67: Confused Kuuga and Bulldozing Gadillas

66: Oya, Why Is Gadillas...?
68: Magical Power Control Training

WARNING. R18 scenes ahead. You have been warned.

It was more like a bite rather than a kiss.

It devoured him like a hungry beast, and the tongue that invaded as a matter of course messed up his mouth. Kuuga, who wasn’t accustomed to it, couldn’t deal with it and was at its mercy.

He tried to push, but both hands were caught and pressed against the bed. Even when Kuuga pulled and pulled, it’s to no avail.

Furthermore, when the roof of his mouth was licked, his back trembled and he lost strength. Perhaps liking that reaction, that part was targeted many times until he got goosebumps.

“…ha…Gadi, wai-…nnn.”

Even when Kuuga tried to raise a voice of complaint while aiming at the momentary lapse when Gadillas changed the angle of their overlapping lips, it’s still no use. Gadillas couldn’t stand the hot breath sprayed on his lips and immediately pursued it.

Why, just why did this happen!? Kuuga asked himself, but this was self-inflicted.


When his lips were finally released and he made a relieved sigh, his chin was licked by Gadillas, who was moving down in the meantime, and his tongue crawled around his neck. Kuuga hurriedly screamed to stop him, thinking that it was over, but the man wasn’t done.

“W-wait, wait, wait, wait, waitーー!”

“Your Majesty!? What’s happening!”

The scream leaked out and the knight guard in front of the bedroom called out from behind the door. Thanks to that, Gadillas finally raised his head.

Kuuga checked Gadillas’ face. He thought that Gadillas’ reason was cut off and he went out of control, but he quickly realized that wasn’t the case.

He didn’t lose control. However, he was made aware of his own feelings.

“There’s no problem, don’t worry about it.”

Gadillas shouted to be heard by the knight outside while frowning as if he’s in the way. Gadillas’ gaze on the door came back, and Kuuga involuntarily averted his eyes.

Kuuga resented his eyes that could understand what the other person was thinking. He could even see emotions that included a particular affection that he didn’t want to express in words.

“Kuuga, look over here… can you see it?”


A whisper breathed into his ears, and he held it down to escape from the ticklish feeling, but Kuuga’s ears were bitten at the base that he trembled.

Gadillas probably understood exactly what Kuuga was turning away from.

Kuuga’s weapon was to see another person’s essence. Therefore, when facing someone, he usually had the habit of staring at the other person’s eyes. His line of sight would be powerful, but even so, Kuuga would look away only when it’s not convenient for him.

To be honest, it’s a very dangerous act to look away in this situation where he had to be wary of his opponent. However, Kuuga’s act of stubbornly not looking at Gadillas made the other man crazy.

Suddenly, Kuuga remembered the ridiculous image of Jihak’s Divine Beast that he saw in the bathroom.

Impossible, that’s impossible.

His body trembled just by remembering it, and when Gadillas saw that, he sighed a little and released his hold on Kuuga and leaned back. Relieved that the pressure had disappeared, Kuuga was confused by Gadillas’ sudden pulling away and saw the gentle expression on his face.

“I won’t do it anymore, so don’t be so vigilant.”

His face, which seemed to have a bitter smile, also had a slight hurt in his eyes. When he saw such a face, Kuuga felt guilty and his chest hurt.

As expected, Kuuga finally understood why this happened. He also realized that he was the one in the wrong, not Gadillas who came bulldozing.

Kuuga’s words to Gadillas could have been judged to be “returning the same feelings” from Gadillas’ point of view. At that time, when Gadillas’ eyes changed, it must have been the moment when Gadillas became aware of his feelings. That was the sense of crisis he felt at that moment.

Awareness of love → having the same feelings…!? → approach → rejection → dejection

It should be like this when summarized in an easy-to-understand manner. Even Kuuga, who was an involved party, sympathized with him… or rather, feeling guilty wasn’t strange. He was in a troublesome situation but he didn’t want to hurt Gadillas.

