STB Chapter 60: Picked Up

STB Chapter 59: Running Away
STB Chapter 61: Plan

The motorcycle is moving very fast, letting out a deafening roar. Johnson is pressed to the man’s broad chest, smelling tobacco and a bitter orange smell of the man’s perfume, it made him dizzy.

His frozen cheeks are tingling, making him regain consciousness, then he vaguely felt pain.

He subconsciously wants to rub his face, but a voice above his head told him to stop, “Don’t move!”

Johnson froze. From the time the motorcycle stops when he was carried into the house by the man, his expression is dull.

The warm atmosphere wrapped around his body, and his skin soon became red. It was a sign of frostbite, and he soon felt itchy. Johnson controls himself not to scratch, this feeling of frostbite festering, he knew it.

The man is on the porch of the house, cleaning his body of snow, and removing his windbreaker and hat.

He’s tall, close to two meters. Johnson looked pitiful in front of him; his height not even reaching the man’s chest. The man has blond hair with bright blue eyes like the sky. He has rough looks with a wild charm because he did not shave, so there is a layer of stubble on his chin.

The man held out his hand. He did not bend over, placing his palm right on top of Johnson’s head, “Little ghost, go in and sit down.”

Johnson crouched in the corner of the shoe rack, his courage small. When he saw the living room that can be said to be the size of a small basketball court, he feels unsettled, not knowing where to put his hands.

He watched on Katie and Charlie’s television and knew that this house is a mansion.

There is a black leather sofa piled up with soft pillows, and a whole wall of rainforest in an eco-tank. The sprinkler is working on time, with drops of water falling on the plants’ leaves, and a lizard lazily sheltering under the foliage.

The reptile’s cold vertical pupil makes people feel frightened.

Johnson’s shoulder is pushed by the man, almost stepping on a beautiful handmade rug. He hurriedly pressed on the wall to gain his balance. As a result, his dirty hands left two tracks on the snowy wall.


The man throws his coat on the coat rack. He rolled up his sleeves and grabbed the chicken-like Johnson to the guest bathroom next to the living room.

Opening the water heater, he skillfully adjusted it to a suitable temperature. An endless stream of warm water gushes out of the pipe, the water in the tub slowly rising.

Johnson hurriedly steps back, his whole body sticking to the wall.

“How long have you been in the snow?” That man frowns. The clothes of this little ghost are complete. No broken seams, no patch, unlike those picked up from the garbage heap, but Johnson’s actions are no different from street children.

Their city is very prosperous, and even the homeless people here receive food relief, not to mention a child.

“I, I……”

“Is it domestic violence? You ran away?”

Johnson first shook his head and also subtly moved towards the door.

“Your face is red. Tch, are kids these days not afraid of frostbite?” The man said in a bullying tone. Not giving Johnson a chance to explain, he took the boy’s coat off with a few moves.

This time, Johnson genuinely panics.

Although he was only 14 years old, poverty made Johnson see too much darkness. When he didn’t even have a house, he lived near prostitutes who sell their body in exchange for food in the tent area, and there are also young teenagers. The boys at school bullied him, and also like to call him insulting words. Johnson was made to understand even if he doesn’t want to.

Probably also thinking of this, the man released his hand, lifting his foot to go out, and leaving behind the words “wash yourself”.

The door to the bathroom was slammed shut.

Johnson quickly put on his coat again. He looked around uneasily, the water vapor attaching to his skin.

The white ceramic tiles, the gold-plated bathroom facilities, and the many bottled cans on the side of a sink. There is also a small shell-shaped perfume bottle next to the bathtub.

There are no windows, and the ventilation fan above him makes slight noises.

The man, once outside of the bathroom, changed out of his clothes. Barefoot, he looked around for a long time but didn’t find any juice. There are only various wines in the cupboard. He had a headache and went to the kitchen to boil some water.

In this snowstorm, and to celebrate Christmas, his Filipino housekeeper is not at home, so he can only do it himself.

He poured the cocoa powder into the hot water, and the mellow scent wafts into the living room.

The man casually recalls that the child is thin with his face only the size of his palm, a pair of blue eyes looking at him through the wind and snow.

Tch, looks just like the old days, like himself on Christmas Eve in front of a window.

This little devil wears so little, if nobody manages him, he’s afraid that the next morning, he’ll freeze to death on the streets!

