58: Suicide Volunteer

57: Get It!
59: Cancellation of Slave Contract

Three days passed since Gadillas had a holiday.

Godo’s execution was decided five days later, and they returned to their everyday life. Training with Gadillas in the morning, curling up at Gadillas feet during the day while he worked, or going for a walk with Lewis. At night, they’d take a bath, and he’d become a pillow for Gadillas while sleeping. Life was as usual.

Kuuga hadn’t been able to find out anything about the word “witch,” which he’d learned in his conversation with Rhode. There’s also no chance for Kuuga to be alone to do so.

Anyway, for the last three days, Kuuga had been distracted by something else. ――Gadillas’ line of sight.

Kuuga didn’t know if it’s because of that day, but he felt that Gadillas’ eyes on him had slightly changed. It’s not like the usual and felt more like a strangely hot gaze.

When Kuuga averted his eyes, he’d feel chills on his back and become restless. It seemed like the person himself wasn’t conscious of it, but he still felt terrible.

He had no reason not to know what kind of emotions were in that gaze. However, Kuuga was confused because he couldn’t believe it.

The strongest emotion was “trust,” then “possessiveness,” and the one that’s gradually growing in power―― “love.”

[That’s stupid…!]

It’s different from family love. It’s supposed to be aimed at someone of the opposite sex. What’s more, when it sprouted and boiled over, it’d become “lust.” Men often reverse the order, but that didn’t matter right now. It’s not in that area yet, but it’s a situation where it couldn’t be ignored.

Why did you go there…! He had the urge to grab Gadillas’ shoulders and shake him, but he didn’t feel like teaching him when he wasn’t even aware of it.

As a result, he had no choice but to pretend not to know it while enduring the occasional gaze.

Although he was in a mess, he still went back with Gadillas to the bedroom after their regular bath.

There were many things to worry about in that gaze, but it still felt good to have Gadillas wash him, and he also liked being stroked. If he made some distance now, Gadillas would feel sad, and he would never do that to him in the future. Perhaps the trust that they cultivated would disappear in an instant.

Kuuga, who entered the bedroom while following Gadillas, was worrying about various things. He suddenly had a strange feeling, so he stopped his foot and tilted his neck.


What happened? Without replying to Gadillas, who turned to him, Kuuga looked around the room and attentively listened while also twitching his nose. ――it smells strange.

Hearing the faint breathing sound, Kuuga looked under the bed by lying down on the spot.


Eyes were staring at him from a dark shadow. Like in a horror scene, Kuuga’s fur rose, and he involuntarily jumped. Because Kuuga saw him, the person hiding crawled out from under the bed with smooth movements. It was quite uncomfortable to watch.

Was it an assassin who’s aiming for Gadillas’ life, and since Kuuga saw his face, he’s trying to make a frontal attack? He tilted his head.


Kuuga hurriedly stepped on Gadillas’ foot as he tried to say something. The intention to stop was immediately conveyed, but he still looked down suspiciously. The intruder also looked at Kuuga suspiciously.

After doing that, he immediately saw Kuuga started to shine, so Gadillas took the gown on the sofa and handed it to Kuuga while vigilantly watching the intruder.

Perhaps he was trained not to change his facial expression as the intruder remained expressionless all this time. However, he couldn’t deceive Kuuga’s eyes. He seemed confused by the suddenly humanized Kuuga.

“Are you a suicide volunteer?”

Gadillas didn’t understand what Kuuga meant by that, but seeing Kuuga now wearing a gown, he curiously waited for the continuation.

“It didn’t seem to matter for this assassin since I felt no murderous intent. He seemed to dislike the work itself… do you hate the job itself, or that it’s not your intention?”


The intruder just stared at Kuuga without changing his expression. However, his eyes affirmed Kuuga’s words.

“Kuuga, what do you mean?”

“He’s desperate for something. He probably tried to commit suicide using Gadi’s assassination request. If he failed, he’d be guilty of death.”

“…you mean he didn’t want to succeed from the beginning.”

“Otherwise, someone who could break in here wouldn’t choose such a place to hide. Erasing his presence was also done poorly… there are many ways to commit suicide, but why do you want to do such a troublesome thing?”

Being told so one after another, the intruder turned his eyes down and dropped his shoulders. However, without saying anything, he stared at Kuuga with a desperate appeal for something.

“…perhaps he can’t speak.”

“I see, it should be a slave contract.”

Gadillas seemed to have guessed something. This time, he answered Kuuga’s question.

“It’s a magic that limits someone’s actions using wind magic so that they won’t turn on their master, won’t say anything extra when they’re caught, and won’t commit suicide on their own.”

“…ahh, I see, so that’s why he’s trying to get killed… is this method possible?”

“It depends on the contract, but it’s just barely there. Well, I wonder if it’s a loophole since it’s possible.”

A dark purple light spun around the intruder’s neck, perhaps because of the slave contract. That meant he couldn’t say anything because of that magic.

“Can the magic be released?”

“There is a magic tool that can forcibly release it… but the authorization to use it is… somehow.”

“Then, do we just restrain him and let him hide somewhere?”

When they approached the intruder, he started to move as if he was being manipulated and stabbed a knife, but his movements were slightly slow. Gadillas, who was able to read it, grabbed his wrist, dropped the blade, and then laid him on the floor to restrain him. When he looked at the intruder whose movements were blocked, he could see his regrettable feelings because it wasn’t his intention.

“Kuuga, what do you mean hide?”

“He wanted to quit being an assassin, and I’m thinking of recruiting him… well, if you don’t like killing, how about protecting? Or do you really want to die?”

He was still expressionless, but his eyes firmly captured Kuuga, asking him to explain what he meant.

“Your ability to sneak in here is wonderful. If you try to hide seriously, you wouldn’t be seen by an amateur. Would you like to use that ability to protect Gadi from the shadows? It’s a job similar to a Guard Knight, but you won’t appear in public.”

The intruder’s eyes were confused. He seemed to find Kuuga’s proposal attractive. Especially when he heard “guard knight,” he had a slightly envious look.

It’s no wonder that he, who had been working to kill people as he was ordered, had a longing for a job to protect someone.

“Yeah, let’s talk after releasing the magic. I also want information on the person who requested the assassination.”

“…Kuuga, why does he have to hide?”

“Because he’ll protect you from the shadows, you shouldn’t let the others know. But let us at least tell Uros.”

“…ahh, so that’s how it is… alright, should we move him to the other side of the bed so that he wouldn’t be seen from the door?”

Until the magic was released, the order to assassinate Gadillas was in effect, so they moved him to the shadow of the bed and tied him up so that he couldn’t move.

“…ninja. Stop getting excited.”

“Did you say something?”


Kuuga’s fanboy heart was quite stimulated.

57: Get It!
59: Cancellation of Slave Contract

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  1. How… Can you be so cute Kuuga! Will you create a ninja squad?
    It’s to be expected for them to fall in love, but I didn’t realize that Kuuga would see it all. That’s awkward. Good luck, Kuuga. And the second strongest emotion is possessiveness. It’s not weird for someone who was despised and alone with trust issues to be possessive of his first trusted ally, but isn’t it the birth of a yandere?!

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