DWBS 24: Repayment

Slave’s trading system. I’ll write it before you point it out. Luxury Slaves(Beautiful appearance, have a good head) Police Officer → Country → Auction → Merchant → Consumers Normal Slave Police Officer → Country → Merchant → Consumers In the case of Roa Police → Country(Eugene’s Agency)→ Eugene → Haruto Eugene is a Congressman, so … Continue reading DWBS 24: Repayment

DWBS 23: State of Affairs 2

A/N: Many new characters will come out。 Three days after New Year, the Empire’s Emperor Westoria felt lazy。 『Your Majesty is there no government affairs?』 It came from a black-haired girl with ivory skin。You'll know she’s a slave by the chain on her feet。The words from the girl’s lips are not from the west, iya~・・・・it … Continue reading DWBS 23: State of Affairs 2