76: To The Treatment Center

75: First Time
77: Treatment

The next day was finally the day to go to the treatment center.

A gorgeous castle was parked in front of Kuuga. Although the beast-shaped Kuuga rode on a horse-drawn carriage all the way, it felt more like riding a motorcycle rather than a car, but it seemed necessary.

To put it simply, it’s ridiculous to not let the people of the royal capital not see him because they’re scared of his appearance, so they let him walk outside as the Queen.

He couldn’t humanize while traveling since the move would take time, so he intended to humanize when he entered the treatment center. As a result, he rode the carriage as a beast.

Of course, he couldn’t sit in the chair with Kuuga’s body like that, so he lied down between the seats that were installed facing each other. Lewis would be on board, but his toes would probably be buried in Kuuga’s fur.

[I think a cart would be better, you know?]

However, it would be immediately noticed that it’s the Queen who’s in the carriage when he’s escorted by the Silver Knights. If it were a cart, it would be quite awkward.

By the way, it seemed like Lega and Koro were planning to ride a horse and run in parallel with the carriage. He greeted them, but the two were the same as usual.

He got into the carriage and it finally moved. By the way, he left his alter ego under Gadillas. He was told to never look out the window while they were on the move and the carriage seemed to shake quite a bit, so he concentrated on his alter ego while waiting for them to arrive.

Lewis saw the alter ego held in Gadillas’ arm and knew the purpose for it. He’d been staring at Kuuga with eyes that said “how cunning”, but he didn’t know.

And so, Kuuga, who turned his attention to the wolf, was now on Gadillas’ lap.

Gadillas, who noticed Kuuga raise his face, slowly stroked his back.

“Oh, did you leave already?”


Due to the small body of Kuuga, Gadillas’ hands could easily move around and he was scratched under his chin as if he were a cat.

“Your Majesty. Please stroke it with your left hand and use your right hand to write.”


Uros, who seemed to think that his work would be delayed again, warned Gadillas, who had an awkward face and switched his left and right hands.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

At that time, Koro, running side by side of the carriage, moved to Lega’s side and called out.

“Ne~, Commander. What you think of Quarg-sama?”

“Oi, escort properly.”

“It’s okay. No one would attack in these parts. And you also saw Quarg-sama. Did it even need protection-?”

Lega, who was looking straight ahead, glared at Koro, who sighed unmotivated.

“Because it’s the Divine Beast-sama.”

“…first of all, the Queen’s official duties are being treated as secondary. Does he really need the Silver Knights?”

“Because it’s the Divine Beast-sama.”

“Just think about it, it suddenly wanted to go to the treatment center and it’s just to practice magic? Are they stupid? In the first place, that meant they want to use the patient as a lab rat. Didn’t you get along well with Jed-san?”

Koro kept talking without caring about Lega who wouldn’t give a big reaction.

Although he agreed to become a Silver Knight by orders of Restalion, Koro was dissatisfied. He would still do his job, but he just didn’t feel motivated.

If Restalion had known that Koro thought like this, he wouldn’t have recommended Koro to become a Silver Knight. However, his attitude would change completely in front of his beloved Restalion, so he would never complain in front of him.

Lega knew that Koro had this kind of personality because he talked like this to Lega. That’s why Lega once told Restalion that he’s worried about Koro, but Restalion was so careful in choosing the escort personnel of the Divine Beast that no other candidates had shown up.

In the end, he was told that if the Divine Beast didn’t refuse, they’d be recruited. And the Divine Beast didn’t react in particular.

The others hadn’t explained Kuuga’s abilities to Lega and Koro yet, so they didn’t know why Restalion was so careful to leave it to the Divine Beast’s judgment. However, Lega wouldn’t complain since he thought that Restalion had a plan.

That’s why he’s terribly annoyed right now.

“If you don’t like it, tell Restalion-sama that you quit.”

“I’m not saying I don’t like it~”

“If so, don’t complain and do it seriously.”

Being treated so coldly, Koro returned to his position while complaining.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

He heard the scheduled time, but since they didn’t arrive at the exact time, Kuuga returned to his main body several times and confirmed with Lewis. After several confirmations, Lewis looked outside and gently smiled at Kuuga.

“We’ll be arriving soon.”

[I see…]

Kuuga quietly muttered that it took a long time. However, it’s like that because of the speed of the carriage. He could have arrived much earlier if he went on a horse.

He’d only seen the castle town on the fountain pool, so he wanted to look out the window if possible. It seemed like they’ve arrived at the treatment center as the carriage slowly slowed down and finally stopped moving.

Prompted by Lewis, he got up and sat in the back, and the carriage door was knocked from the outside. Lewis immediately opened the door slightly and beckoned Lega, who came in through the gap.

“Please pardon me. Quarg-sama.”

