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「This is a labyrinth……it’s big」
Roa took a breath. Five people have used up all 100 million in liquor. Eugene will not forgive them. They don’t think he will finance someone who would use all the money in sake. To escape the slave course, they had to get rich quickly, and there is only the labyrinth strategy.

「It’ll be all right. Because I’m here!!」
Fortunately, there is Aisha. They have Aisha who is equivalent to a hundred people.
「Let’s go!!」
Haruto entered, and the others followed in a line.

「Watch out. There may be traps, ah!」
The moment Haruto said so, there was an unpleasant sound. And in front of Roa’s eyes, Haruto instantly disappeared.

She put her head into the hole that suddenly opened and called out to Haruto, but there is no response from Haruto.
「It can’t be……」
Haruto was a good person. Although he was a bit mean and naughty, he was a hero for Roa.

「It can’t be helped. Haruto will survive if he’s lucky. Now, Haruto, we’ll proceed and go ahead for you」
The party went ahead. With Aisha’s exceptional sense of smell and hearing, they can avoid traps.

A dragon appeared after they’ve progressed for a while. Ryuu and Dragon seem to resemble each other. Ryuu is a real animal, it’s just a big lizard. On the other hand, Dragon uses magic that comes out in fairy tales, it’s smarter than a human.

「Humans aiming for treasure!!」
The Dragon said that and swallowed Aisha at once.
「First one person. The next one is you!!」
The Dragon says so, but his words clogged in his throat. His face also went blue, It’s even sweating.

Along with such a voice, Aisha came out of the Dragon’s belly with a spear. It’s instant death for the Dragon.
「Let’s proceed」
The party moved on. Aisha would kill all the dragons that come out. Honestly, Roa, Rusk, and Pudding are not useful either.

「Who dare kill my child!!」
The mother dragon came out. Aisha throws the spear first, but the dragon shook off the spear with its tail.

「Such a thing!!」
It was then that everyone despaired.

「Eat this!! Soap bazooka!!」
Suddenly, a lot of bubbles appeared and hit the dragon directly. The dragon was washed quickly and became beautiful.
「Are? What am I doing……from now on, I won’t attack people, and live quietly in the mountains」
The dragon said so and went away.
「What just happened……」
When Roa muttered so, she heard a loud laugh above her head. Looking at the top, there was Haruto.

「There was a distortion of time and space. I was lucky and transferred here!!」
She doesn’t understand what he’s saying, but it seems that he’s safe. Roa stroked her chest.

「It’s still too early to be relieved, humans!!」
As the words were said, it appeared……
Roa hid behind Haruto in a hurry.
「I am not Reinard. I’m the Demon King!!」
The Demon King Reinard loudly laughed.

「Die!! Soap Bazooka!!」
「Too sweet! Bubble-berry barrier!!」
Haruto’s attack was repelled.

「If this happens, there’s only the suicide bomb left! You guys, run away!」
「Tha-That can’t be!!」
「It’s fine, just go!!」
Haruto began to wear bubbles on his body as he said so.

Haruto met Demon King Reinard with a yell full of fighting spirit.
「Haruto-san!! Haruto-sannn……」


「Haruto-san, don’t go……」
「Oi, Roa. Stop being lazy and wake up! It’s already noon」
Haruto hits Roa who has been sleeping for forever.

「Are? Haruto-san used a suicide bomb and should have died……perhaps here is heaven?」
「Get up!!」
Haruto strikes a ladle and a pot beside Roa’s ear. Roa trembled with her whole body.

「Ah……what a dream」
「What kind of dream did you see?」
When she heard Haruto say that, Roa rubbed her sleepy eyes.

「We used up all 100 million Doria in the drinking party last night, and we decided to challenge the Labyrinth to revive. The place is called『The 67 Floor Spiral Labyrinth』. Haruto-san fell into a pitfall after entering the labyrinth. After that, a dragon came out and swallowed Aisha, Aisha rampaged inside the dragon’s body and defeated it. But the boss of the labyrinth came out and we were in a big pinch. Then Haruto-san looked as if he’s fallen from the sky. You used distortion in time and space or whatever it is. And then, Haruto-san defeated the dragon with his deadly soap bazooka. Then, the Demon Lord finally appears, and we were in a desperate situation. Haruto-san used suicide bombing, assaulting the demon king while wearing soap, and killed himself……I woke up after that」
「That is……you seem to have had a pleasant dream. Perhaps it’s better if I haven’t woken you up?」
Haruto said with a wry smile, Roa shook her head.

