STB Chapter 55: Naive

STB Chapter 54: Impostor
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Liu Shan is smug.

In the past ten days, her plan went smoothly.

She found that Li Fei’s assistant is named Lin Xiao, 27, and very promising. (You don’t have a future if you don’t follow the actor, so what’s to consider?) Liu Shan can’t get a profile picture, and all she’s got is a worthless piece of information in the entertainment industry.

Liu Shan is concerned that Lin Xiao has a girlfriend, but this is not within the scope of ordinary news.

——Nobody cares about Assistant Lin’s feelings.

The hotel that the 《Black Bamboo》 crew stayed is even more challenging to find out. Director Lu requires secret filming, rejecting all interviews. No one knows where the crew is at, so they don’t know where to rush.

But even if others don’t know, that doesn’t mean that the film’s investors don’t know. Not to mention that the 《Black Bamboo》 crew had to report it, there’s also a record of where the murder incident took place. With Liu Shan’s relationship with the original host’s circle of friends, she only has to say that she wants to chase after celebrities and want to know where Li Fei is filming, and got the answer in a few days.

In human society, with a family history that others can’t reach, this is an easy thing to do.

Liu Shan enjoys this feeling, and her whole person is floating, only retaining a little bit of rationality. If it’s not for the threat of the Abandoned World, she does not want to change the plot and spend the effort to get the BOSS’s goodwill.

With such a family background, why not?

However, this world is full of danger. Even if not an ability holder, the world will still change, and some would die. When war is fought for every ability holder in every nation, the city will be destroyed, and everywhere would be ruins like a scene from doomsday.

Who doesn’t want to live a good life?

Liu Shan pulled out her phone, turning to several text messages. These days, she acted just as planned, and revealed useful information to Li Fei.

The first is the characteristics of Abandoned World’s new monsters, the hole-digging rats, its weaknesses, and likes.

Liu Shan cautiously played dumb, like an anxious young girl who suddenly had an ability.

She regrets that the original host is too old. If she were 14 or 15 years old, she would be in the rebellious phase. Someone who likes celebrities, and not on speaking terms with her family. Someone who is willing, to tell the truth to their friends and idols. This character would easily gain other people’s trust!

——To get the BOSS’s goodwill, emotional investment alone is not enough. You have to show your value.

Liu Shan strictly abides by this law. She found that after Li Fei’s initial apathy, there is a perfunctory taste. When she called in the past, Li Fei hangs up the phone directly on the grounds of “still filming”.

Everything is hard at the beginning, but Liu Shan did not give up and decided to call again in two days.

As a result, Li Fei took the initiative to call the next night.

According to the actor’s words, he had just come out of the Abandoned World (lie) and met a hole-digging rat. Li Fei’s conversations skills are high, and Liu Shan convinced herself that she was strong enough to not get pulled in by that soft, stirring voice, saying something she’s not supposed to say.

When she hung up the phone, Liu Shan is ecstatic. Li Fei believed her!

To call her means that he believes she has more information!

This big fish, it’s no good if it doesn’t take the hook! Liu Shan quickly made a list, recalling what information can be disclosed, and what can’t be said now.

She was absent-minded after a few classes, and simply did not go.

As for the final exam and diploma? Come on, the Abandoned World’s influence will gradually expand, and ordinary people have no place to take refuge. What kind of questions is in the exam?

Liu Shan pointed at her list on the table, having a splitting headache. She knew not to give something away for the future. She must make the perfect plan. Information can be pushed to further their online relationship, but things that haven’t happened yet can’t be predicted prematurely!

She must hide her identity as a book transmigrator! Not for anything else, but who’s going to be happy to know that they’re living in a book?

She can’t leave this world to get the author. The book transmigrators are not punching bags, so where can they transfer this hate?

The original novel is mainly based on the experience of the protagonist Johnson Brown. He and Li Fei met after seven years, so there is a significant gap in the villain’s story. Compared to the Americans who want to hug the protagonist’s thigh and join him, of course, the book transmigrators on the Chinese side would be better off in hiding their identity.

In the original book, tens of thousands of people have no names or scenes.

Liu Shan believes that as long as she does not swagger, no one will doubt that she’s a book transmigrator.

Being the source of the BOSS’s information is standard. Seeing that the original Liu Shan knew Li Fei’s acting style, she knew that the man is good at acting as if born with a perfect mask.

