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A/N: I feel like I wrote a congressman’s annual income of 500 million. But if you try to think calmly, there’s no way it’s cheap. Sorry. Please forget it.

「Now then, how do you like this? 」
Domoor shows the house plan to Haruto and Roa. Haruto moved his line of sight to   Domoor after checking the position of the bath and toilet.

Meanwhile, Roa takes the floor plan and thoroughly looks at it.
「If possible, please do this side」
「Here? Then, like this……」
Roa and Domoor are talking, modifying the floor plan many times. Haruto looks at it without interest.

「Okay, I guess this is alright. For the house estimate……roughly 100 million Doria」
Domoor laughingly says to Haruto and Roa. Haruto opens his eyes wide.
「Expensive. I wonder what’s wrong? 」
「Iya, this is the price of only the house. If you include the bath, that’s already 80 million」
「What! That’s funny. Is it so expensive to make a bath」
Haruto raised a voice of protest.
「Iya, didn’t you tell me to make a bathroom that automatically draws water since doing it manually is troublesome? And a toilet. Your order is a lot. A system to wash your butt with water. The idea is amazing. And remember the open-air bath? You have to plant a lot of trees to make it invisible to the outside. Although I think it’s a luxury to have two baths, indoors and outdoors. Really amazing」
Domoor talks on and on. Haruto had no choice but to be convinced that it’s because of his orders.
Haruto looks at Roa. Roa stares at Haruto with sparkling eyes. Haruto sighs.

「I understand……This is fine」
Domoor had a big smile on his face. He takes out two pieces of paper.
「Do you want furniture? I’ll give you a letter of introduction. You should be able to get a discount」
Haruto sees the document that Domoor handed out. One is a major furniture company that Haruto has heard of. The other is Wolfstan Chamber of Commerce.

「I see. You are working together with the Congressman. You’ve got a good relationship」
Claris’ merchants seem to get along well with each other. As long as their products don’t suffer, they are mutually cooperating. Actually, Haruto is also cooperating with Eugene, Branch, Adonis, and Domoor. He’s also on good terms with Bacchus.
「Ma, because they’re the same. It’s Bacchus-san who makes the nails that our company uses, and Eugene is the one who sells the land」
Domoor replied with a smile.

「By the way, as soon as possible, I want to ask you for a project」
「Nn? What」
Haruto changes the topic from the house.
「I want a part of the factory to have a wall. Not necessarily a strong one. Because it’s enough as long as it blocks visibility」

He decided to produce the alkali with the electrolyzer. The electrolyzer is a secret weapon. He would like to conceal it from the Samaras Chamber of Commerce if possible.   At the very least, to prevent crime, there should be a wall.

「Ma, that? If there’s one million, I can do it in three days」
Domoor listens to Haruto’s explanation and says a simple quote.

「There also another one. 」
「What? 」
Haruto retrieves the map. A place a little bit away from Claris……the land previously purchased by Haruto and Roa is circled.
「I want to make a factory here. How much will it take?」
When he heard Haruto say so, Domoor says, a little worried.
「The factory itself is simple. After all, I just need to add a roof. But, it’s probably an abandoned field, right? It’ll likely take too much time to level the land. But I only need to install the roof……ma, 5 million」
As usual, the factory is cheap. But because he’s thoroughly cutting corners.

「I’m counting on you」
Haruto lightly bowed his head to Domoor.
The story of the house is at a later date, then they left Domoor.


「Is it over? That’s fast」
「Ma, because it’s just a thin board even though I said it’s a wall」
Domoor, as written in the contract, finished the construction in no time. He just made a thin wall so that it can’t be seen from the outside. In the first place, the fencing area is just so narrow that they finished it early.

「With this, we can finally unveil the electrolyzer. Aisha, can you take it out from the warehouse? 」
Haruto called out to Aisha who was next to him.
「That’s fine……but what is it? 」
「It’s a little magic tool. Carefully handle it」

Although Aisha tilted her head, she brought the electrolyzer from the warehouse. The desert people, young or old, everyone is strong. In the blink of an eye, five electrolyzers were brought out of the warehouse.

「Now then, let me explain this」
Haruto gathered the children in front of the electrolyzer.
「This is a magic tool called electrolyzer. It’s a tool to make alkali. Put salt water in this bathtub, and pure water in this bathtub. Then alkali is produced after you start it up」
The children listen to Haruto’s explanation with a serious face. Haruto continued the explanation.

「Exiting from here is sodium hydroxide……in short, it’s alkaline. What you need is this. Although hydrogen and chlorine gas exits from here, because it’s not necessary, throw them out」
Hydrogen aside, chlorine is poisonous. Haruto is troubled a little bit about its disposal. But the chlorine generated by the five units is very small. It won’t be a problem to let it out. He decided to worry about its effect on the environment when he could afford it.

