69: Fearful Different World’s Size

68: Magical Power Control Training
70: Morning Afterglow

WARNING. R18 scenes at the end. You have been warned.

That night, when he tried to humanize to take a bath, Gadillas stopped him. Apparently, he wanted to wash Kuuga’s body.

And this way, they could use the time after that to… Kuuga unconsciously looked to the distance.

Gadillas had been distracted even when Kuuga acceded to his request. It’s been this way since the topic of Jed, the former Commander of the White Knights, came up.

[I’m glad to know that I can cure him, but the situation looked complicated.]

Anxiety, guilt, and confusion. He could see such feelings, but he didn’t know the details. He could tell more accurately if he just talked about it.

Seeing that Gadillas seemed to be healed by rubbing soap on his body, Kuuga just kept quiet.

After washing his body and soaking in hot water, Gadillas, who had been thinking silently for a while, suddenly opened his mouth.

“He can no longer live as a knight because he took that poison for me.”

Hearing those words and looking at his expression, Kuuga noticed his feelings more than the words. He seemed worried that healing the aftereffects would reduce the feeling of guilt that Gadillas was now feeling.

Kuuga thought that he should just erase these feelings of guilt and thank that knight. Gadillas didn’t think he’d be resented, and even if Gadillas felt that way, he probably wouldn’t be blamed. That’s why he felt guilty.

[Don’t think about it so seriously.]

When he rubbed against Gadillas’ cheeks to comfort him, Gadillas laughed a little and put his arm around Kuuga’s body.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Kuuga humanized and sat on the bed. He was a little frustrated that Gadillas, who would normally hand over the gown immediately, wouldn’t pick up the gown. But now that they have something to talk about, he ignored it.

“Gadi, the former White Knight… was it Jed? Why is he near you? I heard that the White Knights should be guarding the royal capital.”

“Eh? …ahh, I used to do morning training with Jed.”

From the time Kuuga heard that Jed received a poison dart while covering Gadillas, he was wondering why the Commander of the White Knights was near Gadillas.

Gadillas, who went up the bed after Kuuga and sat facing each other, answered Kuuga’s question as if he took it for granted.

“Do you get along well?”

“Even if you say we get along, Jed used to escort mother until she got exe―― he was her escort until she died, so he just took care of me after that.”

Was he about to say executed just now?

It was a little hard to say, so Gadillas replied with misleading words, but Kuuga just accepted it while muttering in his heart.

So Gadillas mother was already dead. He thought that she was imprisoned in the Witch Tower… but to think she was executed.

Reading the emotions on Gadillas’ face, Kuuga came up with one of the reasons why Gadillas responded so strongly to his disappearance.

Jed and his mother. All the important people in Gadillas were gone in front of Gadillas. So Gadillas was afraid that Kuuga would also disappear in front of him.

Kuuga, who noticed that, unintentionally sighed.

“…Gadi. The Deputy Commander of the Royal Guard Knights had not been decided yet.”

“Ahh, Heki is a strong candidate for the time being…”

“That’ll be bad for Heki, so just leave it open.”

Heki, who was a believer of Kuuga, was a promising candidate for the Deputy Commander, partly because Gadillas always used him for mental attacks. Heki was not aware of it, but the other members thought so.

The people around him already had the impression that he’s Gadillas’ sword. Though there’s no word for close confidant in this world.

“I’ll get Jed back.”

Gadillas gasped when he realized the meaning of leaving the position of Deputy Commander open. Then, Kuuga, who knew what he wanted to say, opened his mouth quickly.

“It’ll take some time to come back, but if he’s trained as a knight, he’ll be able to overcome the painful rehabilitation… even if he said that he didn’t want to be a knight anymore, I’ll convince him.”

“Convince him…”

“Don’t worry. It’s my specialty.”


Gadillas unintentionally laughed at Kuuga, who was grinning mischievously. With shaking shoulders, he thought, “my Divine Beast is too good.”

He would read the vague anxieties even if the person wasn’t aware of it, and give comforting words in advance. It’s easy to tell what Gadillas was thinking, so he tried to reassure him somehow.

Every time he saw such a Kuuga, he felt something tickly and mushy in his heart. Thinking it was unbearable, Gadillas reached for Kuuga.

When a hand gently attached to his cheek and the pad of his thumb caressed him, Kuuga realized Gadillas’ intention and made his eyes go round and round. Even though he was smiling happily a while ago, Kuuga was confused because he couldn’t keep up with Gadillas, who had switched in an instant.

Kuuga wasn’t going to refuse and even raised his chin involuntarily to Gadillas, who was slowly approaching his face. However, it was only a few centimeters apart, so the distance was shortened instantly and their lips overlapped.

Unlike yesterday, he thought of approaching slowly, so he could escape if he wanted to. He wanted Kuuga to willingly accept it, so this action was considered an agreement.

