STB Chapter 63: Tease Me

STB Chapter 62: Giant Web
STB Chapter 64: Expulsion

Feet tapped around the car, issuing dull sounds.

Jian Hua heard Li Fei complaining about the car repair fees……

Fortunately, the spider and the rainforest squid are different. There are several transparent large webs between this congested road and the roadside buildings. The giant spider can walk in its own network and is also agiler than an acrobat.

Hive, the spiderwebs are like an original architecture with the perfect structure and can balance forces.

The body of the giant spider hangs on a line, so the burden on the car tires is not significant. The spider turned it over and over to study the mycelium, its feet inevitably touching the body. Listening to this movement, it’s undoubtedly scraping off the paint.

The monster is close, and the thought of car repair fees flashed, but there’s no time to think.

Jian Hua’s arm muscles went taut along with his legs. Propping his body up, and with only his elbows on the seat, his whole body is like a bow with its string entirely drawn.

His line of sight is on the movement of the spiders as he rapidly thinks of a response.

If the front window glass is broken, how to avoid it, how to fight back, and how to escape the narrow space of the car.

The giant spider fiddled with the mycelium, and the pincers under its head swings, giving off a strange rattling sound.

Eight eyes are in front of the head and on its body. There’s no pupil or a precise structure of compound eyes. At first glance, it looks like an oval-shaped dark red agate around its body.

Its perspective is extensive, but Jian Hua does not know why it doesn’t seem to see him inside the car.

The giant spider seems a little irritated, throwing down the mycelium heavily. Its long leg always in a state of holding an egg, it moves moving its body along the spiderweb, its abdomen grazing the glass window as the spider left.

Jian Hua was forced to “visit” the group of “cocoons” under its abdomen at close range.

——There seems to be something inside, moving a little bit.

Jian Hua’s face pales. This close “contact” is not suitable for anyone.

He didn’t immediately look through the window to see where the spider had gone and did not relax the tension in his muscles until his ability feels that the spider has climbed the bridge, going towards Haicheng National Theater. Only then did Jian Hua slowly relaxed, and the atmosphere in the car also eased.

Jian Hua bows his head. Li Fei’s hand pressing him down is still there.

Two pairs of eyes met, and the actor calmly took his hand back.

“It did not see us?”

“Spider eyes are not good, high myopia, and it’s sensitive to light.”


“There are people in the circle who like interesting things, and even has a pet like the South American Tarantula. Its head is ten centimeters in size, and that person loves to show it off, jabbing to his circle of friends all day.” Li Fei explained. He did not want to let Jian Hua misunderstand that he was hiding a lot of information about the Abandoned World, “Let’s avoid fighting, at least not when the conditions are against us.”

Jian Hua nodded.

In fact, when he just said that, it was like Li Fei’s aura converged with 《Black Bamboo》’s main protagonist He Ning.

Cool and calm, know many dishonest methods, and a reliable companion at critical moments.

Not saying anything else, if the person beside him is not Li Fei, the average person would have been scared and screamed on the spot. They would also tremble in fear, attracting the spider’s attention. Even if he’d never seen a pet spider, Jian Hua also knows that this web weaving organism uses its feet as a sensory organ. If the car made a little movement, it’s not going to find out, right?

Although they avoided direct contact, the harsh fact is still in front of Jian Hua and Li Fei.

——the giant spider’s web is here!

This is one of the most prominent sites in Haicheng, and you can’t see any black hairballs or long-armed monkeys near the web. Even those ability holders met with tragedy, and it not only eats people, but it also carries unhatched eggs!

If they don’t get rid of it as soon as possible, soon, there will be dozens, even hundreds of little spiders.

Haicheng will become an ability holder cemetery in the Abandoned World, and it will become spider territory!

To protect the lives of civilians, he will risk his life. Jian Hua did not have such noble sentiments.

Purely from self-interest, they must not leave this spider, this scourge!

“Time is limited.” Jian Hua saw a bit of movement in the “cocoon”.

If he rips off the silk, he can guess that he’ll see an egg that’s about to hatch.

“Is there a show at the Haicheng National Theater today?”

Li Fei was asked and to live, he proposed, “Look at the door to see the poster.”

“There are spiderwebs……”

“I can see, but I can’t avoid the spiderweb.” Li Fei points his finger to the roof.

The road is covered with spider webs, but most of the roof is empty. It’s jammed like this, so the roof of the car is the natural way to go.

Jian Hua looks up, taking seconds to understand. His heart feels absurd: Ever since he met Li Fei, the reality is more exciting than filming. Last time, it’s a car chase battle, this time, is it parkour game in the city?

After a few minutes, they’re already standing on the roof of the Porsche Cayenne.

The roof of the bus is a bit high, and Jian Hua does not dare step on the Chery car. Li Fei is in front, and Jian Hua followed. They encountered a large net hanging in front of them, and after Li Fei reminded, they bypass it.

“Can you control your ability?” Li Fei thought it’s a good idea to cover the webs with mycelium so that even if they’re on the network, the giant spider will not be able to find them.

The result is that the mycelium is lazy and went on a collective sleep.

“It contracted the paralytic toxin from the spider web?” Jian Hua said to himself.

Li Fei rejected this possibility, “It looks like a mycelium, but in fact, it is just a product of your ability and not a real creature. The toxins from the spider silk can’t hurt it.”

This time, even Jian Hua has no answer.

If the mushrooms are on strike, they can only deal with monsters with Li Fei’s flames.