「No, I don’t want to see such a nightmare anymore. Thank you for waking me」
Roa lightly lowered her head to Haruto. Haruto unconsciously tilted his neck in puzzlement.

「A nightmare?」


「While some worthless punk is sleeping, I gathered soap materials. Aisha, please confirm」
「E~tto, first, soap and alkali. Then olive oil, palm oil, castor oil, and coconut oil that we prepared. Then lard and milk?」
Aisha checked the prepared materials.

「I’m sorry, don’t we need tallow?」
Roa raised her hand and questioned.
「Lard or Tallow, it doesn’t really matter. Lard is just more natural to collect」
Pigs are preferred over cows in the West because of the potent natural fertilizer. Cows are used as a labor force rather than something edible.

「What’s the use of milk? Are we drinking it?」
Aisha says while looking at the bottle of milk. She had a look as if at any moment, she would open the bottle and drink it.

「It’s material for soap. I told you earlier」
「But I thought that soap is made of fat, and alkali? Is milk an oil?」
Roa said with a strange look on her face. There’s not an image of oil in milk.

「You can make butter from milk. Milk has oil too. If you have oil, you have enough for soap」
When Haruto says so, Roa and Aisha have convinced look on their faces.

「Now then, let’s make it right away. First of all, castor oil, palm oil, and coconut oil when making soap……we’ll name it, soap modification!」
「It’s too simplistic……」
Roa has a wry smile.


You use fire to make soap. Because we can’t use fire in the shop, three people came to the factory. There are children diligently making soap all around.
「Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and castor oil mixed at a ratio of 3:3:3:1」
Roa combines the oil according to the instructions of Haruto and stirs the pot.

「Ne~, I have mixed the various oils, but, how many kinds of fats can you combine?」
Aisha said such a thing while looking into the pot.

「You should have a separate job……oh well. There are pros and cons to oil. When making soap with coconut oil, you can make soap with hard and stable foams. But there’s also the downside that the soap will make your skin easily dry. So you mix in the moisturizing olive oil. Also, it’s the same reason for using palm oil and castor oil」
「He~, Haruto thought that?」
「It’s different. There’s been soap in my hometown for a long time. Therefore, the proper blending ratio is known to many people. I was just trying it out and made soap that is easy to use」
Many people are interested in making soap. If you search a little on the internet, you will immediately know how to make soap. Haruto’s action is a free rip-off.

「What will you do after this?」
Roa said while stirring the pot.
「It has the same recipe as the regular soap. Oi, Ein! You make this oil into soap. It’s not that different from the usual soap」
Haruto stopped Ein who just passed by. He has a disgruntled face. It’s natural since the number of soaps produced is directly linked to salary. Haruto throws a large copper coin. His face instantly has a smile. He sure is a money guy.

「Now then next is the modification of soap with lard」
「Haruto-san. Isn’t the name ‘modification’ just provisional? There’s no way it’s the product’s name, right?」
「Eh? Is there something wrong? I thought it would be easy to remember……」
In Haruto’s words, Roa sighed.

「It’s too simplistic. Please add a little more flare」
Haruto has no answer to Roa’s words, shrugging his shoulders and preparing the lard.

「Lard is delicious when you spread it on bread and eat it」
「Why should I use lard when I can buy butter」
Haruto put the lard in the pot and boiled it. Aisha peeps into the melted lard。

「You won’t mix other oils? 」
「Just put a little coconut oil to improve the foam. If you think about the quality, you should put in the olive……but I want to make it as cheap as possible」
Mix lard and coconut oil, boil it until it melts completely.

「Okay, that’s enough. Urs! You came at the right time! Thank you for this」
Haruto handed over a large copper coin after saying that. Urs began to making soap while smiling.

「Next is milk soap. First, put in the milk」
As directed by Haruto, Roa poured in the milk.
「Now put the oil in. The amount and kind are the same as the other modified soap」
Roa mixes 4 types of oil with the milk.

「It looks something like a stew. Looks delicious」
Aisha stares at the oil with glittering eyes.
「Do you want to drink it? I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to kill your heart」

While we talked like that, the oil is being boiled. Haruto stopped Kil, passing a large copper coin. Kil looked happy and started making soap.


