70: Morning Afterglow

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71: Desire to Monopolize

The next morning, Kuuga greeted Gadillas, who had his head on his stomach as usual.

As was his habit, he rubbed against Gadillas’ cheeks to greet him in the morning, but the reaction was different from usual.

Originally, Gadillas, who was the rare type to be in his best mood when he woke up, was in an even greater mood because he was refreshed last night.

“Good morning, Kuuga.”

With a sweet smile he’d never seen before, Kuuga’s thoughts stopped for a moment.

Gadillas originally had a good appearance, but Kuuga didn’t think it would be so great when he smiled so sweetly. What destructive power.

Being fascinated by it, Kuuga felt complicated. To think that he’d fall in love with a man and not to a beautiful woman. What a blunder.

He wondered how wasteful it was. He thought that there’d be many women who would do anything for Gadillas if he just smiled at them like he did just now. What a terrible loss for this world.


However, he somehow thought that he didn’t like that, so Kuuga groaned a little. Gadillas looked at his confusing state, but then gradually dropped a kiss on the tip of his nose. Gadillas gave that sweet smile again when he saw Kuuga, who was so surprised that his ears stood up.

The usual lazy time before Uros came to the room turned into a heartburning sweet time.

When Uros entered the bedroom, Gadillas had already fixed his expression, but then Uros glanced at Gadillas and Kuuga alternately, blinking mysteriously as if some lingering afterglow had remained.

“…should I say, congratulations?”

“No…not yet.”

[Don’t report it!]

He slapped the head of Gadillas, who was being foolishly honest. It’s been a long time since he used his paw attack.

At that moment, he heard a small laugh and looked at Uros, but Uros had a strange face. He laughed for a moment just now. Kuuga really heard a laughing sound. Just how good was he in changing facial expressions?

It seemed like Gadillas, whose head was shaken due to the attack of Kuuga’s paws, also heard it and made a tsk tsk sound at not being able to see. It seemed like Gadillas had never seen Uros’ laughing face.

“Today’s plan is for Kuuga-sama.”


“Yes. There was a request from Restalion to visit the assassins he caught the other day.”

“Already? That’s quite fast.”

“It seems to have been hastened. There are also people who are searching for the ones we capture. And because they are assassins who are educated in that area…he’d like Kuuga-sama to look at them before anyone touched them, and to pull out the people you wanted to pull out.”

Kuuga understood their desire for ready-to-work personnel who didn’t need to be trained from scratch. This was because Kuuga had a similar thought. However, Kuuga was more focused on their hiding skills rather than their strength as an assassin.

Kuuga sighed at the strange fellow who would aim assassins at Gadillas when he already could have no children.

Gadillas, who seemed to have thought the same thing, showed a disgusted face.

“…Kuuga, use today’s first time here.”


“Change your clothes here before you go. It’s time to show your humanoid form to other people.”

The only people who had seen the humanoid Kuuga were those who stayed in the king’s office and those who’ve been involved in the wedding ceremony. That’s why some people still suspected that Kuuga was really the Divine Beast.

Gadillas didn’t mean to hide him. It’s just that the time to become a humanoid had been too short. Kuuga hadn’t shown it before because he didn’t have the chance.

“Uros, prepare the clothes.”

“Yes. I was waiting for the day when we needed it.”

[...about that, sorry.]

It’s been a few days since Kuuga could become a humanoid for a long time, but the clothes hadn’t come into play yet. He didn’t go out much, so a gown was enough.

Seeing Uros create a happy atmosphere, Kuuga felt a bit guilty and unintentionally apologized.

Ever since the wedding ceremony, he seemed to have continued to make many clothes for Kuuga, so Uros excitedly left the bedroom to bring it.

When Uros went out, Gadillas began to change clothes very quickly… Gadillas, who changed his clothes at the fastest speed he’d ever seen, immediately went back to Kuuga, who was still curled up on the bed.


Gadillas hand went to Kuuga’s head and he patted him like that.

[U…umu, oh, oh? That felt good…oh, oohh…!?]

Without stopping, Gadillas rubbed the base of his ears, caressed his neck, stroked his back, and in the end, patted the belly of Kuuga, who was lying on his back.

It might have been a while since they’ve done this. Kuuga closed his eyes in fascination and the swaying tail hit the bed with a small noise. A satisfied growl spilled out from his mouth.

Gadillas, who seemed to be high, finally rode on Kuuga’s belly and began to rub his chest with both hands. It’s a little sexual, like he’s rubbing his boobs. He wondered why.

Apparently, Gadillas still felt the lingering satisfaction from yesterday and just wanted to touch Kuuga. Kuuga didn’t refuse since he liked being stroked, but he’s a little worried if it’s okay to have a flower field in his head.

“Please pardon me. I brought your meals and Kuuga-sama’s clothes… what are you doing?”

“Getting treatment.”

“…is that so.”

It was the first time Uros saw Gadillas seriously fluffling Kuuga’s fur, but though Uros was a bit surprised, he soon revived and began arranging breakfast.

Gadillas, who got off Kuuga, sat on the chair to eat breakfast, while Kuuga moved to his usual position right next to him. If Kuuga didn’t react, Gadillas would begin eating without any precautions.

Today’s breakfast was also placed in front of Kuuga. It’s meat this morning. Or rather, it’s always meat.

Speaking of which, he thought he had never eaten a human meal, so Kuuga bit the meat while planning to humanize and eat the same food as Gadillas.

During the meal, Uros, who’s usually silent, suddenly started talking.

“Kuuga-sama, I have your schedule… but I’m stuck in various places.”


“First of all, he’s ready to show his face to the people. Along with that, I had already reported to Restalion-sama about the “example case” that’s already been selected.”

“Ahh, I see…”

“It’s possible to go to the Treatment Center at any time.”

Apparently, they were waiting for it to end at the same time and were just waiting for Kuuga.

“In addition, Koran and Sonilreus-sama have a report on the magic stones…”

“Is it the result of the test?”

The magic stones had been steadily increasing since then. The magic stone in the bedroom had also become quite red these days.

After that, he was told that they wanted additional magic stones and though it took some time, he was able to hand it over. He didn’t know that even Sonilreus was involved, but he was probably called because of his expertise in magic tools.

“Also, the white cat Ran came but it was kidnapped by Edallion-sama.”


[Did it come to play?]


“There’s more!?”

“…the Black Knights are making a fuss asking for his cooperation because they want to talk to their favorite dragon.”

“…aren’t they satisfied that they could tell their moods? Edallion will wither at this point.”

They were probably jealous because he was talking to the dragons in front of them. He could cooperate, but he thought it would be difficult. If he became humanoid, he could talk to humans, but Kuuga’s words wouldn’t be understood by the dragons. On the other hand, if he’s in beast form, the dragons could understand his words, but he’d have to use a dictionary to convey it to the humans.

“And the White Knights, who heard that, wanted to do it with their own horses…”

“This is not a drill! Reject them all.”

He’s not a magic tool. What do they think of the Divine Beast! He felt like Uros laughed a little when Gadillas resumed eating angrily.

Kuuga paid attention to Uros, but his facial expression had already returned… damn it.

After finishing the meal, it’s time to change clothes. When he humanized, Gadillas and Uros, who had been standing by with the clothes, put the front and back part together then taped it. It tickled a little but he endured.

Finally, Gadillas nodded with satisfaction after going around Kuuga, who had changed his clothes, and stroked his head.

“Okay, let’s go.”

69: Fearful Different World's Size
71: Desire to Monopolize

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