TINA V6C190: Happy New Life

TINA V6C189: Golden Eyes
TINA V6C191: Stone

When Mu Gen came back under the heavy rain, there was a stream of large and small stones at the door.

The number of Sigma’s collection clearly beats robot z2093.

“…this stone was picked up on a planet called Barrini, and this one is in the sea…” Every stone of Sigma has a story.

Compared to the nanny robot that spends most of the time around its owner’s house, Sigma is a really well-informed robot!

“This stone was picked up on the road to grocery shopping. It’s beside a flower bed and there are purple flowers on the flower bed. There’s only this stone on the whole street.” Robot z2093 immediately called up the environmental record of his own stone picking.

These stones are only one of the thousands of ordinary stones, but due to the cherishing of these two robots, they have become special treasures.

Putting the umbrella in the dryer to dry, Mu Gen then changed his shoes and walked in. After greeting Master Kenda, who just walked out of the room, he sat next to the two robots, and with this, all screens were focused on him.

As of this afternoon, Master Kenda has made all the parts without adding Fabia and Mika. Mu Gen’s legal residence in Pendra only has less than seven days and in these seven days, Master Kenda needs to complete the production of the core parts, chip transfer, assembly, and final debugging.

If Mu Gen still cannot bring Fabia and Mika today, the core parts of the robots will use the backup plan.

Bringing the backpack from his back to the front, Mu Gen took out the metal ball inside. Then he raised his head and told Master Kenda: “I only got this piece of Fabia, as for the Mika…”

After an apologetic glance at the robots at home, Mu Gen shook his head.

“This piece of Fabia is enough.” Holding the metal ball, Master Kenda immediately estimated its weight.

As a top craftsman dealing with various metal materials every day, to achieve the most perfect form of Sigma’s design, Master Kenda also used his channels to collect Fabia and Mika in private but found nothing. Under this circumstance, Mu Gen actually took out Fabia, which had just enough weight. Master Kenda vaguely noticed something but he didn’t say anything.

“It’s okay without Mika. I have a red-colored mother stone here that I’ve collected and had been at the bottom of a box for decades. I will use them all for you this time.” Finished talking, Master Kenda also saw Sigma, who looked a little sullen: “Don’t worry, even with no Mika and Fabia, I can still give Sigma the most beautiful legs and buttocks.”

Sigma raised his head and glanced at Master Kenda. His screen flickered and he seriously refused: “Isn’t the red mother stone the favorite stone of Master Kenda?”

With that said, he also explained to Mu Gen: “Master Kenda also likes to collect stones. There are so many stones in his room.”

“But none are as beautiful as Sigma’s stones.”

Master Kenda was stunned at first, and then the old man, who had always been serious, laughed out loud: “You robot——although my stones are not good looking, they’re all rare metals, compared to your stones…your’s are lacking!”

Master Kenda originally wanted to say, “It’s more valuable than your stones” but he stopped and didn’t say it.

“Your robot is very interesting.” He sat next to Mu Gen and suddenly said something.

Mu Gen tilted his head: “Actually, all robots are very interesting.”

He pointed to the robot of Master Kenda standing by the wall: “Your robot likes the red dot pattern!”

The red dots appeared almost anywhere in Master Kenda’s home. At first, Mu Gen thought it was Master Kenda’s hobby but later discovered that it was the preference of Master Kenda’s assistant robot.

“Huh?” Master Kenda was stunned.

Putting his hand into his backpack again, Mu Gen took out two stones from it. The blue piece was placed in Sigma’s collection and the gold pieces were placed in robot z2093.

“I didn’t find Mika, but today I bought these two stones in the last market as a gift for you. Don’t you guys like small stones?”

Sigma immediately picked up the blue stone that Mu Gen gave him. After watching it against the light from various angles for a long time, Sigma’s screen flashed with blue waves representing happiness: “Very beautiful.”

Robots are very easy to satisfy.

“This stone is also very yellow…special.” Robot z2093 hesitated and picked up the stone in front of him.

