75: First Time

74: Silver Knights
76: To The Treatment Center

WARNING: R18 scenes ahead. You have been warned.

That night, on the bed. Kuuga was lying down while hugging a large pillow.

The pillows that Kuuga was clinging on to and that should have been removed was prepared by Gadillas.


“Don’t groan because it’s okay. Here, I’ll put it in.”

“G-gently, gently.”

Gadillas fingers stretched out to Kuuga’s butt, who was lying sideways in a curled up position. The fingers also had a lubricating liquid that was purposely prepared.

When his tail unconsciously moved to disturb him, it was caught firmly, so Kuuga decided to just hug the pillow tightly.

As soon as they entered the bedroom today, Gadillas suddenly said something crazy. Kuuga had to get used to the place where he’s putting it in, so Gadillas had a pillow and a bottle of lubricant on both hands.

Kuuga couldn’t say that he didn’t like it because he’s staring at him with so much anticipation. Those eyes were cheating.

“I’ll put more force.”


When he stroked Kuuga’s butt, which was tense and stiff, it still trembled from the stimulus, and Gadillas slightly pushed in a finger, aiming for the moment when he was weakened.

Although it was just a little bit, it felt uncomfortable to feel a foreign body enter him, but Kuuga desperately endured howling. Gadillas moved his finger little by little until Kuuga couldn’t sense his surroundings anymore.

Just one finger didn’t hurt, but it still felt really uncomfortable.

Gadillas’ finger was moving slowly and cautiously since he was concerned about Kuuga. Even so, the sticky noise from the lubrication that had been thoroughly applied couldn’t be suppressed, so a guchuri sound echoed. Kuuga instinctively pulled his ears down and put strength in the hand grabbing the pillow.

“Ga-Gadi, Gadi.”

“Hn, what’s wrong?”

“Say something…something, for distraction, maybe a story…”


It’s hard to endure it, so he asked Gadillas to talk to him, but Gadillas frowned while being troubled. He groaned while thinking, but his fingers kept moving.


“Don’t talk nonsense…do you think I can say something good while doing this?”

“You’re good at it, even if not…just, try, just do it, uuu.”

“I’m not you… no, you’re not good at speaking either. You’re the type to just wipe them out with magic.”

“…fu~n, uuu.”

He laughed unintentionally at what Gadillas said, and squeezed the fingers inside him. When he moaned at that feeling, Gadillas curiously looked at him when he laughed.

“…is something funny?”

“No, I thought, it’s a, unique, saying, in this world, nn.”

Speaking of which, regarding the way Kuuga speaks, the people in his previous world said in various ways that he should be careful of his words. At that time, words like bulldozer and road roller came out.

When he thought that it was replaced with great magic in this world, he laughed unintentionally.

“This world? Do you mean to say it’s called something different in the world you were in? Oh, that’s right. Tell me about the world you grew up in. To distract your mind.”

“Me! You want, me, to talk?”

“…that’s right.”

It’s impossible for Kuuga, who was out of breath, to speak. When Gadillas said that he wanted to hear Kuuga talk, he was glared at. He remembered his purpose and laughed with an awkward look.

“Ah- but, it got in while we were talking. Do you want to try a second one?”

“Na~, even so, you’ll, still, do it, right?”

Sure enough, when he was a bit distracted, he felt like he got used to having a foreign object in his butt. It might become painful again if there are more fingers.

Involuntarily, a weak moan leaked from Kuuga. Gadillas threw him a gaze that said he’s right.

“Today’s goal is three fingers”


It’s ridiculous to have another one when he’s still scared of having a second one. But when he looked at Gadillas’ eyes full of motivation, he couldn’t say no.

“Even without talking to distract you, it became this way.”

“Eh, ah-“

Gadillas took action, perhaps thinking that Kuuga could take it with some distraction. He turned his free hand in front of Kuuga and started stroking Kuuga’s center.

The finger inside him didn’t move but the other hand gently rubbed his genitals, and it gradually grew. Unlike his thoughts, his hips leaned toward the pure pleasure without discomfort, so Kuuga gradually began to breathe hotly.

