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STB Chapter 61: Plan
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The ground is shaking violently. In front of black eyes, the world has become silent……

The process of the coming of the Abandoned World, Jian Hua has become accustomed to it.

He subconsciously touched his pockets. There are two pieces of chocolate, a few tubes of vegetables and mashed potatoes. He does not have a lot in stock.

“There’s a storage box on your right-hand side.” Li Fei reminds.

Jian Hua looks down at the box between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat. It’s usually used to put drinks, Jian Hua opens it and saw that there are two bottles of vitamin drinks inside.

“There’s a box of biscuits and a box of mineral water in the trunk. Fruits and vegetables with no preservatives easily spoil, so it’s not suitable to stock for long-term.” Li Fei leans on his seat, saying in a relaxed tone, “We’ve been back to Haicheng these past days, and you’re driving this Cayenne, you still did not find it?”

Jian Hua who never messes with other people’s things: “……”

Besides, with the mycelium, he didn’t even need to check if something in the vehicle is moved and the process is natural.

“These useful?” Jian Hua questioned.

You can find shops with food in the Abandoned World everywhere, but these things cannot be eaten. Only the ones you are able to carry can be eaten.

“About this point, there’s a new theory. Red Dragon is interrogating the ‘insiders,’ and it’s not for nothing.”

“You also knew?” Jian Hua is not happy.

Li Fei immediately explained, “The National Secret Services will certainly not make a special report for me. You can thank Geng Tian for the source. Red Dragon Base took away the ability holders in the name of ‘infectious isolation.’ They’re trying to concentrate the destruction in remote areas, and some jurisdictions even have a military blockade. Red Dragon will not use them for human experiments, but to practice some ‘information’ from the insiders, so there was no problem.”

For example, most of the insider’s previous information came from the 《Abandoned World Survival Manual》.

Abandoned World is full of danger with no food. Even if they have supplies in their bodies, it’s easy to lose it in the event of an attack.

If the ability holders fight against monsters, in the future, they also have to participate in the war so the number of ability holders cannot be reduced. To let these people live in the Abandoned World smoothly is more important than anything else.

“The things that you can bring into the Abandoned World is related to the overlapping points.”

The narrower overlapping points can only accommodate the ability holder.

At this time, the food on their bodies or in a backpack can be successfully brought.

Without Li Fei saying it, Jian Hua has carefully thought about this idea.

“If you want to bring more things, except for a space ability holder, or if you have an ability that has spatial attributes……I thought you were hitting on my idea.” Jian Hua said indifferently.

The mycelium is attached inside and outside of the Cayenne, like a giant cocoon.

Li Fei threw up his arms, “You’re biased.”

The devouring attribute itself is heaven-defying. If there’s a space storage capacity, the author probably didn’t want his protagonist to live.

——But, he was playing with Jian Hua’s idea, so these words are not wrong.

Li Fei smiled a bit more and the Jian Hua who saw that couldn’t understand its meaning.

“Abandoned World gave us our abilities. Our power belongs to the same force, so the ability holders themselves can slightly affect the space around them. The specific scope depends on the strength of that ability, and it also depends on the Abandoned World’s degree of stability which is very irregular. The final conclusion of the Red Dragon is to put two boxes of biscuits and mineral water under the bed, and two boxes are also put in the car. Maybe it will come in handy someday.”


He has the mycelium, so Jian Hua doesn’t have to worry about food. He decided to ignore the “How to Become a Hamster Ver. 1.0” strategy issued by the Red Dragon.

He turned his head, ruthlessly pointing outside the car window, “You are planning to stay in this car until Abandoned World ends, still carrying biscuits and mineral water, and walk back to your home on foot?”

Looking at the whole street filled with cars, Li Fei is silent.

What’s the use if people disappeared, their car is still stuck! Whether in the Abandoned World or the real world, they can’t get the car out!

“Get off first. How about we let this car float?” Li Fei looked less sure. Even the thinking about this proposal is ridiculous.

A car floating in midair, this picture is so beautiful.

Only——moving the car with their abilities, why not just move the boxes?

Fortunately, Jian Hua soon responded. Few people will want to grab a car in the Abandoned World but would instead, grab the food. Everyone can’t have too much food on their own.

“Boom!” From a taxi fifty meters away, a man went out swearing.

It’s like a signal, and the initially motionless ability holders gradually went out. It was like they’re negotiating something.

There are also others who had the bad luck of entering the Abandoned World for the first time, so their screaming and swearing are particularly harsh.

Jian Hua looks at Li Fei, asking with his eyes: Mix in?

The latter slowly shook his head, no need.

His devil eyes have identified them. All are low-level ability holders, no value.

Haicheng road has five lanes. Looking around the street, it’s all jammed up, including those overhead bridge. Not to mention that there are more than 500 vehicles, even with a thousand people as the base, five ability holders appeared. This ratio is too high.

“Something’s wrong.” Li Fei warily looked around.

Where are Abandoned World’s monsters?

He did not even see the black hairballs. Is Red Dragon’s theory that ability holders attract monsters wrong?

