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A/N: I wrote in the foreword to chapter 30 in detail, I made a misunderstanding, and I completely forgot about the system of taxation. When I calculate again, I found that the numbers were different. However, it does not affect the progress of the story much, so it’s okay.

「So, it’s a price increase negotiation……by how much? 」
Haruto asked the village chief of the fishing villages once they’ve gathered.

「I would like to raise the price by 4000 Doria」
The representative said so. Roa who heard it rounded her eyes.

「Are you joking? It’s just seaweed ash. Even 1000 Doria is high」
As Roa says so, the representative snorted.
「Would you buy it if you really think so? 」
After being told so, Roa went silent. What is gathered here are the village chiefs of the fishing villages contracted by Haruto. 『I don’t have to buy it』they can’t say that with conviction.

「Aren’t you profitable? We just want a share of that」
As the representatives say so, the other village chiefs also coordinated.

Haruto opened her mouth after a while.
「As expected, increasing it four times so suddenly is too much. We are also in trouble. How about two times? 」
Haruto said so, the representative shook his head.
「You may become profitable with the economic boom, we are struggling with the high prices. We can compromise at three times. I will not yield to less」 (Let’s really cancel the contract if he wants to lower it further)
Haruto used his blessing to listen to the representative’s real intention. It seems that they don’t want to budge. Haruto sighs.

「I understand. Three times is good. The details will be for later」
Haruto stood up while saying so, leaving that place. In the back, an overjoyed voice for winning negotiations against the merchants’ echoes.

「Ma, they’re happy now but」
Haruto muttered it could be taken away which is lost.


「Why did you negligently agree to their bargaining price? They must have been struggling with their lives. Can’t you refuse it without sounding bully-ish? 」
After going back to the store, Roa pointed out and complained to Haruto.

「Impossible. I tried using my blessing to know their real intention, but it seems that they won’t yield」
Haruto said carefreely.
「Is that so……but why are they suddenly so aggressive? Isn’t it strange? 」
Haruto answers Roa’s question.
「It seems they have a big catch recently. So even if their income from ash disappears, there would still have a way to secure revenue. Ma, that’s not all. For now, I got Dennis to check it out」
The moment Haruto said so, Dennis came while running out of breath.

「It’s serious, Chairman!! 」
「What happened? Dennis-san. I can’t believe you’re running out of breath……are you the harbinger of the natural disaster? 」
Roa watches Dennis while saying so. Dennis said while out of breath.

「It seems that Samaras Chamber of Commerce is selling soap. They posted a sign in the town hall earlier. They seem to sell it at 400 Doria. What will you do! ? 」
Roa paled at Dennis’ words.
「W-What are we going to do! ! Haruto-san!? 」
Haruto answers while drinking tea.

「Calm down. The leakage of information is expected when we hired second-class citizens. They can understand it to some extent from the preparation of alkali. I guess it was trial and error, so they did not do anything for a year. This is why the fishing villages can afford to cut our contract. Even if we refuse, they can still sell it to Samaras Chamber of Commerce. Ma, it’s just as expected」
Haruto pours tea into an empty cup. Haruto tries to drink the tea but, Roa takes the cup, and drinks from it.

「Why are you still drinking! We’re in a big pinch」
Haruto scratched his head for a while and got up, explaining to Roa.

「Understand? If they’re selling at 400 Doria, they’re probably selling the ordinary ones. The luxury soaps can’t be imitated so quickly as the oil type and formula is complicated. If they sell at 400, we can just sell it at 350」
Haruto continued after taking a breath.

「Up until now, we had beaten Samaras Chamber of Commerce. This time, those guys are just giving a little counterattack. This attack is not a big deal. We can deal with the price reduction, we have the monopoly on soap contracts. It’s even been sold to high-class recently. Selling to common people would be difficult. While we are dodging the attack of Samaras Chamber of Commerce, we can sell the luxury soaps as before. They have no way to prevent our attacks. They can’t shake us from winning」
As Haruto says so, Roa settles down a little.

「I see, although there is a means to prevent the attack, it’s not there. That’s true. We’ll lose if we hurry. ……But how can we handle the ash price increase? 」
「That’s right. Won’t we be in the red if we compete with the price reduction like this? 」
Dennis and Roa watched Haruto anxiously again. Haruto grinned.