“Is that a Trenmes Diamond? That thing is strange!” Master Kenda, who was standing by and drinking tea, raised his brows.

Although he knew that this thing is precious, he wasn’t interested in stones that can’t be used in mechanical manufacturing: “It’s said in the news that a gambling market cut open two stones today.”

“En, this is the big one. I went to the market with my classmate this afternoon and had it cut.” Mu Gen told the truth.

“…such good luck.” The teacup paused in the air as Master Kenda said so.

Mu Gen just shook his head: “If I’m really that lucky, I should have found Mika.”

Although this stone is rare and precious, it’s not what his family needed. After walking through so many markets and still having nothing, Mu Gen vaguely knew that this year’s Mika stock should have been exhausted, and he can’t find Mika anymore.

Without Mika, they could only use other metals to make Sigma and the others happy. Fortunately, Sigma likes the stones he gave him.

Looking at Sigma staring intently at the stone, Mu Gen finally showed him his first smile since entering the door.

He heard Sigma send a request to robot z2093: “Can I look at your stone? In exchange, I will also allow you to look at mine.”

“Okay.” Robot z2093 agreed.

Then, the two robots carefully exchanged the stones they got.

After taking a closer look at the golden diamond, Sigma returned it to robot z2093: “It’s beautiful, but I still like blue stones.”

Then, he happily put away his collection.

Robot z2093 is still a bit stuck.

He learned that Sigma wanted to put the stones away, but he didn’t have the folding storage space like Sigma and there’s only one place on the chain. After hanging the original stone there, he could only hold this one tightly in his hand like before.

“Give me your stone and chain, and I’ll set it up for you, making sure to not hurt the stone.” In the end, it was Master Kenda who, strangely enough, gave a helping hand.

Robot z2093 glanced at Mu Gen reflexively and saw him nod so he handed over the things to Master Kenda, and then——

“…” Master Kenda’s smile froze all of a sudden and he took a closer look at the stone of robot z2093, even licking it. Immediately afterward, Master Kenda, whose face changed drastically, took the two stones and ran back to his studio. Before Mu Gen and the others could react, he quickly ran out again.

“Oh my God! There’s actually a Mika inside this stone!” Raising the stone in his hand, Master Kenda said loudly!

“The density is very high! The Mika decomposed from this stone is enough to make the core of all robots! Oh my God! What we’re looking for turned out to be close on hand…”

Master Kenda was very excited! However, Mu Gen interrupted his excitement with just one sentence——

“But, this is the stone of robot z2093.”

Mu Gen only said those words.

Master Kenda was a little confused. Even if he acknowledged that Sigma and the other robots are very interesting, even if he knew that his assistant robot has its own aesthetics, he still believed that robots are subordinates to human beings. Like the chain on robot z2093, Master Kenda can understand Mu Gen’s idea of decorating this robot, but he didn’t think that the chain and the things on the chain belonged to the robot itself.

He did not see how robot z2093 was picked up by Sigma from the garbage dump, nor did he hear the reason why robot z2093 got off the hover car by itself.

However, Mu Gen had never forgotten the moment when the smelly robot z2093 stretched out his robotic arm towards him, revealing a stone.

“For this stone.” He said.

Under the silence of Mu Gen’s family and the confusion of Master Kenda, robot z2093 came over.

He took the stone from Master Kenda and took a closer look, then held the stone in his palm and walked straight to Mu Gen.

Sitting opposite Mu Gen, robot z2093 opened the fingers that had been tightly clenched, revealing the colorful stone.

A familiar scene, but the dialogue had changed.

“Give you.” Robot z2093 stretched out his palm towards Mu Gen.

“You…if not for that stone…” Mu Gen’s mouth opened.

Robot z2093 nodded and then stretched out his hand towards Mu Gen.

“For you. I’m very happy.”

“Happy” is the word that robot z2093 had just learned from Sigma.

“I’m happy” for not being disassembled and sold again;

“I’m happy” to have a new owner;

Getting a stone from the new owner, “I’m happy”;


Even if he gave up the only stone he had, he was actually “very happy”.