The man lit a cigarette. He recalled the feeling of the child’s head shrinking in his chest with his whole body stiff. The motorcycle moves fast, and he did not bring other helmets when he went out. With the wind and snow roaring, he can only wrap the kid in his clothes.

——This is a dangerous move, after all, the child’s identity has not been investigated yet.

Because of a sudden soft heart, with the various things that happen in the circle every year, not to mention that directly bringing people home is a bit out of character.

After finishing a cigarette, he estimated that it’s almost time. The man walks into the bathroom, discovering that the bathtub filled with water has stopped automatically and that the child is still wearing the dirty clothes while shrinking in a corner.

Tch, really troublesome.

The man reached out impatiently and once again helped the little devil undress. He knew that if he’s not tough, this kid would be standing there for a while.

The weird thing is, Johnson did not struggle this time.

When he put the red with cold body of the child into the bathtub, the man heard a soft sound.

“……Mr. Morenza?”

The hand holding the shampoo bottle stopped, the man lifted his eyebrow: I changed my clothes and only now did he recognize me?

“Katie is your fan. She’s particularly fanatical.”

The man is not interested. Speaking of fans, he has many all over America and across the globe.

“Katie came back midnight last night to see your concert.” Johnson is a little excited because even in his hometown, or this strange city, Superstar Federico Morenza is a frequent topic. Although he does not understand why Katie and his classmates are all enchanted by this singer, this does not prevent him from knowing that Mr. Morenza is a very good man. The day before yesterday, the news is still playing the fact that Morenza funded several civilian students, admitting them to Ivy League schools.

Johnson listened to all the beautiful things said about this man.

The man named Federico had his expression has changed a little, “Who is Katie?”

“My former public school teacher.”

Teacher ah……

The man returned to normal, continuing to be busy with his task.

“My uncle disappeared in the hurricane. Katie and Charlie are an unmarried couple, planning to adopt me, and they took me to this city.” Johnson soaked in hot water, awkwardly touches his head full of shampoo foam.

The man was ready to grab a towel when he heard that and almost pulled the shelf down. Feeling gloomy, he did not speak.

The hot water soaks up the frostbitten parts on his hands and feet making them itchy. Johnson knows not to scratch, but he still can’t help but use his fingers.

“Don’t scratch!”


Tossing for half an hour, the man finally took the hot and washed boy outside the bathroom.

An ill-fitting thick cardigan is on Johnson’s body, holding a cup of hot cocoa, he can only repeatedly stammer a thank you. Federico did not take much effort to get the truth out that the juvenile runs away from home.

“Katie will be married to Charlie next year, and it will be costly. Yesterday……” Johnson restlessly covers up the strange appearance of the hairballs, and only vaguely say, “I am not careful, so I broke something at home. Although they did not say anything…Katie is under pressure, and they quarrel every day behind my back. ”

Seeing Johnson remorseful with his head about to sink into his cup, the man sitting on the living room sofa has icy eyes: A whole day of worrying about family expenses, and the young woman giving potato and bread to a child all day, but there’s still money to see his concert?

The price of a ticket is not cheap.

Also, chasing after celebrities and getting married, the financial pressure is already so big, but they still have to adopt a child…why is that?

Can’t she bear children? Why are they looking this young, can’t they adopt after they’re thirty years old with a business and financially stable? Such a hurry, bringing a child from the Southern State.

The kid said he was 14 years old, but with this small physique, he can pass for 10!

Federico caresses his chin.

Wait! Southern State, hurricane, a 14-year-old boy with a difficult life, no parent, and the former guardian is the uncle……these keywords are a little familiar!

“What’s your name?”

Johnson hesitated, whispering, “Katie says my adoption papers have not been processed, so I can’t just say my name outside or it will bring them trouble.”

“……let’s put it in another way, what’s your last name?”


Federico heavily leans on the sofa, mumbling something in a cowboy’s foul language.

“Mister?” Johnson is anxious.

“It’s nothing.” Federico barely squeezed out a smile, saying between clenched teeth, “You want to go back to the Southern State, or go to the church for help? Social welfare agencies will ask about your history, and you’ll trouble your ‘good-natured Katie’! After all, they would not be responsible for your temporary supervision when they learned that they let you in the streets in such a snowstorm.”

Johnson is a little nervous, and don’t dare speak while holding the cup.

“Or, I can think of a suitable way for you, now you can go rest.”

