ACDWL 143: Identified As An Enemy

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“Ko, would you consider moving to our country?”

No matter which country we went to, the words they say when we’re returning was always the same.

Basically, no matter what country we live in, I don’t think it changes much.

Because Rodo’s workplace will change and the environment will change, it would be a little difficult.

…Rodo said I didn’t have to worry about that.

It seems that El just wanted to work with Rodo rather than wanting to join the Third Division.

So, if someone in the family says, “I want to live here”, we will probably move.

…but I get irritated when they called out to “me” every time.

Because the reason why I came to diplomatic meetings was as Rodo’s “attendant”.

So they should call out to Rodo.

Not me, his mate.

The people who said those words probably didn’t understand why I ignored them.

They might think I have no intention of emigrating.

That’s why the people of Marihect had relieved faces, and the people of other countries looked frustrated.

If they talked to Rodo and Rodo said “I’ll consider it”, we could have a family meeting after returning home.

But they haven’t noticed it yet.

On the contrary, it seems that some people are dissatisfied because I’ve been ignoring them for so long.

The reason why the atmosphere of Rodo and the others changes is probably that they perceived the hostility from such people.

Even though they can’t notice why I’m ignoring them, they’re only growing dissatisfied…what idiots.

I and Rodo already said that family is the most important thing.

Since I went as far as saying that I’m “Rodo’s escort” during diplomatic meetings, I usually don’t have to think about it.

Even so, they’d say something like “state your conditions”…

I just thought, “What are you talking about? Are you stupid?”

Somehow, this world really had a lot of short-sighted people.

I didn’t know what they were thinking.

It’s easy to come up with a formula like this “talked to me → ignored → annoyed! I will attack you!”

Too few people think, “Why was I ignored?”

Too thoughtless.

It’s a miracle that there hadn’t been a single war since I came to this world.

“Do you guys want to be killed that much?”

Seeing Rodo with his sword drawn, those people paled.

…really, every time, if it’s scary enough to make you tremble, they shouldn’t have said it.

Too incompetent to learn.

I was stunned and could only sigh.

“…is it okay? Will you hate me next time?”

So what made them think like that?

…Rodo didn’t have to react every time.

There’s no reason for me to hate them.

I can’t help but laugh at how stupid it is.

“No matter what happens, there’s no way I can dislike Rodo, okay? …the reason why I stop Rodo every time is not out of mercy as you think, you know? Can’t you understand yet?”

The people’s faces stiffened in an instant as if a sound had rung out.

I didn’t even feel like following up with them.

It’s time to figure out at least the personality of the guy called “I”.

I think they should know that much before trying to make us immigrate.

“You guys aren’t worthy of being killed by Rodo. It’s useless to deal with idiots who simply express their dissatisfaction without even thinking about it.”

There was a loud noise, but that was my true intention.

“…if there’s something we did wrong, we’ll fix it…!”

“[Wrong]? Where?”

I inadvertently interrupted the words of one minister.

As expected, even though he was overwhelmed, he didn’t erase his dissatisfied face.

Even though he was smiling, his eyes weren’t smiling, his eyebrows were frowning, and his reluctance was in full view.

“For a child who had just humanized…! Without the Akinist, even with your magical powers, a weak race like you would have been nothing!! …Your Majesty! As expected, let’s call out to the half-Akinists instead of Ko.”

“Damn, you…! To say such a thing in front of the Akinist…”

King Sievert’s face turned pale at the words of one of the ministers.

…but that way of saying it could mean that if Rodo and the others weren’t there, they were allowed to say it.

(It wasn’t just Rodo, but everyone got angry…)

These people really don’t think about the future.

Did they think I have the power to stop all five of them?

It would probably work out somehow if I restrained them, but I don’t want to do that even though they haven’t done anything wrong.

“Bastard, are you prepared to die?”

“We won’t go to a country where there are people who make fun of our mother!”

“Cal, won’t go!”

“Me thu! Even if gow up, won’t apoach!”

Even father-in-law drew his sword and the children growled.

They had solemn faces, but…it’s cute.

(…well, this isn’t the time to just look at the children carefreely.)

Rodo looked furious.

Every time…aren’t they get tired of doing the same thing over and over again?

“Well, for those of you who have lived for hundreds of years, it wouldn’t be strange to treat me, who had only lived for about 30 years, like a child, right? …but, you guys who repeat the same thing every time are just wasting your years. You can’t even think about it…are you still important? How about your learning ability?”

Like an idiot remembering only one thing, the development will be the same in any country no matter how many years pass.

