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2 months flew by
「Actually, it’s my birthday next week」
Haruto gathered all the employees and said such a thing.

「That’s the first time I’ve heard this news. Next week is July 8……you did not say anything about it on last year’s July 8? 」
「Iya~, didn’t last time we were in debt? 」
「But we have a 100 million liability right now……」
「10 million or 100 million doesn’t matter. I got used to it. Then I remembered that it’s my birthday. Don’t you want me to celebrate」
Haruto laughed while embarrassed.

「Ne~, even if you have an ordinary debt, but is that enough to forget your birthday? 」
「That’s right. I did not remember it either? But instead, it was easier to just forget about it」
Roa and Aisha looked at Haruto with a strange face.

「Iya~, well I was told that my parents died before my first birthday. Afterward, I don’t feel anything so……I was not so conscious about it」
「W-well, don’t feel bad right now!! 」
「It’s hard to be on the contrary if you react so much, you know? 」
Haruto smiled bitterly.

Dennis called out while ignoring the dense air.
「Wha-t about it, I haven’t celebrated in the past few years」
「Iya~, it’s probably natural for a NEET. Go back and adequately reflect on yourself」
Haruto complained against Dennis. But he guessed he won’t do it.

「Then I’ll make the puddingー」
Pudding laughs while raising her hand.
「Although I’m glad that you’re happy……it’s somewhat confusing」
Eating Pudding made by Pudding. It’s going to be complicated to write.

「Then you’re going to have my specialty Rang Dosha」
「Then I’ll make Tart O’Fruit」
「So I’m Rusk」
Rang, Tart, Rusk said.

「I’m confused so stop it. Usually, a cake is good」
In the first place, why are mercenaries who have sweets for names engaged in such a bloody work?

「U~n, birthday……we, the desert people, don’t really celebrate birthdays. Is it the coming-of-age ceremony? I got a spear」
Aisha wielded the spear in her hand.
「The part of the blade is made out of dragon fangs. Haruto, let’s hunt right now if you want? 」
「Iya~, even if I got a spear, I don’t know how to use it……」
「Well then, I’ll make it a different one. Please give me a week’s vacation. I’m going to the mountains for a bit!! 」
Aisha quickly left after saying so.
「I have not granted permission yet……well, whatever」

「U~n, a birthday present……since you gift to me is to release me from slavery, then it should not lose from it……this is difficult. I don’t know what Aisha’s going to catch so there’s no comparison……」
Roa pondered in silence. Because it’s hard to talk to her, he moved his line of sight to the Ash brothers.

「This is difficult……if it’s a girl, it’s easy to understand since it’ll be clothing and so on……」
「That’s right……if we were men, we would know……」
Haruto did not dare to interrupt.

「Ma~, it’s my birthday. You don’t have to be so serious? 」
Haruto concluded so.


「Hey, Eugene. It’s my birthday next week. So the store you lent me, can you give me that? 」
When Haruto says so, Eugene answered while slowly drinking his tea.
「Are you serious about it? Then can I kick you out? 」
As Eugene says so, the mercenaries behind him moved a little bit. Haruto shuddered.

「I’m just joking. It’s obvious. But what I want is true. I want to buy it」
Haruto pays 100,000 Doria as a monthly rental fee for the shop. It’s just 100,000, but it’s still 100,000. It’s natural to regret.
「I don’t really mind……the shop is 20 million including the land, the factory is 60 million」
「N? Isn’t it 3 times the original? But the store is 100,000, and the factory is 2 million」
The land itself is three times the price, but it’s 20 times the rental fee. It’s quite unnatural thinking about it now.

「If I let you pay more than 1 million in the early stages, you will collapse. But you were successful. So I increased the price for the factory. This kind of thing is even questionable at the time of the contract. Miss Roa should be aware of it」
「No, we were amateurs at that time……」
If you think about it, we were crossing quite a dangerous bridge at that time.

「Then it’s better to buy the factory than the shop? 」
「That’s not going to happen. The price of the shop is lower since it’s with the factory. If you buy the factory, you will increase the rental fee on the store. Let’s see……it’s 500,000. How about it? 」
「Isn’t increasing it 5 times so suddenly quite severe? Please make it 400,000」
When Haruto says so, Eugene immediately retrieved a contract.

「Then sign here. We have a deal」
Haruto signs as he is told. The factory is now Haruto’s. If he wants to modify it, Eugene’s permission is unnecessary.

