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Workers Wanted!!

・Qualifications: Anyone will do

・Job Description: Soap production. For more details, head to the main town hall.

・Working hours: From sunrise to sunset

・Salary: Monthly 6 silver coins

For details, please go to ○○○○

「I wonder if something like this is good? 」
Haruto made the sign and showed it to Roa, Aisha, Rusk, Pudding, Dennis, and the Ash brothers. Seven people answered after reading the sign.

「I feel that there’s little impact. It feels normal. Shouldn’t you write a bit more about the workplace?」
Aisha’s words are followed by Dennis.

「I think so too. That’s right……『It’s a homey place!! 』how about that? I believe that many people would be fooled」
Haruto adopted Dennis’ opinion, 『At home workplace!! 』he wrote.

「『Beautiful sisters are waiting!!』how about that? 」
「That’s older sister for you!!! I agree with you. Many foolish men will come」
Because it’s tiring to listen to the other party, Haruto left is as『Beautiful brothers are waiting!!』and wrote that.

「『Safe because there are fierce mercenaries!』don’t forget to write that」
Pudding said so and snatched the pen from Haruto, writing on it without permission.

「Speaking of which, what about the mercenaries? 」
Haruto ignored Pudding and asked Rusk.
「Aahh. It seems that they’ll arrive at Claris today so I’ll introduce them tomorrow」
Haruto is satisfied with Rusk’s answer.

「There’s no problem with the impact. If there’s a problem, it’s the monthly salary. It’s too high. 30,000 Doria is enough」
「Isn’t 30,000 Doria too cheap? That’s a really weird thing to do. How about I make it 50,000?」
「50,000 is too much. At least 40,000」
Haruto changed the 60,000 to 40,000.

「Then how about this」
Haruto looks at the completed signboard. It’s quite good.

「Well then, I’ll put it in front of the town hall」
Haruto headed to the town hall with the five finished signs.

「Thank you for this」
Haruto showed the five completed signs to the town hall. The man opened his mouth after reading the contents of the poster.

「This 『Beautiful brothers are waiting!! 』Is it a typo? Don’t you mean sisters? 」
「No, it’s not a typo」
Haruto immediately responded. The man had a strange look on his face, taking out a permit.

「Please sign on this」
Haruto signs the document. With this, he can post this recruitment ads.

「I will check just in case. Recruitments ads can be put out to your property, town hall, Central Street, and only to buildings approved by the Congress. There are punishments if you advertise anywhere」
Haruto nodded to the man’s words. He has confirmed that much.

「I’d like you to take this」
Haruto passed one sign to the man.
「Yes. I understand」
The man received the ad.
「Thank you very much」
Haruto left the town hall with a bow.

「I got permission. For the time being, I put one in the town hall. One is put in front of the store, what about the others?」
Haruto said that and looked around the 7 people.

「First of all, let’s go to Eugene-san’s place. Because poor men will borrow money」
Roa said so.

「Well then, I’ll put one in my parents’ shop. Second class citizens has no money to pay taxes but they have money to buy alcohol……」
Dennis said so though he also didn’t pay any taxes before.
「Well then, we’ll go to the shop which is our favorite hang-outs. Here we go, let’s go brother!」
Pudding ran with the signs.

「Alright. With this, we have no problems with getting employees. Next is the distribution of the children’s work」
After Haruto lightly stretched, he headed to the factory.


「Well, I guess you guys know that we’ll be hiring second-class citizens」
Haruto looked around the children and said that.

「No, I don’t know」
Urs clearly said.
「I have not heard of it……」
Costos and Sol muttered.
「Eh! Really!!」
Emil raised a loud voice.

Are~? Didn’t I tell you?」
Haruto looked at Roa. Roa shook her head.

「Anyways, we’ll be hiring second-class citizens. Understood!」
Haruto said in a loud voice.

「I prefer not to leak the soap making process if possible. So I’ll ask the second-class citizens to do the monotonous work, you guys will do the more important work」
Haruto explains the distribution of work to the children.

The critical thing in soap is the oil and alkali. Oil is not a problem since they’ll definitely use olive oil in the soap. It’s the alkaline that matters. So we asked the children to just produce the alkali. It’s impossible to imitate the soap unless you know that the alkali material is ash.

「We’ll make the new luxury soaps again, I will make you guys do this too」

The luxury soaps are more complex than the normal soaps. It would be difficult for second-class citizens. Besides, the luxury soaps has a really close performance with the bubble-berry fruit. He wanted to avoid its leakage.

「That’s why. Tell me as soon as a second-class citizen cause a problem. We’ll fire them from the job. Ma~, push it to Aisha, Rusk, or Pudding, and since we’ll be hiring more mercenaries, there’ll be no problem」
Now matter how many they were, it’s no problem with Aisha here who’s as strong as dozens of men. She’s really reliable at such times.

「I’m done talking. Return to soap making」
The children returned to making soap.