As making the soap is over, Haruto looks for Rusk and Pudding. Rusk and Pudding practiced the bow at a distance. If you look closely, there are also other children including the Northeastern Sol.

「What are you doing?」
Haruto asks Rusk and Pudding.
「Ah! Haruto-kun! Sol-kun saw us using the bow, so I lent it to him~. He’s so amazing~」
Haruto watches Sol. Sol pulled the bow in silence, aiming it and letting go. It brilliantly struck the center.

「That’s amazing! Can all people from the equestrian tribes do that?」
When he heard Haruto say so, the other kids also nodded. Sol opens his mouth while looking at Haruto.
「I can do it while riding a horse」
「That’s amazing. That’s why you’re born in the equestrian tribes」
Haruto was interested. He did not think that they can do such feats.

「The furnishings are good. Rusk, Pudding. If you have free time, teach me also how to use these weapons. For other children who might have an interest. It will be easier if they can do self-defense」

Many people teach slaves how to use weapons. Because slaves can’t entirely go against the master, you can trust them more than a lousy mercenary.

「I don’t mind~. But that many are……」
「It would be nice if you can raise our salary. A 30,000 raise. After all, you have 100 million」
Although, that 100 million is debt.

「Can’t you just introduce me to a trusted mercenary? I would like 3 people if possible. I’m worried about hiring so many second-class citizens」
Both Haruto and Roa are still children. Most of their employees are also child slaves. He worried a lot about hiring a lot of clumsy adults.

「Aahh. I will call an acquaintance. You’re a good man who pays. He should not refuse」
「Really. I’m counting on you」
Haruto bid farewell to Rusk and Pudding, leaving the factory.


Haruto went to Sylph’s Pavillion on a horse-drawn carriage. As expected, he’s become familiar with it after riding so many times. Haruto completely overcame the horse-drawn carriages.

「Good afternoon. Hannah-san. Long time no see」
Haruto enters Sylph’s Pavillion, greeting Hannah. Even though he said it’s been a long time, they have often met when selling the soap.

「Haruto-san. What are you up to?」
Hannah said with a smile. Haruto cut straight to the point.

「Actually, I’m trying to expand the production of soap……I thought that it’s hard with only Roa and two other people. Could you introduce someone I can trust?」

Roa is excellent. Her calculations are also fast. Haruto has received a more advanced education with the compulsory schools in Japan. He could even have a career in office work.
But there’s a limit. It will become more and more complicated with hiring second-class citizens, and therefore, more work. He wanted a talent who can assist them.
Also, Haruto and Roa are just children as he’s said many times. There is also the management work. It’s difficult to command second-class citizens. He wanted someone who could be the leader of second-class citizens.

「You want me to introduce someone……how many and what are you looking for?」
「That’s right. About 3 people. One person should be good at numbers. I don’t care about the gender. I’m going to let them handle the money, so I really want them to be trustworthy. The other two should be men since I want them to do the heavy-lifting. I would also like them to be the on-site supervisors, so they should be strong」
Hannah looked up for a while, turning around to Haruto.

「Someone who is good at numbers and trustworthy」


Hannah went up to the second floor and knocked on the room next to where Haruto stayed.

「Open up!! Dennis!!」
The door opens slowly. A man with a stubble came from the inside.
「E~tto, this person is?」
「My good-for-nothing son」
Hannah said. If you look closely, his eyes look very much like Marceau.
No matter how you look at it, Hanna and Marceau did not look anything beyond 40. Women in this world marry as early as 15 years old, it’s considered late if they married at 20. Although he thought that it’s already strange that they have a 10-year-old daughter.

「Even so, you made such a mess!!」
Hannah yelled.
Haruto looked into the room. There are lots of trash. It was also covered in dust. Even Haruto who loves to be clean wants to clean it now.

「Noisy~. I’m not going to die. I’m busy with reading. I want you to quickly finish it」
「You!! You’re not even working. I hope that you’ll work properly and make me some grandchildren!! Jason-kun from next door already married. But you’re still here…… you even went to University too」
「Oh, University! That’s amazing」
There is a university in this world as well. However, it’s not a place that anyone can go like in Japan. You would need an expensive tuition fee to enroll, as well as a talent gifted from heaven. You need to make an effort enough to bleed. He knows Hanna’s family is wealthy in Claris but not that rich. They must have worked hard just to attend that University.