Jian Hua frowns, “It’s better for us to leave here. You said that Red Dragon’s Base is on the outskirts of Haicheng. We can always get there in one day, and if we encounter Major Zhang,  let them come up with a solution!”

“Too late, the egg is about to hatch.” Li Fei reminds.

When he went back to himself, he looked at the giant web under the overpass. Imagining hundreds of little spiders hanging on it, this image made Jian Hua’s scalp tingle.

In the time they were talking, the two had come close to Haicheng National Theater.


A soft shout sounded out. There is a girl in the telephone booth by the roadside.

About ten years old, with a little pink jacket and her hair in a ponytail. She looked up and called out again.

Jian Hua realized that those who fell in the Abandoned World are both young and old. Even kids will also face cruel killings and dangers.

The American protagonist is a teenager who is only 14 years old, so China must also have some who is about the same age, and even younger children who are trapped.

“Don’t move!” Li Fei sees the spider web next to the phone booth.

The girl did not leap out in excitement. She was clutching a broken pet leash, somewhat sad, and very nervous, “My TuanTuan was caught by the spider. I want to save it, but it bit off the leash.”


The people who fell to the Abandoned World are not just people, there are even animals?


“It’s my dog, he’s a good boy, and likes to play.” The girl held on to the leash, crying non-stop.

The leash in her hand is not durable, let alone a child holding on to it, so it’s certainly not a big dog.

The dog bit the strap when it’s in danger, so its intent is undeniable. Some dogs are brilliant, so Li Fei is not surprised. He just felt it unusual——the dog might be a potential ability holder! If it survives, what will it become?

The world has become increasingly strange, and he just can’t understand it.

No matter how Li Fei decides to calm the dog owner first. He found that this is not a tricky thing.

The spider’s eyes are bad, but if the girl doesn’t hide, or if she cries or run away, then her pet’s gesture of biting the leash is wasted, and they just cannot wait this time.

“Uncle, can you call someone to save TuanTuan?”

“Call someone?”

“Yes. The spider is so big. The three of us can’t save TuanTuan!” The girl is depressed and sulked.

Hearing that she counted herself in the “number,” Li Fei has a bit of a headache.

The outline of the girl through his devil eyes is pale. She’s an ability holder but a normal one. Don’t even mention dealing with the giant spider, she’ll have a hard time just dealing with a long-armed monkey.

“Do you have any food?”

The girl stopped crying, vigilantly watching Li Fei.

Naturally, she knows the importance of food, so this should not be her first time in the Abandoned World.

“I can’t live without TuanTuan……” The girl mumbled while squatting on the ground, sad and scared.

She did not speak again and just became sad in silence.

After this brief episode, Jian Hua finally arrived at the entrance of Haicheng National Theater, and he can’t help but look back at the phone booth in the distance.

“Want to save her pet?”

“It’ll depend on that dog’s luck.” Jian Hua faintly answered.

Killing the spider is their purpose.

For the girl, the dog named TuanTuan is very important, but feelings can’t be used as weapons. Analyzing the present situation, even those men who had been captured by the spider is doubtful to be saved, let alone a dog.

Failing to do so, Jian Hua never makes rash promises, and Li Fei is the same.

Haicheng National Theater is already beyond recognition, spider webs are everywhere.

Walking inside, the situation became worse. The formerly beautiful three-story hall and the long escalator is directly linked to the web with many spider silk hanging down the staircase.

From the surviving poster boards, Li Fei got good news. There’s a drama performance that evening, but there’s no activity during the day, so the theater, except for the staff, should be empty.

Jian Hua looked at the theater’s map for a full two minutes.

He can use his scanning ability to explore the place, and combined with this picture, he quickly came to a conclusion.

“The spider is on the top floor of the Theater. Those who have been caught are still alive and are on the tenth floor……maybe at the stage.”

Save the people first, or go to the trouble of finding the spider first?

It’s reasonable to say that it should be the former, but the spider is likely to find that something is wrong, and rush back.

They can’t expect too much from the rescued ability holders……it’s already good if they don’t mess up, and it’s estimated that they won’t have the courage to face the spider, and will only run around screaming.

Choose the latter, and they can lay a trap to ambush the spider.

Li Fei was about to decide when Jian Hua waved him to stop, his expression awed, “An ability holder escaped! His position is on the move, approaching the stairs.”


“Still on the roof. He should not have been found!”

This is really not easy!

Li Fei raised his brows, “Is this person powerful?”

“Right, he should……” Jian Hua estimated in his mind, giving an answer, “It’s almost worse than Major Zhang but much higher than Guan Ling. A preliminary estimate will make him at A-class.”

In the road, even if the traffic jam blocked two S-class ability holders, with an additional A-class ability holder, it’s no wonder it attracted the giant spider.

“He’s moving towards here!” This time, Jian Hua’s voice carried some surprise, “Soon approaching the escalator!”

Li Fei immediately looked at the nearest staircase——

In the next second, he looks like he was punched in the face.

Jian Hua has no devil eyes so he can’t see the truth, but he felt it strange.

The other side quickly escaped and is on a complete run, but this did not actually disturb the spider!

Also! Apparently, he felt the ability holder had reached the escalator, but why can’t he see even his shadow?

“Stealth ability?” Jian Hua whispered.

“No.” Li Fei’s mouth is twitching.

A shadow is seen through the spider silk. It moved to the stopped escalator, even running up and down. After seeing Li Fei and Jian Hua, it was frightened and stood still, its ears pricked up.


It’s a short-legged Corgi.

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STB Chapter 62: Giant Web
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