RTBAS 017: Young Master’s “Dao”

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It’s the first time the Ninth Prince saw Chu Yun sit on the ground in such a disregarding manner.

The butler also shook his head and sighed secretly. The young master of his family had been abnormal these few days, as if he changed himself.

He stepped forward and roughly told what happened. The Ninth Prince was speechless for a while, then asked faintly: “Then why didn’t you pull them away?”

The butler glanced at Xiao Ting, but Xiao Ting couldn’t see it. At this moment, she squatted in front of the two small dolls, looking at this and that, then suddenly poked the two children’s waist at the same time.


The two made a sound at the same time, then quickly moved away from her.


Devilish laughter filled the entire hall.

The little cutie saw the Ninth Prince and immediately rushed to hug his thighs, “Father, this child is very annoying and bullied this son.”

Xiao Xin also understood that the man in front was the man who had snatched his sister. He immediately stepped forward, then neatly saluted, “Xiao Xin pays homage to the Ninth Prince.”

The Ninth Prince was surprised. He didn’t expect this child to have a grumpy look despite trying to appear calm, and in the eyes of this child, there’s even hostility towards him.

“Rise, I heard you wanted to see me?”

Xiao Xin stood up, waited for him to be seated, then sincerely said, “Ninth Prince doesn’t like my sister, so why do you want to marry her?” His tone was very serious.

The Ninth Prince didn’t expect the child to ask this. He was a bit surprised, but he still said that it’s an imperial decree that couldn’t be disobeyed.

“Xiao Xin understands that the prince doesn’t want to marry sister, right? Then it’s better to divorce.”

The Ninth Prince and Xiao Ting hadn’t said anything yet, when Chu Yun, who had been glaring at him, suddenly said, “This son agrees.”

She raised her hands with a smile on her face, and her gaze towards Xiao Xin became much gentler.


Xiao Ting watched with interest. The Ninth Prince looked at her and realized that she didn’t know what this kid was talking about.

“You don’t like it, and even your son doesn’t like my elder sister. My elder sister is young, beautiful, and a nice person. She also knows a lot. Naturally, there are other respectable men who’d come to ask for her hand. Why should she stay here as a substitute and become a stepmother?”

Xiao Ting was surprised at this little person, who spoke clearly, and wondered who taught him that.

Hong Shao, who had been following Xiao Ting, lowered her head, a little embarrassed. She had said those words accidentally, but she hadn’t expected the tenth young master to remember them and say it again.

“Do you think my father can’t get married? Of course, this son doesn’t like her. She behaves frivolously. A wife should be virtuous. What kind of virtuous woman is she? Besides, there are a lot of good women who want to be a stepmother for this son, but this son doesn’t want them!”

Chu Yun proudly raised her chin.

“My sister’s favor is reserved for people who can understand her. It’s not for a superficial person like you. Looking at you right now, you can only marry someone who’s boring in the future.”

“You, are you saying that I’m superficial? Father, there’s no good person in the Xiao family. All of them are rude. You can divorce his sister. He just said that I was rude and was a child with no mother’s education.”

Although Chu Yun was arrogant, she couldn’t be Xiao Xin’s opponent since he’d grown up among women.

Xiao Xin obviously felt a bit guilty after hearing this.

Before the Ninth Prince could speak, Xiao Ting suddenly spoke with a look of hating iron for not becoming steel: “I say, aren’t you being foolish to blame it on the mother?”

When Xiao Xin heard his sister scolding him, he rebutted, “Sister, he also said that sister is ugly.”

“Then shouldn’t you say that his sister is also ugly?” Xiao Ting said casually.

“B-but, he doesn’t have a sister!” Xiao Xin gave Chu Yun a dissatisfied look.

Chu Yun listened with rapt attention, and immediately became happy when she heard that, “Hahaha, this son has no sister in this world…”

Seeing that the two children finally stopped being noisy, the Ninth Prince ordered the servants to take them to wash and eat together later.

Only the Ninth Prince and Xiao Ting remained in the hall.

Xiao Ting also got up, ready to go back and rest.

“Princess, please stay.”

Xiao Ting turned to look at him, “Did the Prince need anything?”

The Ninth Prince thought for a while, then calmly said: “If you really don’t want to marry this Prince, this Prince can ask for a divorce.”

What he said was the truth. After all, everyone knew about his body. Even a four year old knew he’s not a good match. Although the child was being tactful, he could hear the underlying tone.

He didn’t think that any woman would marry him willingly.

As for those who do have that intention, he didn’t want them.


Xiao Ting obviously didn’t expect him to talk about it. She trotted toward him, then raised her skirt and squatted in front of him, “Is the Prince serious?”

“This Prince never lies.”

Xiao Ting pouted, “What if this miss is willing?”


The Ninth Prince felt like he had nothing to say.

“To be honest, first, I married you because they said that my whole family will be affected by disobeying the Imperial Decree. Second, I thought that you’re not in good health and might die one day. The most important thing is, you’re rich and powerful. I won’t suffer a loss when I marry you. There’d be people waiting on me all day and I don’t have to make a living for myself. It’s like a fairy tale life, so don’t think too much about this marriage. No one forced me.”

Xiao Ting counted them one by one, then added another sentence at the end, “Besides, am I, Xiao Ting, the kind of person who can be forced?”

It was the first time the Ninth Prince heard someone say that she married him because he’s rich and powerful. It’s the reason why any woman would be willing to marry him, but no one dared to say it.

What’s more, in front of him.

But Xiao Ting spoke naturally and didn’t shy away from doing so.

It really made him look at her with admiration!

“And most importantly, you still have a son, and the mother is dead. That meant I have a ready made stepson, and had no need to give birth myself. I won’t have to feel any pain. God really treats me so well, hahaha…”

Then a certain woman ran away again…

RTBAS 016: Forgot The Prince Still In The Palace
RTBAS 018: Bride Returning Home

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  1. I agree with her.. if I dont love the husband and because of a marriage decree I need to follow.. the husband will not treat me unjustly and can prioritize his child.. I am good to be an extra in the family haha

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