Federico leads the anxious teenager to a room upstairs, saying a few words to appease him.

Waiting until the door is closed, this giant superstar who faces countless paparazzi can’t hold back his bad temper anymore. He was tempted to sweep the things on the table to the ground, but abruptly stopped. He deflated and threw himself into the sofa.

“Going for a walk on a Christmas day, and coming back with the protagonist……damn it! This is so far from the Southern State, but I still met him!”

This kid is big trouble ah! A moving son of destiny with a double S-class ability is comparable to the strength of the gods.

Federico had a terrible headache. If “Katie” and “Charlie” appear before him, he’s definitely going to beat them up! These unknown fellow transmigrators, their minds are all shit!

Although other transmigrators have different aspirations, there are people like Federico who doesn’t want to touch the plot. There are also people who run to the protagonist. What cultivate the protagonist, what nurture ah! What’s up with giving Johnson just potato stew and bread to eat?! Also letting the protagonist ran away from home and almost freezing in the street!!

God, this stingy book transmigrators, and they still have the money to spend on my concert tickets!

If this book has a blackened protagonist, Federico will surely be hated.

The man smoked a cigarette fiercely, his expression hideous among the slowly rising smoke. His heart is going crazy, and it’s hard to describe it in words.

25 years into this world, he had already realized his dreams and aspirations. Federico is prepared to survive cautiously after the plot begins. Avoiding all the trouble, and just go through 10 years. In any case, the protagonist wins in the end, so he has no psychological pressure.

The result!

“Why did I go out today?” Federico had a headache.

Thinking back, if he did not appear, the protagonist that decides the fate of America and the whole world, will he really freeze to death?

This feeling that he accidentally saved the world……

Federico is dumbfounded. He was lucky enough to be soft-hearted. Brown is an ordinary surname, and the hurricane-affected area on the Southern State is also large. This Katie who wants to adopt a young teenager might not have a good brain——

The house suddenly shook violently, but he can’t hear any sounds of a collision.

Abandoned World!

Federico’s expression became serious. He quickly rushed to the second floor and opens the door of the room to see a scared pale face. A teenager shivering and wrapped in sheets is trying to hide in the bed.


“Don’t move! Those black hairballs like to hide in dark corners!”

Johnson’s eyes lit up: This person knows about the monsters!

Soon Johnson got into another panic, how did Mr. Morenza know? Is it really coincidental that he met him?

The teenager with a head full of fantasies suddenly felt that the air around his body has become abnormal. It was like falling into a huge bag. Federico is beside him with his hand clutching Johnson’s shoulder, they look like they’re glass.

The shaking stops and black hairballs appeared in the room. As if not seeing them, they continued jumping.

Federico has mixed feelings.

The number of monsters in the Abandoned World is not much in the beginning. There’s no problem if ability holders found a house to hide, but their abilities will attract them, not to mention a powerful S-class ability. Even if they’re not in the Abandoned World, the monsters will still be drawn even if separated by a space barrier. This leads to the fact that when they’re in the Abandoned World, it’s often the bad situation where monsters are waiting for them.

This is still the beginning of the plot, and Federico sees monsters in his home for the first time.

Now his luck has shattered. The teenager under him can only be the protagonist.

“……Brown! After you grow up, don’t go to China!” Federico blurted out.

“China?” Johnson is puzzled.


It’s the site of the Devourer and the Flame Demon.

The author has something to say:

Sorry, I wrote two chapters about the protagonist teenager here. It’s because it’ll become important in the overall story progression ╮(╯▽╰)╭

→_→Without Federico, the protagonist would be brought back by Katie and Charlie SO he won’t freeze, it’s a delusion that you saved the world, Great God.


Federico is a book transmigrator with high IQ and common sense【Hello】. Okay, simply put, he’s a book transmigrator, right? But he is a good person.

Not all of the transmigrators in this book are murderers. Certainly, not all the book transmigrators have a negative image.

About Federico’s career……【I already said this is a showbiz novel】【You’ve got enough ah】


Finally, Li Fei’s nickname, Flame Demon is a more Western vocabulary, so there are fantasy colors

In the book, BOSS Li Fei is the leader of a secret organization, adhering to a low-key route. Obviously, he will not give himself a nickname, so it’s from the foreigners

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STB Chapter 59: Running Away
STB Chapter 61: Plan

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