ACDWL 144: Little by Little

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After the incident at Sievert, no one asked to come to their country anymore.

It’s not like they’ve given up on my power, it’s just that they finally realized that they had to do it in a different way.

…too late.

As far as I’m concerned, it’d be better if they talked to Rodo instead of me.

Erasing the memory of one of Sievert’s ministers might have been a trigger for other countries to think about it.

The fact that they never actually did something didn’t change.

Sievert hadn’t done anything since then.

I’m on guard for the time being but I had never been approached during diplomatic meetings, so for now, I decided not to worry about it.

It’s not like I don’t like being in Marihect, and if Rodo said he’ll stay here, we’ll stay in Marihect.

…I don’t understand the feeling of the countries wanting an Akinist.

It’s understandable to want an Akinist who could be a one-man army as a fighting force.

The difference between him and the other soldiers was too obvious, and even then, I have yet to see Rodo in a serious fight.

The power of one Akinist became a restraint on other countries.

…since there were already no Akinists in other countries, some people underestimated their power.

But I’m “Rodo’s exclusive magician and healer”.

Just from that title, they should know who to talk to.

Even though I once said that I would quit being a magician or a healer if Rodo told me to leave.

When asked if I was thinking of moving to another country, I should have said it clearly.

──if Rodo goes, I’ll follow him.

Even if they said it well, forget about it.

Because I’ve said to the kings of every country.

I knew His Majesty was working in various ways for the sake of Rodo and mine.

So, emotionally, Marihect is the best.

But when asked if we’re going to settle down here, I could only say, “I’ll leave it to Rodo.”

If there’s a country Rodo wanted to go to, I’d just follow him.

Being in a country without Rodo didn’t make sense to me.

Those with enmity to Rodo were also impossible.

But really, what were those countries thinking?

I already said that I won’t get involved if the children wanted to emigrate after humanizing.

After all, it’s the children’s freedom to go wherever they want.

El said he wasn’t going to leave Rodo, but Cal and Dee haven’t decided yet.

El even said, “I’ll stay for a while after humanizing.”

In other words, there’s a possibility that he’ll leave after a while.

Can’t they wait for that time?

I currently live in Marihect, but I’m not subordinate to Marihect.

I have no boss and no subordinates.

I don’t understand the purpose of being asked to emigrate because I’m also active as an exclusive regeneration healer in other countries as well.

These words should be said to Rodo, not me.

Rodo is the Third Division Captain of Marihect.

In other words, if someone went to war with Marihect, Rodo would use his power to protect Marihect.

I’m only on Rodo’s side, and I don’t care which country Rodo was in.

…the other countries stopped asking, but I’m sure they don’t understand my intentions.

I wonder if they’re just thinking, “Ko is angry, so let’s wait and see.”

…really too stupid.

Is there anyone other than my family who knows my true intentions?


“Ko, are you okay?”

The one who reacted to my words was Rodo.

I was immediately picked up.


Taking advantage of being picked up, I put my head on his shoulder.

Being spoiled by Rodo, I’m healed even when mentally exhausted.

…am I too calculating?

“Does Rodo want to move to another country?”

“I don’t care what country I’m in as long as I have Ko.”

I got an immediate answer.

Whenever I ask if he wanted to go to another country, he always gave this answer.

For Rodo, the only reason he was in this country was because there weren’t any countries he was interested in emigrating to.

He likes Marihect and said he saw no reason to stay in others.

That’s why, if I wanted to move, he’d follow me.

…I’m also just going to follow Rodo, so in the end, we won’t be moving.

──as long as Marihect did nothing.

“As long as I have Rodo and my family, I’ll be fine.”

After all, we’re not the type to get hung up on where we live.

As long as our family didn’t suffer any damage, it didn’t matter which country we end up in.

…if Marihect did something to my family, I would immediately go to a different country.

For the time being, I’m grateful to His Majesty for acting so that the Akinists would not be used until now, and I don’t want to think that His Majesty would do any tricks.

But being involved in national affairs, he had the duty to protect the people.

There’s no point in weighing the people and our family since he’d choose the citizens.

Therefore, vigilance cannot be lifted.

Full trust was also not possible.

I’ve already told him that, and I don’t think I need to tell him anything more.

I thought about moving to somewhere free of ties as a family, but I decided against it because it’d be a bad environment for the children who were still growing up, regardless of me and Rodo.

I think that meeting various people will help the children grow.

…but for now, I don’t have anyone I want them to approach.

Was it because of the Cal incident that I stopped letting people from other countries greet me?

Back then, I didn’t want my children to get close to other people…

I was also quite skeptical of myself.

El was currently training with Rodo in the Third Division barracks, but he hadn’t spoken to the other members.

He hadn’t even spoken to Ren.

I wonder what El thinks about other people.

Whenever I looked at him, he was just training according to Rodo’s instructions and I never saw him chat with others.

… occasionally, Rodo would praise his movements and it’s cute how he looked so happy.

As a “half-Akinist” and even a pre-humanized child, El’s physical abilities were higher than those of ordinary soldiers.

It seemed inferior to Rodo’s childhood, but El was fine while corpses were lying around because they couldn’t keep up with Rodo’s teachings.

Moreover, he seemed to be gaining physical strength every day, and recently, he didn’t show any signs of being tired.

I kind of knew that he liked moving his body, but…I wonder if Cal and Dee should join the training soon?

…even though one is only three years old and the other two-and-a-half years old…

Thinking about the kids, I knew it was better to do it sooner rather than later.

But in Japan, they’re the same age as kindergarteners.

I don’t want those children to be trained in how to fight…

But this wasn’t Japan, so my thoughts might not apply.

“Cal. Dee. Do you two want to train here with El?”


When I called out, their eyes sparkled with happiness.

This…am I the “disturber” that’s stopping them?

Wasn’t it too early to leave their parents?

──I feel lonely.

(…but giving priority to my feelings won’t do any good for these kids.)

In that case, I have to do what I should do as a “parent”.

“Should I ask if Cal and Dee can start training tomorrow?”

It’s still impossible to entrust them to someone else, but I think it’ll be fine if Rodo is the instructor.

If he asked other people to do it, it’d probably be father-in-law.


As always, he listens to most of my requests.

The only time I was told I couldn’t do something was about leaving Rodo.

I’m also still not allowed to act alone.

Wherever I go, someone in my family should be with me.

…I have a feeling this overprotection would never go away.

Somehow, it felt like the overprotection was getting stronger year by year.

After all, even though I said he didn’t have to, father-in-law sometimes picks me up when I move.

You know, like when I walk with Rodo.

Even father-in-law could easily hold me up.

And I wouldn’t be taken down until we get home.

…in a sense, he might be more overprotective than Rodo.

After all, if it’s Rodo, there were times when he’d reluctantly put me down if I tell him to.

In contrast, even when I tell my father-in-law to put me down, he’d just say, “Don’t be shy.”

──even though I’m not shy.

Will there be a day when this will disappear?

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