Alien 178: Marrying Brother (6)

Chapter 178: Marrying Brother (6) (non-relatives) She stayed like that and the bad guy who pretended to be drunk and took advantage of her was crying secretly. He originally just wanted to take this opportunity to test her mind. It was a surprise to get a kiss, but he overestimated his self-control, and couldn't help … Continue reading Alien 178: Marrying Brother (6)

Alien 176: Marrying Brother (4)

Chapter 176: Marrying Brother (4) (non-relatives) This carefully woven "trap" continued... In their every day life. Whenever he found that she had some new and different reactions, the joy in his heart also increased, but at the same time, his strong possessiveness also surged day by day. The closer he got, the more he couldn't … Continue reading Alien 176: Marrying Brother (4)

Alien 175: Marrying Brother (3)

Chapter 175: Marrying Brother (3) (Non-Relatives) Although he had secretly made up his mind, it's quite difficult to implement it. For no other reason than he really couldn't bear to make her sad, so he always wanted to wait and wait until... "Brother..." On this day, she looked a little embarrassed, with the fingers on … Continue reading Alien 175: Marrying Brother (3)