It was very embarrassing for Kuuga. When their lips touched, it felt better than yesterday.


After a small smacking noise, their lips separated immediately, changed the angle, and shortened the distance again. The angle was adjusted to just the right one with a hand on his chin, and his tongue immediately invaded.

Looking down, Kuuga was distracted by the tongue that got in his mouth, and suddenly, a stimulus ran from an unexpected place and his entire body shook.

It’s from his ear. The hand opposite to the one attached to his chin caught Kuuga’s ears and caressed it expertly.

He’s used to it in his beast form, so it’s surprisingly good. However, while rubbing inside his ears felt exciting, his body was inevitably tense. Gadillas should have known Kuuga’s reaction, but he didn’t stop.

“Hn, stop it…”

Even when he tried to escape by moving his ears, he couldn’t escape because the other ear was the only one that moved. The base of his ears became stiff, and then caressed.

When he opened his eyes unintentionally, he wondered if Gadillas had been looking at him all this time, as his blurry eyes immediately entwined with his green eyes at such a close distance. When Gadillas met Kuuga, he squinted his eyes happily.

He seemed to be having fun. This was probably his instinct as a Divine Beast that made him think so. After all, no matter how he resisted, Kuuga would accept it as long as it made Gadillas happy. Because he’s such a creature.

However, his embarrassment wouldn’t go away. Here was a man poised to do that! He wondered if they could pause for a moment, but as if! Kuuga tsukkomi himself.

After putting up with being stroked for a while, Gadillas gently lifted his lips, perhaps satisfied.

His ears were finally released but then the other man put a hand on his shoulder this time, and he was turned over.


While Gadillas spread his legs, he held him in his arms, so that their bodies fit perfectly. Kuuga then called out to Gadillas, confused. Gadillas loosely hugged him with his hands on Kuuga’s belly, laughed a little then buried his face on Kuuga’s nape.

“Didn’t you feel embarrassed to see my face?”

Certainly, in this position, he wouldn’t be able to see Gadillas’ face unless he turned around. Kuuga should have been relieved, but that terribly joyful voice was ruining it.

The hand attached to his belly began to move slowly. Just like yesterday, it was just stroking, and there were no suspicious movements for now.


After all, it’s comfortable to be stroked. His tense body lost strength and before he knew it, he was leaning against Gadillas behind him.

After a small laugh reached his ears, Gadillas’ hand changed its movements.


While stroking the skin from the belly to the chest, the hand went up and stroked the nipple in a circular motion with his fingertips. Even if it was weak, he felt a different stimulus than before, and Kuuga’s shoulders shook unintentionally.

Perhaps invited by that movement, Gadillas bit Kuuga’s shoulder. It didn’t hurt at all, but he’s worried about the feeling of hard teeth against his skin. He tried to shake him off, but he couldn’t escape in his current position.

Gradually, Gadillas’ finger movements became unrestrained, and his nipples would be patted, scratched, and kneaded. A numbing stimuli would spread out over and over again.


He could feel his body getting hotter. Every time he moved his body to escape the stimulus, Gadillas’ clothes would rub on his skin and he’d react more.

He knew why Gadillas was relentlessly messing up his nipples. He told Kuuga, who was reluctant to act, that he should get used to it little by little. So this was considered practice.

He probably thought that there’s less resistance if he could play with the nipples. It’s not wrong, but in this case, just how long will he play with his nipples? Rather, if Gadillas only decided on the nipples for today, maybe he’d play with his nipples until his mind was all messed up…

Kuuga, who thought that far, shook his head, thinking that it was ridiculous. That’s an extra high hurdle…!

However, it seemed to be groundless. The other hand of Gadillas, who was playing with his nipple persistently, began to move downward.

Kuuga shook his body as he was grabbed, and he began to react little by little. It was held loosely, but still responded obediently to the stimulus and became completely hard.


He still wanted to resist, but the stimulus given was definitely pleasant, and a sweet voice spilled out of his lips.

“Haa…hn, nn…”

Little by little, Gadillas’ hand movements gained momentum, giving only a neverending sweet and dull pleasure. With no sign of being released, it should have eroded, but it was reversed for Kuuga. As the pleasure given accumulated in his body, Kuuga’s body gradually became sensitive and reacted to every slight stimulus.

I’m already, just a bit more…! Kuuga thought so at that time.


He then heard Gadillas’ slightly painful voice. When he looked back while muttering how this could be painful for him, he was met with hot eyes.

“Kuuga, your tail, what should we do about it?”


He didn’t know what he said for a moment, but Kuuga reacted when he remembered their current posture. Kuuga was now sitting between Gadillas’ legs. It seemed like his tail was moving vigorously all this time and as Kuuga writhed, it would stroke Gadillas’ crotch.

