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「Amazing! To be able to read it.」

「Oh well, I am good at memorizing words.」

Haruto had come to the library with Aisha. As a result of going to the library in his spare time for a month, Haruto was able to entirely remember the words of the desert people.

「Saying that you’re good……you must be kidding. Maybe it’s a blessing……Am I wrong?」

Aisha narrows her eyes.

「Is that so? Because I was always good at memorizing since long ago, that might not be the case.」

When Haruto was playing dumb, Aisha looked at Haruto’s eyes.

「Your eyes moved a little just now. Your heart rate also went up slightly. You can’t trick the senses of the desert people.」

The lie didn’t seem to work. Haruto gave in and he raised his hands.

「Oh well, I don’t mind you not sharing it since a blessing is usually hidden. In exchange, I’ll also tell you my blessing. My blessing is『Divine Protection of Conflict』. It’s a blessing that boosts my physical ability to dozens of times that of an ordinary person. It’s not uncommon since all the desert people have it.」

Aisha smiled and said that. Haruto sighed.

「Isn’t that cheating? Knowing that I can’t lie. That’s killing a merchant.」

「Well, some people can tell a lie that even we can’t see. Some of the merchants of Claris who are doing business with the desert people are very good at hiding their hearts.」

「So there’s a way to hide it……can you train me? Because I might also do business with the desert people.」

Aisha smiled bitterly.

「I am a desert citizen too, you know……OK. Let’s try an intensive training. That’s right……try lying.」

「I am from the kingdom.」

When Haruto told a lie, Aisha shook her head.

「That’s not all bad, but it’s worse than before. The crucial thing is not to be conscious of lying and think of it as not a lie. Mixing truths in the lie will also work.」

Haruto, after thinking for a while, said a new lie.

「My debt is 30 million.」

In this case, it’s true that he’s in debt, but it’s a lie since it’s only 20 million.

「Ah! That one was good. Shall we continue with this condition?」

「Practicing lying can be done at home as well. More than that, tell me more about the desert people. I can somehow read a book in your language to some extent.」

Haruto absolutely wanted coconut oil. Coconut oil had the effect of hardening the soap, but coconuts were native to the East. He could only get it by trading with the desert people. There’s no loss if he had knowledge about the desert people when he purchased from them.

「That’s fine. What do you want to ask?」

「Hmm. It’s written that you are making a living through hunting and trading……what exactly are you hunting in the desert?」

When Haruto said that, Aisha answered pleasantly.

「We’re hunting dragons. We can have the meat to eat while the scales and fangs become ornaments. Ah! I’m talking about the carnivorous type, not the one with the goofy face that can walk around here in Claris……excuse me, it’s not a mild herbivore.」

Haruto thought of the dragons that Eugene owned. Indeed that dragon had a face that looked stupid. He was doubtful why it wouldn’t attack a man, but it seemed to be herbivorous. Certainly, that mouth wasn’t suitable for eating meat.

「It’s not just hunting and trading either. We also do agriculture and stockbreeding at the oasis. Recently, we’ve excavated mana stones.」

「Are you mining too?」

It’s hard to imagine the sight of desert people digging the ground like in the mines. Haruto thought rudely.

「Just a little because we have few techniques in mining. I know it’s a big vein since quite a bit comes out and only at the moat. There was also talk about the Western people teaching us technical skills, but since we had a conflict with Claris……」

Aisha muttered regretfully.

「Is that why there was a conflict between Claris and the desert people? They were still trading so it shouldn’t be such a lousy relationship, right?」

Aisha answered Haruto’s doubt.

「It’s because of the territory of the Great Forest. The desert people have used the resources of the Great Forest since long ago. But the Great Forest is also the territory of Claris. Since the desert people have a thin concept of private ownership rights, they have not realized Claris claiming territorial rights so far. Claris’ people as well, they did not think about using the Great Forest’s resources until they crossed the mountain range. They did not even know that the desert people were using the resources of the Great Forest. It’s a stupid story, isn’t it? But as the population of Claris increased, they have expanded to the Great Forest. The population of the desert people also increased, and they could get the resources from the Great Forest to sustain it. That’s why there’s conflict.」

The desert had scarce resources and especially low on water and wood. The resources from the Great Forest was their lifeline. Claris also had a population large enough to enter the top five of the west and wanted to secure the abundant resources from the Great Forest.

「The vast mountain range is Claris’ territory, and the Great Forest was settled as the desert people’s territory. How far from the large mountain range can be considered the Great Forest? Just at that time when they were discussing it, the kidnapping incident of the desert people occurred…… that’s why the peace treaty was broken off.」

That’s terrible luck. Haruto sympathized with the congressmen of Claris. They should have conceded a lot to the desert people and made a lot of concessions but a foolish Clarisian made a slavery hunt which ruined all their hard work.

「Since then, the desert people have refused to talk to Claris. And since the old man is stubborn……」

Aisha had a distant gaze. She thought of the leaders of the desert people in her hometown. Haruto also wondered. Since the desert people refused to talk with Claris, it’s in a state where the diplomatic relations are severed. How could Claris trade with the East? Haruto thought of that and asked Aisha.

