STB Chapter 61: Plan

STB Chapter 60: Picked Up
STB Chapter 62: Giant Web

Li Fei exposed a genial smile, waving at the camera.

The program director shouted cut, and the studio immediately became busy.

The cameraman collects his equipment. The host of the show asks for a photo of the actor, saying auspicious words for a better career next year. Assistant Lin squeezes besides Li Fei, helping him take the gifts presented by the program group.

This is the last announcement for this year, and the rest is a holiday.

Assistant Lin is pleased. After being busy all year round, even though he made a lot of money, he was also drained.

They politely said goodbye to everyone, and because today is December 25, Li Fei also got many “Merry Christmas” greetings.

When the two people took the elevator to the parking lot, Assistant Lin already sent a text to Jian Hua telling him that the program has ended. He was waiting by the side of the car.

There are rumors inside the circle about the “Movie Emperor’s substitute” since when the 《Black Bamboo》 crew finished shooting, it also spread out from the cast. However, they can’t take pictures, so the people at the TV station did not expect that Jian Hua was the focus of the topic. While Li Fei is recording the program above, Jian Hua leisurely went out for a walk.

Some celebrities’ bodyguards are afraid of their artist being photographed, or that someone would do something to the car, so they all gathered in the parking lot to chat. Seeing that he did not look like a bodyguard, and with the relaxed and unprofessional style of Jian Hua, they secretly shook their heads.

Jian Hua is undoubtedly not careless. Even when the others left, the mycelium is still there……

The TV station’s underground parking lot is brightly lit with a cold wind. Haicheng’s temperature is much better than the North, but the cold and clammy effects of winter are still terrible. Jian Hua wears a light grey wool scarf covering half of his face.

Seeing Li Fei come over, he turned to get into the car.

Assistant Lin sighs, conscientiously opening the door for Li Fei. After seating himself, he looked at Jian Hua’s scarf. Assistant Lin feels like he should get more in his year-end bonus.

“Joe, today is Christmas.”

“Nn?” Jian Hua indicated that he heard, waiting for Assistant Lin to finish.

After Assistant Lin’s appalling way of trying to help, he felt heartfelt sympathy for his own movie actor.

——This is leading straight to becoming single ah!

That wool scarf, Li Fei chose for a long time! Feeling the texture and color pattern, he decided it by hand. He also considered Jian Hua’s complexion and clothing style, picking for three days before settling on this one. It was “conveniently” sent out on Christmas Eve with no packaging, probably afraid that Jian Hua would overthink it.

Assistant Lin glanced beside him, looking at the other’s mood. As a result, the person receiving the gift is only thankful, but there’s no different reaction today ah! Shouldn’t you receive a return gift?

Li Fei saw and gave Assistant Lin a look. The latter hurriedly tidied up their itinerary, talking about work, “The company said that they will arrange a new broker for you by New Year’s Day. Also, the company’s New Year Eve Party invitation has been sent, and you need to……” choose your partner?

The last three words are automatically silenced by Li Fei’s sharp look.

“Let’s talk about Venice and your schedule next spring! ”Assistant Lin changed the topic while feeling sad.

This is a tough year for the assistant. To be an assistant to an actor with unrequited love, it’s not a man’s job ah! His skills of playing dumb and understanding with one look are already maxed out.

Assistant Lin doesn’t understand. Last month, both of them were in the hotel in the North, but there’s still nothing between Li Fei and Jian Hua. Is it because of his slip? What, they’re just like everyone else right now, Li Fei works and lives, as usual, accompanied by Jian Hua?

The vehicle is running smoothly on the viaduct.

Christmas has a growing influence in China. Contrary to foreign countries, people will not stay at home on this day, nor have a reunion. Commercialization is the true meaning of the holiday because the supermarket shopping malls do various promotions. Even older people will go out on this day to celebrate this “holiday”.

The viaduct is jammed, and Assistant Lin speechlessly gazed at the window.

“It’s snowing.”

The cold wind blows a piece of snow, and like water, it melts immediately on the window glass.

Winter in Haicheng rarely see snow, so this is the most of them. There’s no such weather before, so it’s a lot of trouble.

Assistant Lin’s home is in the city. When the car is elevated to the first intersection, Assistant Lin asked to go home to accompany his mother to the shopping mall. He also “knowingly,” told Li Fei and Jian Hua not to send him.

“It’s too clogged up here, the car can’t make a U-turn, so I’ll just take the subway!”

Assistant Lin got off and left, leaving Li Fei and Jian Hua, and the car moved slowly in the traffic.

The silence did not last long. The first to speak is Jian Hua, “You should raise Assistant Lin’s salary.”

Li Fei has a little light in his eyes, but his expression remains unchanged.

This is a typical reaction since he always felt that Jian Hua had finally figured it out, only for this reasonable conclusion be poured on with cold water, “Jian Hua is a man of his word. Before he overthrew the suspension bridge theory stating that it as the reason for any signs of a raised heartbeat, so Jian Hua see it as natural due to this theory”.

“He’s hinting at me. This scarf is your Christmas present? ”

“Not counted.” Li Fei didn’t want to answer, “To us Chinese, what’s Christmas! This scarf suits you, so I gave it to you.”

You can say that Jian Hua’s treatment, being an exclusive stuntman and bodyguard, is not bad. After working for less than two months, Li Fei has already purchased three sets of clothing for him, two pairs of shoes, and several accessories, so Jian Hua initially thought that this was one of them.

