54: Report

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55: Kuuga's Attack

When they arrived at the office, Gadillas greeted them with a slightly suspicious look, perhaps because he had heard from Uros that Kuuga was meeting Rhode.

As for the reason why he wanted to meet with Kuuga… in their eyes, Rhode was just unnecessarily nervous.

[It looks like he just wanted some mofumofu.]

Kuuga didn’t think it’d change anything but he tried to explain. However, it didn’t work.

Rhode handed the report to Gadillas through Uros with a slightly awkward move.

“As stated in the report, Godo seemed to be a believer of Sonilreus-sama.”

“…I see.”

Gadillas, who understood various things in an instant, sighed heavily. With the situation he’d seen so far, it didn’t seem to be a rare occurrence.

Sonilreus had a delicate body and a neutral beauty that couldn’t be considered a man or a woman. He’s an excellent researcher of magic tools and has a good personality. Sonilreus, whose presence was no joke, had many enthusiastic followers. Kuuga also had the experience of his friends being called believers by other people, but he didn’t think it was any of their business.

“They didn’t seem convinced that Sonilreus-sama wasn’t chosen as king, and caused the poisoning incident on the first day. The testimony is in the evidence.”

“Are there two?”

“No, only those who poisoned the meal.”

“Hmm… Sonilreus’ followers are troublesome… although he himself didn’t want it…”

“Really troublesome.”

While listening to the conversation, Kuuga remembered Sonilreus, whom he met only once. He didn’t know why he felt a strange anxiety, but he knew that Sonilreus congratulated Gadillas from the bottom of his heart, and he didn’t think the man wanted to assassinate the new king. It might be the result of the believers going out of control and that’s not unusual.

“I don’t know how you feel, but I think even I will choose Sonilreus―― ouch!”

Kuuga stepped on Gadillas’ foot without letting him finish to the end. When he screamed lowly, Gadillas looked at him with an awkward look.

“Your Majesty, you are the one chosen. You’re the one whom Kuuga-sama chose to be king. Please be aware of it.”

“…I know.”

Uros seemed to feel the same as Kuuga, so he paid close attention to Gadillas. Gadillas stroked Kuuga’s head as if to apologize, with a wry-looking face.

When they played the recording magic tool and checked the contents,

Even though I mixed a slow-acting poison that wouldn’t affect the poison tester, it’s ruined by that Divine Beast.

The Royal Guard Knights that we had painstakingly gotten our hands into had been dissolved, rendering our efforts useless.

For Sonilreus-sama, I have to get rid of that man.

Do you want to eliminate the Divine Beast first?

It was a parade of remarks that were out of line. Kuuga was impressed that Rhode could skillfully draw out such statements so far. By the way, even if Gadillas wasn’t the one chosen, they seemed to have planned this in advance once Sonilreus wasn’t chosen.

When they heard a statement that they tried to attack Kuuga, Gadillas’ pen broke with a snapping noise. Everyone silently turned their eyes, and somehow, no one said anything. Gadillas also silently pulled the broken pen to the edge of the desk and pulled out a new pen with an expressionless face… since no one had attacked, it didn’t seem to have gone into action.

“I was only able to pull them out this far.”

“Good work. However, because of our meeting that time, you might have been thought as their ally.”

“I see.”

Relieved that it had finally returned to the original story, Kuuga fixed his expression, not caring about his own possible assassination.

[To judge Rhode as a comrade with just his attitude at the meeting… they have no eyes for people...]

Rhode acted in a fairly easy to understand manner. Even if it’s not Kuuga, a sharp person should notice it immediately.

“Capture Godo and send him to prison… where is he right now?”

“He should be at home right now. Let’s leave it to Restalion-sama.”

“…do you want Restalion to do something to Godo?”

“…there’s a thing called difference in opinion.”

Uros, who bowed once, immediately left the office. After seeing him off, Rhode bowed to leave as well.

“Then, please excuse me.”

“Ahh, thanks for your hard work.”

Rhode bid farewell in an obviously awkward manner then rushed out of the office. Gadillas didn’t think that he should be liked, so Kuuga muttered in his heart that he would be disliked even more if he had that attitude. But it didn’t reach him at all.

And Gadillas habitually stroked Kuuga’s head since he’s accustomed to it and didn’t care at all. Yeah, he’s definitely been misunderstood.

“It will be midnight at the earliest to catch Godo. There’ll be various things tomorrow.”

[You’re right.]

Kuuga, who didn’t know how long it would take to travel within the royal capital with this world’s transportation method, thought with his own common sense and wondered if it’s very far. After all, it’s a world without cars.

“Rather than that, did you really make the children cry?”


Kuuga awkwardly looked away as he remembered what he had forgotten. Gadillas, who smiled when he saw his ears slumped, stroked his head to comfort.

“Don’t worry about that. Fortunately, you didn’t look scary when you’re humanoid. And it’s almost 30 days since you promised God, right?”

[...well, if the seal is released a bit more, I might have more time to become humanoid.]

The time limit, which was originally 3 minutes, was now 24 minutes which meant 21 days had passed. He could have the seal released again in 9 days. From that day on, he could talk to Gadillas more which made him have high expectations.

It’s not that soon, but two thirds of the time has already passed. He felt good thinking what he could do after that remaining time.

He put his chin on Gadillas’ thighs to ask for some spoiling. Gadillas laughed a little then started to move the pen with his right hand while stroking Kuuga with his left hand.

“Eh, what’s that, so envious…”

Edallion, who was watching, said something, but as usual, Gadillas and Kuuga ignored him.

53: Keyword
55: Kuuga's Attack

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