「The desert people are having trouble trading with Claris but in any case, most of their income is through trade, so there are a lot of people who secretly trade. The Patriarchs tolerate it. If you crack it down, there would be many people starving. Besides, the luxury goods that the Patriarchs eat are generally obtained from Claris.」

The desert people seemed to have their circumstances. They’re not stupid enough to hold a particular stance. Haruto, who came from a different world, thought that profit was made through mutual concession and mutual prosperity This was probably because he’s an outsider.

「I see……oops, it’s about time to go home……let’s go back.」

「Yeah. That said, didn’t you buy new slaves?」

「Ah. I have to go pick them up.」

Haruto stood up and closed the book, leaving the library with Aisha.

「Because I’ll head to Eugene’s place, you go to the factory. And wear your hood. It’ll be troublesome if you’re found out by slave hunters.」

「Yup. I know.」

Aisha said so and covered her head with the hood deeply before breaking up with Haruto. Haruto saw Aisha off and went to the slave-trading post.


After walking for a while, three people in green clothing passed Haruto as well. They’re desert people.

Speaking of which, I haven’t seen them recently…… They might have something to do with Aisha.

He thought about such things while arriving at the slave-trading post. Opening the door, he told the receptionist to call for Eugene. Eugene appeared after a while.

「Asuma……The slaves are this way.」

Eugene was quite haggard, even worse than a month ago. One month ago, the『various』things seemed to have not been settled yet.

「You did not sleep lately.」

「Ah, there are various things……very many.」

That’s why Eugene’s face was blue. Although he couldn’t help no matter how hard Haruto worried.

They walked for a while and arrived at a prison cell.

「Look, slaves. Check them.」

Eugene negligently passed the documents to Haruto. Haruto compared the documents with the imprisoned children.

「I have certainly received them.」

Haruto brought the 15 slave children to the factory.


「Now then, the number of slaves increased to 60. I would like them to group up to improve work efficiency.」

Haruto gathered the children and declared so.

「First of all is the cooking group. There are four people now so add 2 more. Emil, I’ll make you the leader. Perfectly command 5 people.」

「Ah, yes.」

Emil responded with tension.

「Next is the wagon team. Up to now, 9 people from the northeast had been helping to move the carriage, so I’ll have you specialize in that from today. The leader is Sol.」

「Yes……I will do my best.」

Sol answered in an awkward Claris language.

「The remaining 50 people are divided into 5 groups. The leaders are In, Urs, Kil, Chlor, and Saul. You can make the soap as usual. For the members of the team with the largest number of production, I will increase their salary by one large copper coin.」

When Haruto said so, the children’s eyes shone. When Haruto ordered them to dissolve, they started making soap at once.

The working speed was faster than usual which was what Haruto intended.

He organized the work into three parts: cooking, wagons, and manufacturing. He urged competition in the production team by dividing it into four groups. With this, soap production efficiency would take a leap.

「Haruto-san……You have a face like Eugene-san.」

When Roa pointed it out, Haruto returned to his usual face. Aisha smiled and said.

「Eh, why not? For me, I love the crappy face that Haruto makes.」

Haruto just smiled. He did not know whether it’s praise or not, but he wondered if he might have been praised.

「Well then, I also want to eat a late lunch, do you want to go to Undine? Roa, are you coming as well?」

「That’s right. I will go too.」

「That’s unfair. I want to go too.」

Aisha whined but she couldn’t go to public places.

「It can’t be helped. The slave hunters will give up in one month. Let’s go at that time.」


When Haruto said so, Aisha looked a bit lonely. Haruto worried but left Aisha as Roa pulled his sleeve.


「So then, do you have something to tell me?」

After entering Undine, sitting on a seat, and completing an order, Roa said abruptly.

「Well, I didn’t say anything yet.」

「I can understand how Haruto-san thinks. In a situation where Aisha could not eat, and us going to Undine where Aisha can’t, I wouldn’t say anything if it’s the usual Haruto-san.」

Indeed, it is as she said. It may have been a little unnatural, so Haruto reflected a little.

「It’s not a big deal……Didn’t you see the desert people recently?」

「Indeed, there are quite a lot recently.」

With Haruto’s reminder, Roa also remembered. She’s recently often seen green clothes.

「I definitely think that it has a relationship with Aisha……what do you think?」

Roa answered after being troubled for a while.

「I think so too, but why would Aisha not say anything to us? Aisha should have noticed it.」

「I guess she ran away from home? That would explain it.」

If Aisha’s claims were correct, then she could go home with the desert people. But Aisha did not attempt to come in contact with the desert people. Rather, she’s avoiding them. In other words, she didn’t want to go home. If Aisha was a runaway girl, and the desert people came to bring Aisha back, then Aisha was trying to escape from the desert people.

「When it comes to it, it’s a lie when she said she’s running away from slave hunters.」

「It’s still early to draw a conclusion. Later, we can ask Aisha.」

Roa said that and bit into a skewer. The juice dripped down her mouth, and Roa kept eating without noticing it. Haruto was strangely bothered by it, so he wiped Roa’s mouth with a handkerchief.