Don’t get a reward if it’s not deserved, not to mention the four-digit average price of these clothes.

——Li Fei is only a friend? Friends should not be taken advantage of, and his friend being wealthy has nothing to do with this.

Facing a stubborn temper, Jian Hua has his own set of rules, so Li Fei explained in understatement: These are all work needs. As an actor, he will be photographed and has access to the company, movie crew, and TV stations which might be caught in the camera. Eighty percent of the people around the Movie Emperor could not escape.

“We are also part of Li-ge’s image, do not make Li-ge lose face!” At that time, Assistant Lin also chimed in to help. Jian Hua, who looked at his no named brand clothes, has no words.

Actually, bodyguards can wear anything, but suit and sunglasses are the standards, but what kind of clothes did you pick! This is just an excuse!

Jian Hua did not care about the clothes, but with so many things, only this scarf made him happy.

A soft and warm cloth that will not prick his skin. The style is also not bad, and Jian Hua likes this low key and comfortable style.

How high is Li Fei’s ability to observe ah? He judged from Jian Hua’s face, and the movement of touching the scarf from time to time, that Jian Hua really likes this scarf.

The scarf really made a difference!

The three sets of clothes he sent are bumps. After repeatedly correcting the concept, Li Fei finally figured out Jian Hua’s preferred clothing style today.

If his sweetheart is like a book, you cannot open the book pages. You can only guess, and most people won’t understand.

Li Fei indulges in this pleasure, and he quietly asked, “Do you need to go back for the Chinese’s New Year?”

It’s only December, so it’s too early to talk about the Spring Festival before New Year’s Day. However, a celebrity’s schedule is usually scheduled three months in advance, and even after six months. These kinds of program, Jian Hua has become accustomed to this concept of time.

The roads are jammed, so Jian Hua removed his hands from the steering wheel. He thought for a few minutes, turned around and answered, “Except for work……besides working for you, I have nothing else.”

Li Fei eyelid twitches.

“You may consider forming Black Abyss, for the sake of your own life.” Jian Hua recommended.

The name Black Abyss was revealed by Red Dragon.

China’s most powerful organization in the future, and the most rooted secret organization of ability holders.

“Red Dragon is a National Secret Service Department. Even if you maintain good contacts and basic tacit understanding, it can’t be completely trusted.” With Jian Hua’s naturally suspicious nature, he did not believe something that he can’t personally control, and something that does not belong to him.

“Red Dragon will not come to give us trouble, but insiders will. There is Red Dragon within our country to deal with them, but what about abroad?”

Li Fei is a public figure, so he can’t hide. As long as he mixed in the entertainment industry, it’s only a matter of time before some ability holders find him.

Besides, it’s not enough to persuade Li Fei to give up his acting career.

Jian Hua said after finishing the thoughts in his brain, “After the development of other foreign organizations of ability holders, across the oceans, how do we deal with it? Call 110, and expect that everything will be alright with leaving it to Red Dragon?”

Li Fei made a meaningful look, his lips curving, “Pretty good idea, and when Red Dragon didn’t come to stop it?”

“Investigate the ability holders registered by the National Secret Services. Then form unified management. What if they object to joining Red Dragon? Many ability holders are reluctant to join the National Secret Services, but would they dare to deny you and me, it’s hard to imagine.” Jian Hua said with an indifferent expression. After he knew that Li Fei will die after the war of ability holders, naturally, he had accepted the responsibility and identity affixed to him by the book.

If his friend dies, General Wu……

Li Fei dying means that General Wu would completely disappear from this world. Even if he watches the movie ten times, he can only touch the afterimages.

To disappear and no longer see him.

Jian Hua looked at Li Fei in the rearview mirror. As if he never heard his words, he was still calm with legs crossed, his right hand on his knees, gently tapping, looking leisurely, and answers confidently.

“Is it?”

Jian Hua turned in surprise, “You already did it?”

Li Fei laughs without saying anything. He raised his left hand, patting the back of his right hand, his meaning all too clear.

Jian Hua dare not believe it. He accompanied Li Fei every day, and the year-end is the busiest. Li Fei is almost only spending his time eating, drinking and sleeping, where did he have the time to set up Black Abyss?

“Geng Tian left the Red Dragon’s base ten days ago. His ability has stabilized. Of course, he got the salary I paid so him working for me is a matter of course.” Li Fei’s smile on his lips expanded, “I informed him of the insider’s ‘prophecy,’ that he also died.”


This matter, Jian Hua just remembered about it.

Geng Tian is an A-class ability holder, and after the complete destruction of Black Abyss, how can Geng Tian be an opponent of the protagonist’s group?

“All right, let’s talk about more practical problems. For example, how long do you think until we get home?”

“Your home?” Jian Hua habitually corrects Li Fei’s “slip of the tongue”. In fact, his words are correct since he is a part-time bodyguard, so he lived in Li Fei’s villa.

Jian Hua rolled down the window, probingly looking outside at the traffic, and saying with uncertainty, “Two hours?”

Li Fei, feeling the slight vibration of his seat, sighs, “If too many Chinese get together, it will always cause an accident!”

Also feeling the coming of the Abandoned World Jian Hua, “……”

Geng Tian’s Red Dragon base investigation report: Monsters will gather in places where ability holders are.

Such places will soon become an overlap point, pulling people into the Abandoned World.

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STB Chapter 60: Picked Up
STB Chapter 62: Giant Web

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