RTBAS 024: Benwang Don’t Like It

RTBAS 023: Honorable Extortion
RTBAS 025: Benwang Don't Mind

At this time, the old lady tried her best to reduce her sense of presence, for fear that the idiotic Sixth Girl would ask her something that she loved.

Naturally, she didn’t speak.

“Oh?” The Ninth Prince calmly looked at the Madam and Xiao Mei.

The two of them were vomiting blood in their hearts, but they still smiled and said: “The Sixth Girl said that since the Ninth Prince needs it, she will give it to the Ninth Prince. This good thing should naturally be given to the person who needs it the most!”

They watched the carriage drift away. As soon as the Madam entered the doors, she ordered the guards to shut the gates, thanking that the doors were closed today.

Back at the main house and looking at the empty space, the Madam was so angry that she threw things in the house and made a mess.

As for Xiao Ting, she was smiling widely at the moment. Sitting on the carriage with her two maids, she’d look out from time to time.

As soon as she returned to the palace, Xiao Ting began to direct the people to move things in. She was very happy and felt very fulfilled.

“Move these two pieces to the Prince’s courtyard.”

The Ninth Prince just took one step inside when he heard those words, “Benwang* doesn’t need it.”

What string was broken? He could guarantee that his little wangfei* had no idea whether he could play the guqin.

And what landscape screen, only women like it!

The next moment, the servants were taken aback, not knowing where to move.

“That was originally for you.”

The Ninth Prince lightly said: “Isn’t this what wangfei wants?”

Xiao Ting said righteously, “Of course not.”

The Ninth Prince lightly twisted his brows, “Benwang doesn’t like it.”

Xiao Ting thought for a while, then said, “Then, send it to the young master.” Anyway, regardless of where she moved these things, making the Madam and Xiao Mei vomit blood was the point.

“Xiao Ting, ahhhh, why did you come back?” The voice of a crazy girl came.

Xiao Ting turned around and was suddenly hugged. It turned out to be Princess Zhao Hua.

Xiao Ting asked: “Why are you here?”

Zhao Hua looked at the Ninth Prince, and the Ninth Prince frowned, “Otherwise, why did you think benwang would go to the Xiao Mansion?”

Xiao Ting smiled and pushed away Princess Zhao Hua. She walked to the Ninth Prince while stretching out her fingers in an orchid gesture, then the demon asked wickedly: “Isn’t it for the Prince to specially pick me up?”

She blinked at him while saying so, really like a little goblin.

The Ninth Prince coughed twice, then quickly walked away, leaving only a sentence of ‘you guys play’ before slipping away.

The two women left behind looked at each other then laughed.

“Wah, Xiao Ting, I admire you so much. Ninth Prince Uncle was a famous immortal like in the paintings, except… no one can move his heart. Did you see how scared he was of you just now and fled?”

Zhao Hua looked surprised while saying so.

Xiao Ting didn’t think much of it as she waved her hand with pride: “What fairy in a painting? Nevermind that. This miss will let you walk around and show you my son…”

The two hooked arms and left for Chu Yun’s FeiYu Pavilion.

At this moment, Chu Yun was shouting: “Who asked you to bring these things?”

“It’s the Princess’ order.”

“What? That stinky woman’s thing? I don’t want it. Throw it out for me.”

“Hahaha…” As soon as Xiao Ting walked in, she saw the little girl jumping around while incessed, “Does Yun’er miss mother?”

“Come, come here and hug mother.”

She then ran to her, but Chu Yun ran fast, as if a tiger was chasing her from behind.

Princess Zhao Hua, who followed a moment later, saw this scene and exclaimed, “Aiyo, this princess’ cousin is a freak that’s not even afraid of Emperor Father. I thought he was not afraid of anything, but sure enough, everyone has a weakness.”

Xiao Ting finally let the servants put the things in the study and didn’t force Chu Yun anymore.

It wasn’t too early anymore, so Xiao Ting asked Zhao Hua’s purpose for coming here.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Do you remember the Bishuixuan we mentioned a few days ago?” Princess Zhao Hua winked at her.

“What’s up? Did they find a treasure?” Xiao Ting asked her jokingly while eating some fruits.

The biggest advantage of living here was the fact that she could whatever she wanted without having to pay for it.

“That’s it!” Zhao Hua patted the table and stood up excitedly while smiling mysteriously.

“Ah? That’s impossible. They really hit the nail on the head and dug up a treasure?” Xiao Ting thought it’s unbelievable, “By the way, what did they find?”

“I don’t know the specifics. It seems to be a map. Father Emperor is covering it like a baby, holding it while smiling silly and praising me and Fourth Brother!”

Although Zhao Hua couldn’t clearly explain it, she was still very happy, “Fourth Brother asked me to thank you on his behalf. If it’s not for you, he wouldn’t be able to leave that place!”

“He was grounded? You mean, that day…”

Zhao Hua stuck out her tongue, a little embarrassed, “Fourth Brother secretly went out to worship his mother concubine that day. If the people found out, he’d be miserable.”

Xiao Ting was not interested in the things in the palace. She was thinking what was in that map that made the Emperor so happy.

If it were gold and silver, then she’d regret it.

At this moment, in JingHua Garden, the Ninth Prince was entertaining a man.

The two of them sat under a blossoming tree with fragrant tea on the stone platform, the scene quiet and elegant.

The man took a sip of the tea then said, “The tea you have here is good.”

The Ninth Prince smiled faintly but said nothing.

The man glanced at him then emotionally said: “I don’t know who said he wouldn’t marry in this life. I didn’t expect that after being separated for more than a month, there’d be a mistress in this Ninth Prince Mansion. It really scared me, ah!”

The Ninth Prince chuckled, “really scary.”

*Benwang : I (referring as a king)

*wáng fēi : princess (in Europe)

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