The mushroom under him is urging Jian Hua, loosely wrapping around Li Fei. There is no visible signs of growth. This is contrary to the mushroom’s previous habit of taking the opportunity to expand wildly.

No food?

“Aiyo, what’s this ah?”

The ability holder pulled his foot out, looking at the sticky white silk on the floor.

Jian Hua still thinks when Li Fei’s face changed.

Before this, he saw a translucent net between the bridge and the roadside buildings. There are also some on the ground and the surrounding greenery, but Li Fei regarded them as the mushrooms, so he’s not too concerned.

Now that the group of ability holders walked by, the large net trembled very rhythmically.

The vibrations spread all the way into the distance, and even in midair.

“Get back to the car!” Li Fei is too late to stop it, yelling at those outside.

The ability holders were stunned and stopped, looking over to their side.

Porsche Cayenne. If among the collections of those Haicheng celebrities, it’s not too conspicuous but mixed in a pile of more than 200,000 cars, this car is still classy.


“Don’t know. Probably a rich second generation! Scared out of his wits, and don’t dare to come out.”

The bald man from the taxi ironically said, “Abandoned World is a world where strength talks. What’s the use of stinking money? Don’t even think about it……”

The sound suddenly stops, and the whole person fell to the ground softly.

The other ability holders are like a drunk, don’t know from east to west, and their voice calling for help is very weak. Some people are already foaming at the mouth with their bodies twitching nonstop.

Jian Hua suddenly looked up. Because the roof forms a barrier, he only saw a huge dark shadow moving at the corner of his eyes.

The bald man’s body is pulled up like a puppet, his hands and feet moving stiffly and clumsily. His face is covered in snot and tears, with face scared and pupils contracting.

“Invisible wires are wrapped around his joints.” Li Fei looked solemn.

He looked down at the vicinity of the tires. There is a network of such filaments all over the road, and the space between the space is vast, but the space between layers are not much, hardly leaving a gap.

The bald man is only the first since the other ability holders soon stood up in strange poses.

This is similar to the haunted scene that the 《Black Bamboo》 crew once filmed. Jian Hua can’t help but check his ability, confirming that there are no movements, so it’s not the mushrooms.

“Be careful, don’t disturb it.”

Jian Hua followed after releasing a cold air, “It’s on top, coming.”

The bald man’s foot stepped on an “invisible staircase.” In a strange pose, he swings in the sky, and behind him is the “high-altitude acrobatics walking group.” Walking at 90 degrees from the ground, stepping on the glass windows of a building, and lining up on top of a vast dome building.

Haicheng National Theater, a landmark building.

Jian Hua just can’t feel it because the location of the National Theater is too far from here. His ability to scan has distance limitations.

Li Fei with his devil eyes saw the situation more clearly, “Spider, we are in its web.”

The monster has revealed its true colors. Its whole body is covered with dark bristles and exaggeratedly large, even bigger than a truck. The length of its eight legs are incredible, but nothing compared to its body.

Its abdomen has a huge white bladder, a foot long in the middle, like holding a life-size pillow.

This time, even Li Fei held his breath.

——A female spider holding its eggs!

The “pillow” covering the whole body of the spider is the net that it spits out, wrapping the spider eggs inside. It’s the habit of breeding spiders. Li Fei knows a lot of people, who also has a lot of weird pets, so he has seen everything.

“It’s breeding.”

This conclusion made people numb.

“Catching ability holders as reserve grains?” Jian Hua said in a low voice.

“Maybe……catching every living thing caught in its web.” Li Fei judged according to the encounters of the ability holders, “Spider silk is poisonous. It’s estimated to have paralytic toxins, slow on the onset, but it’s too late once you find the anomaly.”

It did not use the spider silk to bind its prey in a cocoon, and the spider can’t wait to bite. It’s using the spider silk to pull its victim away. It apparently likes keeping fresh food.

“Are there other spiders nearby?”

Speaking of reproduction, it must be a pair.

Li Fei looks complicated, “Hard to say, maybe the spider left, maybe……” the male spider has entered the female’s stomach. Abandoned World’s monsters’ habits are not necessarily the same as in the real world.

“Can your fire burn the spider silk?”

“Probably can but the result of doing it here, you think about it.”

The tragic situation in Huai City’s Gingko Road would be restaged, and much more severe. Hundreds of cars will be overturned, and the death toll……it’s estimated that the Red Dragon will come over and arrest them.

As for what Zhang YaoJin said, if you encounter a monster, it’s best to drag it to the outskirts of the city——

“But why a spider? It even made it’s nest here, and you can draw it out just by walking!”

The car suddenly shook.

A black spider with eight red eyes looked straight at the front window glass.

This angle is enough to see everything in the car.

Jian Hua reaches out, but Li Fei hastily held him down.

After half a minute, the monster touches the mycelium covered car with its feet, seemingly confusing it with its own silk.

The author has something to say:

This chapter comes from when I’m in a traffic jam and couldn’t move for fifteen minutes…I said: Spiders can make webs in the middle of two cars……

Hey, spiders?

PS: Spider’s eyes are terribly poor →_→

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STB Chapter 61: Plan
STB Chapter 63: Tease Me

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