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While pulling the murderous-looking Rodo out of the castle, we immediately went to Sig, who had been waiting for them, then went home to Kalzen using movement magic.


Rodo seemed surprised that I used movement magic.

He knew I like to ride with Rodo and Sig and move around slowly.

Besides, I also said we would go to my parents-in-law’s house after the meeting at the castle.

I’m sure he’s surprised that I used magic to go home.

I hugged Rodo without saying anything.


I heard a worried voice.

…probably because I’m crying.

I currently have the title of Rodo’s exclusive magician, but I’m studying as a healer and not working.

I talked with Rodo and the King that I would decide the future after studying as a healer.

The King acknowledged it and even Rodo told me that I didn’t have to do anything.

I can do the housework and live a life of waiting for Rodo to return.

But I don’t like living away from Rodo, and I don’t want to even think about it. Even Rodo told me to do whatever I wanted.

He told me that he didn’t have to be the Third Corps Captain either.

Then told me to decide slowly, so at least for now── I tried not to think until I finished studying as a healer.

Even so──


I hope that I’ll continue being Rodo’s exclusive magician, maybe even the healer of the Third Corps.

If they needed my strength elsewhere, I can go there temporarily.

I asked him not to put in a lot of long-term missions, and if he really has to, I can use movement magic and stay by Rodo’s side during his breaks.

There seems to be something that only I can do, and I know I’m being asked for it.

But for me, who has a non-zero chance of disappearing from this world, I don’t want to spend more time away from Rodo.

What should I do if I disappear when I’m not by Rodo’s side?

There’s still the fear that if I fall asleep, I may have returned to Japan when I woke up.

I don’t know the reason or how I came to this world, so I can’t give up the possibility of returning.

I’m starting to think that it’d be nice if that possibility was zero, but even when I came to this world, I just want a normal life like before.

That’s why I’m scared.

Do my parents-in-law know what it means to me to be willing to leave Rodo?

I’ve never told the King, but did Rodo tell him?


Many people say to me, who has such anxiety, that “a powerful person should take a proper position”.

I’m still studying and I haven’t decided on a job yet.

I tried to find an injured person and heal him, but I still can’t do what I expected.

If I can heal perfectly, I will go to various places for those who are waiting for healing, but I still want to be with Rodo.

──but, even that wasn’t allowed?

I didn’t say that I wouldn’t heal anyone.

I don’t remember saying that I wouldn’t use magic to protect someone.

And yet, they told me to endure being away from Rodo in the future.

Is it selfish that I want to be with Rodo?

Sure, I was sarcastic when told that, but I never thought I’d be rebutted with “not worth living”.

Can I live without using my strength?

Am I just an accessory to this power?


“Kou, the worth of living, none? Power, not use, then, life, none?” (Do I not have worth in living? If I don’t use this power, then I can’t live?)

“No! There’s no such thing! There’s no reason!!”

Rodo denied it will all his might.

I’m relieved at those words, but I already knew Rodo would deny it.

──because Rodo is always on my side.

I know it’s a childish and spoiled way of thinking, but right now, I want to be given assurance.

If I say I don’t want to be a magician or a healer right now, Rodo will surely agree.

Rodo had always told me that I didn’t have to do anything.

…I don’t think that kind of life is bad either.

But, as expected, I think I have to get a job and work.


Should I have them build a facility like a hospital and heal there…um, is that fine?

It will take a lot of military funds, but can I temporarily borrow them from Rodo and start a business?

I’m not going so I’ll have the patients come…with this, I can live with Rodo.

…no, then, if Rodo has a support mission, can I still go with him?

If I got a simple tent set up and heal there…is it possible?

If so, it seems like it can be done anywhere.

Do I need a business permit?

There seems to be a rent system in this world too…

I have to study more.


After I stopped crying, I was thinking about it agonizingly, when suddenly, I noticed that the person in front of me had a rather grim face.


“I’ll kill that guy.”

(Who’s that guy…)

Is he talking about the person who told me off a lot…the King of Aricalen, right?

If it stayed that way, Rodo would have pulled out his sword so I wrapped him with vines.

…the condition of detaining him for five days was harassment from me.

──because he said I’m not worth living.

…but, did I overdo it against a King?

It looks like he brought a magician, so it’d be okay, right?

There are different types of restraint magic, and the vine that wrapped around him is not that strong restraint magic.

The First Corps Captain who experienced it might have a little stronger restraint magic.

But there’s stronger restraint magic so that one would be easy to solve.

I haven’t heard what happened to that First Corps Captain, but the Representative of the Tower of Sarez should have been nearby, so I think he solved it immediately.


“You don’t have to.”

“That guy made Kou cry.”

Rodo’s anger can’t seem to subside.

I’m glad you’re angry for me, but as expected, killing him is not possible.

The common sense in this world is quite different from that in Japan, so I haven’t fully understood it yet.

I don’t know the power map of the country yet, and I learned that there’s something that seems to be a religion, but I still can’t remember the customs and common sense here.

Acts to protect their mate are treated differently from ordinary crimes…I don’t understand why that is.


“Rodo, no, I said. That’s why, enough. …gyu, what are you doing?” (Rodo, I told you no. So it’s okay. …gyu, what are you doing?)

I like seeing his eyes when he’s angry, but I don’t want to see the angry Rodo too much.

Rodo made a gentle face as soon as I act spoiled and he gently hugged me.

(A mobile hospital…is there a permit to do something like that?)

Rodo will go to various towns on a support mission, and if I want to see him, I’ll have to visit him there, but if I wait for him to come, it’s not that difficult.


(But, some healers are originally over there…)

The healers in the barracks seem to be influential people dispatched by the country.

There are other healers, but most of them seem to be gathered in the castle and the barracks of the First and Second Corps.

The rest is also in the Tower of Sarez.

While the others who can heal slightly are supposed to see the civilians.

But they don’t seem able to cure major injuries and illnesses, and it’s said that’s the reason why civilians have a short lifespan.

I knew this by reading a book.

No one can teach me how this works.

So I’m reading books apart from the healing books.

Like magic and healing books, which have a lot of jargon, those books are difficult to read.

…actually, more than studying as a healer or learning the habits and common sense here, I have to give priority to studying the language.

I think I’ve managed to improve my pronunciation, but I can only speak slowly, and there are still many words I don’t know.

I want to be able to speak fluently as soon as possible.

I’ve been working on that as well, but it’s still halfway, so I’m self-employed.


(I have to think about the future as soon as possible…)

I thought about the future in Rodo’s arms.

(What’s the best option?)

I want to confirm it before reaching out to various places…

Discussion is essential.

…as expected, the first thing to do is to completely memorize the vocabulary.

Otherwise, communication is difficult.

…I’ve been doing my best so far, but I still have to study hard.

As for when it’ll end…I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Author’s Note:

Kou didn’t know that the First Corps Captain was crucified for three days.

Because no one told him.

The people around him also thought that Kou knew, so they didn’t tell him.

ACDWL 076: Those With Special Powers
ACDWL 078: Mate That Resolves Everything Alone

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