DWBS 33: Bath

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「What? 」
「It’s hot」
「You’re right……」
Haruto wiped the sweat on his forehead.

It became July. This is the third summer for Haruto in this world.

「Speaking of which, it’s almost your birthday. I’m sure you’ll be 18 years old this time. What do you want? 」
「I don’t want anything in particular……anything is fine」
「But just anything is the most troublesome」
Roa made a bitter smile.

「On another note, a new factory will be completed next month」
「I see. Among Allen or Ellen, which one should I send……I’ll just ask the two of them」
Haruto called the Ash brothers.

「That’s why I want either one of you to go to the new factory. Which one of you is willing to go? 」
When they heard Haruto say so, Allen raises his hand.
「I will go」
「Really. Then best regards」
Allen is determined to be the one who will go to the new factory.

「I have one consultation, is it okay? 」
「What is it? 」
Ellen told Haruto.

「It’s impossible for me to manage the factory alone. Why not hire some people? As a full-time employee」
「That’s true. Won’t the factory I’ll go to be even bigger? I want someone there too」
They said while complaining.

「I see……it may be better to increase the number of regular employees soon. How many people do you want? 」
Haruto asked the two people.

「Well……given that Allen will be gone, I want at least three people? 」
「Because I’m going to the new factory……I want about 5 people」
「Really……Roa. What do you think? 」

Haruto consulted Roa.

「I agree……it’s a good opportunity, why don’t we hire around 20 people? It will also lead to technological improvement」
Roa said that while thinking.
「Oh I see. If you say so」
In this way, he decided to hire 20 people.
「How much is the salary……is 150,000 okay. So we can differentiate with the Ash brothers by making their salary at 200,000. Let’s do that」
As Haruto says so, the two people rejoiced and hugged each other.

「We did it, Ellen! We can buy new clothes with this」
「We did it, nēsan! With this, we can buy new makeup」
「This is somehow surreal……」
Roa mutters, seeing two people with the same face hug each other.

「What do the sales look like? 」
Haruto asked Roa. Roa hands the documents to Haruto.
「Here it is. The soap didn’t sell much owing to a slightly reduced production volume. But it’s not that profitable due to the price cuts. The luxury soaps are selling as before. The sales of milk soap is also strong. I think we should increase it even more」
Roa smiled and said that.

「We started a new factory……so we should also increase the number of electrolyzers. I guess 3 units should be okay. Now that we’re stretched thin, I wonder if it’s better to build a facility for alkaline production soon? 」
Haruto said while looking at the report.
「That’s right. Let’s cut a little from the factory and build a new facility. Thanks to the new factory, the production volume will not change so much. Should we increase the slaves? Also, we should increase the production of milk soap」
「You’re right. We should ask Eugene for 40 people……and go to Domoor for the facility. We should also order new pots with the expansion of the factory. I wonder if 30 is okay? 」
Haruto decided on the general approach.

「By the way, how is the Samaras Chamber of Commerce? 」
Haruto said while lowering his voice.
「It seems that sales have dropped considerably. I asked Aisha-san to eavesdrop on them, they seem to be quite worried」
「Don’t tell her to eavesdrop. Ma, such an improper behavior. But I also got a lot of information from Eugene……it seems that the number of people buying the bubble-berry fruit is decreasing considerably. Our brand has also become famous」
Haruto said satisfyingly.

「Then, can I make a suggestion? 」
「Nn? What suggestion? 」
Roa showed a map of Claris to Haruto.
「We have our shops here where a lot of people pass by on the main street. It’s also close to the high-class residential area」
Roa says while pointing to where a store is.
「It’s the middle class who buy the ordinary soap. Here is where the middle-class people live. It’s a bit far from the main street. And the prices are not that high」
「In other words, we should build a new store where the middle-class people live? 」
「That’s it」
Haruto is a little annoyed. The soaps are selling well even at its current position. It doesn’t mean anything at all. He doesn’t know if it’s worth it or not.
「But in order to crush the Samaras Chamber of Commerce, it’s necessary to open a store in Shufelt. If you think about it, it’s not too bad to try to increase it. For the person responsible……Dennis should be all right」
「Let’s immediately look for a place」
Roa says to Haruto.

