RTBAS 016: Forgot The Prince Still In The Palace

RTBAS 015: Escape From The Palace
RTBAS 017: Young Master's "Dao"

Hong Shao was also very happy to see Xiao Ting, and kept chatting about how the Madam and Master had been.

Xiao Ting let her twitter as she waved for the servants to prepare bath water for her. The palace was a cage filled with cannibals, and she would never go there again.

Half an hour later, after taking a shower and changing clothes, Xiao Ting asked refreshingly: “Why is Xiao Shi here?”

Hong Shao’s face changed slightly, then said to the maid behind them: “Go and get the lady some grapes.”

The maid glanced at her, and saw her not say anything. The girl knew her weight in the princess’ heart and didn’t dare speak up at the moment, so she went to do it.

Hong Shao earnestly said, “The Seventh Concubine will be gone soon.”

“What happened?” Seventh Aunt was Xiao Shi’s biological mother. How could she disappear for no reason?

“A few days ago, Seventh Concubine’s body was not very good. Because of the wedding preparations, the Madam didn’t pay attention to it. She only asked the doctor to diagnose and prescribe some medicine a few times. The Seventh Concubine vomited blood last night.”

“The Master also asked an experienced doctor to take a look. He said that she was overwhelmed and burned all five internal organs. He feared that she wouldn’t recover. Then the Master asked an imperial doctor to go over and see. He then sent this servant and young master to live with you for a few days.”

Xiao Ting nodded and said, “Father is afraid that Xiao Shi will be sad!”

Finished, she asked again, “Then, according to the rules here, who will take care of Xiao Shi?”

“I’m afraid it’ll be the Madam. This is the rule of noble families.” Hong Shao sighed, not knowing whether she’s sighing over Xiao Shi’s fate or something else.

Xiao Ting didn’t say anything, but Hong Shao suddenly asked whether they should discuss this matter with the Ninth Prince before making a decision.

After all, this was the Ninth Prince’s mansion.

Xiao Ting then remembered what she had forgotten.

“Xiao Shi is still young, but he still had to go see the Prince.” Hong Shao knew that her lady never cared about these things called rules, but now that she’s married, she’s a Princess of this Empire, so she couldn’t be so casual. And so, Hong Shao reminded her.

Who would have thought that before she could finish, Xiao Ting had already raised her skirt and prepared to go out. Hong Shao quickly asked her what happened.

Xiao Ting was anxious, “I forgot the Prince is still in the palace…”

At this moment, the Ninth Prince, who had been forgotten by Xiao Ting, was sitting in the Imperial Study and heard the report from the palace people that the Ninth Princess had run out of the palace ‘quickly’, then became speechless for a long while.

The emperor laughed and said, “Hahaha… this Xiao Ting is so funny that she threw her new husband here and ran away herself, hahaha…”

The Ninth Prince also felt it’s a bit ridiculous and asked faintly: “You didn’t tell her that this Prince fainted?”

The palace maid knelt down and tremblingly replied, “Replying to the Ninth Prince, this servant maid told her. Princess Zhao Hua and the Fourth Prince were also there at the time!”

As if afraid of being punished, she called out witnesses of that moment.

“Hahaha…” Now the emperor laughed louder, then waved to let the maid go down and said: “Your princess is really lawless!”

The Ninth Prince was not angry either and said lightly: “It’s the marriage gifted by Emperor Brother, what a good gift.”

Ugh!” The Emperor choked. He knew that this Ninth Prince Brother would ask him when he woke up. He quickly changed the subject and said: “I have asked the people to search the entire palace but found no culprit. This Emperor wondered where this person could hide.”

The Ninth Prince also didn’t mention the marriage issue anymore. He shook his head when he heard those words, and said, “This subject thinks that the Emperor should focus on why that person would go to BiShuiXuan. Maybe there’s some secret there.”

The Emperor went silent for a while, then immediately made an order, “Take BiShuiXuan apart. Dig ten feet and don’t let go of every inch. Zhen wants to see what they’re looking for.”

Not asking whether they found anything or whether the thief had been caught, the Ninth Prince returned from the palace. When he saw someone “eagerly looking forward” at the gate, he inexplicably felt a lot better.

Thinking about what his Emperor Brother told him about the glorious deeds of a certain girl, in the Ninth Prince’s heart, for the first time, he had a bit of expectation for something.

When Xiao Ting saw the Ninth Prince, her eyes brightened instantly, and she rushed over, even frightening the crowd.

“Prince, you’re back. This concubine knew that they lied to me when they said you fainted, so that they could keep this concubine in the palace because of you. After I heard it, I knew it was a trap. I hurried out of the palace, and as expected, Prince is fine.”

Liu-mama, who had been following behind the Ninth Prince, was already crying without tears and had no words.

She had never seen such an unreliable ‘person’.

And the unreliable person even raised a smiling face and put on a posture of “look at me being so smart, come and praise me”, so that the Ninth Prince didn’t know what to say.

With this girl, he never knew how to cope.

As soon as he entered the mansion, the butler stepped forward and told him that the tenth son of the Imperial Uncle’s mansion had come to see him.

The Ninth Prince was taken aback for a moment, then looked back at Xiao Ting. She blinked her big eyes and looked innocent.

She knew nothing.

When the Ninth Prince came to the entrance hall, he was confused at the sight before him.

The two little people were tired from the fight, and sat on the ground, just staring at each other and keeping still.

“What happened here?”

RTBAS 015: Escape From The Palace
RTBAS 017: Young Master's "Dao"

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