「I have an idea about that. Come with me」


「Here is……the headquarters of Wolfstan’s Chamber of Commerce……what is here? 」
「Ma, be silent and follow me」
Haruto said that and opened the door, calling towards Adonis.

「Iya, Asuma-san. I have been waiting for you」
After a while, Adonis comes out while smiling nicely.
「E~tto, these two are? 」
Adonis asked about the two people behind Haruto, pointing at Dennis and Roa who has strange faces.

「These two are employees in my company. Can they accompany me? 」
Hearing Haruto says so, Adonis nodded with a smile.
「Eehh, it does not matter. Please come here」

Three people moved to the back of the building with Adonis’ guide.
「What the hell is that? Haruto-san」
「It’s a secret weapon that solves this situation」
Haruto answers with conviction.

They reached their destination after walking a while.
「How is it? I manage to complete it with the technical capabilities of our company」
Adonis said that and showed the invention to three people.

It was five big magic tools. You won’t know how to use it just by looking.

「What kind of magic tool? This? 」
Dennis asks Haruto. Haruto was waiting, and he answered.

「This is an electrolyzer. Ma, it’s a machine that can make alkali. I was worried whether or not they can make it……thanks to Adonis-san, I got it somehow」
Adonis says without a smile.
「Ma, the mechanism of causing thunder itself is not complicated. Even so, I did not think that there was such use for lightning. We also learned a lot. It made me want to try various things from now on」

Adonis and Haruto laughed at each other. It seems that they got along well without Roa and Dennis knowing.

「Now then, as for the price……how much? 」
Adonis answers Haruto’s question.
「How about 115 million Doria for five units? The price of the central unit is about three million……and it’s expensive to develop. I would like to take 100 million for development costs. So this time, only 115 million. If you order for more, it’s three million Doria per unit」
Haruto answers with a slight nod.
「Eehh does not matter. Since you made such a wonderful thing. I thought that you would take 300 million」
As Haruto says so, Adonis makes a wry smile.

「No no. It’s Haruto-san who gave me such a fantastic idea. But I’d rather you pay the money」
Adonis and Haruto laugh again. Haruto laughs for a while and tells Adonis.

「By the way, do you know Samaras Chamber of Commerce? 」
「Eehh, of course, 」
The laughing eyes now became sharp.
「You know that Samaras Chamber of Commerce is also selling soap?」
Adonis smiles and answers.
「Yes, I know」

Haruto shifts his eyes to the electrolyzer.
「Do you know what use this has? 」
「Yes. Won’t it decompose salt water to make soap material? I don’t fully understand the principles……but I know to some extent」

Haruto says, and Adonis stares back.
「I had you make this device to have an advantage against the Samaras Chamber of Commerce. So it’ll be troublesome if you sell this to Samaras Chamber of Commerce or other businesses. After all, we paid 100 million for developmental costs」
Adonis answers with a big nod.
「It makes sense if you think that way. This device would not be developed in the first place without your input. But we make money by selling magic tools. I can’t just sell it to you only」

Both parties are correct. If they selling the magic tool they made with Haruto to other rivals, it’ll be against their business code. But it can’t be sold only to Haruto. Adonis also worked hard on the development, if he develops this and sells it extensively, he would make a profit.

Haruto smiled again, telling Adonis.
「If possible, we would like a monopoly. However, there will also be circumstances. So why not declare a ten-year contract? 」
「10 years? 」
Adonis listens to Haruto.
「Yes. I would like you to sign an exclusive deal with us with a 10 years term. We can cancel it in 10 years. Until then, I would like Wolfstan Chamber of Commerce to be neutral」

Adonis answers after worrying for a bit.
「Fumu, fine. Then years. I promise. For ten years, our Wolfstan Chamber of Commerce will be neutral」 (「I’d rather you pay with money」I shouldn’t have said that. If I refused, my previous words would be a lie. It was amusing. I’m a bit disappointed. Well, whatever. It’s only then years. I, too, don’t want to engage in conflicts much. Still, I have high self-confidence. With this boy)

Haruto used his blessing to confirm that Adonis had no intention of countering his promise before taking out the contract.