「There are things to note. Chlorine and sodium hydroxide are toxic. You must always use a mask when you handle it. Sodium hydroxide will strictly be managed in three barrels. And be sure to ventilate it. Don’t neglect it on rainy days. ……take a day off if you didn’t aerate it」
The children had joyful expressions to Haruto’s words. It seems they’re more pleased that the holidays increase rather than when the danger increases.

「The next is the milk soap that you will make from now on……they way of making it doesn’t change much. Just add milk to the oil」

Haruto said all this information to the children.
「Well then, immediately begin working」
Haruto disbanded the children.

「Ah, Sol-kun. Just right. You’re free now, right? I want you to go out with me」
After Haruto left the factory, he called out to Sol who came back from the soap delivery.
「Go out? But I’m fine……」
Sol is a slave of Haruto. If Haruto says go out, then there’s no choice but to go out.
「Really. Well then, come with me. I’ll increase your pocket money later」
In this way, Haruto and Sol went out by themselves.


「So what you want……me to do? 」
Sol once again spoke. Sol is from the Northeast. He’s not very fluent in the Kiris language.
「I’m good at Northeastern language. Since I can talk it. It’s not a big deal. I want you to look at a horse」
「Horse? 」
Sol tilted his neck.

「Until now, aren’t all the carriages rental? It will cost money if it’s rental. So I decided to buy a horse」
Haruto explained to Sol.
「But why me? 」
Sol asks Haruto.
「Aren’t you from an equestrian tribe? You know which is a good horse. But I’m only an amateur」
As Haruto says so, Sol makes a face as if convinced.

Before heading towards the horse shop, Haruto listens to the work and life environment from Sol. He sometimes spoke to Haruto in the Northeastern language, telling Haruto detailed information.


「I have a reservation, Haruto Asuma. I want to choose a horse」
Haruto went to the store and said to the clerk, the shop owner appears immediately.

「Oh my oh my. I have been waiting for you. This child? 」
The shopkeeper looks at Sol who is beside Haruto and say so. Sol’s look is a little different from Kirician. It’s quite noticeable.

「This guy is my slave. As you can see, he’s from the equestrian tribes. He seems familiar with horses, so I decided to let him choose」
As Haruto says so, the shopkeeper makes a consenting face.
「Please come in here」
Haruto and Sol were guided to the back of the shop. There are the stables, and there were a lot of horses.

「Please choose」
The shopkeeper said while smiling.
「Do you mind if my slave touched them? 」
Haruto tentatively confirms. Some people don’t like their items being contacted by a slave.
「Eehh, does not matter」
The shopkeeper approves it readily. It seems there are human beings who don’t mind.

「I reserved 10 horses. Please choose a good horse」
Haruto tells Sol. Sol nods and runs up to the stable.

After a while, Sol picked 10 horses.
「So these 10. We will deliver it at a later date」
The owner slowly lowered his head, seeing Haruto and Sol off.


「Here, it’s the promised pocket money」
Haruto passed three large copper coins to Sol. Sol put it in the bag attached to his waist.

Sol suddenly stopped walking after a while. In front of Sol, there is a store selling accessories.
「Eh!? You like this kind of thing? 」
Haruto unintentionally drew back. Sol is a man. Moreover, from the equestrian tribes. It doesn’t suit him at all.
Sol violently shook his head and denied it. He passed the bag of coins to Haruto.

「……I want to give a present to a girl. Can you buy it, please? 」
「He~, a fellow slave? 」
As Haruto says so. Sol nodded while blushing a little. Haruto smiles.

「I see, I see. That’s fine. But you should choose the gift yourself. So come with me also. It’s okay with me」
Haruto forcefully pulled Sol’s arm into the store.

Nonetheless, Haruto did not enter the store just to meddle. But also to buy a present to Roa. It’s to make up with Roa about the electrolyzer thing. It’s the strategy of buying something to ease her bad mood.

Haruto and Sol looked at the accessories together. Sol is fidgeting and restless. He had never entered such a store.

「Roa has……it this okay. The price is……20,000. The furnishings are good」
Haruto bought a red stone necklace. Roa has a ruby necklace, but, it’s too expensive, so she only uses it on special occasions.
「Have you also found it? 」
Haruto called out to Sol. Sol shook his head.
「Money, not enough……although this is the cheapest one, it’s not enough with my entire fortune」
「How much do you need? 」
「One large copper」
Haruto took out one large copper coin from his pocket, passing it to Sol. Sol looks at Haruto’s face.

「I will deduct it from your salary. For the time being, use it」
Haruto smiles. Sol bowed deeply to Haruto.