Fortunately, they found a place easily. There was a conveniently bankrupt shop. He decided to buy it and make it the new store.
「That’s why you got the job. It’s a good thing」
Haruto handed a flower bouquet and an appointment letter to Dennis.
「In short, it means that my work will increase……」
Dennis said obnoxiously.
Ma, don’t say that. Instead, we’ll give you some assistance. Come in」
Roa opened the door and three girls came in.
Dennis says after watching the three people for a while.

E~tto, I can’t read the situation……but who are they? These kids, even if I look at it, they look less than 15 years old……」
Instead of Haruto, Roa explains to Dennis.
「These children are Haruto-san’s slaves. I thought that if they learned management at this time, they would be a good asset in the future」
Dennis said after being silent for a while.
「……at least, they should be able to read or write as a minimum, and I’m not even talking about arithmetic……」
「That part is okay. In anticipation for the future, the child slaves can read and write letters, I also taught them arithmetic」
Roa said proudly. Dennis scratched his head violently.
「In short, you want me to babysit……」
「I will pay you three times your salary right now」
When Haruto says so, Dennis takes a deep breath and sighs.
「Three times……I guess my mother and father will get angry if I refuse. I understand. I’ll accept it. You guys, why don’t you introduce yourselves? 」
「I’m Emil」
「I’m Caimie」
「I’m Ann」
The three people lowered their heads to Dennis and introduce themselves.

「By the way President」
「What? 」
「Why only girls? 」
Dennis said while looking at the three people.
Iya, me and Roa are going to take the other male slaves. Ein, Urs, Kroll, Kil, and Saul」
「I’m not saying that」
Dennis moves his eyesight to Roa. Roa grinned slyly.

「A jealous woman is a troublesome thing. Oh well. I think girls are more honest」
Dennis muttered with a sigh.

A few months passed, and it’s April.

「It took more time than planned but it’s completed」
Domoor told Haruto and Roa.
「It’s quite big now that you see it. Can’t we make it a little narrow? 」
Haruto finally saw the completed house and said that.
「That’s a good idea. In ten years, it’ll be narrower」
Roa said while hugging Haruto.

「Here, this is the key. The explanation is as described earlier. If you find something you don’t understand, read this」
Domoor hands over some documents to Haruto. The house layout, and how to use a bath is written.
「Thank you for everything」
Haruto thanked Domoor.

「Haruto-san. Didn’t you want to take a bath because it’s troublesome? I want to enter the new bath! 」
Roa said with a bath towel on hand.

Haruto’s newly built house has two baths. One is an ordinary bathroom. The other is an open-door bath outside. Incidentally, the open-air bath can be a pool in the summer. It’s about the size of a rubber pool.

「Oh! It really automatically boils water. Indeed worth 80 million!! 」
Roa is delighted to see the bath where hot water automatically comes out.
「Because I spent a lot of money on this」
For the Japanese Haruto, it’s more unusual to have a bath that doesn’t automatically have hot water. He can’t stand the task of drawing water into the tub since it’s too troublesome.

「So let’s go together」
Roa said so, took her clothes off in a flash and covered her front with the bath towel.
「Here, take off your clothes too Haruto-san!! 」
Haruto was hurried by Roa and took off his clothes. Seeing Roa’s naked body as little as possible.
「Why won’t you look at me? 」
Roa hugged Haruto.
「O-oi! 」
Haruto is a little impatient. Roa is 15 years old, but the body is becoming more and more like a woman. It’s inevitable for that part of Haruto’s body to react.
「You don’t have to worry. Isn’t it a normal physiological reaction? ……are you ready yet? 」
Roa smiled and pressed her body closer to Haruto.