[Do you have to call me like that?]

He was like “who’s that?” every time he heard it.

The reason why Lega came in was to dress Kuuga. Two people were needed because the front and back had to be taped together.

“Then, Kuuga-sama.”


Now that everything was ready, Kuuga humanized. Since this was his first time, Lega held his breath as he watched the glowing body deform.

When Kuuga stood up after humanizing, Lewis called out to Lega, who was stunned as expected. Judging that the front side would be too stimulating for Lega, Lewis was in charge of the front side and Lega was in charge of the backside.

The waist of the trousers needed to be fastened at the top with the tail sandwiched between them, but at that time, the furry tail inevitably touched Lega’s hand. Feeling that fluffiness, Lega’s eyes shone, but no one noticed.

Finally, after a full-body check, Lewis and Lega got off the carriage first.

“Quarg-sama, please.”


When he got off the carriage, which was just in front of the entrance of the treatment center, an elderly man, who seemed to be a healer, stood at the entrance where the double doors were left open.

Koro, who seemed to have been on alert, looked surprised when he saw the descending Kuuga, but he hurriedly returned to being alert when he was glared at by Lega. By the way, the reason he was surprised was the usual thing. He was like, “eh, lies, he’s, cooler than I expected!” What’s with this law where black = strong = cool?

The stunned healer-like man met Kuuga, his shoulders shaking in surprise, as he smiled in a cramped way.

“W-welcome. Div…ah, no, Quarg-sama.”

“Divine Beast is fine. I didn’t come as the Queen.”

“Y-yes. I am the director of this treatment center, Cal Tokar.”

Cal managed to hide his confused and anxious expression and kept smiling at Kuuga. Kuuga tilted his head from the complex emotions he could read from the man’s face.

“Ah-…don’t worry, I didn’t come here to deny your treatment method.”


“Because some of my abilities are sealed, the magic I can use is limited. It just happened to be recovery from abnormal conditions.”

Everyone on the spot stared at Kuuga’s crazy story. Only Lewis knew the whole story.

“K-Kuuga-sama, that…”

“You don’t have to hide it. All the seals will be released soon.”

“What do you mean seal?”

It seemed like he couldn’t stand it, so Koro opened his mouth. Lega stared at Koro to mind himself, but Kuuga raised his hand lightly to tell him that it’s okay and stopped Lega.

“God sealed my ability because my soul was too strong that it might affect this world. When I just came here, the seal was so strong that I couldn’t even control my magical power, let alone humanize. If I get out of the castle in my beast form and couldn’t humanize, I would be suspected of being a fake.”

As if he knew the rumors, Cal’s face was saying, “so that’s how it is.”

“Wait. But Jihak’s Divine Beast could humanize from the very beginning, even manipulate flames.”

“Ahh, that’s because it’s an ordinary Divine Beast.”

When Koro pointed that out, he answered as if he just remembered it, and Lega opened his mouth then.

“Then Quarg-sama is not normal…?”

“Do you think the Divine Beast that has kept you waiting for 30 years is an ordinary Divine Beast?”

Confused gazes gathered at Kuuga, who made such a big statement. Lewis was looking at Kuuga anxiously.

“It seems like some people think that Jihak, who got a Divine Beast without any oracles, was special. But neither Ragra nor Jihak is special. I was just a little special when I came to Ragra. By the way, the superiority or inferiority of a Divine Beast didn’t matter. We are not comparable and there’s no point in comparing.”

It’s useless for Divine Beasts, who wouldn’t die unless they wanted to, to fight. There’s a high possibility that their kings would fight, but the Divine Beast wouldn’t move. That’s why the current situation where they wanted to compare Ragra and Jihak’s Divine Beasts and compete for superiority was not very welcome.

After finishing the explanation to this point, Cal’s face was like, “Is it okay to listen to this?”

Kuuga grinned as he approached him slightly and looked straight into Cal’s eyes.

“By the way, you can tell this story to your heart’s content.”


“Ahh, sheesh, Kuuga-sama! What are you talking about!”

“If I don’t tell the important points, this person won’t tell anyone.”

“I didn’t mean it like that!”

Not losing to Lewis’ momentum, Kuuga took a bossy pose with his arms crossed.

“Well, I’m going out from now on. If strange rumors arose that the people around me worried about, it’s better to resolve them first. I can’t explain it to everyone.”

“Uhm, what does this have to do with Kuuga-sama going out…?”

“The way I’ll be welcomed when I show up will change.”

“T-that’s right…”

Even Lewis, who was accustomed to being pulled around by Kuuga, lost some weight every time. Lega and Koro stared at Lewis, who dropped his shoulders as if he was tired, with complicated faces.

“You’re not even trying to limit the information.”

“…I suppose.”

75: First Time
77: Treatment

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