STB Chapter 83: Base of Operations

STB Chapter 82: Propriety
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Haicheng, military control zone.

Small snowflakes fell from the sky. A group of people is doing drills on the field.

Their chant is weak, and everyone is carrying a backpack that is more than five pounds. Their clothes are a uniform gray with a lot of pockets at the top, and wearing thick soles, and non-slip shoes.

There are two old men next to the field, and behind them are old century styled buildings.

The exterior walls that have black marks from shells had been destroyed, and many places look like it was re-patched.

On the periphery of the field is a group of soldiers dressed in camouflage uniforms. They looked at the people in the field with severe eyes but did not act as instructors, and more like watching a prisoner’s every move.

A jeep came from a distance, hanging a special pass.

After Zhang YaoJin got off the vehicle, all soldiers simultaneously saluted him.

Cold air was sucked in, becoming white fog when exhaled, and blurring their line of sight. Fine snowflakes fell on their shoulders.

“Reporting to Major, this is the location where the corpse was found last night!”

The matters that can let Zhang YaoJin put aside the shooting at the Star Entertainment Media’s New Year’s Eve party are, of course, the latest changes in the Abandoned World.

In the military control zone, there are many ability holders.

They are responsible for supervising and managing this area, and there are also ability holders among the army and police.

It’s also easy to see the Abandoned World come here. They discovered through experience that Abandoned World has a particular law. After appearing once, there will be no second time within 24 hours.

A close look at the monsters of the Abandoned World and wrestling with them resulted in an extent of damage, but it’s away from the residential areas. More than a dozen similar bases have been established throughout the country. Every day, a new report on Abandoned World is handed over to the biologists who summarized the living habits of monsters and figured out the food chain of the creatures mentioned in the original book.

After winter, the distribution of monster species in the Abandoned World has changed significantly.

The monkeys have fur as a defense, and suffered little impact. Mole rats hide in the ground, and because of the cold, their food intake increase. The black hairballs that can be seen anywhere have drastically reduced, especially the bigger hairballs. Except for early witness records, at later times, they never saw the hairballs that are as big as a cat.

More noticeable is the cannibalistic squid. This horrible monster, except for the corpse lying on the Gingko Avenue of Huai City, they have not found a second one yet.

The squid’s corpse was brought to Red Dragon’s base by ability holders, soaked with preservative solution, and placed in a sealed underground fortification.

In the real world, there is nothing behind the tempered glass, but wait until the world overlaps, and that scary and hideous creature will appear in the container. Everyone who sees that corpse will be scared.

The corpse crow is the focus of monsters right now. When it appeared, Zhang YaoJin received the report.

“103 people were on the base last night, and all 103 actually entered the Abandoned World. The duration of staying in the Abandoned World, according to the timer, is 18 hours! When fighting with the monkeys, they suffered attacks from black birds and judging from its characteristics, it’s the corpse crows. This is a photo of one of the injured.”

Zhang YaoJin took a few pictures of the bloody limbs wounds, and after seriously looking at it for a while, he suddenly felt that the concept drawing of the corpse crow drawn by the Red Dragon is not enough.

“This is not a claw, it’s a blade!”

When Major Zhang carried out a mission before, he had seen a raptor. The first half of the three-toed claws is like three crescent-shaped sickles, sharp and pointed. When leaping to attack, it can cut off the throat of the prey, and into the victim’s windpipe. Even if it didn’t hit, because the claws have gone deep into the skin, the prey caught by the raptor wouldn’t be able to break free unless the piece of meat was cut off.

“Some ability holders said that the claws of the corpse crows are like the raptor in the movies.”

“……” He really wants to thank the author for being merciful and only setting the size of the corpse crow to the size of a common crow.

“According to those who personally had contact with it, ordinary people can’t fight the corpse crows, and its threat is far more than expected! The higher authorities have notified all bases of the country to be on alert, and to ensure the lives under the safety of the premises, try to kill them!”

“Very good!” Zhang YaoJin nodded.

They are in front of a building, viewing the claw marks left on the walls.

Major Zhang suddenly turned around, and looking at the crowd on the field, “How are the ability holders trained?”

This is the “survival training class” in this base. Red Dragon sent all discovered ability holders here. Some of them are book transmigrators. Those who committed crimes are held separately, and those with light offenses, for example, the Penguin Group members that provided many clues, after a few days of detention, were brought here.

There is no high-level ability holder, and most are from F-level to D-level.

“Poor quality, from physical to mental strength. There are a few with good performance, and they’re already recommended to go out. But Geng Tian contacted them, and there are various indications that Li Fei wants to establish Black Abyss.”

“Don’t worry about this matter.” Zhang YaoJin sighed.

Li Fei is now a tiger that has been provoked, and there’s also an angry Jian Hua behind him.

At this time, a Red Dragon member came to report, “Major, news came from the North. Colonel Lu asked if you sent someone to protect Li Fei’s parents and relatives.”

“Li Fei has no contact with his parents. Li Fei also changed his name himself, so his relatives don’t even know his current situation. Red Dragon has also made changes to the related information. Absolutely no one can find out about it, so there’s no need to waste manpower.”

“Understood! ”

Major Zhang looks back and continues looking at the group of ability holders. He casually asked, “Among them is a man named Lu Zhao, how is his performance?”

The person in charge of the base thought for a few seconds, before remembering who Lu Zhao was. He frowned and reported to Zhang YaoJin, “This person is quite social. He used to be familiar with the other ability holders. It’s just that for every fight, he would hide behind them. Over time, others have seen it, and they’ve alienated him.”

Zhang YaoJin shook his head.

