56: Naturally

55: Kuuga's Attack
57: Get It!

“No, Kuuga… if he’s broken, I won’t be able to hear the story…”

Gadillas approached with a face that said it couldn’t be helped. While lightly complaining, he stroked Kuuga’s head, perhaps to calm him down. However, he thought it would be useless anyway, so it seemed like he’s just saying it.

Kuuga pursed his lips, but after a while, his ears and eyes hung down to enjoy Gadillas’ hands. Gadillas also loosened his eyes when he realized that Kuuga had returned to normal.

“Did you unexpectedly get angry?”

“What are you talking about? That’s only natural.”

Ku-, natural?”


When he replied like that to Gadillas, who said it was strange that Kuuga was angry, Gadillas involuntarily laughed. Kuuga rubbed his forehead against Gadillas’ shoulders to express his dissatisfaction as he did with his muzzle.

Then, the hand stroking the top of his head gently went down the back of his head, and the other hand went around his back.

“Your natural is embarrassing.”

Embraced with a terribly gentle force, as if holding something important, a soliloquy-like mutter spilled to his ear.

“You guys, don’t flirt in front of a prison.”

By the way, the BGM was Godo’s moaning.

Nowadays, it’s not a special matter if Kuuga and Gadillas came into contact with each other. Whether he’s human or beast. So they didn’t think they’re flirting.

He turned his face to Restalion, who called out with a disgusted face and tilted his head with Gadillas.

Restalion, who was looked at with that expression, pursed his mouth and wondered if they were unaware.

“By the way, Gadi.”


“The prison guard should be changed immediately. There’s a high possibility that he’s already someone’s minion… and even before that, he’s not suitable for such a position.”

“…are they lurking even in such a place?”

“Nevermind that, you guys should separate for the time being.”

While they were talking with his hair being stroked as usual and in the same posture as before, a tsukkomi came from Restalion again.

Since Restalion was being noisy, he reluctantly left Gadillas. It seemed like time has run out at that moment and Kuuga’s body was wrapped in light. Restalion’s cloak, which covered his waist, fell to the floor due to his change in body shape.

“…now then.”

With a slightly disappointed face, Gadillas got a hold of his mind with those words and gazed behind Kuuga. Kuuga was aware of it but still looked back, though he was sorry to have kept him waiting for a while.

Sonilreus was standing there with a serious face.

Restalion, who was wondering why Sonilreus was here, heard Gadillas say, “I called him.”

In fact, Sonilreus had been waiting a little further away and came just before Godo broke. Since he had no time to call out, he came closer as soon as everyone’s eyes turned to him.

Soon after, Sonilreus, who knelt in front of Kuuga, looked up at Kuuga with somewhat glittering eyes.

“Thank you very much, Divine Beast-sama.”


When he tilted his head because he didn’t understand why he was thanked, Sonilreus willingly explained from the beginning and continued with a small smile.

“There have been many times when the people who yearn for me went out of control. And I couldn’t reproach them strongly because they’re doing it for me… I’m glad that they’re thinking about me, but for some reason, I’ve always felt somewhat moody in my chest.”


“When I heard the words that Divine Beast-sama said to Godo, I knew why I felt like that… they’re using my name arbitrarily without permission… that’s why I felt sick.”

[Well, that would be the case.]

“No one had ever told them so clearly. ――that’s why, thank you very much.”

It’s certain that Sonilreus was loved. However, most of them were unaware of the discrepancy between their ideals and reality… no, he thought they’re closing their eyes to that.

They wanted this, so they’re certain that he must also want it. They think based on their ideals and move on their own. And they have continued to do that.

Sonilreus looked as if he had decided on something as he stood up and saw Godo still moaning.

He was wondering if he should call out to him, but in the end, he sadly distorted his face and turned his eyes down without saying anything. Godo had taken arbitrary actions, but Sonilreus seemed to have various thoughts when it came to his execution. However, he didn’t say it because he knew it couldn’t be overturned.

It’s also gentleness from someone whose name was used without permission, to the person who had already self-destructed.

“Sonilreus… it’s the usual formal questions…”

“…yes, I didn’t order it.”

They knew, but it seemed like they had to ask. He could see that with Restalion’s troubled face. And Sonilreus answered before being asked since he was accustomed to it.

“Well, this time, there’s also his own testimony.”

Apparently, the words that Kuuga pulled out earlier couldn’t be drawn out until that moment. Given that everyone had taken such an attitude, it seemed like other people instructed him, but what about it?

From his ability, Kuuga was certainly good at recognizing “words that could pierce a person’s heart” but it’s not so difficult if one imagined their feelings to the other person. He wondered if no one had done so until now, or rather, looking at the two men’s reaction, they feel bothered and had given up.

A country with a lot of places to tsukkomi… no, it might even be this whole world. It’s a sweet world packed in various ways. Even God asserted that it’s roughly done.

After confirming, Kuuga and the others left the dungeon. Everyone scattered because they didn’t have any reason to gather anymore.

55: Kuuga's Attack
57: Get It!

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