「So, shall we make a deal」
Haruto and Adonis sign the documents. With this, Adonis will no longer ally with Samaras Chamber of Commerce.

「So we will bring this device to the factory by tomorrow. Please be ready to accept it」

Haruto and Adonis shook hands then broke up.


「So what is that? 」
Roa asked Haruto once again.
「I already said it, it’s a magic tool to produce alkali. The quality should be much better than using ash. I can also buy mana stones cheaply from the desert people, the cost is too cheap since the raw material is salt water. I initially thought I would get in 30 years」
Haruto answered Roa’s question.

「So, how does it work? 」
Dennis seemed interested to Haruto.
「U~n, put merely, electricity……it decomposes salt water into sodium hydroxide and chlorine through lightning. I don’t understand even if I say it……sorry, I don’t think I can explain it well」
When Haruto answers with a smile, Dennis thought for a bit.
「I see……ma, I could examine it extensively later……」
Dennis murmured.

「So, why did you remain silent until now? 」
Roa said while a little angry.
「I can’t use 115 million without telling you! 」
Roa’s anger is well deserved. Because I used a lot of money arbitrarily without informing his treasurer.

「Sorry. I wanted it to be a surprise. It was a sudden impulse……」
Haruto lowers his head to Roa and apologizes. Roa sighed.
「It’s okay. This company belongs to Haruto-san. Isn’t this an action based on the judgment that there’s no risk at all? I’ll forgive you this time. Please make it up to me this time. I will not forgive you next time」
Roa said that with a smile.


「Now, there is no problem with increasing the price. If you don’t mind, I will move on. Next is the measure against Samaras Chamber of Commerce. Tell me your opinions」
Haruto returns to the store, saying so in front of Roa and Dennis.

「As a matter of fact, we only have to lower the price in ordinary soaps. As the sales may also decrease, let’s reduce the production value by a little. The loss can be covered by raising the price of luxury soaps by a little」
Haruto nods to Roa’s opinion. Haruto’s thoughts are the same as Roa.
「Can I have a minute? 」
Dennis raises his hands and speaks.

「I don’t have much knowledge about business……but I can see that the price competition with the Samaras Chamber of Commerce is inefficient. You will win if you keep this up……but if possible, you should end this as early as possible」
Dennis’ opinion is right. The price cut competition is a futile competition. He wants to avoid it if it can be avoided.
「But how are we going to do that? If we don’t lower our prices, Samaras Chamber of Commerce will form a customer base」
Roa is opposed to Dennis’ opinion.

「Iya, I did not say that we should not lower our prices. However, we should end the game early. Samaras Chamber of Commerce is still in Claris since there are still customers buying bubble-berry. You should take away the real customers of the bubble-berry. I propose to manufacture milk soap ahead of schedule」
「I see. But there’s no space for production? 」
It’s because there’s no space to produce it so the new products can’t be sold. Although they’ve secured a labor force, there is no meaning without space.
「Should we reduce the number of ordinary soaps to manufacture? Then some of the second-class citizens will be free. Let them make the luxury soaps. So the slave doing nothing could make the milk soap」
Dennis said that indifferently. Roa bites on that opinion.

「But, wouldn’t it be fatal if the process of making luxury soap leak out? 」
「You can’t do anything if you’re afraid of risk. The mixture of oil can be done by the slave. The second-class citizens will do the other work. The oil used for luxury soaps are just the minor thing. I don’t think any second-class citizens can recognize it in its mixed state」

Haruto thinks about Dennis’ opinion. If this strategy succeeds, they will be able to expel the Samaras Chamber of Commerce earlier. The risk will decrease if they withdraw from Claris. However, if they implement this solution, there is a possibility that the luxury soaps’ manufacturing method will get leaked. It seems that the possibility is low according to Dennis, but there is always the danger. Haruto thought over whether they can implement Dennis’ plan or not.

「……I understand. Let’s do as you say. I might have been a little too scared」
Haruto decided to adopt Dennis’ plan.