「Now then, I’m afraid of leaving Dennis for that long. I’ll be back soon」
Haruto returned to the store.

「Introdu~cing!! This is a former military man from the Kingdom, now a mercenary!! Hey, your name, name! 」
Pudding hurried the two men. First, the middle-aged man introduced himself with a bow.
「I am Rang Do’Sha. Thank you for hiring me. Thank you very much」
Next, the elderly man introduced himself.
「I am Tart O’Fruit. Please treat me well」
Both of them has names that sound delicious.

「The two are ex-knights, Rang from the Sha family, and Tart is from the Fruit family. They turned to become mercenaries for a variety of reasons. Please don’t pry on their pastー」
Pudding calmly told the two’s pasts. Haruto smiled bitterly at that.

「So, what are we supposed to do?」
Rang listened to Haruto.
「Guard. If you find a suspicious someone, catch them. If a second-class citizen will go after the children……please make sure that they don’t assault the slaves」
When Haruto says so, Tart opened his mouth.

「Then I think I can do it. Because it’s not possible to become reckless in these recent years. Anyway, if it’s guarding children……it might be good as a last job」

They both seem to be convinced.

「Well then, I’d like you to start from tomorrow」
Haruto shook hands with the two people.

「Oi, Eugene. Didn’t you say that you’ll cooperate? 」
「I didn’t say such a cold joke. But I did tell you that I’ll cooperate. Is it about a debt? 」
Eugene immediately took out a document from his pocket.

「That’s not it. Ma~, first of all, look at this」
Haruto shows the proto-type luxury soap to Eugene. Eugene received the soap with a strange face.
「What’s with the soap?」
Haruto answered Eugene’s question.

「It’s not a normal soap. It’s a luxury soap comparable to bubble-berry. Try using it for a bit」
Eugene heads to the well in response to Haruto’s words. Coming back after a while.

「It is indeed comparable to the bubble-berry. Is this the source of your confidence. So, do you mean I have to advertise this? 」
Haruto nods, passing a large amount of soap to Eugene.

「I don’t know any rich people. You have a lot, don’t you? I’m counting on you. You can use anything that’s extra」
Fumu, well, that would be nice. I understand. I’ll promote it」
Eugene answered while receiving the luxury soaps.

「Thanks. I owe you」
Haruto thanked him.

Samaras Chamber of Commerce opened. In line with that, Asuma Chamber of Commerce hired 20 second-class citizens, and the production of luxury soaps began.

「So how did it feel for the first day? Are there any problems? 」
Haruto called the Ash brothers and asked.

「Something happened for just a little bit」
Allen said. Ellen explained after Allen.

「An idiot bothered Aisha-chan」
「So what happened? 」
「He danced in the air. That man did」
「I suppose」

Allen says while smiling.
「But thanks to Aisha-chan, I was saved. All the people who were complaining were silent」
「That’s right. It’s strange saying this, but I’m glad that the first victim(?)  is Aisha-chan」
The Ash brothers noted while complaining.

「I see. What’s the production efficiency like? 」
To Haruto’s question, Allen answered.

「It was good. I don’t mind if you increase the materials」
「It feels awkward though. I wonder if it’s because they’re adults? The efficiency is not very different from the children」
Ellen said so.

「I see. Thanks. Tell me if something happens」
Haruto thanked them.


「It’s been a while and a month passed so quickly……how’s the sales? 」
Haruto called for Roa to hear it. Roa hands the report to Haruto.

「As you can see……it has not changed much. Because the customer base is different. Although it’s a luxury soap, it sold out early in the early stages. It’s thanks to Eugene-san. Let’s increase the number in production. With this, it’s possible to hire second-class citizens in large quantities」
Haruto said as he gave back the report to Roa.

「You’re right. Normal soap is 1.5 times, so let’s increase the luxury soaps by 3 times. That way, we’ll need more pots. Did you order it」
「Let’s get the Samaras Chamber of Commerce with this momentum!!」
Roa said happily.

Income      About 22,500,000 (soap 45,000 pieces) + 10,800,000 (1 luxury soap for 3,000)
Expense      About 22,000,000 (material cost for 67,000 soap) + 2,400,000 (material cost of soap modification) + 2,000,000 (factory rental fee) + 450,000 (salary of employees) + 800,000 (second-class citizens) + 2,000,000 (slave maintenance expense) + 900,000 (mercenaries) + 360,000 (10 pots) + 100,000 (shop) + 90,000 (6 carriages) + 1,000,000 (sales tax) + 3,330,000 (Income tax)
Income-Expense = -2,130,000

Liability     100,000,000
Balance     93,870,000
Real Property     -6,130,000

Other Property
60 Slaves


Accountant and Slave Director      Roa Samaras
Assistant Accountant      Dennis
On-site Supervisors       Ash brothers (sisters)
Mercenaries        Rusk&Pudding, Rang, Tart

A/N: The new mercenaries are candy

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DWBS 27: Employee
DWBS 29: Birthday Party

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