“Fu, hn, nn.”

While Kuuga’s consciousness concentrated there, Gadillas gradually moved his finger, which had stopped moving, and slowly twist in the second finger while paying attention to Kuuga’s state.

“Ugu, hn, nnn.”

It’s impossible to not notice it, so Kuuga moaned for a moment, but his genitals were stroked vigorously the next moment to distract him.

Kuuga also knew his aim, so he tried his best to not be conscious of the back as much as possible. When he did, his senses became mixed and he didn’t know if it felt good or bad. He just exhaled a rough breath as prompted by his body in response to the stimulus.

After seeing the situation, Gadillas changed the movements of his fingers and began to explore the inner walls. Then he found the prostate and pushed it.


At that moment, the shock that ran through his body made Kuuga, who wasn’t prepared, bounce his body. Kuuga looked at Gadillas in confusion, his mind just flashed white.

Gadillas laughed a little at Kuuga’s gaze and pushed the same place again with his finger.


This time, Kuuga understood what happened. He’d heard of the prostate, but it felt more like being shot rather than it feeling good.

Kuuga, who couldn’t take the shock well, repeatedly made shallow breaths while clinging to the pillow. Gadillas stopped his finger and gently stroked his genitals to let him rest.

“…fu, haa, haa…――ha!”

The moment when he thought that the feeling finally subsided, the shock struck again and Kuuga bounced. He desperately clung to the pillow and put a lot of strength to it to stop his quivering body.

“Gadi, stop…”

“It’s okay, I’ll be patient…”

“Ha, ha, ――!”

He tried to stop Gadillas, but the other gently told him to calm down and as he tried to calm his breath, the same place was pushed again.

In this way, that sensation was repeated many times, but the rest interval became shorter.

“Ku, uwaa, hn, hnー, hnー!”

When he noticed, his genitals were vigorously stroked, and the number of fingers behind him had increased to three without his knowledge, while the other man continued to insert the rest. The pleasure attacking his body didn’t stop and Kuuga, who couldn’t rest, pressed his face against the pillow and tried to curl up his body.

Kuuga, who bit the pillow to endure it, made it damp with his saliva, as hot panting breaths spilled between his teeth.

The hole in the back, where the fingers were pulled in and out while scratching the prostate, no longer felt uncomfortable. However, he didn’t know if it felt good. It’s more correct to say that a strong current was running through his body and forcing his body to react.

The tip of his genitals, which was being stroked, kept leaking and pushed out more cum every time his prostate was stimulated.

“It felt good, but is it a little too strong?”

He was thinking of continuing, but seeing that Kuuga seemed like he was tired, Gadillas stopped his finger and tilted his head.

Kuuga, who was finally released from the torture, released his mouth from the pillow and turned his head to Gadillas while panting.

“Gadi, I don’t like it…let’s stop…”


Gadillas suddenly stopped moving when he saw the weak Kuuga make a tearful face he’d never seen before. It’s a secret that he’s horrified for a moment when he saw the moment when the fangs stuck on the pillow was pulled out.

After a few seconds of staring at each other, Gadillas exhaled a little, then slowly pulled his fingers out.

“To think you’ll become this weak…”


Gadillas laid Kuuga on his back, then went on top. He picked up the pillow that he couldn’t get away from and threw it out of the bed.

He felt Gadillas’ body move as his lips were blocked and their tongues entwined. He thought he took off his robe since he heard something fall.

When he touched Gadillas body, as expected, he touched bare skin. He thought they were going to rub their things together like yesterday. However, there’s a difference between the current Kuuga and Gadillas. Kuuga, who had been exhausted since a while ago, and Gadillas, who was just feeling excited while playing around with Kuuga.

The situation was bad starting from there.

“Hn, Gadi, wai-, ah, ku, mouth, I’ll do it with my mouth.”

“…no, you’ll bite me with your fangs so I’ll refrain.”

“W-what!? Ah, wait, hn.”

In the end, he couldn’t stop Gadillas, and Kuuga was spent until the last minute.

74: Silver Knights
76: To The Treatment Center

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