FG009: Right and Wrong

FG008: The Last Straw
FG010: Who's More Ruthless

“What’s the matter? Why did you fight with someone?” Mouse asked strangely when Yu Zui dragged him to a dark corner.

“Yu’er, you can’t stop me. Most of the girls in our police academy are on dinosaur level. Haven’t you heard what everyone’s saying? When a police academy girl turns her head, she’ll scare the Principal to jump off a building. If police academy girls turn their heads, all the hooligans on the street would turn themselves in. Haha, if they really want to peep into the women’s toilet, we don’t need to fight at all since they’ll be frightened by themselves.” Doubao also found the problem and laughed.

“You can’t say that either since Beauty An isn’t included. The second year Beauty Tong is also good.” Mouse corrected.

“According to my observation, all beautiful women don’t go to public toilets… if those two beauties go, even I would peep then turn myself in.” Doubao laughed after saying so. Mouse became angry and scolded Doubao: “You are really despicable to observe this kind of thing… and you didn’t even call me. Damn!”

Yu Zui didn’t care about their nonsense. He was a little anxious and interrupted the two, then explained the situation. In fact, he didn’t know why those three caused trouble. But a reason like peeping into the women’s toilet was definitely not tenable. Once the student council checked, it’d certainly backfire.

This was a big problem. There’s only footage of Yu Zui kicking the others in the surveillance. If someone denies it, it’d be difficult to talk about this matter. Therefore, Yu Zui was straightforward: “Do me a favor, I have to tell on them first. I can’t be passively beaten, and I have to find out who is controlling things from behind.”

“Tell me no more. Who else would help you if we don’t?”

“Come on, punch me here.” Yu Zui referred to his nose. Mouse couldn’t make a move even when Yu Zui cursed and provoked him. He then stretched out his face and asked Doubao to do it. Doubao hesitated then asked with uncertainty: “I wanted to beat you since a long time ago. Once I do, don’t ask me to pay for the medical expenses.”

“Stop talking nonsense and hurry up.” Yu Zui urged and closed his eyes. Doubao gritted his teeth, then took a lot of effort to gather his courage before punching Yu Zui’s nose.

With a bang, the punch made Yu Zui see little stars. When his nose bled and his eyes became sore, Mouse screamed at the two and nervously said: “Aiyo, that hurts.”

“Bitch, you’re really ruthless.” Yu Zui felt his nose bleed and took out a piece of paper, then straightforwardly said: “Wait a while before you two go out. I’ll go and see where they came from. Don’t follow me.”

After saying so, he clutched his bleeding nose and ran towards the student council to complain.

“Doubao, who do you think is foolish enough to make trouble for him? He’s not a girl, he has no money, and he’s overall a total son of a bitch.” Mouse asked while watching Yu Zui go.

“You’re right. Yu’er generally doesn’t cause trouble, right?” Doubao was truly suspicious. Although Yu Zui was a troublemaker, it’s limited to the squabbling between students. It’s not enough to deal such a black hand.

“Let’s go. I haven’t written my reflection yet.” When Mouse couldn’t think through the ins and outs, he called Doubao to go. Unexpectedly, he froze and Doubao also saw the person who came out from a recessed wall in the dining hall. This place was where the ashes were thrown out, so no one should be eavesdropping. They wouldn’t be afraid of others, but the one standing there was the recruiter Section Chief Shi. Mouse and Doubao stared, looking like little mice blocked by a cat.

Section Chief Shi raised a hand and laughed, thinking about the self-inflicted nose bleed just to be more convincing when complaining. The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous he felt, and his whole body trembled with laughter. Mouse and Doubao also laughed, and the three separated while laughing. One person wasn’t guarded while the other two were like little mice running for their lives and their squeaks disappeared.

At this time, it was dark and Section Chief Shi went back to the guest house while smiling all the way.



“Director Jiang, just look how they beat me. I just said one thing and they hit me. There are so many other students, but they chose to bully me… it’s horrible. I don’t even know them, so how can they be so cruel?”

Yu Zui was holding his nose, and he deliberately applied the blood to his mouth and cheeks. He looked miserable, but he was always good at exaggerating. He smeared his face with more blood and emphasized that he was weak and bullied. Director Jiang XiaoYuan, who heard the news, glared at the three offenders. Director Jiang angrily reprimanded: “It’s too shameful. What’s wrong with your school? Are you so amazing? Can you run ten kilometers to beat our students?”

“We didn’t fight, he hit us.” The one whose son was hurt was uncompromising. He had the advantage when beating others, but he now looked even more miserable.

“Then I did self-defense. Or should I just stand there and get beaten?” Yu Zui whitewashed himself.

“Yes, ah. People like this must be dealt severely.” Director Jiang XiaoYuan looked at Yu Zui’s bloody face and comforted.

“You think we beat him like this?” The one kicked on the neck was even more stubborn. The three indeed were beaten, so Yu Zui followed up. While almost crying, he asked bitterly: “Then for you guys, how do you want to beat me!?”

Yo, this discrepancy came out. Jian XiaoYuan saw that the three students were all tall and big. His anger rose and he pointed at them: “Stand up. Amazing, you want to fight in front of me?”

This kind of explaining was unclear. All three felt they were more wronged than Dou E, but in the eyes of others, how could it be more hateful than peeping at the women’s toilet? Director Jiang, who was protecting his student, said a few words, then looked back at Yu Zui’s injuries.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, Director. I have to go get a bandage and an infusion. My head is just a little dizzy.” Director Jiang looked with concern, so Yu Zui said quickly, afraid of being exposed.

