51: Side Story – Stroking Fever

50: Flattery
52: Tease

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As mentioned before, Kuuga’s hair quality was excellent.

There were times when the feeling was particularly good. And that was “after taking a bath and brushing”.

Only Gadillas could enjoy it with that timing. Gadillas, who was completely addicted to stroking Kuuga’s hair, wouldn’t miss this timing. Recently, the moments they returned to the bedroom after bathing were reserved for stroking.

It’s a blissful time for Kuuga.

It always started with a hand resting on his head. Kuuga would then reflexively sit on the spot.

He’d then be stroked roughly between the ears and the hand would naturally fall behind the ears. When Gadillas was satisfied with that, the man would then use both hands to play with both ears. It’s quite a cheat to use the thumb and rub the inside of his ears, but since he’s enjoying it, he’ll put up with it.

While doing this, the fingers supporting the ears would fall back slightly, and gently stroke the hair at the base of the ears. In fact, Gadillas knew that the softest hair was there, so his fingers moved slowly to enjoy the softness.

Although he liked being scratched there, being gently stroked in that place was also nice. Kuuga felt very good and if he wasn’t careful, he’d likely let out an embarrassing voice.

“You love it here.”

Gadillas couldn’t possibly overlook Kuuga’s reaction, so he moved his fingers on that spot, as if giving a light massage. Kuuga couldn’t stand it.

For a while, the hand, which had stopped around his ears, went down. At the same time, Gadillas kneeled in front of Kuuga. He held his neck with both hands, then scooped up the white mane-like hair from below. It looked interesting that when it rose, Kuuga looked like a lion.

And then, Gadillas would stroke the mane as he pressed it upward, before roughly moving his hands up and down. Although Kuuga’s neck hair was messed up, it felt really comfortable.

Gadillas’ hand went further down from the neck and began to rub the area around the base of his forefoot. Because he’d mentioned before that this area was a bit stiff.


A voice leaked out like he’s an old man soaking in the hot spring. It felt good. Gadillas heard the nonsensical groaning growl, and his bright green eyes narrowed happily.

This time, Gadillas slightly rose up, and his arms wound around Kuuga. He then stroked his back like that.

With Kuuga’s large body, his back was quite large. Of course, the area around the tail was out of reach, but Kuuga sighed happily as he put his chin on the shoulder of Gadillas, who tried to shrug it off to reach as far as possible.

Perhaps his fur tickled his neck, making Gadillas laugh and give up his shoulder. In this fun atmosphere, Kuuga was happy and rubbed against the man while his tail hit the floor noisily.

“Ha-, stupid, it tickles.”

[Then treat it better.]

Gadillas rose up as if he’s going to flee, but then held Kuuga’s neck. After stroking from the neck to the back, he went around to Kuuga’s side.

The man then stroked until the tail, which he couldn’t reach before, and Kuuga fell down on the spot. It felt really good to be massaged.

As he was enjoying it with his chin on his forefoot, this time, his tail was caught. The hands slid from the root to the end. Although it’s not good to touch the tail, there’s something he liked about it.

The tail instinctively tried to escape but Kuuga didn’t move. When the root was grabbed, the tail escaped again.


If this wasn’t Gadillas, he’d kick him down.

Gadillas smiled when he saw Kuuga, with his ears down, put up with him. He then patted his head then stroked his back. When his hands fell and moved to the side of the body, his goal seemed to be his belly hair.

With one hand on the throat and another on the chest, he slowly stroked there. By the time the hands moved from the chest to the belly after several repetitions, Kuuga unconsciously laid on his back.

Animal instinct? ――he didn’t have such a thing from the beginning.

Pride as a former human? ――see if he cares.

Kuuga appeared defenseless as he laid on the floor. Meanwhile, Gadillas was decimating his belly.

If he was a human, he would have thought that the act of being patted around his body was creepy. Therefore, he speculated that the reason why this act felt comfortable was probably the effect of becoming a Divine Beast.

However, for Kuuga, it was difficult to distinguish his original emotions and what was affected by being a Divine Beast since both were blended together with no discomfort. It’s as if it really came from his own heart.

The King that the Divine Beast had chosen was really special. He felt especially happy to be touched by Gadillas.

When he was happy, his body would tremble in delight. It already happened several times.

It seemed like the inside of his body was delicate as it would tremble at a slight change from the terribly gentle hand. This time, his hair had been trimmed so that when the hand stroked it, it would be disturbed but could also be easily smoothened with a move. Kuuga was so comfortable that he endured sleeping right then.

“Do you want to go to bed?”

As if feeling that he’s about to sleep, Gadillas asked with a slight laugh in his voice. Kuuga struck the floor with his tail as if to reply, and Gadillas gently removed his hands.

――it felt really good.

Gadillas, who could only pat roughly at first, was now fairly skilled in the matter. It’s a great growth.

Gadillas, who enjoyed the fluffy hair, was happy, and as Kuuga got up, he also stood up and headed to the bed. Kuuga immediately followed suit.

50: Flattery
52: Tease

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