He came to Eugene’s place not just to talk about land.
「Can I ask for slaves? Roughly 100 people. Try to be over 10 but under 13. Well, maybe a little younger than 10 years old or 13 years old can be mixed in」
As Haruto say so, Eugene looks surprised.
「100 people……that’s quite a lot. Isn’t this impossible right now? I want at least 4 months. Recently, the war has decreased sharply. Whether war will not occur……」
Eugene muttered some sinister things. Haruto ignores the ominous remarks.

「Aahh. I also haven’t prepared to accept the slaves either. I also had to set up lodgings. It will take about 6 months? I hope you’ll be ready by then」
Haruto said so and parted from Eugene.


「Hello, Domoor-san. Long time no see」
「Oh it’s Asuma-san. Looks like you’ve become profitable! 」
Domoor opened the door and invited Haruto.

「So what’s it like for today? 」
「I would like to ask for new slave accommodation and the expansion of the factory」
To increase the number of soap production, employees and slaves must be increased. But even if they have more employees, there’s no point without a factory. Also, if they increase the number of slaves, it’s too cruel to let them stay in a place without beds.

「By how much? 」
Domoor spread out some drawings.
「I’d like to have slave quarters that can house 300 people. I would like to expand the factory three times as much as now」
Domoor said after thinking for a while.
「I see…… altogether 8, no, about 70 million? But slaves are staying on it, right? If we thin the walls, then 50 million is okay……the factory just needs to build a roof? 」
Haruto answers Domoor’s question.
「Aahh. There’s no problem if it can prevent rain. I would like the slave quarters to be as cheap as possible. It’s okay if it’s a little cold. But make it durable. Since it will cost money to repair」
「Understood. Well, I could do it in 5 to 6 months. I’ll make an estimate. Come tomorrow」
Haruto parted with Domoor after giving thanks.


「Bacchus-san, long time no see. Can I order some pots? 」
Haruto then visited Bacchus. Bacchus still has a scary face.

「Again. How many? Is it okay if it’s the same as before? 」
「That’s right……about 10 pieces, please. The size is bigger than the previous ones. Since an adult will use it」
Until now, children were making soap. So it’s not possible to increase the size of the pot that much. But now that he hired second-class citizens. The production efficiency is reduced with the pots they use. He needed a bigger pot.
「Is 10 really enough? 」
Bacchus heard and asked just in case.
「Yes. I will buy again if we run short」
Haruto answer so, Bacchus looks a little troubled.

「I’ll say this since you’re an excellent customer……actually, the price of metal has risen recently. A considerable amount of metal is being consumed by the Empire. I don’t mean anything bad, but buy them all at once」
「If you say so, I’ll buy a lot. Can I ask for 50 pieces? Please tell me if you can do it in one month. There is really not enough pots right now」
When Haruto say so, Bacchus made a bitter smile.
「It’s also a problem if I made too much profit. I understand. Let’s make it as quickly as possible」

「Even so, why did metal prices rise? 」
「Don’t know. Maybe because the economy is recovering. Because they need nails to build a house. But that alone would not raise it that much. It’s rumored that we are making weapons(?) and barrels」
「Barrel? 」
Haruto asks. Does a barrel require metal?

「Barrel, I mean something that looks like a barrel. I thought about trying to find out from my acquaintances in the Empire, but they would not tell me. It’s a military secret of the Empire. That’s all I got. It’s a secret, you know? Probably in this country, only I know」
Bacchus says in a tiny voice.
「I understand. I will not tell anyone. It’s more likely to become something troublesome」
Haruto parted with Bacchus after a long talk.


When Haruto got home and reached the shop, it’s already dark.
「I’m home now. Thank you for tending the store, Dennis. It’s almost time to close the shop. You can return home」
When Haruto says so, Dennis quickly went back. Are you really that reluctant to work?

「Haruto-san!! I thought about a gift all day……I came up with a good idea! 」
Roa opens the door and comes into the room. He wondered if she came running seeing that she’s out of breath.
「How about I make a dish from Haruto’s hometown! Actually, I’m confident since Marceau taught me a little about cooking! 」
Roa said while breathing in and out.

「From my hometown……sashimi or something? 」
「Eh!? What is raw fish fillet? That strange dish……no, it’s nothing. This is for Haruto-san……」
「Iya~, you don’t have to push yourself. But I didn’t explain the sashimi……ah! Blessing of Language. I completely forgot」
Even if he doesn’t tell it, the blessing will automatically translate it without permission. It’s a very convenient blessing.