Iya……it’ll be a problem if you have children」
「Apart from that you’re okay? 」
Roa said while looking up at Haruto.

「……that’s because we have to settle the Samaras Chamber of Commerce first. Besides, in my country, if I touch a 15-year-old, I would be called a pedophile and given the middle finger. At least until you turn 18 years old」
When Haruto said so, Roa moved away from Haruto.
「Is that so. Well then, I’ll wait three years. It seems dangerous to give birth to a child at the age of 15」
Roa smiled.

They take care and enter the bathroom. It’s good manners to wash your body before you enter the hot water. The two began washing their bodies with milk soap.
「Haruto-san. I will wash your back」
Roa says so and started washing Haruto’s back.
「It seems that I can wash your back with my breasts……can I? 」
「Stop it since it will be hard for me to endure」
Haruto politely declined Roa’s offer.

Nn, thanks. Then I’ll wash your back」
「Eh! 」
Haruto went around behind Roa and started washing Roa’s back.
「Ah! Not there. There! N~tsu, ahh
「Don’t let out a strange voice every time!! 」
「I’m sorry……」

The two entered the bathtub after washing their bodies.
「Speaking of which, was it three years ago that we took a bath together? It’s nostalgic」
「You’re right. We had grown up compared to that time」
Haruto said while looking at certain parts of Roa.

「Please don’t stare so much. It’s embarrassing」
Roa blushed.
「Are you hot? I think you should go early? 」
Haruto said to Roa with a laugh.
「Fufu, that’s nostalgic. You interacted like that. That’s when Haruto-san confessed to me, that was amazing」
Haruto said while stroking his jaw.
「At that time, you were twelve……I was also young」
Haruto laughed.

The country next to Claris where agriculture is thriving, Shufelt. Particularly famous here are the bubble-berry fruits, and approximately 70% of the bubble-berry used by the City-State Union is produced here.

In Shufelt, Samaras Chamber of Commerce is the biggest force. The man who spread the name of Samaras Chamber of Commerce to the City-State Union, Reinard Samaras is sullen.
He is sullen because the store branch in Claris has made a big deficit. Claris has many wealthy people. There is a lot of demand for bubble-berry, and it was supposed to be a profit as a matter of course.

The miscalculation of Reinard is the emerging business called Asuma Chamber of Commerce. The products called luxury soaps that the Asuma Chamber of Commerce began selling, particularly the milk soap, has completely robbed the customers of Samaras Chamber of Commerce.

Reinard also took countermeasures. First of all, he investigated how to make soap. It was easy to figure it out through the workers. Reinard sold the soap cheaply to rob the Asuma Chamber of Commerce’s customers.
At the same time, he signed a contract with the fishing village trading with Asuma Chamber of Commerce, then orchestrated raising the price of the ashes. Samaras Chamber of Commerce and Asuma Chamber of Commerce have a different level of funds. According to calculations, this would be able to exhaust Asuma Chamber of Commerce’s funds. But it’s different from Reinard’s calculations, Asuma Chamber of Commerce responded to it by cutting off the contract with the fishing villages and producing ash substitute. Soap made by the Asuma Chamber of Commerce is better than the soap made by the Samaras Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, Reinard’s countermeasures didn’t go through, and it was only a waste of money.

「If it’s in Shufelt, I can somehow use brute force……」
Reinard mutters. Reinard does not have any connection in Claris. He tried approaching the three big merchants but they seem to be in neutral positions so he cannot obtain too much information.

「Reinard-sama. A report of this month came from Claris」
The secretary said so and handed the document to Reinard.
Reinard reads the numbers on the paper. The contents can be easily represented by the words『large deficit』.
「Tell them to withdraw from Claris. We’ll be bleeding more if we stay over there. It’s enough for us to know how to make soap this time」
As Reinard say so, the secretary slowly lowers his heads and leaves.

