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STB Chapter 53: Suspension Bridge
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Back to the hotel where the crew stayed, Director Lu still remembered to praise the new dishes in the restaurant, especially the mutton soup. The soup’s umami is very satisfactory, and Jian Hua silently agrees in his mind.

Li Fei followed from behind him, whispered with a chuckle, “You ate it all?”

Jian Hua turned. The scent of the mutton soup on his clothes has long been dispersed, and only Li Fei, who followed him all the way back, can guess the truth.

“It’s in the clothes you wore. This material is not very resistant to smell, and you only stayed in the room for three minutes. But there is still some smell left behind……” What happened next, Li Fei can naturally guess.

There’s no pay from the Red Dragon, and it also delayed his dinner time. The day is, after all, still long, and to spend it just for talk is not enough. The Red Dragon will probably come again.

“You really ate it all?” Li Fei is horrified and questioned, “I remember there’s a lot in that pot of soup, and there is also three big Mongolian lamb meat in that alone!”

Being looked at with a “you will surely get acne on your face tomorrow” expression, Jian Hua’s mouth twitched, indifferently answering, “There are also the two Red Dragon members.”

“……your ability to drag people under the water is extraordinary.” Li Fei has a faint smile.

“What can they do? The dishes have already been ordered. Obviously, I can’t eat it alone. Anyway, after the reimbursement, they would be scolded to death by Chief Lu. Since they’re already dead, to waste this expensive food and die, or to have a nice meal and die, which choice is better?”

Jian Hua said it lightly. He didn’t order much, and he didn’t even pick the expensive ones. It’s just that the amount of lamb soup is too much, and not only by a little. The Red Dragon members ate while crying, and their expressions are especially wonderful.

After returning from the dinner and getting closer to the big names in GuangShi Bureau, the producers are also pleased.

The next day when they went to the studio, Director Lu is a little bit drunk. He did not curse that much, handing over the work to Assistant Director Liu. He turned over a copy of the manuscript while drinking tea and continued writing.

It’s difficult to hide secrets among the crew, and the fact that Li Fei left his assistant yesterday at the hotel and went to the dinner party with Jian Hua has already spread among the crew. Even the handymen doing odd jobs can’t help but look at Jian Hua filming while passing by the set.

《Black Bamboo》is a commercial blockbuster that gathered a lot of heat. The heroine is involved in a car accident, leading to an international smuggling case. The first half of the movie is at the bustling city of high rise buildings. There are rooftop chases and shootouts. The special effects are just like the parkour game.

In today’s scene, the third male lead, who was undercover in the smuggling syndicate, has never met the male lead.

The actors and doubles are on the scene. The scenario written in the script says that they’re standing on the slope of a high-rise building, but the actual shooting is on a three-storey terrace. With several fans blowing together, and to show the actor’s precarious footing, they are naturally stepping on the ground, but they had to tilt their body, revealing an incredibly thrilling show.

At the end of the scene, Jian Hua did not look at the male number three’s face, walking away.

The cool movements are for the male lead, and it’s the other side who suffers. To show a succession of failures, the camera is going to be on the male number three’s face. Although it’s not a real fight, and to increase the clip material for the special effects editing, they have gone through the actions four times, plus the number of NGs.

So the man who was assigned as the male three’s double by the cast was tortured by Li Fei and Jian Hua 10 times, Assistant Director Liu is more angry than surprised. The close-up failed, so they must do it again.

It’s not easy to pretend to be beaten again and again, but that’s that’s what is like to be a breadwinner. Artists rely on their faces to eat, and sometimes, their face is especially worthless.

Male three furiously walked down the terrace and looked up. Li Fei’s Assistant is carrying a takeout with savory aromas, and the dog’s legs came running to be fed. The assistant brought boxed lunches for him too.

“Is there no food around here? You’re not even running, such a smart assistant!”

The assistant is so angry that he can’t talk. He could not explain that the crew assigned a car to Li Fei, so Assistant Lin can quickly go for a stroll and buy something to eat. What can he do, call for takeout? The road to the hot spring resort is still half-blocked, and also so far away. The food delivery costs would be higher than the food itself.

Li Fei is not short of money, but don’t you need money?

“Forget it, even though you’re not dedicated enough to take care of my dog. Finally, other things are good.” Male number three left with that sentence, going to his break room for lunch.

Picking up the chopsticks and giving it to Jian Hua, it was Assistant Lin instead whose face is black.

He’s not having a seizure. If other people are scolding their assistants, they would never mention a word. Whoever does is looking for a round of swearing.

Li Fei was later called by Director Lu, and there is only Assistant Lin around Jian Hua.

Assistant Lin is so angry that he almost broke his chopsticks. The indirectly accused Jian Hua is very calm and collected, almost showing no reaction. He grabbed the bag of takeout lunch boxes, gracefully taking things out.

“Joe, you’re not angry?”

“What’s the benefit? It’s just a mouthful.” Jian Hua said and does not care.

What’s the use of scolding? The mocking of losers can’t be the last straw that bends them. At other times, sarcasm is just superficial nonsense.

Assistant Lin has mixed feelings. He does not believe that Li Fei really fancy Jian Hua, but this trend is beyond doubt, and it’s strange to look Jian Hua in the eye.

