73: The Hardworking Restalion

72: Gadillas and Latias
74: Silver Knights

Restalion, who had a pitiful face after being evaluated, cleared his throat to divert the subject. He fixed his expression then faced the man. He felt sympathy from that man’s eyes… he thought it’s a good change.

“Ah-…right, what were your orders while under the slavery magic?”

“…I was told to look for the king’s weaknesses. I don’t know about the other guys.”

The moment he heard the answer, Kuuga’s ears stood up and he tried to open his mouth but then chilled at the gaze from Uros who wanted him to “be quiet”, so he had no choice but to withdraw. However, his tail, which would honestly reflect his emotions, was swaying.

Since Kuuga didn’t get in the way, Restalion listened smoothly and got testimony that the other people had been given similar orders. It seemed like the women were told to seduce the king with their bodies…

“Did someone else ordered the assassination…”

The orders imposed on them seemed to be different from what Gadillas expected, so he involuntarily muttered so. Restalion seemed to have thought the same thing, so he nodded in agreement.

“In other words, they were planning on controlling the king from behind the scenes…wait a minute, no way…!”

While muttering, Restalion seemed to have noticed something, but then made a frustrated look and said nothing more. Kuuga couldn’t read Restalion’s mind, but he still got the gist and stared into empty air.

Gadillas, who was next to him, seemed to understand Kuuga’s state so he asked, what happened? Then he was sent a look.

“Hn-…well, that, didn’t that man say that the interrogator was the culprit earlier. Restalion even reacted incredibly for a moment, right?”

“Ahh, that’s right.”

“That means the interrogator is a good guy for Restalion.”

“…I see.”

It’s written all over Gadillas’ face that he felt unpleasant.

“The interrogation officer wanted to control the king from behind. Maybe because Gadi became the king.”

“So that’s it…in other words, the interrogator thought that Restalion would be chosen as the king and took him in…”

“…I wonder if that’s really the case.”

When they noticed it, Restalion had a frustrated look. He seemed to be angry at himself, who didn’t realize it, rather than the fact that he was deceived.

That officer should have taken care of Restalion since he thought he would be the king and could reap the rewards. But then, Gadillas unexpectedly became the king, and that person became impatient and did something like this because he didn’t have the self-confidence to incorporate himself to Gadillas.

Well, it’s possible that he really rooted for Restalion and took action for him. Seeing that Restalion, who knew the other person, didn’t even think about that possibility, it seemed like he’s not that type.

“So, is this treason?”


When Restalion, who was surprised to hear those unexpected words, looked back, Kuuga bent over and looked into Restalion with eyes like he’s expecting something while moving his ears.

“Isn’t this treason?”

“Eh, no, we still have to investigate…”

Kuuga leaned over while Restalion responded in a confused manner and involuntarily pulled back.

The moment he heard that response, Kuuga’s eyes narrowed. Exposed to the chilly gaze, Restallion’s mouth twitched.




Gadillas screamed from behind Kuuga, who was about to pressure the other man, and Kuuga’s ears immediately hung down. He tried to force him to admit it, but it didn’t seem to work.

Looking back, Gadillas was looking at him with an amazed face. He was beckoned, and when he returned to Gadillas’ side, he was patted on the head.

“…damn, Divine Beast is scary as soon as Gadillas gets involved.”

“I agree…”

Restalion and Uros were saying something, but he wasn’t paying attention. Kuuga was currently being kindly preached by Gadillas.

“I’m happy with your feelings, but it’s not good to force a felony.”

“…but, I didn’t know how they’d use that information to threaten you…”

“My weakness is only you. You…are you okay with that?”


Kuuga, who was frowning, looked up and stared at Gadillas. Seeing no lies from that face, Kuuga shook his tail.

The weakness of Gadillas seemed to be only him which made him happy because Gadillas believed what he told him that he wouldn’t die.

After confirming that Kuuga’s mood had improved, Gadillas gently squinted and further messed up Kuuga’s head.

“Oi, they started flirting again.”

“They had always been like that…though I’d like to get back to the main topic soon.”

Uros, who had become accustomed to it, tried to correct the trajectory again. When everyone looked at the prison again, that glaring man was now showing an amazed expression.