「If sashimi is not good……Then something like miso soup? 」
「What’s that? Miso soup? 」
「Aahh is there no miso in the West……it’s seasoning. You have no soy sauce or miso. Is pure Japanese food impossible? When it comes to other dishes aside from that……curry but you don’t know how to make the roux. Croquette is……there’s no potato. Do you have ramen? If the ramen is wheat. But I don’t know how to make the soup. In the first place, I can barely eat soy sauce and miso, so it’s not good at all」
Haruto is suffering while mumbling. Unexpectedly, there are a few things that can be made.

「If there is at least rice, something might have been different……」
When Haruto talked to himself, Roa reacted.
「There is rice. I’ve heard that in the Empire, in the Province of Valencia, rice is being produced with the vegetables. Indeed, there was a dish called paella that used it. I’ll ask Marceau-san in a bit! 」
Roa jumps up while screaming.
「Rice is not a vegetable but grains. And paella is a dish from my hometown……Or my hometown in a broad meaning. It will not be suitable for eating and cooking……well whatever. I like paella」
Roa is very enthusiastic. It would be wrong if he did something to pour water on her. Haruto thinks so, he decided to watch in silence.


A week passed in no time. My birthday party is held at Undine. Hannah and Marceau also cooperated, it seems to be reserved.
「So, Happy Birthday! 」
Roa put the paella in front of Haruto while saying that.

「Thank you everyone. I never thought it’ll become something so significant. Actually, when I told you this, I only meant half of it. But I didn’t know that you thought of me that much ……」
Haruto said and trailed off.
「This……I’m glad I came to this country」
Haruto sincerely said.

「Fufu, I hope you appreciate it! Then raise my salary, ouch! What are you doing, Maria!!」
「Brother, I didn’t do anything! 」
Dennis is beaten by a frying pan, ruining the touching scene. Haruto has a wry smile.

「Even if Dennis-san doesn’t care, please eat! It’s my first home cooking! 」
Haruto bites the paella as instructed. It’s delicious. It’s delicious, but I don’t know what the others thought of it. After all, paella can’t be said to be local food.

「How is it? What does your gut say? 」
Roa watches Haruto with shining eyes. Roa thinks that the paella is food from Haruto’s hometown. Haruto laughed in spite of himself.
「Eh!? Why are you laughing? 」
「Iya, I was thinking of you」
Haruto tries to endure laughing, but he can’t bear it. At the very least, he covered his mouth so that the paella won’t come out.
「Are you taking me for a fool? 」
「I didn’t say that you’re a fool. Thank you」
Haruto noted so and stroked Roa’s head. Roa smiles happily. Pretty as usual.

「Are? Speaking of which, where is Aisha? She should have played around in this area……is she still in the mountains? 」
The moment Haruto said so, the door vigorously opened.

「Thank you for waiting!! Did you wait? Haruto! I missed you!! 」
Aisha pushed Roa and hugged Haruto.
「You’re dirty! It’s muddy! At the very least, clean the mud! Or rather, where did you go?」
Aisha takes out a pendant from her breasts with a smile. There was a beautiful jewel at the end of the silver chain.

「This, present」
「What? This is? 」
Haruto receives the pendant, observing the thing hanging in front of his eyes. The more he looks, the more mysterious the gem is.

「It’s the reversed scale of a steel dragon. It was hard」
「Steel Dragon? 」
Even if she said it’s a steel dragon, Haruto does not know what kind of living creature it is. Although he can imagine it. Looking around him when they heard steel dragon, everyone was stunned.

「Na~, is a steel dragon strong? 」
Hearing Haruto says so, Roa vigorously nodded her head.
「That’s a given. There are various kinds of dragons, in general, Fang Dragon, Sea Dragon, Fire Dragon, Steel Dragon, Flying Dragon, Earth Dragon, and Grass Dragon in order of ferociousness. Steel dragons are covered with hard scales that steel can’t even pass through, it’s more troublesome than the Fang Dragon if you’re unskilled」
Roa is followed by Pudding.
「As Roa said any iron won’t get past a steel dragon’s scales. It’s said that a secret weapon of the Empire can make a scratch on the scales, the Empire’s Dragon Killer sword made of Mythril, or the fangs of a dragon that preys on the steel dragon. Usually, it takes thousands of people and months of the expedition, there’s no way to defeat it by trapping it in a pitfall and starving it」
Somehow, the steel dragon seems to be quite a fantastic dragon. Then what do you call Aisha who can defeat such an amazing dragon?