Lu Zhao has a unique identity, but he didn’t get Jian Hua’s favor after more than 20 years of trying. A Red Dragon member is deployed to monitor Lu Zhao for a period of time, and when Jian Hua broke off contact with Lu Zhao, Lu Zhao packed up and tried to go to the North. Red Dragon directly took him away at the airport.

In regards to his value, Lu Zhao has little to none.

He has not committed any serious crimes, so there’s no reason to detain him for a long time. However, it’s obviously not right to let him go out. In the end, he was sent here, and subject to strict surveillance.

“Such a person, if there is no disaster or danger, will always maintain a warm and friendly image. People would also think they’re reliable.”

Zhang YaoJin picks up a telescope, and accurately found Lu Zhao among the group of people.

He ran among the last ranks, tired and dragging his steps. His eyes are looking at the jeep and seemed absent-minded. He almost hit someone else’s backpack.

“What did the cuckoo say?”

“No special reports about Lu Zhao.”

The cuckoo is military personnel of the Red Dragon placed among the ordinary ability holders. Some of them pretend to be natives of this world and some camouflage as book transmigrators. Their role is to try to get more information. This measure is very effective. Some transmigrators want to unite to attack the managing personnel, snatch their weapons and control the base. The result is that it was exposed before they could act.

“Okay, let’s go to Zone B to interrogate the American.”

Zhang YaoJin refers to the man named Jack. He was attacked by a girl ability holder with a durian. This feature allowed him to be captured by the Red Dragon from a Haicheng hospital. He completed the formalities of entering the country and with an innocent identity, but he hired a detective to investigate Li Fei’s whereabouts and schedule in Haicheng. He also rented a Ferrari car, which Geng Tian recognized. This American prevented Li Fei from awakening via the Haicheng overpass car accident.

Because they thought they could dig up more information about the American book transmigrator organization from Jack, the Red Dragon closely guards this person and put him in solitary confinement underground.

After a series of complex authentication procedures, Zhang YaoJin brought people underground, and inside the main building of this base.

To defend against the digging monsters, the already solid external walls were reinforced with more alloy gates and guards.

Abandoned World’s monsters can appear inside a house because of doors and windows, but if the cabinet is sealed, there will be no black hairballs inside.

The elevator opened and revealed a completely high-tech modern style. It’s completely different from the old style building above the ground.

The people Zhang YaoJin brought in never thought that the main military building is the main office of the Red Dragon. Why does it look like the 1950s or ‘70s, from the posters on the wall, down to the enamel jars used for drinking water? They have become accustomed to this kind of life and thought that this was the trend of the army, but even the book transmigrators who looked at it felt strange and confided that in their world, China’s government structure and military office building decoration are not so “outdated”. The reason for this is probably because the author of this book has so much knowledge about China.

And the book tells that this was the office building of the Secret Service Red Dragon……and this is the reason why the Chinese military buildings are like that, Zhang YaoJin really wanted to talk to the “author”.

When Zhang YaoJin walked to the interrogation room, the unlucky Jack is already inside.

He’s a little sloppy with a red beard on his face, and still wearing metal rings on his wrists. Connected to it is an energy detector. Once Jack uses his abilities, the master computer will find out immediately. Meanwhile, the bracelet will release a current, paralyzing him to make him lose the ability to attack.

Hearing someone coming in, Jack hanged his head and did not lift his eyelids.

Zhang YaoJin took out two photos, pushing it in front of Jack, “Have you seen these two people?”

One is the dead sniper, and the other one is the waiter.

Jack’s eyelids jumped. Although the expression was quickly controlled, his reaction was still caught by the surveillance in the room. The Red Dragon member staring at the interrogation room told Zhang YaoJin with a communicator, “He knows.”

Major Zhang accurately picks out the photo of the waiter. This person has been hiding in Star Entertainment Media for more than a year. Jack also went to Li Fei, so if there is a connection, the waiter is the most likely.

“I have never seen him.” Jack began to argue.

Zhang YaoJin quietly said, “Think again.”

His eyes fell on Jack’s metal bracelets. The latter obviously shuddered, and exposed a weak expression, “Ok, I know who he is.”

Jack is still insisting on skirting the line. He shifted his weight and said, “He’s a wanted fugitive in Canada, involved in drug trafficking, kidnapping, and murder. The Chinese gangs in Canada is very powerful, you know that! Such a dangerous person, I have seen the arrest warrant, and just remembered it.”

“Lie.” Zhang YaoJin coldly said.

When Westerners see Chinese faces, it’s difficult to remember. Their five senses won’t register it if there’s no distinctive feature. Looking at the arrest warrant, remembering it now, and still feel fear——it’s basically a fantasy.

Major Zhang found that the book transmigrators familiar with the plot can guess his identity from the stars on his shoulders + his tear-shaped mole. They’re also very clear on what his abilities are, so he’s used to facing them with threatening gestures.

“I……I came to China this time, and the organization told me to contact him.” Jack’s forehead is sweating, and tried hard to defend himself, “I just exchanged information him about some news about Star Entertainment Media. I didn’t do anything else!”

“Your organization, to what extent did it penetrate the CIA and FBI?”

Jack dryly said, “It’s true that someone is there, but as to who specifically and doing what, I really don’t know.”

“Your organization has been established for several years?”

“I already said that from the moment I came through, it already exists.”

“You don’t know anything. People like you have no value. There’s no need to stay here!” Zhang YaoJin ordered while raising his hand, “Give him to Li Fei. People from the Black Abyss will like this gift.”

“No, no, I know something, you just didn’t ask!” Jack’s face is full of fear. He struggled.

“Then write it, write everything you know.” Major Zhang looks on coldly.

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