「Eehh. We used the scholarship. You could have an award if your exam results placed you in fifth place」
This kind of Hannah is proud. It’s like saying that she got fifth place in the Tokyo University entrance exam in Japan.

「I used a Scholarship. A simple common sense problem, it hurts, Mom!」
「According to common sense, people like you should be working!」
Hanna beats up Dennis with warmth. It’s neat that he went to University, but you never know what life would be like.

「And who is this boy?」
Dennis pointed at Haruto and said that.

「My name is Asuma Haruto, Chairman of the Asuma Chamber of Commerce」
「Asuma Chamber of Commerce?」
「I make soap. Do you know about it?」
As Haruto says so, Dennis retracts his hand.

「That soap! He~, you are amazing. What is the Chairman got to do with me?」
Hanna answered Dennis’ question.

「Haruto-san is looking for talent who can do accounting. Can you do it? Because you’re wasting your head. Do some work. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll become part of the manual labor for the rest of your life」
Dennis thought a little about Hanna’s words.

「U~n, actually, I’d like to work for a big company……. I won’t ask for any luxury. But I don’t want to work under someone who’s stupider than me! I’m going to have to ask you to answer my question」
「What are you saying! Do you even have the right to choose……」
「Eehh, that’s okay. Please ask me anything」
Haruto interrupted Hannah’s words. Dennis put out a problem with Haruto’s permission.

「Then I’ll ask you about the universe. 『If the universe is composed of the sun, moon, and earth (It’s a different world. It’s a translation by the Blessing of Language). How are they moving?』 By the way, this problem is in Romag language. You wouldn’t say that you don’t even know Romag language right?」 (An ignorant man would answer that the sun is going around the Earth. But recent theories suggest that the Earth is going around the Sun. Ma~, but I guess they wouldn’t know)
It’s terrible for Dennis since Haruto has the Fairy’s Blessing. Moreover, even kindergarteners know how the sun, the moon, and the Earth moves. In the first place, he already heard the answer.

「The moon is going around the Earth. And the Earth is moving around the sun」
When Haruto answered, Dennis, opened his eyes wide.

「You’re quite good. But I did not say it’s only one question. There are 9 more questions!!]
The problems that Dennis said one after another is not just in Romag language, there is also Germanian and Gallian. Politely, Dennis will answer his questions with his『real intention』. Haruto effortlessly answered the 9 questions.

「All right. I admit my loss. I’ll let you hire me」
Dennis was very proud. If you look closely, he has a cold sweat. Haruto smiled and said.

「Will you please hire me?」
「Eh!? That’s not it. I know. I’m much the same as you, no, I’m smarter than you. There are many alternatives for you. Lower your head if you want to be hired. Say ‘Can you please hire me’
To Haruto’s sudden change in attitude, Dennis’ eyes see black and white.

Hurried by Haruto, Dennis quickly lowered his head.
「Please hire me!!」
「It can’t be helped. I also owe a favor from Hannah. I’ll hire you. From now on, call me president (Kaichou)」
Haruto said with a laugh.

Thus, Dennis joined as an employee.


「That’s why Dennis became an employee. He may sound bossy, but his mentality is quite weak」
「Many things were said, but I’m Dennis. Nice to meet you」
Dennis lowered his head to Roa, Aisha, Rusk, and Pudding.

「I want you to be shopkeeper for a while. Because I need to gather some talents」
「Eh!? Am I not in Accounting? It should be written so in the contract……it’s a breach of contract!!」
Looking at the howling Dennis, Haruto grinned wickedly.

「What are you saying? Being a salesperson is also accounting. Read the contract carefully. Idiot」
「I-It can’t be!!」
Dennis dropped to the ground and was very disappointing to see. Pudding rushed to Dennis, pulling his arm.

「Let’s go for a drink!! Because we have a new friend」
「I agree」
「That’s right. Let’s drink!!」
「I also agree!」
「Roa. You’re dead-weight tonight. I don’t even understand the reasoning behind your dreams」
「Such a thing, drinking with just you guys is unfair……it hurts! Don’t pull on it!!」


Next day

「Ha-Haruto-san returned to life!!」
「Again……you’re a funny guy」
Haruto got bored and stroked Roa’s hair.

A/N: By the way, there is no labyrinth in the real world. It is Roa’s delusions.

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