「Even so, to be in love. That’s nice. Being young」
On the way home, Haruto made fun of Sol by raising him on the shelf. Sol looked down and blushed.
「Don’t make fun of a child? I feel tired」
Haruto says with a laugh. Sol raises his face.
「P-please don’t tease! 」
「My bad, my bad」
Haruto apologizes with a smile.

Special Episode

「Ne~, do you want to drink? It’s for three people」
Aisha told Haruto and Roa.
「What’s wrong, so suddenly? 」
Haruto asks Aisha.
「Iya, I got a discount ticket. To a pub. Since there’s three, let’s go」
Haruto and Roa looked at each other.
「Ma, sometimes, it’s not wrong to drink at places besides Undine」
「I agree. Shall we go」
Three people headed for the pub.


「Recently, my breast growth has stopped!! 」
Roa cried out while drinking. The other guests’ line of sight was instantly on Roa. Roa is not aware of it, and start talking loudly.
「My butt growth also stopped. Why! 」
Haruto tells Roa while sipping on high alcohol content liquor.
「How old are you? 」
「It’s 14. 14 years old! 」
「Breast growth seems to stop at the age of 15. Or about six months after that……hang in there! 」
Roa lies down on the table. And still drinking alcohol, she hatefully looks at Aisha’s chest.

「Why is my chest smaller than Aisha!! 」
「Iya, even if you say that……it’s not even the ultra big ones since it’s about D-cup? 」
「I’m also not small since I’m about C-cup!! 」
The two people started speaking in riddles. They seem to be drinking a lot.

「Do you know a way to make your breasts bigger? 」
Roa drew closer to Haruto.
「E~tto, you’re supposed to drink milk? 」
Haruto shows off some knowledge he’d heard somewhere.

「I heard it’s going to get bigger if you rubbed it!! 」
A guest from the next table said to Roa. The customer next to them is also considerably drunk.
「Is that true!! Haruto-san! Please rub it!! 」
「How nice. Rub me too! 」
Roa and Aisha blatantly asked Haruto. The surrounding customers raised an even louder voice.
「Niichan, I’m envious!! 」
「If you don’t massage it here, you’re not a man!! 」
「Share it with me, you bastard!! 」
「Riajuu, explode! 」
Haruto sighed.

「I want to asleep. It was loud and noisy」
「But you’re half the cause of the commotion」
After drinking a lot, the three people arrived home. Haruto is carrying Roa who fell asleep.

「Ne~, Haruto……」
「What? 」
Haruto turned towards Aisha.
「Do you hate me? 」
Aisha told Haruto face to face.
「……ma, I don’t hate you. But instead, I like you」
Haruto answers.
「Then, why won’t you make me your mistress? 」
Aisha heard that and said to Haruto while looking at his face.

「I feel bad for Roa」
Haruto quietly said.
「Well then, I wonder, if you’ve met me before Roa, would you have liked me? 」
「……I don’t know. Maybe I will. Perhaps I won’t. The only thing I can say is that I can’t make you my mistress」
「I see……」
Silences flow between them.

「Ma, i~ya」
Aisha raised a loud voice. Haruto involuntarily looks at Aisha. There were Aisha’s lips.
「N ~tsu! 」
Haruto opens his eyes wide. Aisha grabs Haruto’s head so that Haruto can’t escape.

After three seconds, Aisha released Haruto’s lips.

「I’m not giving up!! 」

Aisha screams so and runs away.

「……what to do」
Haruto said with a big sigh.

A/N: Since recently, Aisha has few turns. It’s quite a dangerous thing, imagining that he is kissing someone with drunk Roa on his back.

Income      165,000,000 (30,000 luxury soaps + 150,000 ordinary soaps)

Expense      40,000,000 (material cost of soap) + 4,500,000 (material cost of luxury soap) + 50,000 (milk for 3,000 milk soap) + 30,000,000 (new factory) + 500,000 (wall) + 180,000,000 (house) + 115,000,000 (electrolyzer) + 5,000,000 (slave maintainance expense) + 4,000,000 (second-class citizens) + 7,000,000 (Carriage) + 900,000 (mercenary) + 450,000 (employees) + 4,950,000 (sales tax) + 16,500,000 (income tax) Total……408,850,000

Sales-Expense = -243,850,000

Liability      300,000,000 (10% annual interest rate)

Balance      208,390,000

Real Balance      -91,610,000

Slaves      160


Accounting Officer and Slave Director     Roa Samaras

Assistant Accountant      Dennis

Supervisors      Ash Brothers (Sisters)

Mercenary      Rusk & Pudding, Rang, Tart


DWBS 31: Groundwork
DWBS 33: Bath

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