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A/N: I corrected the income and expenditures from December to March since it was wrong.

「Well then Dennis. I’m counting on you as the salesperson. Pass the soap, and get the fee. It’s easy for an intellectual like you, right?」
Haruto says to Dennis. Dennis deeply sighs.

「Haa, it can’t be helped. Just a little bit of patience. Really, why does an intelligent person like me has to work underpaid as a salesperson……」
Although Dennis grumbled, he headed to the shop’s counter. He seems to be unmotivated. Haruto went out to secure talent with confidence.
For the time being, Haruto headed for Undine for the rest of the remaining talent. It’s because Hannah said that she’d consult with Marceau.

「Hi there. Marceau-san」
Haruto spoke to Marceau. Marceau returned it while smiling.

「Hello. Asuma-san. About the personnel, there are two of my regular customers who recently lost their jobs. If those people are okay……」
「Thank you very much for this. What kind of person are they?」
When he heard Haruto says so, Marceau muddled his words.

「E~tto, if you meet them, you’ll understand. Asuma-san, please don’t discriminate if you hire them. They’re good people at their core. They’ll always be here at this hour」
Haruto doesn’t really care as long as they’re talented and loyal. Marceau’s way of saying it makes them seem like a weirdo, but he can be tolerant to some degree.

Haruto sat on the table and decided to wait. After a while, two large male(?) appeared.
「Hello. Marceau-san, can I ask for the usual?」
「Mine also, the usual. I can’t find a job at all」
There was an okama.


「This little boy invented that soap? That’s amazing!」
「I’m always using it!」
「This is……thank you very much」
Three people decided to take a seat. He’s not asking, but there’s alcohol being given to him. Haruto says after drinking the given alcohol.

「By the way, your names are?」
「I’m Allen Ash」
「I’m Ellen Ash」
Their faces were very similar. Probably twins.

(Even so, are all okamas machos?)
Haruto looks at the two people’s bodies while thinking so. Both of them have great muscles. They would be excellent as manual laborers.

「Don’t look with such passionate eyes」
Allen said while wriggling that body. A cold shiver runs up Haruto’s spine.

「So that’s why were you fired?」
As Haruto says so, they vigorously nodded.

「That’s right. Because I disturb the harmony of the workplace. Isn’t that terrible?」
「That’s right. It’s awful to get fired just because we’re okamas」
When you listen to the story, it seems that they’ve been fired seven times just for being an okama.

「So would you like to become an employee of my company?」
Haruto cut to the main point. In Haruto’s mind, it’s okay to be an okama as long as it does not interfere with the business.

「Is that all right? We are okamas you know?」
「Eh. I don’t mind. Instead, it’s good that you’re powerful」
If there is such a presence, they’ll be able to rein in the second-class workers. At the very least, they won’t resist them.

「Well then, thank you very much」
Two people lower their heads to Haruto. Haruto quickly took out the contract and signed it.

「Then, I will introduce you to the other employees, so in the evening, please come to the store. Your job starts tomorrow」
Haruto stood up after saying that.


「That’s why the Ash brothers will become our new employees」
Haruto introduced the two people to Roa and the others.

「Nice to meet you. I’m the older sister, Allen Ash」
「I am the younger sister, Ellen Ash」
The two people made a polite bow.

「Are the Okamas next after the NEET……I am somewhat worried」
「Nice to meet you. I am Rusk」
「Nice to meet you! I’m Pudding. Even so, you both have incredible muscles!! Are you former mercenaries?」
「It’s getting lively!!」
「Ha~, why did I get a job in such a place?」
Five people said so.

「By the way, you’re wearing pretty clothes. Where did you get it?」
Allen talked to Roa.
「This? This is handmade……」
Recently, Roa has come to learn how to handmake maid clothes. Although she said homemade, it’s just rearranging ready-made goods.

「That’s amazing!!」
「That’s not true. I’m only modifying the clothes that I bought. ……Do you want me to also make your clothes?」
As Roa says so, Allen put his hands together.

「Such a thing! Can you?」
「Eh. If you could tell me the material cost and what kind of clothing you’d like to make」
Allen holds Roa’s hands.

「Thank you!!」
「No, that kind of thing……it hurts. Please don’t swing my hands!!」
Roa screamed.

Ellen was stuck to Dennis.

「You look pretty cool. And you also seem smart」
「I don’t look that good. I’m only okay. I graduated from university」
When Dennis says proudly, Ellen grips Dennis’ hands.

「That’s amazing! I love intelligent men. Won’t you date with me next time?」
「N-no, I have to say no this time……uwa~, go away!!」
Dennis runs away from Ellen. Ellen chases after him.

「Un. They’re getting along well」
「「Help me!!」」
Roa and Dennis’ screams sounded out.


「Well, it’s been a week since we hired……how do you feel about Dennis and the Ash brothers?」
Roa answered Haruto’s question.

