RTBAS 009: Daddy Came To The Door

RTBAS 008: Turned Out To Be A Girl
RTBAS 010: Outlandish Father and Daughter

On top of the carved big bed, Chu Yun suddenly turned over and jumped up from the bed, staring at Xiao Ting with wide eyes.

Those eyes seemed to say, how did you know? She then remembered what happened just now, her eyes instantly full of grievances.

Liu-momo had already been so scared that she knelt on the ground, not knowing what to say.

The eldest son of the Ninth Prince’s Mansion was a girl.

This matter was only known to the momo and two other maids close to Chu Yun, as well as Ah’Da and Ah’Er. Everyone else didn’t know.

But now that the new princess asked directly, Liu-momo didn’t know what to say for a while.

This was not something a servant could explain.

Seeing that she had a sky is falling down expression, Xiao Ting felt it wasn’t interesting, so she waved her hand to signal Liu-momo to go down.

Then she got into the bed, held the little prince in her arms, and patted her on the back as she said, “Good boy, sleep, oh…”

Ah’Da and Ah’Er, who had been guarding outside, looked at each other. Leaving one person to guard, the other person quickly turned back and reported the incident to the Ninth Prince.

The Ninth Prince was still in the study. Hearing these words, he asked: “What did the princess say?”

Ah’Er thought for a while then said, “Replying to the Prince, nothing. The Princess just let the momo go down. She and the young master are already resting.”


As a result, Ah’Er, who got a one-word reply once again, just bowed his head and returned to his post, conscientiously keeping vigil.

The day after the Ninth Princess entered the Mansion, the calm was broken by a scream.


In the inner room of the Bright Moon Courtyard’s main house, the maids in vigil rushed in and saw…

Chu Yun, wearing inner clothes and holding a small pillow, was sitting on the ground and miserably howling.

Ninth Princess was sitting on the bed, her sleepy eyes dim and her chicken coop hair becoming even messier as she scratched it, looking a bit dazed.

“W-what’s going on?”

Thump, thump…‘ The servants knelt directly on the ground.


“Please forgive this servant, Princess. Spare this servant’s life, Princess…”

Xiao Ting patted her forehead to wake herself up. She just wanted to ask why the little cutie was crying, so why did these people cry out for their dads and call out for their mothers as if she’s going to kill them.

“Princess spare…”

“Shut up.”

Xiao Ting had a headache because of the noise. She lifted her foot and put on shoes before growling with hands on her hips.

Even Chu Yun, who was crying miserably, took a breath and didn’t dare howl.

“What are you hollering about early this morning? All of you get out.”

She waved away the maids, then lifted the cutie from the ground and threw her on the soft couch. She bent over and looked at her, “Hey, cutie, why did you wake up people early in the morning?”


“What ‘you’? Say it quickly. How could a man be so effeminate?”

“Hmph!” Chu Yun sucked her nose. Not wanting Xiao Ting to look down on her, she said, “You kicked me off the bed. Why wouldn’t I cry if I fall?”

At Chu Yun’s tearful eyes of accusation, Xiao Ting choked, “that, that, let’s have breakfast!”

Saying so, she left the inner room and let people in to clean up.

A group of maids came in to change their clothes and serve breakfast. Xiao Ting had long recovered her thick skin and was feeding Chu Yun bite by bite.

“This young master doesn’t eat this!”

From resistance to entanglement to reluctant passive acceptance, Chu Yun suddenly saw that there’s a leaf of coriander in the jade spoon. She hated that smell the most and immediately looked away.

Yi Ti smiled and continued to press the spoon forward, “hey, children can’t be picky eaters, or you won’t be tall.”

“This young master doesn’t eat this, so I won’t.”

Chu Yun said so, and with a wave of her sleeve, Xiao Ting’s spoon hit the ground, and the vegetables splashed all over the floor. She then ran out with her short legs.

The servants were scared to death and at a loss.

Xiao Ting didn’t mind, just picked up her own tableware and began eating the leftovers, thinking that this kid was really tough.

But the more challenging it was, the more fighting spirit she had.

Just as she finished eating, someone came to report that the Prince asked her to go to the front hall.

At this moment, in the main hall, the Ninth Prince was sitting on the main seat with the Imperial Uncle Xiao craning his neck and looking around.

“Father-in-law, please sit down.”

Imperial Uncle Xiao sat down for the third time, lifted the teacup, put it down again, stood up again while muttering: “Why has my good girl not come over yet? Is she still asleep?”

While he was muttering, the Ninth Prince lightly looked at him with his clear eyes, thinking about what the guard told him just now. Imperial Uncle Xiao was wandering outside the Mansion before dawn and didn’t officially visit until just now.

Ordinarily, daughters couldn’t be seen casually after getting married, let alone that this was the Ninth Prince’s Mansion.

But since Imperial Uncle Xiao came, what’s his purpose? When his daughter got married, he forgot to say something, so he came to make up for it today.

The Ninth Prince could only laugh at this, but he wanted to see what the father and daughter would do.

Last night, he took the time to read all the information about the Princess. He didn’t think that this Sixth Miss would be willing to marry into the Ninth Prince’s Mansion, not to mention the various abnormal things she did after entering the mansion.

Imperial Uncle Xiao only had his good daughter in his mind. He just married his daughter yesterday, but he couldn’t sleep all night. Because of the Ninth Prince’s body, the Emperor made a special order not to have a banquet here, so they only held one in the Xiao Mansion.

But thinking about whether his good girl would be bullied, he was still not at ease, so before dawn, he came and then remembered that he couldn’t see his daughter casually. Thinking hard, he finally came up with such a reason.

While Imperial Uncle Xiao was thinking, he glimpsed a piece of Xiao Ting’s clothes.

Seeing this, Imperial Uncle Xiao immediately sat back, pretending to be calm and tasting tea. The Ninth Prince looked at him incredulously.

Xiao Ting saw her cheap father as soon as she entered.

“Daddy, why are you here?”

RTBAS 008: Turned Out To Be A Girl
RTBAS 010: Outlandish Father and Daughter

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