「Does Smith have to be demoted……even though he’s an obedient subordinate to me, it can’t be helped. I’m also dissatisfied」
Samaras Chamber of Commerce is not a monolith. Many people doubt the death of Helen and Rivas, as well as Roa’s disappearance. Those who made a fuss was fired, but still, there are quite a lot of people with hidden doubts. For Reinard, it’s easy to read what the other person is thinking, but if he fires all those people, he will lose 70% of all his employees.

「There’s still time. We need to withdraw and rebuilt our station」
In addition to Claris, Samaras Chamber of Commerce also has stores in Alto and Ringa. There is big profit earned there.

But, Reinard Samaras is still within the margin.

Chapter 33.5 Gambling

「Haruto-san. We’re finally here, to the casino!! 」
Haruto and Roa arrived at the casino. In Claris, casinos are legal and you can bet up to 100 million Doria.
Oi, it says here that those under the age of 15 can’t enter」
Now is September, Roa’s birthday is October so she’s still 14 years old. Of course, she’s not allowed.
「It’s okay」
Roa stands at the entrance of the casino with Haruto.

「Please give me a citizen registration card or an entry permit」
A clerk said to the two. Since Haruto is guilty of nothing, he obediently gave his card.
「Can this lady also take out the items」
Roa hands her citizen registration card along with some silver coins.
「Wherever you look at it, I’m 15 years old」
Roa smiles cutely. The clerk laughs and says.
「Indeed, wherever I look at it, you’re 15 years old. Have fun」
The clerk easily let the two people pass.
「Look, didn’t I tell you we’ll be okay? 」
Roa gloatingly laughs. Haruto has a wry smile.
「Bribery is a crime」
「It’s a lubricant in Claris」

Two people went inside. There were a lot of games out there.
「So, the money on hand is only one piece of gold」
If you take a lot of money, there’s a possibility of losing more while trying to regain the lost money. So the two of them brought in only two gold coins.

They headed for the roulette. Neither Haruto nor Roa is familiar with casino games. Even though they studied in advance, both of them didn’t understand the rules that much. Roulette was the easiest to understand.
「Well then, I will head to the table over there」
「Then I’ll be over here」
They separated temporarily.

「Too bad, you lost niichan. Still wanna bet? 」
A big man with a beard struck Haruto’s back.
「Unfortunately, I only brought one gold coin. I’ll stop here」
「That’s smart」
The man happily laughs.
Haruto did not lose to rage. At first, he was winning. But on the way, he bet too much and self-destructed.
「It’s deep. This casino」

Haruto looks for Roa while muttering such a thing.
「I bet all my chips in Red no. 9」

「Oohh, one more bet」
Oi oi, are you serious」
「I bet on this redhead girl losing. You? 」
「I bet that she’s going to win」

There was a crowd around Roa. There is also a mountain of chips in front of Roa.
The onlookers watch while drinking, the roulette began to turn. And then……
It went to Red no. 9.

「Oohhh!! 」
「Are you serious. That’s amazing luck」
「It’s my loss. What are you doing, dealers!! 」
Yatta!! Today’s alcohol expenses, GET! 」

It looks like she’s having fun.
「Ahh! Haruto-san. Please look. It’s amazing, right!! 」
Roa scoops up the chips with both hands. Haruto grabbed Roa’s clothes, whispering.

「You use your Blessing, didn’t you」
Haruto lightly hits Roa’s head. Before the casino collapses, he pulled Roa to leave.

「Isn’t it good. Sheesh
「It’s useless. The casino is not a place where you can cheat」
Haruto told Roa. But his face looks happy.
「But thanks to me I was able to buy an expensive high-quality wine. Please thank me」
Roa said to Haruto.
「I’m grateful」
Haruto says so and kisses Roa’s lips. Roa also takes it.

「You’re no longer shy」
Haruto said with a laugh, Roa inflated her cheeks.
「I won’t be a child forever! 」

They laughed at each other.

