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ACDWL 023: Learning Magic
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─Rudikda(Trik’s Representative)side─


From the child guardee of Rodokiaus Serafine, the Captain of the Third Corps, who is said to be the last Akinist, I can feel a great deal of magical power.

Have I ever felt such a strong and powerful force before?

──Nah, nope.

He has much more magical power than I do.

It’s obvious to everyone that he’ll soon become a magician that no one can reach.

After soliciting, again and again, Rodokiaus finally said, “go with the magician…”

The child always shook his head and stayed away from us.

He’d bury his face on Rodokiaus’ shoulders, keeping us out of sight.

I also heard that he couldn’t understand the language at first.

Now that he’s studying letters, he’s able to speak a little, even though he couldn’t pronounce them well.

…but his race is still unknown, and his name is only known as “Kou”.

I’m very interested in the environment where he’s born and raised, but I’m still more interested in the magnitude of his power.

The child approached us as soon as Rodokiaus said so.

Perhaps he recognized his guardian as an “absolute existence”, so he’s obedient to Rodokiaus’ words.

After arriving at the Tower of Trik, I started explaining magic.

Kou doesn’t know all the words, so he often doesn’t understand.

It seems that he had never used his magic power before, so it will take some time before he can master this power.

──yes, that’s what I thought.

“Fire, think.” (Think of fire.)

First of all, words are said to use attribute magic.


But without any trouble, a small fire emerged from his palm.

When I applauded, he looked up with a childish innocent smile.

As such, Kou, who used magic easily, seemed able to use any attribute.

It seems that he can use the five major attributes of fire, water, lightning, wind, and wood, as well as the light attribute such as recovery required for a healer.

He didn’t know about movement magic such as transfer yet.

Next time, I thought I’d teach him the chant for attack magics, but it’s still not possible for Kou, who often doesn’t understand the words.

What should I do…

When I was talking to other magicians about how to teach──

Kou is making water again.

The water is spherical and slightly floating in place on his palm.

The magic that this child puts out feels a little different from others.

Attribute magic is magic that can be used by anyone.

However, Kou, who should be a beginner, could easily put it out.

I thought he was reviewing, but when I looked at it, I found something different.

The lump of water was spinning on his palm.

Besides that, wind magic was being used.

(Doing it at the same time as the wind attribute!?)


He made it look very easy to manipulate two attributes at the same time.

Kou had been using two-attribute magic for a while.

However, the water, which seemed to be shaped like a flower, froze the next moment.

(What…? I’ve never seen such magic.)

Rather than removing the heat, he seemed to cool and rapidly freeze it…

Being able to make ice with magic is something that’s never been seen before.

Speaking of Kou, he was struck dumb by the astonishment and excitement of those around me.

He didn’t seem to realize what amazing feat he did.

While the excitement of the magicians hadn’t cooled down, Rodokiaus came to pick up Kou with Renneiga.

He’s quite overprotective.

It hasn’t been long since he came.

Rodokiaus, the last Akinist.

Their mighty power is worthy of respect.

Even when respected and worshipped by everyone, this person had no personable traits at all.

However, when Kou ran to his side while saying his nickname, he lost that facade.

The two people had an atmosphere like a parent and child.

Kou also talks a lot with a big smile he hadn’t shown before.

…as expected, they’re more in a guardianship rather than being mates.

“Hey! You there, go away!”

Kou returned to the center for some reason.

Apparently, he wanted to show magic to Rodokiaus.



The amount of water produced by Kou is in a different magnitude from the previous one.

What on earth do you want to do?

“Hnn ~~~…”

The lump of water changed shape in response to that voice.


The water froze with that shout.


Kou turned to face Rodokiaus with a “how is it” look.

Certainly, it’s a block of ice shaped like a beastified Akinist.

But this is too out of standard.

I unintentionally lost my words.

Has anyone ever had such power?

In the Castle Town -Seidask (seidasuku)-, even the representative of the Tower of Saleth (saresu) can’t do it, right?

It’s said that he -Kirishigan Tricore (kirishigan torikoure)- has the most power in Marihect, but the power map is likely to change.

At this moment, Kou probably has the most magical power.

If he masters magic, even Saleth’s representative would be outmatched.

It seems that I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

I saw one of the magicians, Kaidekd Sarafisna (kaidekudo sarafisuna), talk to Rodokiaus.

I can understand the content of the conversation.

If Kou becomes an “enemy”, no one in Marihect can prevent his attack.

It poses such a threat.

I can’t be optimistic.

Kou has only been a guardee for about a month.

Even if he’s a mate…no, because he’s Rodokiaus’ mate, we can’t make an enemy of Kou.

In other words, if Kou goes out of the country, Rodokiaus will follow him.

Marihect will lose an Akinist.

Kou, who’ll become the best magician in the country, and Rodokiaus, a rare race.

Precisely because it’s these two, we can’t afford to make them wary.

When these two talked, I’m not the only one surprised at the content.

Despite this power, Kou said he didn’t want to be a magician.

(What are you thinking?)

Kou’s power is special.

He should be managed by the country.

Even so──

If you want, you can decline to be a magician…

The two already left.

But I was still thinking about that.



The next day, Kou appeared at the Tower of Trik.

I’m relieved when he said he’d be a magician, but…

Why would Rodokiaus drop off and pick him up every time?

…no, it’s not strange considering they’re mates.

However, when it’s lunchtime, he’d come to pick him up and then drop him off after the meal.

Was Rodokiaus always like this?

Isn’t it okay to have lunch with us?



One day.

Shocking words came out from Kou.

“Kou, Ryodo, asshisht. Kou, Ryodo, togwether, work. Ryodo, others, no.” (I want to assist Rodo and work together with him. I don’t want anyone other than Rodo.)

A remark that can be taken as selfish.

However, if I refused, Kou might move to another country with Rodokiaus.

For other countries as well, these two are human resources they’d want at all cost.

If it’s okay as long as Rodokiaus is with you, it might be better to allow this and have him stay in Marihect.

When I nodded, Kou unusually smiled at me.

Although he looks young, Kou has an adult-like atmosphere.

Even though I know that, his aura changed with just a smile, and I feel like I understand why Rodokiaus and the other adults pamper him.

…I should probably have sweets on hand.


─Rudikda side end─

ACDWL 023: Learning Magic
ACDWL 025: Unexpected Situation

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  1. Wow this chapter made me realize how actually OP he is… since there’s such a thing as “transfer magic” and for Kou, it works with just a thought, it seems like it’s indeed possible that he might return to his world if he just wants it enough. Also, the fact that he can use healing magic easily as well… OP, frickin’ OP xD
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  2. too good! I know its a dumb though but has Kou tried just… willing himself into adult shape. YEah that would be way too easy for the plot…. And I refuse to believe that the insane amount of magic in him can function in someway to extend his life right Q-Q I need vision from the god deus ex machina scene to explain this to me.

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