Realizing the frustrating stimulus that forced Gadillas to be punished more than he was, Kuuga awkwardly turned his gaze and sighed a little. He couldn’t even afford to control his tail. If that’s the case, the only remedy was to eliminate the frustration.

He thought that he should change his position, but Gadillas wouldn’t let him go. And so, Kuuga turned his right hand backwards to remove his tail and groped for Gadillas’ center.


He could feel Gadillas’ shoulder shake. Kuuga noticed something new when he traced his finger on the place where it was completely hardened by his tail.

Kuuga wrinkled his brows, wondering why he hadn’t thought about it until now, even though he had seen it in the bathroom many times.

What he’s talking about was the size.

The people of this country were generally larger than the Japanese. There were some people who were smaller than Kuuga, but they’re few in numbers. And Gadillas also had a thing that matched his physique.

A foreigner’s size. No, in this case, should he call it a different world’s size? What a vicious weapon…

He’s a little worried whether he should be sad to lose to a man, or scared.

Even while upset and thinking about unnecessary things, he still traced his fingers along the edge to guess the exact size.

While he was frowning at how big it was, he heard Gadillas’ low groan, surprised by Kuuga’s actions and had stopped moving.

“Guh…Kuuga, if you touch it like that…”


He was neither terrified nor impressed with the size. Kuuga involuntarily apologized when he realized that he had punished him again just by stroking over his underwear.

This time, he seriously shifted the underwear and squeezed it directly. The feeling and size in his hand made him think unnecessary thoughts again, but he managed to recover and move his hand up and down. It’s hard to do since it’s behind him, but he was patient.

When he felt a hot breath on his nape, his chin was suddenly grabbed and forcibly turned to the back. Unsurprisingly, his lips were captured and his tongue intertwined.


At the same time, Gadillas’ hand, which had stopped, began to move, and the heat that had begun to cool down, warmed up again.

Their position was painful. It seemed like Gadillas thought the same thing, as he changed positions by grabbing his shoulders and turning him over to face him.

Their lips were overlapping again and their things touched each other. Then Gadillas began scratching his nipples with his free hand.

“Nn, haa, nn…”


Gradually, the two people’s breathing became rough, and every time their lips were slightly separated from each other, their hot sighs would mix. The pleasure slowly made his brain numb and he couldn’t afford to think about anything extra.

The spilled liquid entwined with their fingers and made a noise. Perhaps stimulated by the sound, Gadillas’ hand movements became rougher, and their overlapping lips changed to a movement of thrusting in.

Kuuga’s posture, which had unintentionally tried to escape due to his momentum, eventually lost balance and he fell on his back to the bed.


Without any time to be surprised, Gadillas, who chased after him, covered Kuuga’s body and blocked his lips. Kuuga bitterly groaned as his mouth was conquered with a force that seemed more like being eaten rather than a kiss.

Gadillas straddled Kuuga’s body and grasped Kuuga’s thing with his. Every time Gadillas moved his hips, it’d rub together and make a noise. A strong pleasure would then run through his body and Kuuga would tremble.

“Ngu…hn, ha, nn…”

Kuuga could only put his hand on Gadillas’ shoulder while being assaulted by the pleasure. He shook his head to try and escape the pleasure, but Gadillas immediately followed and his lips were blocked again.

“Haa, haa, ha…”

“Nn, ha, wa-, Gadi, hn, wai-, nn.”

――I don’t know which one was the beast at all.

Gadillas, who was excited, devoured Kuuga’s lips like a beast, while shaking his hips and rubbing against him vigorously. His concern for Kuuga had already gone somewhere.

Kuuga finally climbed to his peak from the forcibly given pleasure. As the accumulated pleasure burst out and overflowed, a violent sensation spread around his body and his body bounced on the bed.

“Nuu, nn――!”

Without resisting the approaching sensation, Kuuga bent his body and ejaculated. Gadillas, who was in close contact with him, felt it and shook for a moment, screaming that he should endure it.


Then Gadillas moved his hips several times and also ejaculated, the warm liquid falling on Kuuga’s belly.

Their bodies didn’t separate and he was even hugged while they panted. While listening to the rough breathing from Gadillas, who was burying his face on Kuuga’s neck, Kuuga closed his eyes and relaxed.

They spent a few seconds like that. As their breathing calmed down, Gadillas began to move steadily and Kuuga opened his eyes, feeling that something soft touched his neck.


There was no reply, and he felt a soft touch on his neck again along with that slight smacking sound.


“Kuuga, how long has it been?”

“It’s not over yet…I think I have about an hour left…eh, wait, no way…”

After that, he was overwhelmed by Gadillas, who was still excited, and they had to do it again.

68: Magical Power Control Training
70: Morning Afterglow

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