“Ah, w-wrong, this is different, Gadi…!”

But how exactly was this different? The words that came out of his mouth were incomprehensible.

“…how’s it different?”

He was pulled by Gadillas. Somehow, he had a mysterious face.

Seeing Kuuga, whose eyes were swimming around because he couldn’t think of any good words, Gadillas sighed.

“Are my feelings annoying you?”

Gadillas, who looked sad, choked out. He didn’t seem to know what he did wrong, so when Kuuga saw such a face, he wanted to throw away everything he’s been worrying about and hug him.

Kuuga scolded his body, which was about to move, as he opened his mouth, wondering how to answer.

“…it’s not annoying…but I…I really care about Gadi, but…that…”

“But you don’t feel like that? Do you like me like how you liked other people?”

“That’s not it! I wouldn’t give special attention to anyone other than Gadi!”

Don’t underestimate a Divine Beast! Gadillas was confused and muttered, “then what did I do wrong…”. Kuuga, who immediately read that feeling, blushed slightly and gently turned his eyes away. He was aware that he just made the situation more confusing.

Gadillas looked at him while Kuuga looked diagonally upwards, as if he was thinking about something.

“Do you want me to change the question? Why do you hate it?”


“I know one thing. You’re shy because you can see what I’m thinking.”

Kuuga was caught off guard and his shoulders shook.

“So you were shy about that, not the act just now…hn? Maybe you have no experience even with such a face!?”

“…I can’t say no, but…that person who’s crazy about me had their thoughts overflowing. I can’t stand it. It’s like torture and it’s embarrassing…”

“But you have to get used to it.”

He couldn’t argue with that.

“Would you like to overcome that?”

When asked like that, Kuuga remembered the wet scene of Jihak’s Divine Beast that he saw in the bathroom again. Looking at Kuuga, whose face was dyed blue, Gadillas realized that it wasn’t only that.

“What else do you hate?”

“…if you put in that kind of thing, it will be difficult.”


Kuuga was embarrassed, but still wanted to say it since Gadillas was willing to hear it. But when Gadillas, who didn’t hear it clearly, tried to ask, Kuuga glared at Gadillas.

“I’m worried about my ass, my ass!”

Gadillas opened his mouth to insist on asking while Kuuga banged on the bed. He didn’t understand it for a moment, but when he did, his mouth opened wide.

“Isn’t the reason why you don’t like it because I’m a man?”


Kuuga remembered once it was pointed out by Gadillas. He should have been worried about that, but when he saw the scene of Jihak’s Divine Beast, he was blown away.

Unintentionally blushing, Kuuga held his mouth and averted his eyes from Gadillas. Because of that shocking scene, his worries were all about the sexual intercourse. He was worried with the premise that he’d do it with Gadillas.

Rather, he was so shocked by Merdechalan’s shocking comment that he couldn’t die, that he became interested in doing those things. He’s such a fool.

Kuuga, who was mumbling that this was the conspiracy of God, or the conspiracy of Jihak, suddenly turned his eyes when he saw Gadillas grinning from the edge of his vision. That face was saying, “If that’s the case, I should press it a little.”

“I see, I understand.”

“Wait, you don’t understand!”

As Gadillas came closer while crawling on the bed, Kuuga tried to move backwards, but soon hit the wall.

Gadillas, who immediately pounced, tried to separate his knees because it was in the way, so he put a lot of effort to resist it. However, he soon gave up and pushed his knees from above this time. At the same time, his ankle was held by the other hand and his leg was stretched as the man got on top.


“Kuuga, do you know what I’m thinking right now?”

“…”if it’s just a kiss, we can do it again“, hn.”

He closed his lips without saying the end, but it immediately parted when Gadillas laughed at a very short distance.

“It is indeed. Great answer.”

Their lips were stuck again. Unlike the greedy first time, it was a soft kiss that dropped over and over again to invite him to participate.