“Then go quickly and rest well. This matter will be handled by the Student Council.” Director Jiang XiaoYuan comforted him.

“I’m leaving.” Yu Zui finished his witness report. As he turned around, he took a closer look at these three thugs, then suddenly asked: “Who asked you to come?”

The three of them were startled, and the injured shifted a bit, but didn’t respond. Yu Zui then said: “Brothers are going to be famous for peeping into the women’s toilet even though you’re so capable at fighting.”

“We didn’t peep. This is a false accusation.” The one whose neck was kicked emphasized.

“Then why did you come to the police academy at night? Even sneaking into the women’s toilet.” Yu Zui asked, but he knew he wouldn’t get an answer. Even so, they could only endure carrying this blame.

Sure enough, the three became miserable. When asked, one emphasized that it was the men’s toilet, and definitely the men’s toilet, not the women’s toilet. Yu Zui suddenly realized: “Oh, so you hid in the women’s toilet next door. Look, Director Jiang, they really broke the law.”

“En, you’re right.” Director Jiang glared angrily and said while smacking the table. He then waved his hand to make Yu Zui leave.

Yu Zui turned his head and went out, biting his lower lip to stop himself from smiling. As soon as he closed the door, he heard Director Jiang righteously scold: “Young man, why don’t you study instead of going into the women’s toilet… there’s a serious problem with your way of thinking. As far as your principal is concerned, a profound review of this matter must be written… if you don’t pay attention to this small matter, you’ll do something bigger in the future and you’ll embark on the road of illegal crimes. By then it will be too late… what’s your surnames and ID number…”

Yu Zui listened behind the door for a long time, and when he heard the origin of those people, he quietly left.



“Chief Xu, are you also interested in this kind of fighting between students?”

Section Chief Shi asked with a smile. He accidentally told Chief Xu what he saw tonight and the Chief was fascinated. He actually took him to watch the show, even driving the car at the school gate, making it look like they’re monitoring a suspect.

“My grandma said that when she was young, she has never been naughty and grew up without success. There’s some truth in this. The thing that annoys me most are good boys. Our current training system is not good. It’s just like growing vegetables in a greenhouse. They all come out with a model, full of mouths saying it’s for the motherland and the people, so they don’t believe it. What is the police? It’s having a low salary with big responsibilities. It’s just a fucking job. So what if they rose to a high position?” Xu Ping Qiu said. Usually when he’s in a good mood, he talks a lot. It seemed like the fighting incident made him very excited.

Section Chief Shi smiled and asked in a low voice: “Chief Xu, don’t you just have a soft spot for these kinds of fights?”

“Why not? If they dare not fight, how can I safely throw them to the front line? Would the suspects be kind to them because they can’t fight?” Xu Ping Qiu said.

“I mean, this guy has a horrible moral character. He even falsely accused the others of peeping into the women’s toilet. This reason is too untenable. And that’s not the end. He even asked his friends to punch him so that he could have a nosebleed.” Section Chief Shi said with a smile, watching the children’s antics but he didn’t agree with them.

“Don’t you think they have some policeman qualities? They will face evil people in the future, and they will suffer if they’re too good.” Xu Ping Qiu smiled, but Section Chief Xi did not approve. Xu Ping Qiu continued: “The determination of good and evil depends on motives and results. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with the truth. From my point of view, this is something they have to do.”

“Yo, it’s not over yet?” Section Chief Shi was surprised.

“It’s fine if it’s over, but why do you think I asked you to come here together? Since that reason is untenable, there should be other unknown reasons. The three suffered a terrible loss, so stopping here is impossible. When we were fighting back then, we had to fight like this, especially at this age where there’s no room for overnight hatred unless one party admits defeat.” Xu Ping Qiu smiled.

“Then you mean, because of this, they would fight again?” The Section Chief didn’t believe it.

“There should be such a possibility. The three will be taken away in a while. Let’s follow to understand the situation. If it’s really a misunderstanding among students or something trivial, then forget it, but I think those three came to besiege that one person. The reason is definitely not that simple.” Xu Ping Qiu was unsure, but strangely, he used his professional insight on this trivial matter.

“No, each has their own roads. We represent the white road, the opposite is the underworld, and the students also have their student ways. If something is really going on, no one will tell the student council.” Xu Ping Qiu smiled.

Seeing the situation get more and more outrageous, Section Chief Shi simply didn’t ask, but seeing Chief Xu being so interested, he couldn’t help being amused. After lighting a cigarette, a car came out to pick the three students. It belonged to the Security Department of the University of Engineering. The two men remained motionless and watched the car go. When it was not that far away, Section Chief Shi was about to turn the key when unexpectedly, Chief Xu held his hand and raised his head in a gesture: “Look, what did I say?”

A few bicycles quickly drove out from the school gate, chasing the direction of the car. And the one in front was Yu Zui, leading more than a dozen people. It should be to make trouble, nothing else.

“Let’s monitor the periphery. Transfer a few field agents who are on rest today to see what they’re doing. Tsk, don’t look at me like that. It’s also for safety reasons. What if something happens to these dumb boys?”

Xu Ping Qiu said, pretending to be serious, but the joking tone was so obvious that Section Chief Shi was speechless. To cater to his boss, he dumbfoundedly touched his phone and contacted a few field agents at rest.

Meeting place, gate of the University of Engineering.

Task: Monitor a group of mountain bikers.

FG008: The Last Straw
FG010: Who's More Ruthless

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