「That’s not true. I have this spear. It can even tear a steel dragon’s scales. Besides, I am not alone? I won since I have five friends with me who just came to Claris」
It’s like saying you’re just shopping around in the shopping mall.
「You guys are monsters……I now understand that you’re amazing. But next time, don’t do something so dangerous. I’ll worry」
When Haruto says so, Aisha obediently lowers her head. It seems that there’s an awareness that she did a terrible thing.

「But I’m grateful for this. Thank you」
Haruto said to Aisha.


「Well then, it’s our turn」
「Yes. Presents from us」
The Ash brothers hand a small bottle to Haruto. There’s a transparent liquid inside it.
「This is? 」
When they heard Haruto say so, Allen answered while puffing out his chest.
「Perfume. It was a pain to find a smell that suits Haruto-kun」
Haruto opens the lid of the bottle, putting a drop in his hand and smells it. It smelled very nice.

「Thank you. I will use it if there’s a chance」
Haruto thanked the Ash brothers.

「Chairman, here you go. It was a book that became the best seller in the Empire. You can read it, right? Romague」
Dennis hands the book to Haruto while rubbing his head that was hit by Maria.
「Thank you. But I can only speak it, I can’t read or write it. Can you teach me? 」
As Haruto says so, Dennis puffed up his chest.
「Fu, then leave that kind of thing to me. After all, I’m smart」

「Yes, yes, ye~s, next are gifts from us mercenaries」
Pudding shouted in a loud voice.
「Here you go」
Rusk brought a big hall cake. Rusk’s physique and the size of the cake is a mismatch which makes a very surreal sight.

「You guys are really good at making sweets……」
When Haruto mutters so, Rang answers.
「Ehh, it was because the four of us accepted an escort mission for a confectionary shop」
Tart has distant eyes.
「It’s nostalgic. At that time, I talked with the candy shop owner about sweets」
Because it seems to be a long story somehow, Haruto decided to go through it.

「Asuma-san. It’s my treat tonight. Drink more」
「You don’t have to hold back. Because you are the benefactor, who pulled out my idiot son 」
That way, Hannah, and Marceau gave out alcohol to everyone.

「Ya~y, idiot son, idiot son!! 」
「This brat……」
Dennis and Pudding are fighting in the back.

「Well then, let’s have a toast」
Haruto said so, everyone raised their cups.
Haruto’s birthday party began like this.


「Haruto-shan, don’t do that……」
「Haruto, being so forceful……ah, stop……」
「Why is it like this in the end? 」
Haruto muttered while carrying Roa and Aisha home.

A/N: By the way today, March 20th is my birthday. Please give me a vote for my birthday.
Empire’s Dragon Killer Sword……Endars I said it’s harder than the best steel, the sword that is made by the best blacksmith at that time which will not be damaged even if a person is cut. Stainless steel which has been enchanted a lot that is described as Mythril. In short, the creator is a transmigrator. Now the manufacturing method is lost.
Fang Dragon……the strongest dragon. Favorite is steel dragon. It’s likely to appear
Sea Dragon……It lives in the Northern Sea. Eats whales and sailors. No turn
Fire Dragon……Living in the desert. Famous as a fire dragon roast. No more turn
Steel Dragon……Mountains and valleys, living in a cave. Will not be there
Flying Dragon……fly in the sky. out
Earth Dragon……living in a herd. Smart. will come out
Grass Dragon……dragon used in carriages. has already appeared

June to July
Income      about 67,000,000 (134,000 soaps) 64,800,000 (36,000 luxury soaps)
Expense      about 44,000,000 (material cost of 134,000 soaps) + 4,800,000 (material costs of 36,000 luxury soaps) + 60,000,000 (Factory) + 2,000,000 (June factory rent) + 900,000 (employee salary) + 4,000,000 (salary for 50 second-class citizens) + 4,000,000 (slave maintenance expenses) + 1,800,000 (mercenaries) + 1,800,000 (50 pots) + 500,000 (store rental fee: June 100,000 + July 400,000) + 60,000,000 (new slave residence and factory expansion) + 3,950,000 (sales tax) + 13,180,000 (Income tax)
Income-Expense = -69,130,000
Debt     100,000,000
Balance     24,740,000
Total Assets     -75,260,000

Other Properties
60 Slaves

Accounting Officer and Slave Director      Roa Samaras
Accounting Assistant     Dennis
Supervisors      Ash Brothers (Sisters)
Mercenaries      Rusk&Pudding, Rang, Tart

※Slaves has not been paid for yet

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