57: Get It!

56: Naturally
58: Suicide Volunteer

It’s still early in the morning, so Kuuga and Gadillas went back to the bedroom. They’re planning to mess around until Uros came to fetch them.

However, they didn’t feel like sleeping, so when he curled up on the sofa, Gadillas followed and also laid down on the sofa while putting his head on Kuuga’s belly… nothing was different from what they did on the bed.

When he raised his head and looked into Gadillas’ face, he felt like wanting to move closer, so Kuuga didn’t resist and put his chin on Gadillas’ neck as if he’s holding Gadillas’ head.

Gadillas closed his eyes while gently stroking Kuuga’s cheeks. His beast form was huge, so it kind of tickled when he rubbed against him like a cat. He’s in a strange mood.

“…you’re my ally…right?”

[...what are you saying now? That’s only natural.]

He’s apparently talking about the topic in prison. Was it so surprising that Kuuga got angry? He must be out of his mind.

First of all, what is he saying even though he himself was angry when he heard the remark about them trying to attack Kuuga? Their feeling was mutual.

“Because it’s about you, it’s obviously natural.”


When he was surprised and looked at him, Gadillas noticed it and laughed a little. Gadillas’ eyes looked into Kuuga’s face and squinted happily.



“Do you want to take a day off today?”


“Sometimes, I need rest.”

[Eh, no, well, there’s certainly nothing like a holiday until now...]

He understood what he meant, but he suddenly couldn’t keep up. How did the topic of a holiday come to be from their main topic? Gadillas, who was completely rested, left the confused Kuuga, and began to think about what to do.

“I’m getting used to riding you… do you want to go a long distance?”


In response to those joyful words, Kuuga’s ears stood up. Excited, he stood up and Gadillas patted him on the head.

The door was knocked as if aiming for this moment, and Uros came in. Gadillas said, “I’m going to rest today” to Uros. Uros looked strangely at Gadillas, who was usually still in bed, standing in front of the sofa.

“Yes? …well, that’s fine.”

“It’s surprisingly easy to get permission.”

“Yes, I thought it’s about time you say that. There are no definite holidays, so please take a good rest. There will be days where you can’t get it.”

“No, then say that sooner.”

Gadillas having rest days seemed to be the usual. By the way, Uros didn’t take any day offs like Gadillas. Was this okay?

“However, please tell us in advance next time.”

“Ahh, I understand.”

“…then, if you go somewhere, a proper escort――”

“No need because there’s Kuuga.”

“Kuuga-sama is not an escort. We will prepare some people from the Royal Guard Knights, so please take them properly.”

“I know, I know (I’m such a good person to follow your wishes).”

“Did you say something just now?”


Kuuga was excited about his first holiday with Gadillas while watching Gadillas struggle as Uros, who was unexpectedly overprotective, raised precautions.

Kuuga looked up at Gadillas, who was talking to Uros, while busily shaking his tail. Uros, who saw it, sighed as if he expected it but still found it unsatisfactory.

“Please tell me the location at least. I’ll let them go later.”

“Ahー …perhaps the selenium hill.”

“…I understand. Until then, I’ll leave it to Kuuga-sama.”

[Leave it to me!]

It seemed like they could go, so he barked cheerfully, and pulled on Gadillas’ clothes. Perhaps Gadillas also had the intention of moving as he started walking while muttering, “it’s good to go”.

“Ah, that’s right. Uros.”

As Gadillas tried to get out of the door, he looked back as if he remembered something.


“Change the prison guard since he’s unsuitable. Also, Godo was broken, my bad.”


“Then, we’ll go now.”

“Wait a minute, Your Majesty!!”

He started running with Gadillas to escape. Gadillas was running next to him with a mischievous face.

As they ran through the corridors, they passed by Knights and servants, who looked at them in surprise. They soon arrived at the training center where the saddle was placed.

As usual, the harness and saddle was attached, then the dictionary that Gadillas brought was put in the bag of the saddle. Gadillas then straddled Kuuga. After lightly checking for any discomfort, Kuuga departed.

In the back gate of the castle, if they walked along the road which the citizens couldn’t see, they’d see the forest with the church. Given the direction that Gadillas was pointing him to… he thought the destination was probably the hill from that time.

When he was watching over Gadillas at the church’s fountain pool, it’s the place where Gadillas often visited. This was also the place where Kuuga jumped on a small floating island.

At about 60% of his full speed, he knew that he could run without affecting Gadillas, so Kuuga gradually increased the speed and ran into the woods. Gadillas, who was already accustomed to horseback riding, was not afraid nor out of balance and could handle it. When they passed through a place where branches were popping out, he was accustomed to cutting it quickly with a sword. Kuuga was surprised at how dexterous the man was.

After running for about an hour, they arrived at that hill. This should be the selenium hill.

It felt quite a distance if it took an hour for Kuuga to reach, but for the human beings of this world, was it just like going out to play?

It’s a hill with nothing, but as far as he could see from the fountain pool, Gadillas would be ruminating here. Just as he was wondering if he would ruminate today, Gadillas removed the saddle from Kuuga, then picked up a random tree branch.

“Okay, let’s go, Kuuga.”

[T-that’s, could it be…!]

Kuuga, who immediately realized what he wanted to do, shook his tail with eyes shining in anticipation. Gadillas seemed to want to play.

With a grin at Kuuga, who was preparing to run, Gadillas shook his arm with the tree branch.

“Go and get it!”

Bun! The tree branch that was thrown with tremendous momentum rotated around as it flew far away. Kuuga also ran while staring at the flying branch.

It would be difficult to catch the spinning branch in the air. The problem would be the timing.

[Got it!]

Kuuga jumped at the right time while determining where it’d fall. As usual, this excellent body only jumped lightly and caught the falling branch with its mouth.

He was able to catch it and this time, he ran towards Gadillas. From this play pattern, when he retrieved a branch, he must be complimented and stroked.

“I threw it with all my strength… but as expected of you.”

Gadillas, who received the branch from Kuuga, as expected, patted his neck and praised him.

Certainly, it was flying at a distance that wouldn’t be possible for a normal human being in Kuuga’s memory. Was it because the physical ability of the humans in this world was amazing, or was it because of his training?

“Okay, one more time. go!”


This time, Kuuga started running, chasing the branch thrown in the other direction.

They were able to play for a long time because they had a lot of endurance.

Gadillas sat down on the spot as soon as he got tired with Kuuga wrapping around his back and lying down on the ground as a backrest. Seeing Kuuga do that even without saying anything, Gadillas simply leaned against Kuuga’s body with a wry smile.

Feeling the gentle breeze, they spent that time silently relaxing.

Then, the sound of horses running could be heard from a distance. Kuuga lifted his head in the direction he heard the sound from to check. Gadillas, who noticed Kuuga’s actions, also turned his gaze and muttered disgustedly, “so they’re already here.”

After a while, Edallion and Heki on horseback appeared from the direction of the castle. Apparently, they’ve come chasing after Uros told them the location.

“It’s sly to play with Kuuga-sama in a place like this!”

“It’s not sly. The two of us are relaxing, so go farther away.”

“Do you even understand the meaning of escort!?”

Edallion began to complain while Gadillas waved his hand as if they were in the way. While watching over such an exchange, Kuuga entrusted himself to Heki, who was stroking him.

After a while, Edallion found the branch with teeth marks on the ground and realized what they’d been doing, so he started another round of complaints with Gadillas.

56: Naturally
58: Suicide Volunteer

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