「N! I will do it myself if you told me!」

Saying so, she took the handkerchief from Haruto and wiped the edge of her mouth herself. Her face was red.

「You’re blushing.」

「It’s unnecessary concern.」

Roa’s face became even redder, and because the situation was interesting, Haruto deftly laughed.

「Ah! Oniichan, Onee-chan. Long time no see!!」

Raising a loud voice, Maria came closer. She’s as energetic as usual.

「Oi. You’re inside the store. Don’t shout.」

Haruto cautioned. Maria had a fed-up look for a moment, before nodding as if convinced. Her training was perfectly in place.

「Maria-chan. I’m seeing desert people recently, do you know something?」

Roa asked Maria. A 10-year-old child would not have known such circumstances, but there’s no loss in listening.

「It seems that they’re looking for someone! Even if you come to a shop, they’re busy looking around. Even in the central square in front of the fountain, they’re watching the crowd all the time!」

They got good information. These further raised the possibility of Aisha’s runaway theory.

「What’s wrong?」

Maria was curiously tilting her neck. It was pretty cute.

「No, it’s nothing. I was just a little worried.」

For what? Maria did not pursue it and changed the topic.

The state of her recent studies, her impression on soaps, and as she continued to talk about the condition of the business, Maria suddenly asked Haruto.

「Speaking of which, how can I get a baby?」

Haruto spat out the water he was drinking. Maria’s face showed no hint that she was joking. It seems to be from pure interest since her eyes were sparkling.

「Stork-san will bring you one.」

When Haruto was prepared to deceive her, Maria sighed.

「Not the transportation route, I’m talking about the manufacturing method.」

This damn brat!

It became unexpectedly annoying. Where on earth did she learn such cheeky words……Probably from Roa.

「Maria is already 10 years old so I don’t think it’s a good idea to misrepresent it, Haruto-san.」

「Well then, you explain.」

Haruto retorted, but Roa nodded then said.

「I understand, then I will explain.」

Haruto seemed a bit surprised at that light response. If it’s Roa she would have a red face while saying,「What are you trying to make a maiden say!」He thought that she would show such a reaction.

「That’s okay. The baby in the womb is created when the male sperm and the ovum are linked together.」

The explanation was in full swing and Maria was fully invested.

「How does a sperm of a man enter a woman’s womb?」

She asked with pure eyes while looking at Roa. How will you respond to this? Haruto unconsciously looked at Roa’s face.

「That’s from……a kiss!」

Haruto unexpectedly fell off the chair. Haruto whispered to attract Roa.

「You, are you really saying that?」

「Eh! Is it different?」

Seeing that blank look on her face, Haruto unintentionally put his hand on his forehead.

「Oh! As expected of onee-chan. You know! Ah! I have to go since I have to work!」

Maria energetically left. Haruto watched Maria go away then asked Roa again.

「Do you really think that you can make a kid if you kiss?」

「My father told me that, so there’s no mistake. Ah! After kissing Haruto, I’m not pregnant because I had my menstrual period.」

Haruto wondered if he should say the truth, but Roa was already 14 years old. As expected, it would be a problem if she didn’t know at this age.

「Listen well. Children are……」

Haruto lightly told about sexual activity. Roa’s face turned red like a boiled octopus.

「You didn’t know that you have been provoking me on the bed? Even when Aisha said it was shameful, you still told her that we’re not in that kind of relationship?」

「No, that……somehow.」

「Somehow? Amazing. You are a natural pervert.」

Haruto teased which made Roa’s face even redder. With a sheepish look, she stared at Haruto.

「Haruto-san is……that……do you want to do that with me?」

He was asked a difficult question. If he said yes, then he’d be seen as a pervert. If he said no, then it meant he didn’t see her as a woman. Haruto answered while carefully choosing his words.

「Uhm~……I want to, but I won’t do it if you don’t want it, because I am a man. If you don’t want me to do it, I’m not evil enough to force you. Even though we had been together for a while, I haven’t touched you yet so please trust me.」

Listening to Haruto’s words, she was convinced and had a peace of mind.

「By the way Haruto-san.」


「Please do not massage my chest while I am asleep. It’s painful now that I’m in my growth period.」

I wonder if there’s no problem if it doesn’t hurt? Haruto wondered a bit.

「Sorry about that. It’s not in my memory, so maybe I’m doing it unconsciously. But you also suck my ears and neck, so we’re even.」

Especially in the summer, it was terrible. Perhaps she was having a dream of eating ice cream.

「I agree……well then, we’re both even. It’s been too long, so let’s get back to work.」

Roa and Haruto got up.


That night.

「Hey, Aisha. You don’t have to hide it with us, right?」

Haruto straightforwardly asked Aisha. Aisha responded while trembling.

「W-what is it?」

Her eyes were swimming. It might be better to retreat.


Just when Haruto was about to question her, there was a knock on the door. Haruto instructed Aisha to hide in the closet, then opened the door.

「Yo, Asuma. Sorry, it’s late at night.」

Eugene, with a haggard face, was there.

「I am in a hurry so I’ll finish my business here.」

Eugene walked in.

「I am looking for a desert person called Aisha. Do you know her?」

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