RTBAS 032: You’re Not Allowed To Be Wordy

RTBAS 031: You're The Hateful Person
RTBAS 033: I, Xiao Ting, Never Mess Around

Xiao Ting expressed suspicion and looked at Hong Shao, but after getting an affirmative answer, she once again looked at Ah’Da and Ah’Er.

Before Ah’Da and Ah’Er could speak, Xiao Ting became anxious again, “What did you just say? That old woman actually locked up Xiao Shi? No way. I’m so mad…”

Wangfei, wangfei…” Hong Shao quickly stopped her with a wink, “Wangfei, don’t worry…”

“You’re not allowed to be wordy!” Xiao Ting held Hong Shao’s collar, shaking her before threatening: “Otherwise, this old lady will turn you into a fool.”

Hong Shao immediately pursed her mouth. She knew that her miss was on the verge of a rampage.

She had to be obedient.

Xiao Ting threw Hong Shao aside, then went back to her room. She changed into a set of clothes, then left the wangfu.

She rushed directly to the gate of the Xiao fu, and the guard was dumbfounded. What happened?

The young prince of Jiu wangfu just left, but then Jiu wangfei was here. Although Jiu wangfei was a miss from the Xiao family, when this Sixth Miss Xiao came back, the old lady was half dead from anger. Why was she back again?

Xiao Ting didn’t care about this and don’t know where she picked it up, but a whip hit the hot bluestone slab with a slap. It was already hot in summer, but her anger was higher. She coldly said: “Get away from me.”

Needless to say, when she swung the whip, everyone was already scattered on both sides, and some even jumped directly down the steps and fell into the mud. They obviously understood this person’s temperament very well.

Before everyone could react, it was too late to report. Xiao Ting had already rushed in with agile movements.

Xiao Ting rushed all the way into the hall and shocked the old lady, the Madam, and the two granddaughters, who were performing a scene of filial piety.

“Grandma, didn’t Aunt invite you to stay in the Palace? Can you bring your granddaughter?”

“Your aunt is in poor health recently, and there can’t be too many people going there. It won’t be good to make a fuss.”

Xiao Mei was not reconciled. If so, why can Xiao Ting go whenever she wanted? They hadn’t even gotten the chance to enter the Palace.

She’s also a niece, so how is Xiao Ting, that bitch, better than her?

“Mother, this daughter-in-law has heard that the Emperor is choosing a concubine for the Third Prince in this coming Summer Lotus Banquet. When you enter the Palace, you have to ask the Imperial Concubine. There are still a few ladies in our house!”

The Madam had just heard about this matter but didn’t expect the old lady to be invited to the Palace. It was a godsend for her, so she mentioned this.

If the Imperial Concubine was willing to help, based on her daughter’s appearance, the Third Prince’s wangfei position would be possible.

The girl’s eyes lit up. The old lady looked at her and said, “Don’t worry, grandmother will remember all the important things of your life!”

Xiao Mei immediately said: “Grandmother is still the best.”

“Such a sweet mouth, much better than that Sixth girl.”

Xiao Ting, who had just arrived in the hall, heard these words. Her mouth curled slightly, and she walked in grimly while saying, “Hehe, I was wondering why I suddenly sneezed today. It turns out that my grandmother is talking about this grandchild!”

“What’s the matter? I haven’t seen you for just two days, did you miss me?”

With a ‘pap‘, the whip was thrown out and hit the floor of the hall, “Ah…”

A scream sounded and everyone quickly dispersed.

“Hehe…it’s really a deep love between mother, daughters, and grandmother!”

Xiao Ting took the whip away and sat down with a big grin. Her hands wrapped around her chest and her legs folded together with the whip on the ground. Watching the scene in front of her, a wicked smile appeared at the corner of her mouth with a touch of irony.

Just now, they were still harmonious women, but because of Xiao Ting’s whip, the Madam, and Xiao Mei and Xiao Ya were hiding behind a pillar or a chair.

Only the old lady, with a green face, remained in the same place, left there all alone.

“Xiao Ting, have you gone crazy?”

The Madam came back to her senses and knew that she had done something wrong just now, but when she, herself, was in danger, this was her most instinctive response, so she didn’t think much.

At the moment, she could only change the subject, so that the old lady would temporarily forget this matter and she’ll remedy it afterward.

Xiao Mei and Xiao Ya also reacted, unanimously speaking, “Yes, Sixth Sister, we’re all from the same family. Why do you want to hit us with the whip?”

Xiao Ting raised her eyes and glanced at them. With a movement of her wrist, the whip hit Xiao Ya’s feet with a slam, shocking her to jump back and hide.

Xiao Ting coldly said: “If you don’t have the guts, don’t provoke me. You’ll only insult yourself.”

Then she looked at the old lady and asked with a smile: “I heard that Grandmother is going to give Xiao Shi to Sixt Aunt to raise, but was that the truth?”

“Sixth girl, this is a matter for the Xiao family. You’re already married, why aren’t you in your wangfu and tending to your son? Aren’t you in charge of that family’s housework? Isn’t this a violation of the rules?”

The Madam was anxious to express herself, immediately standing up and going between the old lady and Xiao Ting.

She looked like she’s protecting the old lady, which Xiao Ting found a bit funny.

Pursing her lips, Xiao Ting looked at the Madam with a smile, “Rules? Which rule stipulates that the married daughter can’t control her brother’s affairs?”

“Rather, Madam, do you dare swear here that no matter what happens to the Xiao family in the future, you will not borrow my name and beg me, Xiao Ting? If you dare say this, I, Xiao Ting, will immediately turn around and leave, never stepping into the Xiao fu again in this life.” Xiao Ting stood up and pressed harder, her eyes sharp with an arrogant smiling face, “Do you dare?”

RTBAS 031: You're The Hateful Person
RTBAS 033: I, Xiao Ting, Never Mess Around

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!!!
    This story is so interesting! I wonder who Xiao Xin is going to live with.

    I was shipping Xiao Xin with Chu Yun but it kind of looks like they would be siblings?

    Well, could an adopted child marry the biological child in that era? They are so cute together! They could be a bickering, smart, power couple with how quick-witted they are😁

    I’m not into incest but I don’t consider this situation as incest since they are not blood related

    I wonder if the future chapters will show how they deal with Chu Yun’s hidden gender. Will they expose it?

    How will they arrange her marriage and her child if they don’t?
    It will be nice if she actually became a female leader in that patriarchal era😄

    1. well… Rather than siblings.. They’d be Maternal Uncle and Niece 🤭🤭
      It would be nice to see them growing up.. But that still far in the future 😅 And even if Xiao Ting raised Xiao Xin.. He need to return back to the Xiao fu once he’s old enough

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