「By the way, is Ainsworth’s mouth sealed? 」
Dennis asked Haruto. Haruto tilted his head.
「Mouth……do you mean there’s a possibility that she’d disclose to Samaras Chamber of Commerce the materials for the luxury soaps? If she gave the contract to others, it’d be an issue of credit」
Haruto has thought a little about it as well. But Branch is a merchant who represents Claris. Her credit can’t be bought with money. He thought it would be impossible for such a thing.

「That’s right. But Claris’ merchants are dirty. I think it’s better to just be careful? A wounded beast is troublesome. There’s a possibility that Samaras Chamber of Commerce may resort to brute force」
Haruto says after thinking for a while.
「I understand. Let’s keep her mouth shut. I will head to Branch’s place for now」


「This is Asuma-san. Long time no see. Thank you for always purchasing our oil」
When arriving at Ainsworth Chamber of Commerce, Branch welcomed Haruto. Roa and Dennis are left at home.
「No, I’m also saved. I’m sorry for coming so suddenly. In fact, I want to purchase new things」
「Is that so. Maybe we could also have a chat. Please have a seat」
Branch responded to Haruto with a smile. The only reason why she’s polite to Haruto is that Haruto has gained that much power.

「It’s inelegant to suddenly jump to negotiations」
Branch said so and rang the bell. Two slaves appeared from the door, handing out wine to the two people.
「This is a new product. Here you go」
Haruto carries the wine to his mouth as recommended. Very delicious. But Haruto is a young man who didn’t drink since three years ago. Honestly, he doesn’t know the difference between sake.
「This is delicious」
Haruto kept from making a serious reply. Branch seemed satisfied, smiling.

「Well, I must thank you too. Please try this」
Haruto hands the milk soap to Branch.
「This is soap made from milk. It’s made to be gentler on skin than traditional soap. It’s also suitable for maintaining beauty」
As Haruto say so, Branch picked up the soap with interest.

「Eh~, from milk……so, you’re not here just to advertise, right? 」
Branch smiled.
「Yes. I heard that Ainsworth also makes cheese? We want you to sell us the by-product, milk」
Haruto tells his requirement.
「U~n, milk is it……because milk is not a product. It will be expensive? It will be priced 2 or 3 times the market price……I think it’s cheaper if you buy it from another company」
Branch told Haruto to try other companies.
「Eehh does not matter. Because the quality of goods in Ainsworth Chamber of Commerce is good. We can buy with confidence. And instead of saying that……」
Haruto tells after taking a breath.
「We want to build a strong brand with our soap. I will be saved if you were in a neutral position」
When Haruto says so, Branch smiles good-naturedly.

「I don’t mind. Because I don’t intend to go to that industry」 (I thought he came here to gain some support……but it’s neutral. I’m quite confident. Ma, when he collapses, I can sell oil to Samaras Chamber of Commerce. Either way, it does not matter)
Is Branch initially not interested, she accepted it so readily. Haruto thought that his fear is probably groundless, there’s nothing absolute. He received a verbal agreement, so it was still good.

「Then let’s celebrate the formation of a new contract」
Branch said that and raised her glass. Haruto read the atmosphere and raised his glass.


The two people quietly drink their wine.


「That’s why I got a verbal agreement. It’s probably okay」
Haruto said so to Roa and Dennis.
「Eugene Malthus? Is he an ally? 」
Dennis listens to Haruto. Roa also continued.
「That’s right. That person tried to sell me? Isn’t he the most suspicious? 」
Haruto answers the two’s questions.
「It’s okay. He does not know how to make soap. But I know a vital secret though……I have confirmed it over and over again. Besides, we owe him 300 million. It’s okay since we have a bond of debt」
Before Dennis could be trusted, he can’t tell him about Roa’s secret and blessing. Haruto told him a bit with unclear words.

「Is that so? I hope Haruto-san has confirmed it……」
「Ma, I will not say anything if Chairman says so」
The two seems convinced.

「The groundwork is done. Shall we crush Samaras Chamber of Commerce in earnest」
Haruto slyly smiled.

Roa「Why are you the only one drinking」

Is it an electrolyzer, for more details, please search the ion exchange membrane method. I thought about using mercury or asbestos, I stopped because it seems to be bad for the body. Ion exchange membrane was solved with alchemy (magic). If I gave a detailed explanation, it would be boring, so I stopped it.

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