May to June

Income 45,500,000 (130,000 soaps with the lowered price of 350 Doria)  + 105,000,000 (30,000 luxury soaps raised to 3,500 Doria each) + 15,000,000 (milk soap) =165,500,000 =for 1 month
→Total    331,000,000

Expense 40,000,000 (material cost of ordinary soap)  + 4,500,000 (material cost of luxury soap) + 50,000 (milk used for 3,000 milk soaps)  + 5,000,000 (slave maintainance fee) + 4,000,000 (second-class citizens) + 900,000 (Mercenaries)  + 450,000 (Employees) + 4,970,000 (sales tax) + 16,550,000 (income tax) + 200,000 (magic stones) =84,720,000= 1 month
→Total     169,440,000

Sales-Expense= 161,560,000
Liabilities 300,000,000 (10% annual interest)
Balance 369,950,000
Real Balance 69,950,000
Slave 160

Accounting Officer and Slave Director Roa・Samaras
Assistant Accountant Dennis
Supervisor Ash Brothers (sisters)
Mercenaries Rusk & Pudding Rang, Tart
Workers 100 people

July (Before the completion of the new factory)

Income 45,500,000 (130,000 ordinary soaps at 350 doria)  + 120,000,000 (30,000 luxury soaps at 4,000 doria) + 15,000,000 (milk soap at 5,000 doria) = Total     180,500,000

Expense 62,000,000 (materials costs of 200,000 ordinary soap)  + 9,000,000 (material cost of 50,000 luxury soaps + material cost of 10,000 milk soap)  + 170,000 (milk for 10,000 milk soap) + 5,000,000 (slave maintenance) + 4,000,000 (second-class citizens)  + 900,000 (Mercenaries) + 3,850,000 (Employees) + 4,970,000 (sales tax) + 16,550,000 (income tax) + 200,000 (magic stones) + 12,000,000 (40 slaves) + 2,100,000 (pots) + 10,000,000 (alkaline factory) + 9,000,000 (elextrolyzer) + 10,000,000 (new shop) = Total   149,740,000


Liabilities 300,000,000 (10% annual interest)
Balance 400,710,000
Real Balance 100,710,000
Slave 160


Accounting Officer and Slave Director Roa・Samaras
Assistant Accountant Dennis →salary 450,000
Supervisor Ash Brothers (sisters) →salary 200,000
Regular Employed Workers 20 people→salary  150,000
Mercenaries Rusk & Pudding Rang, Tart
Workers 100 people

August to December (after completion of the factory)

Income 70,000,000 (200,000 soaps)  + 200,000,000 (50,000 luxury soaps at 4,000 Doria)  + 50,000,000 (10,000 milk soap) = Total 320,000,000 = for 1 month

Total     1,600,000,000

Expense 62,000,000 (material cost for 200,000 ordinary soaps)  + 9,000,000 (material cost for 50,000 luxury soaps + material cost of 10,000 milk soaps)  + 170,000 (milk for 10,000 milk soap) + 6,000,000 (slave maintainance fee) + 8,000,000 (second-class citizens)  + 900,000 (Mercenaries) + 3,850,000 (Employees) + 9,600,000 (sales tax) + 32,000,000 (income tax) + 250,000 (magic stones) = Total   131,770,000 = for 1 month

Total     658,850,000

Liabilities 300,000,000 (10% annual interest)
Balance 1,341,860,000
Real Balance 1,041,860,000
Slave 200

Accounting Officer and Slave Director Roa・Samaras
Assistant Accountant Dennis →salary 450,000
Supervisor Ash Brothers (sisters) →salary 200,000
Regular Employed Workers 20 people →salary 150,000
Mercenaries Rusk & Pudding Rang, Tart
Workers 200 people (100 people in the first factory and 100 people in the second factory)

DWBS 32: Love
DWBS 34: Wheat

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