury soap. One using the coconut oil from the desert people, one using the palm oil and castor oil from Branch, and mixe it into the soap with olive oil. This should be much better than olive oil alone. I am thinking of making some other soap」
Haruto continued even further.

「Next, make cheap soap for laundry and dishwashing. If this is the case, the number of customers on the bottom layer will also rise, it should increase from the orders of restaurants which have been hesitating up to now」
「Cheap soap? What’s it made of? 」
Aisha tilted her neck. Haruto answer’s Aisha’s question.

「Lard and tallow. In short, oil from pigs and cows. Because it’s not suitable for eating, a considerable amount is left over. It’s honestly trash. Using this garbage. You can get it for free. Soap made from animal oil is not that bad. Just that animal oil is stinky. Besides, it makes for a bad reputation. So I did not use it until now. But you can sell it for laundry and to poor people」
In Haruto’s words, Rusk, Pudding, and Aisha nod as if convinced. On the other hand, Roa is still uneasy.

「But aren’t you still manufacturing the soap using olive oil as it is? How would you produce so much? We can’t increase the slaves anymore」
Roa said so much. How much material is there, even if there’s technology, there’s no point if they don’t have people. They won’t make it in time with the child slaves.

「About that……I thought of hiring second-class citizens」
Roa opened her eyes wide. Second-class citizens are too poor to pay taxes. Therefore, they resort to criminal activities. The number is many, it’s said that they’re over 50,000. They work even with cheap wages.

「But the information……」
「It’s unavoidable. Ma~, it’s not something that can be imitated in a short amount of time. I will make the slaves produce an essential alkali. It’s also a matter of time before imitations will appear. Then it’s better to increase our brand influence at this time」
Haruto also wanted to avoid the leakage of the soap manufacturing process. Because knowledge of soap is Haruto’s only weapon. But the leakage is inevitable now that they’ve been marked by the Samaras Chamber of Commerce. They’re the ones who killed Roa’s parents. They could kidnap a slave and discover the information. Then it would be safer if they can collect it from the public. Haruto decided.

「I have no complaints if you have thought so far. I don’t even know what’s the right thing to do」
Roa drew back after saying that. She seems to be convinced.

Haruto got up.

「Now then, we’ll probably be busy. Our peaceful time is short. Would you like to go for a drink? If we miss this opportunity, we might not have another chance」
Haruto grinned.

「Good. Let’s go」
「Mister~, the wine from the Empire is cheap right now~」
「How nice!! It’s commemoration of having a 100 million debt!!」
「I agree. There’s no point in thinking about the past. Let’s drink!!」

In this way, 5 people drank.

A/N: It’s a mutual hostility between Haruto and El Smith.

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DWBS 24: Repayment
DWBS 26: Labyrinth

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