RTBAS 031: You’re The Hateful Person

RTBAS 030: Little Prince's Visit
RTBAS 032: You're Not Allowed To Be Wordy

Chu Yun turned her head and scratched her face with some annoyance. Her eyes suddenly lit up and she said: “What does it matter? At least you’ve seen your mother concubine, but I don’t even know my mother concubine. She had passed away before I could see her.”

“Ah?” Xiao Xin sniffed, then asked, “Have you never seen her portrait?”

Although Xiao Xin was still wiping his tears, the sadness on his little face had faded a lot and had more sympathy for his little friend.

Chu Yun shook her head indifferently, “There’s none in the wangfu, and my father doesn’t want to mention it.”

“Then, do you miss her very much?”

“En.” The two little friends sat on the soft cushion. Chu Yun thought for a while before saying, “Sometimes, I think about her.”

“If you’ve never seen her, how do you think of her?” Xiao Xin supported his chin with a look of puzzlement.

Chu Yun looked at his little upturned face, then said: “I just want to think about what she looks like, what delicious food will she make, and whether she will make small clothes for me…”

“My mother concubine knows how. She is amazing. My clothes are all made by her, and in winter, she will make me beautiful hats and shoes. She’s very beautiful…”

“If my mother concubine has not left, she will definitely do this. My mother concubine is super smart.”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Xiao Xin retorted and gave an example. “Like mother (madam), she wouldn’t know how to do it. The clothes of my eldest brother and Fourth Sister were all made outside, but my mother wouldn’t make me buy something from outside. She said that I already have clothes to wear, so I don’t care!”

Chu Yun sighed, “Why does your father marry so many women? Look at my father. If he only married one wangfei, then I’ll only have one mother concubine.”

“Yes, I will also marry one when I grow up. Unless she’s like your mother concubine, who let your father marry my sister.”

“But I don’t like your sister being my mother concubine.” Speaking of this, Chu Yun was a bit unhappy.

“Why?” Xiao Xin was the guardian of the crazy demon, so he retorted quickly, “My sister is so good and the best woman in the world. Why don’t you like her?”

“I just don’t like her. If it weren’t for her, my father would not marry another woman and I’ll have only one mother concubine.”

“But your mother concubine have left you.”

“Then I don’t want others to be my mother concubine, wu wu wu… I only want my mother concubine…”

The two children made a fuss. Chu Yun was originally here to comfort Xiao Xin, but Xiao Xin had stopped crying. Now, she’s the one who’s crying.

The guards who had been guarding the door looked at each other, a little dumbfounded. What should we do about this situation now?

Then they heard a replying voice from inside.

“Then, will your mother concubine bath you? Feed you? My sister will…”

“I just don’t like her!”

Chu Yun got up and threw the cushion toward Xiao Xin’s body.

Xiao Xin was hit and fell back, then rolled on the ground.

Fortunately, the two of them were sitting on the ground. Otherwise, they would have fallen.

“If you don’t like her, then I don’t like you either!” Xiao Xin got up from the ground then angrily glared at her.

“Who wants your like, hateful person…” Saying so, she stomped her feet then ran out.

Xiao Xin was still shouting from behind, “You’re the hateful person, hmph!”

A moving scene of comforting and being comforted finally ended in this kind of farce.

The little prince angrily ran all the way out of the courtyard, then walked out of the Xiao fu, not even sparing a glance at the old lady.

This hurried appearance made the old lady puzzled.

Finally, she called Xiao Xin and asked him what happened.

Xiao Xin only said that he didn’t like the young prince Yun, then stopped talking.

The old lady was so frustrated that in the end, she locked him up again until he admitted his wrongs.

Xiao Ting was waiting anxiously and wandering around the wangfu. When she saw Chu Yun sulking and about to pass her by.

“What’s wrong?”

She kindly asked. She never thought that this young prince wouldn’t appreciate it at all and would even give her a fierce look, before turning and walking to the other side.

Xiao Ting touched her nose sheepishly. Did she say anything wrong?

“This child has a growing temper. When this old lady is free, it must be cured.”

Hong Shao whispered from the side, “Wangfei, why does it feel like the way he looked at you is different from usual? What did you do again to offend him!”

Nani?” She was worried about Xiao Shi all day, so there’s no time to even bother the little prince.

“Ah’Da, Ah’Er.” Suddenly, Xiao Ting shouted towards a spot.

Ah’Da and Ah’Er jumped down from a tree, scaring Hong Shao to quickly pull back Xiao Ting behind her.

“Let go.” Xiao Ting was helpless. This girl was so timid but still wanted to protect her?

“They’re servants of the palace who specialize in protecting the young prince.”

Hong Shao was relieved then said, “You didn’t explain it earlier which scared this servant.”

Xiao Ting rolled her eyes at her, then looked at Ah’Da and Ah’Er, “Why is the little prince angry at me?”

Ah’Da and Ah’Er glanced at each other. Knowing wangfei’s temper, even if they didn’t tell the truth, many people still knew it, so they could only narrate systematically and in full detail.

“What? Did cutie go to comfort Xiao Shi? Did I hear it wrong, or maybe you two got it wrong?”

RTBAS 030: Little Prince's Visit
RTBAS 032: You're Not Allowed To Be Wordy

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