「Dennis is somehow doing a proper job. He can be promoted soon if nothing happens. He has a good head and good at filing documents. I have not taught him about any money-related matters since I still don’t know his personality……but he looks to be okay」
Roa says so and dranks tea, continuing to talk.

「As for the Ash brothers……they are self-proclaimed sisters. They work hard. The children seem surprised at first, but now they’re familiar with them. Although I was worried at hearing that they got fired seven times, there’s no problem with their abilities. They’re also strong and very reliable」
Haruto is relieved at hearing Roa’s report.

「I see. With this, we can collect second-class citizens. Let’s sell the new soaps when the Samaras Chamber of Commerce opens their shop in May. Looking at the modified soaps, something seemed to go wrong with the milk soap」
Haruto said that while drinking some tea.

「By the way, Haruto-san!!」
Roa interrupted Haruto.

「It’s a holiday today, isn’t it? There’s no plan scheduled, right?」
「There’s nothing but……what’s the matter?」
When she heard Haruto say so, Roa took out two sheets of paper.

「It’s tickets for a puppet show. Why don’t we go now?」
「Recently, didn’t we just go to the jewelry exhibition?」
When Haruto says so, Roa inflated her cheeks.

「At that time, there was Aisha-san who’s disturbing us. Let’s go out, just us two, once in a while」
Indeed, there’s less time between Roa and him these days. Because she was busy doing accounting at night, they can’t do much else. He doesn’t know what the puppet show is about, but it might be nice to go for a change.

「You’re right. Shall we go」
Roa smiled happily.


「Don’t be afraid!! It’s just an animal after all! Make way, shoot the soldiers riding on top!! Infantry, slash the tendons of the animals!!」
The Emperor Anders I puppet yells. The soldier dolls moved as instructed, the soldiers defeating the elephants one after another.

「Na~, didn’t Emperor Anders I try to invade Claris? Will the customers even come to this puppet theater?」
Haruto asked Roa in a low voice. Roa also answered in a whisper.

「No, Emperor Anders I did not loot Claris. After all, when they were invaded by Emperor Anders I, Claris was rapidly developed. Some people appreciate it, but no one hates it」

When he looked again at the puppet show, Emperor Anders I is fighting with the army general. The movements are surprisingly delicate. He can’t see anyone manipulating the doll, and he can’t see any threads. In Haruto’s eyes, the puppets seem to be moving automatically.

Haruto made sure that the fight was over before asking Roa.

「How does it work?」
「It’s Resonance Magic. There are two dolls, A and B. It’s a magic that when doll B’s hand is raised, doll A’s hand will also rise」
「That’s fantastic magic. It seems convenient if you could bring that technology in real life……」
As Haruto says so, Roa shook her head.

「It’s not such a convenient thing. To make such sophisticated movements, it’s not good if it’s not within 10 meters。Beyond that, the actions will be rougher. Because of that, Resonance is problematic magic. That’s why a resonance magic tool is costly. One million Doria for one. In actually, others are manipulating the threads of the Anders and enemy general puppets」
「I see. There are various drawbacks」

The magic of this world is surprisingly not a big deal. At least among the ones Haruto has seen. It can be substituted with Japan’s modern knowledge. Sometimes, the primitive way is even cheaper than using a magical tool in the first place.

「But I don’t get why the Empire is considered a magically advance country? That country is doing some sort of magic research. Perhaps they might create some amazing things」
Roa smiled happily.


「It was fun!!」
「Ma~, you’re right」
It was quite an exciting war record. He could thoroughly enjoy it even when Haruto is not familiar with the history of this world.

「Do you like war chronicles?」
Roa heard Haruto say so, and she nods.
「I love history in general rather than the military. I particularly like Emperor Anders I」
Roa began to talk about the history of the Empire. Haruto heard about names of people he doesn’t know, that person and this person did this thing. Haruto listened to Roa’s story.

While talking, they’ve arrived at the store.

Haruto talked over Roa’s voice.
Roa has a puzzled expression. Haruto had a little laugh, he kissed Roa’s lips.

Roa is surprised, her eyes wide open. Her face also turned red.

Haruto, after 10 seconds, released her lips.
「Ja~, shall we return to our everyday life」
Roa quietly nodded.

Income      About 22,500,000(soap 45,000 pieces)100 million(debt)
Expense      About 15,000,000(material cost for 45,000 soap, mercenary salary and others)+800,000(material cost of soap modification)+ 2,000,000(Factory rental fee)+450,000(salary of new employees)+28,000,000(repayment with 40% interest)670,000(sales tax)60,000(horse-drawn carriage rental)2,250,000(Income tax)
Income - Expense(debt not included)= -6,730,000
Liabilities    100,000,000
Remaining money     96,000,000
Real Property     -4,000,000

Other property
Slaves 60

Accountant and Slave Directory      Roa Samaras
Accounting assistant           Dennis
On-site supervisor      Ash brothers(sisters)
Mercenary      Rusk & Pudding

Material costs are higher since prices are increasing.

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