Liu Shan read the text at this time. After memorizing the key points in her mind, she gently sighed, taking out her makeup kit to look at the mirror.

The original host’s family is extraordinary but she is ordinary. With very little makeup and skin care products as well as a closet full of girl-style clothes, she is incredibly dull. Fortunately, her home is very busy recently. Not to mention that the parents are not home, and no one ever asked where Liu Shan is going, so she’s relaxed a lot. Otherwise, using the family’s car or going out for dinner that night, she would have to look for a reason.

She pushed the door open, picking up her purse and walking towards the elevator.

Liu Shan remembered that she entered the hotel that the 《Black Bamboo》 crew stayed this morning, meeting Li Fei’s assistant “Lin Xiao”, and still sitting in the cafe for half an hour afterward with a smile on her lips.

The actor’s assistant is silent and very thoughtful.

The WeChat message that Li Fei sent over, “Lin Xiao” deliberately pointed out that she’s listening. He did not say anything about her behavior, did not inquire about her family background, and did not warn her that Li Fei and her does not fit.

It relaxed Liu Shan very much. After she crossed over, the princess-like lifestyle is simply nonsense. The family motto is low-key, low-key and low-key. There aren’t many people in school who know her family, except for the high-class children, who are just old fashioned with a mouthful of financial and economic gibberish.

The atmosphere in the cafe is very good. Liu Shan carefully looked at “Lin Xiao”, discovering that the other’s looks are very good. 1.8 meters in height, slender fingers and white skin, and with temperament a pass, he can make a debut as an artist.

Before, he was standing together with Li Fei. But the actor’s charm is too much, so the advantages of “Lin Xiao” are covered.

Such a high quality guy. Before Liu Shan crossed over, he would be a male God, and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to chase him! Even now, Liu Shan is also very excited, but she soon thought that his identity is not the same. Her family may not agree that she’s married to an actor, not to mention Li Fei’s assistant.

Stepping with new high heels that she bought less than half a month ago, Liu Shan entered the restaurant. Her phone just received a text message with the room number.

Refusing the waiter’s guide, Liu Shan took the elevator to the floor where the box is located. While rehearsing what she had to say in her mind, she took a deep breath and opened the door.


Liu Shan was surprised at the door.

Li Fei is the only thing not different from what she envisioned. Next to the actor wearing sunglasses sat a man with ferocious eyes, and a skinny one with a monkey head. “Lin Xiao” is missing.

Liu Shan subconsciously step back. The skinny man quickly stepped forward, closing the door.

“You……” Liu Shan restlessly turned to Li Fei, “Who are they?”

“Miss Liu don’t need to be nervous.” Li Fei took off his sunglasses, smiling, “These people will see you at the Abandoned World in the future.”

Liu Shan is relieved, so they’re all ability holders.

Indeed its BOSS, forming a team this early.

“Geng Tian, you’re scaring our guest.” Li Fei has a faint smile.

“I apologize, Miss Liu!” The burly fellow bowed his head to apologize, actively pulling a chair for Liu Shan. He also picked up a pot of hot tea, and although the action is rougher than “Lin Xiao”, the attitude is still very good.

Liu Shan, feeling right from the bottom of her heart, has a much better expression.

Geng Tian, that’s an A-class, ability holder! The movie emperor’s bodyguard, BOSS Li Fei’s absolute subordinate! Because he’s a veteran, Geng Tian is also responsible for negotiation with the Red Dragon on behalf of the Black Abyss, a key character in the plot!!

Liu Shan stared at Geng Tian, pretending to be happy, “There are so many ability holders.”

Li Fei casually flips through the menu with a smile on his lips.

——He called Geng Tian’s name, but did not say which is Geng Tian. It’s supposed to be the skinny one, but Liu Shan did not hesitate to cast her gaze on the man who looked like a “bodyguard” when she heard Geng Tian’s name.

The two people in the room are members of the Red Dragon, and only one has an ability.

It’s not that the Red Dragon doesn’t want to send A-class talents to cooperate. The real Geng Tian is not in the North, and with Zhang YaoJin’s tear-shaped mole, it will expose his identity in minutes since this mole is written on the plot.

Now, this “Geng Tian” is not an ability holder, but Liu Shan has not the slightest doubt. Apparently, she can’t see through ordinary people and ability holders.

Li Fei owns the Devil’s eyes, so he is very concerned about these details. Even though Liu Shan’s ability isn’t gathered in the area of her eyes, Li Fei still want proof: If the book transmigrators has a special way, can they see through it?

