24: Dissatisfaction With God

23: Kuuga's Magical Power
25: Floating Island


Kuuga dumbfoundedly looked at Koran at the word he didn’t expect. Gadillas and the others were also surprised at the statement, and he could feel their line of sight from behind him.

“In a book I read before, it says that the Divine Beast can see the floating island where God lives.”

“…speaking of which, it was written like that. Kuuga-sama, did you see it?”


The floating island thing was also something he wanted to confirm. Kuuga managed to use a dictionary to tell them that “I can see the floating island, but I didn’t know I’m the only one who could see it.

“Maybe when you’re looking at the sky in the courtyard… you saw the floating island?”

[That’s right.]

Lewis asked him at remembering that time, so when Kuuga nodded, Lewis told the others that he didn’t see a floating island. It seemed like at that time, he could only see the sky in front of him.

That meant that the Divine Beast could only see the floating island. He said that it was floating as if it was natural.

“Then go to the floating island and ask God.”

[Don’t say it like I’m just going to a friend’s house!]

While adding tsukkomi to Koran, who said something ridiculous, Kuuga used a dictionary to tell them that he could “see it but don’t know how to go there.”

After all, it was only recently that he became conscious of the floating islands, so he hadn’t observed it.

Koran also seemed to have no idea how to go there, and he just thought that Kuuga would manage to do something about it with the power of the Divine Beast that he couldn’t understand.

“Hmm. For the time being, why not try observing from a place with a great view? Maybe there’s a staircase that only Divine Beast-sama can see.”


He didn’t know if there’s a God on that island, but since it’s an island that could only be seen by the Divine Beast, there’s a good chance he’d see something when he went there.

The floating island was probably not as high as Koran imagined and was even surprisingly near. As Koran said, Kuuga might find some way to go up.

When he thought of going out of the castle and looking for a place with a good view, he heard restless footsteps, and someone violently opened the door to the office without knocking or calling out.

“Oi, Gadillas. The battle between Darries and Jihak is over.”

It was Restalion who spoke in a disrespectful tone not meant for the king as usual. Gadillas, who didn’t mind such a thing, responded only to the content and frowned.

“What are you talking about, both countries should still be on their way to their borders, right?”

Lewis also knew about the war between Jihak, which was adjacent to Ragra country, and Darries, which was on the north side of Jihak.

There was no considerable difference between the two countries. Still, in a battle where the Darries side was considered advantageous from the strength of the other party, if the neighboring country, Jihak, were defeated, it would affect Ragra. Darries would then be their neighbors.

As Gadillas said, it was a war that was about to begin.

“It’s true that they haven’t collided yet. Instead, it seemed like a Divine Beast descended on Jihak.”



“Eh, what? What do you mean?”

The words of Restalion were unexpected, and everyone in the room opened their mouths.

Kuuga heard that Divine Beasts hadn’t appeared for 500 years. He also heard that there were no more than one at the same time. That’s why they couldn’t swallow the situation where a Divine Beast other than Kuuga appeared. The office was quiet for a while.

Restalion, who brought the information, also felt the same; no, he opened his mouth with a face that seemed more incomprehensible than anyone else.

“After the Divine Beast arrived, it seemed to have approached Darries for negotiations.”

“…well, to fight a country that has a promised peace and development… you wouldn’t know what would happen, but Jihak didn’t attack it?”

“The new king didn’t want war. I don’t know the reason, though.”

“Rather than that, did Jihak had the seals? They didn’t look like they’re preparing to welcome the Divine Beast-sama…”

It was Uros who broke the conversation between Restalion and Gadillas and asked another question. It seemed that he was more interested in this than in the war.

Nodding to agree that Gadillas had the same question, Restalion yelled, “yes, that’s most of the problem” while massaging his forehead with a finger and having a bitter face.

“…about that… according to the information, there was no oracle. There are rumors that the Divine Beast just suddenly appeared in front of the Crown Prince.”

“Wait a minute… then there was no condition to get the Divine Beast.”

The three people born under the conditions imposed on Ragra made an indescribable look. Kuuga felt a bit uncomfortable and slightly trembled.

“The Divine Beast of Jihak is a red bird. I heard that it can control fire freely, and it can also be a humanoid with wings on its back.”

As soon as they heard the information from Restalion, all eyes in the office suddenly gathered on him. Kuuga held his breath at the sudden situation.

It took him 30 years to appear and put a burden on the past king, but Kuuga, who could not control his magical powers, became a humanoid, and even had no knowledge, was stabbed with gazes of “what about you?“.

They wanted to ask Kuuga, “what else can you do?” but the Divine Beast became depressed and fell, bowing its head and drooping its ears.



With his name called by a low voice, Kuuga looked at the terrifying Gadillas. It’s clear that Gadillas’ facial expression included anger, but it’s not directed at Kuuga, though Kuuga was aware that he’s part of it. Feeling guilty, he awkwardly diverted his eyes.

“Ask God for a little bit and come to us.”


I just told you that I didn’t know how to get there! This wasn’t the situation to be saying that. Kuuga drooped his ears and headed for the window.

Gadillas called “oi” to Kuuga, who used his front legs to open the window dexterously and head out.

Looking back, Gadillas was still angry though more puzzled now.

“I think you know already about my dissatisfaction with God.”

[…I know that.]

It seemed like Gadillas was worried because Kuuga looked depressed. Kuuga was glad he wanted to follow him, but he’s also depressed because he didn’t think they deserved this.

[I’ll be back.]

Kuuga couldn’t ask for directions, so he jumped out in search of a place with a good view as if he could somehow get a hint.

23: Kuuga's Magical Power
25: Floating Island

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  1. What the fudge… This chapter saddens me. Seriously, are they toying with Kuuga or smth?? Bringing him here all of sudden, they could have made him able to turn to his human form at the very least! But now there’s a new beast! Why are things so hard for Gadillas and Kuuga??
    Thank you for the chapter!!

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