Even children like El have the ability to learn, you know?

Because he won’t repeat something that made me angry once.

“…there’s no reason for a child to make a fool of me!”

He got angry with a bright red face, but…

“You’re saying “child younger than me”. You don’t get tired of repeating the same thing every time, do you? …I’m tired of it.”

Come on, I want to get rid of this development.

“I never said that I would settle in Marihect, did I? Even though…haven’t you ever thought about why I’m ignoring you?”

“…isn’t it because you don’t want to listen to us?”

“So you’re saying you did nothing wrong, right?”

I knew it.

I expected it.

“…then, what is the reason?”

“…why do I have to teach you that? Do you think you can easily get the answer without even trying to think for yourself? While despising me as a “child”, why would you ask that “child” to teach you?”

Somehow, there are a lot of people like this in executive positions.

If you ask a question, you will definitely get an answer, but if you don’t reply, they will get angry and say, “Why don’t you tell me?”

It seems like that this time too.

“As expected, you probably aren’t thinking of moving!”

“So you’re saying I’m wrong, right?”

How many times do I have to tell them?

I really want them to think for themselves.

“…enough. I’m tired, shall we go home?”

I’m tired of talking to people who can’t have a conversation.

I unintentionally let out a sigh, but it can’t be helped.

Every time we meet face to face, the same thing was repeated.

It’s best not to get involved for too long.

“Are you going to personally go to war with Sievert!? Even though there’s an Akinist, if it’s just one person, it doesn’t matter! Don’t test our military strength!! If your partner dies, can you still have the same attitude?”

However, the words of the minister shouting hysterically made me snap.

“…what? Are you going to attack Rodo? …is it okay to take it as Sievert’s consensus? That’s what it means to use Sievert’s military strength, right?”

If you attack personally, you won’t use the military power of the country.

…it’s also been said that no one could personally beat Rodo.

“Marihect will not stand still if they attack our country’s Akinist. Neither would we──”

“I don’t need Marihect’s strength.”

I interrupted His Majesty’s words.

“Hey, Your Majesty? I’m going to erase these people along with the castle like this, so rule Sievert as well. I didn’t intend to deal with idiots, but it’s a different story if Rodo is attacked. Disappear from this world without even leaving a piece of meat behind.”

When I said that, the surroundings became noisy.

“There’s no way you can do such a thing!”

“I can’t? …if I erase everything from existence, you can’t put it back.”

I can erase and restore some parts.

But if I erase an “individual”, it’s impossible to get it back.

I’ve tried it many times with monsters so it’s certain.

“From now on, Sievert has become my enemy. If you attack Rodo and my family as you declared earlier, I will kill you all. ──without leaving even a corpse…”

I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t get angry when their family is attacked.

Even now, when I was told they’d be “attacking” my family, I was already holding back quite a bit.

When swords and magic were aimed at my family, I won’t be able to keep my reason.

Since that time when Cal was about to be dissected, my powers would run wild.

“If you touch my family, I will show no mercy. If you attack Rodo and the others, regardless of injuries, I will torture your family to death in front of you.”

Of course, those who attacked will disappear.

I can’t forgive them even if they’re just following orders.

“King Sievert, you’re pretending it doesn’t involve you. Of course, without exception, your family will also be killed in front of you, okay? Be prepared.”

Do you think I won’t attack you just because you’re a king?

There’s no reason for that.

If there’s no one to succeed the king, His Majesty of Marihect should just reign.

If Marihect doesn’t want it, I can give it to another country.

If no country wanted it, a ruler will soon appear within Sievert.

“For the time being, if you’re thinking about attacking Rodo at the moment, you will not be able to stay as a ‘minister’.”

“Y-You can’t do something like that──”


I cut off the words he was about to say and erased him.


“…nothing disappeared, did you fail?”

His Majesty called out fearfully.

Probably because he looked unharmed.

“I erased his memory. He’s now like a newborn baby.”


Multiple gasps were heard.

Even though they should know that I could erase memories…did they forget that until now?

“We’re going home now. See you soon.”

But there’s no need to worry about that.

Just like when we came, I used movement magic only on my family and returned home.

ACDWL 142: Coveted Human Resources
ACDWL 144: Little by Little

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  1. I get that other countries are desperate for Kou since it’s an insurance but why make an enemy out if him? Idiots. You should try to befriend him so he’ll want to protect your country and even if that won’t work, don’t resort to aggression that’ll put you on his shit list.
    Thanks for the chapters!

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