Kuuga wondered if this was enough. He’s scared of how he’d feel. This was―― that’s it, he’s sure it’s like that. He’d request something ridiculous first, then offer a compromise if it’s rejected. Then, if that’s how it was…the feeling should be like that.

Gadillas, who felt good, gently inserted his tongue into Kuuga, who was looking down without resistance. Maybe Kuuga was worried that his canines are longer and sharper than normal people, so he licked them several times. The other man then went inside and played with his tongue.

The sensation of rubbing lips and tongue tickled and shook his body. Kuuga vaguely wondered how long this would last, but Gadillas was persistently sucking on him without getting bored.

It’s not that he couldn’t breathe, but his head was becoming foggy because he didn’t have enough oxygen.

At that time, Gadillas’ hand, which was on Kuuga’s cheek, slipped down and caressed his neck before moving to his shoulders. Pushed by that hand, the gown slipped off his shoulder.


Ka-! Kuuga opened his eyes unintentionally, but the other hand of Gadillas, who sensed it, covered Kuuga’s eyes.

“It’s okay, I’m just stroking. Didn’t you like being stroked?”

“That’s when I have fur…!”

He tried to argue, but his lips were blocked again. As Gadillas said, the hand went down from his shoulders to his chest, hungrily caressing his bare skin, before going up again.

The slow stroking movement of using his entire palm held no suspicious atmosphere. Feeling the usual comforting gesture that was different from a sexual one, Kuuga naturally relaxed.


From Kuuga’s mouth, who enjoyed that feeling, a hot breath spilled out.

Seeing such a Kuuga, Gadillas managed to keep his reason from going out of control. He slowly stroked his skin at a constant speed, so that Kuuga, whose thoughts have melted, wouldn’t return to his sanity.

His hands were stroking his body, his lips were touching his, and his tongue entwining with his felt comfortable, and Kuuga unknowingly put his arm around Gadillas’ neck. Gadillas narrowed his eyes at seeing the change. The hand covering his eyes had been removed, but Kuuga didn’t notice since he’d been looking downwards.

He was also too late to notice that Gadillas’ hand, which was slowly drawing a circle, began to detour to the nipple.


It tickled when stroked by his fingertips. His toes curled up from the surprise stimulus and his body bounced up. Kuuga finally noticed the change.

“Gadi, hn…”

He was surprised and tried to make a voice to stop it, but his tongue was pressed to the back of his mouth, so no sound came out. Meanwhile, Gadillas’ hand, which finally stopped moving at the chest, continued to scratch the nipple.

Every time he was scratched, a sweet numbness spread from his chest, and Kuuga’s body would shake many times. Feeling the stimulus echo to his lower parts, Kuuga felt something wrong and rushed to grab Gadillas’ shoulders.

“Wai-, hn, wait! It’s over!”

“Just a little more.”

When he shook his head to escape from Gadillas’ lips and shouted, Gadillas looked dissatisfied, but Kuuga didn’t back down.

“No, it’s over because anymore and it’d go up! Let go!”

“It’s okay if you get up.”

“I don’t have the time anymore. What if I change halfway!”

“…take responsibility at that time.”

“I’m the one who should say that!”

Kuuga trembled with a sense of fear at Gadillas, who said that there’s no problem even if he changed to his beast form. He didn’t want to go in that direction.

Gadillas, who felt that Kuuga seriously didn’t like it, regrettably pulled away.

“It can’t be helped, let’s continue this tomorrow.”


“It wouldn’t be scary anymore if you get used to it little by little, right?”

Kuuga was amazed at Gadillas, who acted like he had no choice but to make concessions. But which side was the one making the concession?

He was embarrassed to see his face during the act, and he’s also worried about his ass. Because Gadillas said that, he imagined himself gradually getting used to it, and by the end, he’d be fully prepared to go to the end.

“By the way, it’s too late for me.”


“I’m going to the bathroom.”

66: Oya, Why Is Gadillas...?
68: Magical Power Control Training

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