“Tsk, just leave the interrogation officer to me. So, how about it, Divine Beast?”

While clearing his throat, Restalion returned to the main topic. Kuuga, who was being patted, remembered the original purpose and muttered an “ahh”.



“Everyone will be re-educated. However, not all of them will do the same job, but divided into their areas of specialty before deciding on their roles. They could be a hidden guard like Zau, or gather information, or a servant or a guard knight.”

Kuuga imagined the servants and gardeners actually being strong fighters and he burned with fighting spirit to make it happen

Regarding the re-education, he explained what he told Uros earlier.

Restalion was looking at him with eyes that said he’s being too greedy, but that’s only natural. Kuuga wouldn’t compromise on the people who’d protect Gadillas.

The explanation seemed to convince the people on this side, but only the man in the prison cell still seemed unconvinced and was still glaring at them.

Kuuga crouched in front of the man and looked at him.

“Are you worried I’ll make you do assassinations?”

“T-that’s natural! Doing assassinations is the best way to use our skills…”

“I don’t know if that’s true or not…well, the management of a country can’t be done only by doing beautiful things, right?”

“O-oi, oi, oi, oi, Divine Beast! You’re saying something ridiculous!”

It was Restalion who got offended by Kuuga’s words, and he hurriedly closed his troublesome mouth, but Kuuga was already staring at him.

“Eh? Isn’t there something like a last resort when things can’t be helped?”

“That’s rarely the case!”

“See, it still exists. It’s not good to lie at such times.”


When asked with those pure childlike eyes staring at him, Restalion was daunted and couldn’t answer it.

He thought those eyes were cunning… Uros put a hand on his shoulder, as if to comfort Restalion, who was extremely disappointed.

“Wa-wait a minute! You said it wasn’t for assassination!”

“I said not to assassinate an innocent person, but I don’t know about those who are guilty.”


The people outside the prison cell sympathetically stared at the man inside who was at the mercy of Kuuga’s words.

“More than that, it still depended on your will. If I need to assassinate someone, don’t worry, I’ll ask you before the others.”


The others didn’t seem to understand the meaning of Kuuga’s words, but the man had a blue face as he dragged himself away from the bars.

Kuuga was smiling at the man who’s staring at him with eyes like looking at the impossible. However, the smile became too frightening and he lowered his head.

This man was actually the “type who gets pleasure from murder”. However, Kuuga thought it was created as a self-defense to protect his mind since he’s being forced to assassinate someone.

And even more unusual, he’s a person who’s aware of his own habits, wouldn’t get intoxicated with pleasure, and understands that he’s abnormal. He even thought that he should do it if his friends do it.

It was good that he didn’t fall to the dark side.

Seeing the man’s reaction, Restalion, who knew what had happened, pulled Kuuga’s arms while having extremely friendly eyes.

“Stop it.”


Kuuga was surprised and stiffened at the attitude of Restalion, which reminded him of a bully. He didn’t mean to bully anyone.

The stunned Kuuga recovered when Gadillas put a hand around his waist and urged him to leave the dungeon. As they were climbing the stairs, he remembered that he had forgotten to find out who was the witch among the women and tried to turn back, but Gadillas stopped him.

“Restalion and Uros will manage them after this. We’re going back now.”

“Eh, b-but I need a little more…”

“Time is about to run out. You can talk later.”

In fact, Gadillas received a wink from Restalion. It seemed like the interrogation wouldn’t finish if Kuuga was there.

By the way, Kuuga was careful with his words before coming to this world. He knew that if he spoke freely, he could confuse others. But right now, Kuuga didn’t have to care about that.

Gadillas himself didn’t care. He thought it’s interesting to see such an energetic Kuuga. This time, Restalion winking meant he’s desperate and it was fun to see, so Gadillas helped.

Incidentally, there were about 20 minutes left for Kuuga’s humanization time. Thinking that there’s about 10 minutes left when they arrive at their bedroom, the remaining 10 minutes should be used for something he liked.

“Gadi? Eh, w,ait, nn-!”

And, as planned, in the 10 minutes left after returning to the bedroom, Kuuga was messed up by Gadillas.

72: Gadillas and Latias
74: Silver Knights

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