According to Liu Shan’s reaction, this aspect can test whether the transmigrators has the ability to judge if a person has an ability. If there is, she wouldn’t feel right when she sees the skinny person. That’s a step further, indicating that she can look through the class ability.

“Very good.”

There’s nothing great about book transmigrators.

No matter how unscientific they are, as long as it’s not like the science fiction and web novels, having a golden finger that science can’t explain, everything is easy to handle.

“Ah, what is good?” Liu Shan asked, at a loss.

Li Fei closed the menu, elegantly pushing it to Liu Shan. At the same time, saying without particular meaning, “The greater the number of ability holders, the better the situation for us. The voice of the minority will not be valued by the country, and all acts of the ruling class has only one goal. That is to maintain stability. To continue to rule and manage this country, at this point, Miss Liu is clearer than I.”

Liu Shan also……really don’t know, how will she continue this topic? Comment on politics?

She smiled with difficulty, echoing an agreement, “Dean, you are right, if there are more of us, regardless of the monsters we face in the Abandoned World, we don’t have to hide secrets in the real world, and it will be a lot easier.”

“Do you have any ideas?” Li Fei’s fingers on both hands overlap, seeming to be very interested in this topic.

Liu Shan who successfully changed the topic, relaxed, and quickly suggested, “Putting the Abandoned World’s things aside, we can put out a compiled information in a popular forum, and continuously post it. Someone is bound to find it.”

“Then people from the National Secret Services will also come.” Li Fei’s smile changed, cutting off what he wants to say.

“So change your face. What about Red Dragon? Writing novels is not illegal.” Liu Shan bit the bullet and said that.

There was a strange smile, and the skinny person stared at Liu Shan with curious eyes. He also said something, sounded like Russian, and the girl avoided him, disgusted.

Li Fei turned sideways, staring disgruntedly at the skinny man.

The skinny man jumped up, speaking loudly, “Li-ge, you don’t believe what I’m saying! The brothers have already found out. This woman is not false identity, however, it is very different from the original Liu Shan. She is a foreign language student who chooses Russian, and even could not understand what I say!”

Liu Shan’s eyes wide open, wanting to refute. But before she could speak, the other party jabbered on for a long time.

She desperately wants to calm herself, but she heard Li Fei also speak in Russian with the skinny man.

The atmosphere in the room became weird. Liu Shan can’t fully understand it, but she could see that Li Fei’s eyes are changing, from doubt to pondering, and gradually turning angry.

“You are a book transmigrator?”

A bolt from the blue, Liu Shan’s arm shakes, instinctively wanting to scream. At the critical moment, her mind turns faster, and she loudly asked, “What book transmigrator? What does it mean?”

Pupil contraction. Raised voice. Repeating words……

She claimed to not know, but her micro-expressions can reveal the facts of her guilty conscience.

Li Fei’s eyes went cold, condescendingly saying, “This book transmigrator is a very interesting person. I’ve come across four or five in the Abandoned World, and with the help of Zhao Wen, let them go back to where they came from.”

Liu Shan shook her head subconsciously. After crossing over, how do you go back? It’s totally impossible!

After reacting, she made an excuse, “What is that, I’ve never heard of it?”

“A group of people who know everything that happens in our world. People who know how I would die!” Li Fei slows down his tone, saying one word at a time.

His imposing pressure can’t be seen by Liu Shan. Not even acting, she forgot all her plans. She panicked and grabbed her purse, stuttering, “Dean, you’re so weird today, I……my father will come back at 9 tonight, I must go.”

The father of the original host is also a real person in the North. Liu Shan does not believe that Li Fei will dare to touch her.

“Geng Tian” went straight to the door, blocking her path. Liu Shan wants to scream, waving her thin arms when a thick cloth tightly blocked her mouth.

Liu Shan was about to use her ability when the smell of chemical assailed her nose. Her eyelids became heavy, and she became unconscious.

The author has something to say:

This chapter tells us that no matter who the target is, don’t believe them so quickly.

Even if it’s your idol, don’t easily believe when he says【Hey, you’re good】. That’s the kind of Li Fei the book has written about, girl, you’re still……


Early in the morning, the sink is clogged with water.

Girl: You’re plumbing is getting better

Me: ……

I mean, I don’t want to talk

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STB Chapter 54: Impostor
STB Chapter 56: Trap

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