74: Silver Knights

73: The Hardworking Restalion
75: First Time

[Ahh…it got in my eyes...]

Kuuga moved to the office with Gadillas, worrying endlessly because he turned into a beast halfway. By the way, Gadillas was in a good mood.

“Heh~, you’re late today.”

[Beast King, I’m here.]

In the office, Edallion had a carefree smile while playing with Ran.

Immediately after seeing him, Gadillas’ mood plummeted, and blood vessels emerged on his temples.

“Oi, Edallion. Why aren’t you working?”

“I’m working. I’m properly guarding the office, okay?”

The contrast between Gadillas, who was quietly angry, and Edallion, who had a carefree smile, was amazing. Kuuga decided to escape early and approached Ran to greet it.

“Why the hell are you guarding an empty office? It’s enough if you just stand in front of the door.”

“Eh~, but when I came on time, no one was here.”

“I went to the dungeon. Your subordinates even followed me. But why don’t you know…”

“Eh~? I haven’t heard that, you know~?”

“No, you were told, but Edallion-sama was absorbed in playing with Ran.”

It was Uros’ words that set up a storm. The number of blood vessels on Gadillas’ temple became ridiculous.

[Gadi, your blood vessels will pop out...]

The spilled voice was drowned out by pitiful small cries. Ran curled up at Kuuga’s feet, seemingly uninterested in the humans.


“No, that’s a bit, I think I heard it in passing.”

“It passed over your head?”

“How cruel~”

Kuuga smiled when he saw the people around him get along well. Gadillas wouldn’t have gotten angry like that if this was before. It’s good that there were more places where Gadillas could be relaxed.

[Stop it, Beast King.]

[No…Gadi looks happy, so I can’t stop it.]

[Huh, is that fun?]

When he invited it with his tail and started playing with Ran, Ran asked Kuuga if he wasn’t worried it would bother Gadillas. However, Kuuga didn’t think he should get involved at this point.

As a result, Ran thought that human beings were strange, but it didn’t care much. Humans being complicated wasn’t abnormal.

After that, Gadillas’ sermon continued for a long time, and Edallion was released just before lunch.

After lunch, Gadillas finally started working, but then Restalion came and he was forced to stop his hand.

“Oi, I brought them.”

Restalion brought in two strangers, not just one. They wore knight-like armors, but it looked more like the guard knights, though with a different color scheme.

One was an uncle in his 40s who had a pretty cool face. While the other one was someone in their 30s who looked like an older brother.

“Ahh, come to think of it, I did tell you to introduce them… Kuuga.”

[Eh, me?]

He thought they were here for Gadillas, but he seemed to have brought them to Kuuga. Did he want him to look into their essence?

When Kuuga moved in front of the office desk, Restalion also moved to stand beside Kuuga.

“I’ll introduce them. Lega Ludo is the commander of the Silver Knights. Koro Singh, the vice commander.

[...Silver Knights?]

It seemed like they didn’t notice the confusion of Kuuga, who tilted his head since he’d never heard of it, as both Lega and Koro kneeled in front of Kuuga.

“I am Lega. I swear to be Quarg-sama’s sword and shield.”

[Who the heck is Quarg?]

“I am Koro. Best regards.”

[So simple.]

Kuuga, who had no idea what it meant, looked back at Gadillas in confusion. Gadillas knew that Kuuga was confused, so when their eyes met, he nodded.

“The Silver Knights are the Queen’s escort, and Quarg is the name of the queen. There was nothing else to call you because you are also a Divine Beast before being a queen… well, the Silver Knights probably couldn’t help it.”

“By the way, the Royal Guard Knights are also called the Golden Knights.”

Kuuga understood the situation with Gadillas’ explanation and Restalion supplementing it. The decision was postponed because they didn’t feel like Kuuga needed the knights until now, but it seemed to be decided in a hurry since Kuuga was scheduled to go out in public.

To be honest, Kuuga didn’t need an escort, but since he’s also the Queen, it would be bad if it got out that knights weren’t accompanying him.

“These guys will report directly under me. I trust them… how about it?”

Restalion, who was full of confidence, asked to confirm with Kuuga. He guessed the reason why they were introduced as “planned”. In other words, if Kuuga didn’t like them, they would be rejected.

Kuuga turned his eyes to the two people in front of him.

The Commander, Lega, was an uncle who’s always stern looking and a macho man. He had a serious personality and a rigid way of speaking. However, even though he didn’t have a good expression, the eyes that stared at Kuuga was like that of a boy who finally met their hero. What pure and beautiful eyes! Like Heki, were there many people who have a gap between their personalities and appearance?

There’s no particular problem with Lega. Next, he looked at Koro.

The Vice Commander, Koro, has a well-trained body, but still looked slender next to Lega. He was quite handsome with gorgeous facial features. He had a light atmosphere like Edallion and spoke in a light tone, but it’s only on the surface since his eyes were not smiling. His eyes said, “the Divine Beast seems strong.”

This didn’t mean he wanted to do something to Kuuga or Gadillas. Looking at Kuuga’s appearance, it seemed like he didn’t feel the significance of guarding him.

He had a friendly exterior, but his insides were quite cautious and he had a quality that wouldn’t easily believe in others. Moreover, he had the troublesome personality of being a loner. It also seemed like he admired Restalion.

[Well, they’re okay. Though this would become troublesome.]

Although it took some time, Restalion was relieved and relaxed when Kuuga nodded.

By the way, what would happen to Lewis when these two became his escort knights?

He turned his eyes to Lewis, who was standing in the corner of the room and when he noticed it, he smiled a little and bowed. After seeing the exchange, Gadillas began to explain.

“Lewis will join the Silver Knights. He’ll be these two’s subordinates.”

[So that’s how it is.]

It felt quite strange that even though he had a longer relationship with Lewis, Lega and Koro were still in a higher position, but then again, this might be related to their original rank.

“There are only three people so far, but we will increase the number eventually.”

[I don’t need that much, though?]

“I know what you’re trying to say, but I’ll increase it even if you don’t like it.”


It must be unavoidable from a certain standpoint. It might be that he still had too few guard knights.

After confirming that Kuuga accepted them, Restalion made the two people stand.

“I’ll have these two escort you when you go to the treatment center tomorrow.”

[So I’m going to the treatment center tomorrow...]

When he was told the schedule as if it’s a matter of course, Kuuga looked distant. Certainly, he heard that his schedule was clogged this morning… by the way, was Uros’ “matter they’ve been talking about” the Silver Knights?

There’s no inconvenience since Kuuga’s schedule was empty before that. After seeing Kuuga nod, Restalion left the office with the two men. It looked like he’s busy.

And Gadillas had to stay at the desk all the time while being watched by Uros to get rid of the accumulated paperwork.

73: The Hardworking Restalion
75: First Time

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