Today, he is more diligent than usual, taking the initiative to call Jian Hua to eat, and even sending chopsticks and mineral water. He just had to find something substantial from Jian Hua.

Now, taking advantage of Jian Hua’s profile, Assistant Lin still could not find anything. Jian Hua is harder than Li Fei to look for a gap.

“Right, your phone just rang a few times.”

Jian Hua took the phone from Assistant Lin’s hands, opening the screen. There are a missed call and three text messages.

Although the phone is his, there’s one more card in it. In addition to Jian Hua’s original one, there is also a new card provided by the Red Dragon organization which is specifically used to communicate with Liu Shan.

After last night, Jian Hua sent the new card’s number on Liu Shan Penguin account.

Both Penguin accounts are small, and the name of the mobile owner is also inconsistent with himself. Both of them did not hide this fact, wiping out the elements of the Red Dragon. In Liu Shan’s idea of Li Fei, this makes sense.

The young miss doesn’t want to be monitored by her family and doesn’t want them to get a handle on the movie star.

Liu Shan’s text message today is about the information about the monster hole-digging rat.

Assistant Lin peeks with the corner of his eyes. Don’t blame him for being curious, because when Jian Hua is filming, Li Fei is also like this. There was no change for how many days. It’s a text and a phone call today.

In particular, the name of the caller is the Arabic number three, and the Avatar is the mobile phone’s software of a cow head. It looks amusing.

“……be careful, Dean.”

Assistant Lin only saw these words.

Because of the mention of Li Fei’s English name, Assistant Lin ponders. But Jian Hua did not give him the chance to peek. His fingers moved on the phone, quickly writing a reply.

Not a minute later, the phone rang.

Li Fei just came back at this time, and Jian Hua handed the phone to him, going to the side to eat.

Li Fei saw the caller’s information and smiled, he connected to the phone, carelessly listening to the other side for a long time. After five minutes, hurriedly saying “I’m still filming, not very convenient” and hung up.

Assistant Lin is confused.

——There’s a secret between my family’s actor and the substitute! A secret he did not know!

Assistant Lin is wondering for many days and seems to keep him from picking up, Jian Hua directly turned off the phone.

In mid-December, the crew finally ended their shooting in the North, and only the countryside filming is left.

The confrontation between the protagonist and the smuggling organization in the plot, with the heroine kidnapped, changed from the bustling city to the thick forest. The second half of the movie is a thriller configuration, a variant of an adventure movie.

But the second phase of the shooting will happen in the spring of next year.

The closed shooting ended, and the other movie stars will go back and be busy with other things, such as the year-end tour concert, and also the rehearsal for New Year’s Eve.

The crew gradually evacuated the hotel. Assistant Lin heard that someone claiming to be his girlfriend came to see him. The other people are jealous.

“When the girl appeared, she’s driving an Audi. You, young man, have good luck with women ah. When did you meet?” Chang Wu jokes.

Single dog Assistant Lin denied it, hurriedly walking to the lobby to see…

No one.

“Oh, the girl who said she was looking for you? She followed a handsome guy to the second-floor cafe.” The front desk of the hotel said.

Assistant Lin went to the second floor, asking the waiter to look for someone. After going around the dimly lit cafe, he finally found, in the window position, Jian Hua having a conversation with a young girl.

The stupefied Assistant Lin didn’t go to them to disrupt things. Instead, he took out his cellphone and took a photo, then turned around! Going upstairs to find Li Fei!

“Not good, Li-ge.”

Li Fei is standing in front of a packed suitcase, reading a text message sent by Jian Hua, telling him that Liu Shan has come to the door.

It took ten days to find the name of Li Fei’s assistant, and the private hotel address of the 《Black Bamboo》 crew, indeed a good girl.

Li Fei opens WeChat, speaking to Jian Hua, “Say goodbye and tell her to meet at the restaurant tonight. There’s someone here so it’s inconvenient to talk.”

Assistant Lin, with good professional qualities, waited. After Li Fei stopped talking, he rushed to speak, “Li-ge, Joe is impersonating me!”

Assistant Lin thinks it’s the wrong thing to say so he changed it, “Don’t be fooled by him. He has a girlfriend, and even posed as me to interact with others!”

What a slag ah! Why didn’t he see that Jian Hua is such a person!

Assistant Lin is filled with indignation when he suddenly felt something wrong. Just now, when he entered the door, what did Li Fei say? Assistant Lin’s eyes opened wide, who will he meet this evening?

Him, and her?

Isn’t Li Fei Gay? Doesn’t he like Jian Hua?

Assistant Lin’s mind is buzzing and thought of the “crush” which has been thrown to the back of his mind. He stared helplessly at Li Fei as if waiting for an explanation.

“No need to worry.” Li Fei estimated that this matter will be solved tonight.


Assistant Lin thought of the call from the cow head.

The author has something to say:

Assistant Lin has a nickname of the “mystery woman,” miss cow head……


Jian Hua and Li Fei did not fall in love with miss cow head →_→ and there was no impostor……

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STB Chapter 53: Suspension Bridge
STB Chapter 55: Naive

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