When Mu Gen did not answer, robot z2093 remained in that posture.

“Thank you.” Mu Gen ultimately failed to refuse such a gift.

Then the stone was put into a special solution by Master Kenda that same day. The original colorful stone turned into a very crystal clear green after soaking in the solution, then Master Kenda put it in the furnace and six hours later, they got a very perfect green stone, which was bigger than its original volume. It’s also softer and doesn’t look like a stone at all.

Robot z2093 has been watching the change of this stone. Seeing it gradually reveal such a beautiful appearance in Master Kenda’s hands, his screen also flickered.

“It’s really the most beautiful.” Turning his head to the side, Robot z2093 told Sigma.

“En.” Sigma agreed with him.

When Master Kenda made the robots’ “hearts”, Mu Gen and Sigma worked together to assemble the bodies of the robots. The two sides finished almost at the same time, and the “heart” made of Fabia and Mika was very beautiful. Countless fine gold threads wrapped around a green “core”, extremely small and exquisite, almost like a work of art!

“Your hearts are so beautiful.” Robot z2093 said.

Beautiful is a word he just learned.

“Your heart is also very beautiful.” Master just heard those words and replied like so. He pointed to the leftmost heart on the box: “There’s extra Fabia and Mika so I made one for you, and I’ll replace it with yours when the time comes.”

With a flickering screen, robot z2093 stared at the heart carefully, motionless.

One day before leaving Pendra, Master Kenda and Mu Gen shut off all the energy of the robots. Their chips will leave the original carrier and be transferred to the “nucleus” newly manufactured by Master Kenda. Until everything is debugged and they woke up again, the robots looked like they’re dead.

Mu Gen suddenly panicked.

He suddenly remembered the days when he was on the barren star a long, long time ago, those days when Alpha and the other robots hadn’t found him. Dad had left and he was very hungry.

He’s the only one left in the world and he could only talk to himself every day.

In the corner where Master Kenda didn’t pay attention, Mu Gen secretly wiped his eyes with his sleeve.

Then, he heard the computer prompt “ding——”, so Mu Gen wiped his eyes and raised his head. Alpha, who was originally lying on the table, sat up first.

His screen flashed with a pattern that he’d never seen before, and Alpha’s head immediately turned in Mu Gen’s direction.

“I remember a lot of things.” He said.

“Mu Gen, you scored 99 on the second math exam, I can’t remember that before.” Like humans, the chips of robots will wear out and the worn-out area will cause memory loss. When the hard disk content was transferred, all the information has been copied to the new carrier, and the originally forgotten memory can be read out clearly. Alpha was talking about Mu Gen’s second math exam. Probably because his body was damaged when he left the barren star, Alpha can’t remember the results of that exam. Although he could make up for it through his peers’ notifications, he couldn’t remember his mood at that time.

Although it’s a trivial matter, Alpha still cares a lot.

So the tears that Mu Gen just wiped off couldn’t be stopped anymore. Like when he was a child, he hugged Alpha tightly.

The robots sat up one by one and Mu Gen hugged them one by one.

Then, Mengmeng was the last one to wake up——

“Mengmeng remembered that Olivia had peed once when he was eight years old.” Mengmeng also sat up using his little wings.

Mu Gen:囧!

“Mengmeng still remembered that before Oli was born, Mengmeng had spoken to Mu Gen and Olivia’s name came from Mu Gen.”

Mu Gen:囧!!!

“The code for the next issue of Happy Big Color Ball is 400056999888! Chirp!” Mengmeng continued.

So Mu Gen was completely worried: This is not a memory recall, but a memory disorder, right?

Picking up Mengmeng’s little wings and hugging him, Mu Gen hurriedly took him to Master Kenda for an overhaul.

The author has something to say:

Oli by Wind Switch V (风掣V, fēng chè V)

This is for Oli, who has never shown his face, but I think it’s also very cute for this chapter

TINA V6C189: Golden Eyes
TINA V6C191: Stone

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