77: Treatment

76: To The Treatment Center

By the way, he wondered how long they would stand at the entrance. Seeing that on Koro’s face, Kuuga remembered their position and looked at Cal.

“I’m sorry for saying extra things. Please guide me to Jed.”

Cal looked absent-minded but still hurriedly let them in.

“I-I deeply apologize. I will guide you, so please go here.”

Prompted by Cal, Kuuga and the others finally started to move.

The treatment center was smaller than he expected. He might have thought so since Kuuga was imagining a large hospital, but it’s more like a western-style big building.

The inside of the building was kept clean and beautifully maintained. It’s quite a nice place.

There’s no one in the corridor where he was being guided. He didn’t know if it’s to not annoy the patients or as consideration for Kuuga. However, he heard some sounds that suggested there were people sneaking nearby.

The escorts followed Kuuga while curiously staring at the back of Kuuga, who was moving his ears energetically.

“It’s here. Jed-sama, I’ll enter.”

“Come in.”

He arrived in front of the innermost door. When Cal knocked while calling out, a man’s voice was heard from inside.

When the door was opened and he went inside, a man in his 40s was raising his upper body on the bed. He should be Jed. He’s a middle-aged man and was more stocky than he expected. Kuuga had imagined that since he was hospitalized, he should have lost some muscle and weight.

As he looked around, he noticed something strange in the corner of the room. It looked like a simple chaise lounge, but the legs of the chair have casters. Somehow, the balance was bad.

“Is that a wheelchair?”

Kuuga said something else before greeting Jed, but Jed didn’t seem offended and smiled gently.

“Yes. Because my leg is paralyzed.”

“Ahh, no, sorry. It’s just that the shape was so unexpected.”


“No, nevermind.”

It’s a bad habit to derail the topic. Kuuga changed gears since he had to treat the man first.

“My name is Kuuga. As you can see, I’m the Divine Beast. Nice to meet you.”

“I deeply apologize. I am Jed Naaga. I was the leader of the White Knights until I was injured.”

While speaking in a gentle voice, Jed’s calm voice was comfortable to listen to. Maybe it’s because of Kuuga’s high favorability rating for him.

Jed has a very calm and gentlemanly atmosphere, but in reality, he’s the type whose personality would change when he held a sword.

“I have something to say to you first.”

When he made a preface like that, Jed was nervous about what he would say and stared at Kuuga. Kuuga also looked back at Jed and smiled gently.

With such an expression, Kuuga looked mysterious with that beautiful exotic face they’re not familiar with. The others, who were watching, slightly blushed.

“Thank you for protecting Gadi.”

“Eh? Ah, no, yes.”

Jed hurriedly replied after making an expression like he’d been pierced by Kuuga. The people around them were looking at Kuuga with faces like they found it unexpected.

Seeing their reactions, Kuuga was dissatisfied and raised a brow.

“What? Is it so surprising that I thanked him?”

“No, that’s not the case…”

“I was able to meet Gadi because Jed protected him.”

While saying that, as soon as he turned his eyes back to Jed, he was looking at Kuuga with gentle eyes while Lewis made an unsettled face.

Kuuga didn’t look like this with Lewis, whom he was always with, so he’s wondering why he had such a face for Jed, whom he met for the first time.

Kuuga thought he should explain, but he stopped since the topic would derail again. He then approached the bed and smiled at Jed, who was looking up at him.

“I’m about to start treatment, but have you heard the explanation?”


“I have never used magic. I asked God how to use it, but I don’t know if it can be used properly.”

“Yes. I have heard.”

“Well, it’s magic that cures abnormalities in the first place, so I don’t think it’s going to get worse than it is now.”

“Fufu, yes.”

To Kuuga’s gentle face, Jed kindly smiled. There was a warm atmosphere between them. This was in contrast to the three Silver Knights who had grim faces.

Kuuga concentrated while staring at Jed’s legs.

It’s said that his legs were paralyzed, so should he get rid of that paralysis? No, what was paralyzed? Paralysis meant that it wouldn’t move, so should he concentrate on trying to move it? But, move? How should he return an abnormality to a normal one?

He wondered how to give instructions to the spirits. The more he thought about it, the more he felt something.

Kuuga glanced at the spirits that had always been circulating around him since that time, then circulated the magical power inside his body.

While conscious of the magical power in his voice, he instructed in his head “cure the aftereffects and restore him to normal” to the spirits. Then ordered it.

At that moment, the spirit that received the magical power flew to Jed’s body and began to spin around. Gradually, Jed’s body was wrapped in a faint light.

Jed closed his eyes while fascinated by the feeling of being wrapped in something warm.

It was a completely different scene from the magic used by humans and those who were watching swallowed audibly. They finally realized that they’re witnessing a miracle caused by the Divine Beast.

A miracle, yes, it could only be called a miracle. This couldn’t be done by humans. If they could cure with a single word of “heal”, they wouldn’t need a healer.

But in front of the scene that seemed to deny his efforts so far, Cal was staring without a shred of jealousy. He couldn’t feel such feelings. Because it’s the Divine Beast, the messenger of God itself, that was causing the miracle. Rather, it’s only natural that it could do things that humans couldn’t do.

The faint light that wrapped around Jed gradually faded as if it were sucked into his body.

When the light disappeared completely and the spirit spinning around Jed returned to Kuuga as if saying, “I’ve finished my job”, Jed gently opened his eyes as if he felt something.

“――how is it?”

When Kuuga asked in a whisper, Jed stared at his feet in a daze, then reached out and touched his feet. Jed’s hand quivered slightly, then with a serious expression, he slowly began to bend his legs.

The legs, which had been still on the bed, gradually bent and got up. Everyone around him was watching over the situation without breathing.

It bent slowly then returned to its original position. After that, Jed turned his eyes down and clasped his hands on his chest as if he was clenching something.

“…it moves. I can clearly feel it. ――ahh, I can’t believe it. I can walk with my own feet again…”

Tears spilled from the corners of Jed’s eyes.

He wouldn’t be able to walk without proper rehabilitation, still, Kuuga nodded with satisfaction, relieved that the magic succeeded. His tail swayed gently and his ears fluttered to express that feeling. At the corner of his eyes, Cal nodded many times with an impressed face.

T/N: Hmm, how should I say this. I’m sorry but this is the last chapter in the raws I had. Until a new chapter is updated or I bought the light novel (though it’s only one volume and I don’t know at what chapter it ends) this would be the end. Sorry if it’s too short.

76: To The Treatment Center

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