STB Chapter 84: Holy Gate

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“Jack Jones, body age 24 years old, underground driver, gambler, member of American ‘Holy Gate’ organization……” Li Fei saw the photo of a Ferrari displayed on the computer screen. There is also a photo of an American with red hair and wearing sunglasses. Narrowing his eyes slightly, he smiled and told Geng Tian, “It’s the person who made you and me avoid the overpass accident.”

Geng Tian, from seeing Li Fei appear in this coffee shop, has a face that is not very good.

This Northeastern man held his arms and gruffly said, “Nominally, you’re still my boss. This coffee shop is also funded by you, but right now, someone is trying to kill you! CIA, MI6……including this gangster organization called Holy Gate, and you still told me to meet you here? Your ability can’t stop sniper bullets!”

“Temporarily can’t stop it.” Li Fei picks up a cup, and casually drink, “Red Dragon concealed part of the information. They won’t take the initiative to tell ability holders what my ability can do!”

Tossing the cup, the steaming brown liquid spilled. This process has been slowed several times and after the coffee has expanded, it all of a sudden shrunk, and once again fell back into the cup.

Geng Tian squinted his eyes. If he remembers correctly, Li Fei’s ability is fire, not water manipulation.

“You can also go and try it. Only in a place close to me, can I do this. Powerful abilities, before they can show characteristics, is a majestic power that can form a special kind of ‘field’.”

Li Fei shook the cup in his hands with the coffee still hot in it.

“It can block bullets?” Geng Tian’s throat is dry. He was surprised.

He is a veteran and later made a bodyguard. He is very good at hot weapons, and even in the Abandoned World, he gained a very powerful ability. But Geng Tian did not feel too happy. That is because he is sure that no matter how strong an individual is, no high-level ability holders can be arrogant when a bullet can solve all problem from a distance.

“I said, temporarily unable to.”


Li Fei smiled. He put down the coffee cup and relaxed on the sofa, “External forces can break the ‘field’. The power of a sniper rifle is too great, so there is currently no good way. But it’s a great defense against small caliber pistols.”

At least there’s hope. Geng Tian’s spirit perked up.

During life and death events, they can’t go back to training!

“This news, Red Dragon knows?”

“It depends if Major Zhang found out.”

Li Fei’s hint, Geng Tian thought for half a minute before he could understand.

Since it’s a “field” formed by high-level abilities, he can guess that only high-level ability holders have it.

According to the information brought by the transmigrators, 80% of ability holders are F-class to D-class. C-class is already quite good, and B-class is very rare. As for A-class, Geng Tian only knows himself and Red Dragon’s Major Zhang.

Above A-class, they can be called higher-level ability holders.

Speaking of which, around Li Fei, including himself, there are three of them……

Geng Tian involuntarily squinted his eyes against the Movie Emperor. Li Fei is different from the past. The clothes he wore are rough, and the style of the down jacket is supermarket goods, which is entirely incompatible with Li Fei’s aesthetics.

Geng Tian, although dense, is not stupid.

“Jian Hua, too?”

“He needs to calm down a bit.”

Li Fei did not say that someone is in a complex emotional vortex. At this time, when Jian Hua looks at Li Fei, his mood would be even more chaotic, so he can’t think quietly

“A sniper. If those agents are smarter, they should know that they’re pawns under Red Dragon’s surveillance! The CIA is more concerned about the sniper than we are, and if I didn’t guess wrong, Red Dragon is going to hold onto this ‘Holy Gate organization’ information along with the agents they captured, to negotiate with the US.”

“I have never heard of this organization.” Geng Tian, before being hired by Li Fei as a bodyguard, also worked as a bodyguard of a businessman belonging to a prominent family in America’s underworld. It can be said that even if not familiar, he should have at least heard of them.

“Is it a new cult?”

There are many small organizations in North America with religious flags. Their members commit suicide and self-immolation and also wanted in the US.

“No, this is an organization controlled by book transmigrators, or so to say, a large part of ‘Holy Gate’’s senior officials are book transmigrators. They were quite organized and disciplined. Superior and subordinate are on one-sided communication. What this Jack knows is too little.”

“Doesn’t he have accomplices?”

“Jack doesn’t know the waiter at all. It was the Holy Gate organization that made him contact the waiter. The two only exchanged information, but still, in Jack’s own eyes, he discovered that this person is a wanted person of the Canadian government.”

“What?” Geng Tian is angry.

The sniper is a suspected Mexican gang member, and the waiter gunman is from Canada?

“This Holy Gate organization, its power is far greater than we think. Red Dragon considers that the most valuable among Jack’s confession is his two companions in the US. Before November of this year, Jack’s mission is to monitor the protagonist’s uncle.”

Red Dragon will not send information in detail, only a general mention.

This does not affect Li Fei’s speculation——

“Our Johnson boy lived an impoverished life, and his guardian uncle is also a gambler!”

When referring to the protagonist, Li Fei inevitably brings ridicule.

No matter who, this person is the one “decreed by fate” to kill him, there won’t be any tone of goodwill.

“If they want to get closer to this teenager, there are many ways. Starting with his guardian is a good idea. Gamblers are the easiest to use, and the easiest to solve. Jack’s mission is not to be close to the protagonist, but to monitor his uncle. Apparently, he’s guarding against book transmigrators aside from the ‘Holy Gate organization’.”

Jack’s two companions is doing similar work, while “getting acquainted” with the protagonist.

The teenage protagonist is a quick and easy bait.

Any book transmigrator who can find the protagonist, if not absorbed by the Holy Gate organization, afraid they don’t have a good fate, especially those who preemptively want to earn the protagonist’s good favor.

Johnson Brown as the protagonist has his experience the most detailed, so there’s nothing to say.

Including his life experience, his childhood, his first love……

“Just imagine, all who showed goodwill to him, and those who took care of him, finally disappeared! No matter how hard he works, people will be biased against him for ‘other things’. Johnson already lived an unfortunate life in the book, but this time is even more difficult.” Li Fei slowly added a spoonful of sugar into the coffee.

Holy Gate organization is firmly guarding Johnson.

Because a poor child, as long as there’s no evil, will always receive pity. Johnson is being bullied by his peers, so it’s easier to move him with kind-hearted people. The help they give might be insignificant, but it was essential. Like during the Chruch’s welfare donations, the nun specially selected a pair of shoes for him, or the neighbors stewed a bowl of hot soup or even a smile from a well-meaning passerby.

Very likely, Johnson has nothing this time.

“……becoming a more cowardly and shady character.”

Geng Tian scalp became numb. This is the enemy of Li Fei, and it’s also the enemy of the Black Abyss in the future.

Nothing is worse than a formidable and terrible enemy, his mind being twisted is even more troublesome.

“This approach is very risky. On the positive side, he’d never felt warmth and kindness as a child, and once he met a ‘good guy’, he will never forget it. But Johnson may also become a person who is psychologically dark and hate the world. I worked on a TV show when I first started and played the cannon fodder. In the plot, I have the unlucky role of assisting a psychopathic and perverted individual. After the other party was deeply touched, he decided to kill the ‘good guy’ and let the body stay with him forever.”

“……” Geng Tian is a little queasy.

He was a bodyguard, and he almost couldn’t handle it. It’s because some wealthy businessmen’s tastes are truly wonderful. They would throw money to let two handsome men and women play the live version, watch an underground boxing match, participate in pitbull gambling, go abroad to find girl prostitutes……as for the darker things, Geng Tian has also heard of it.

Bad memories were brought back for Geng Tian, and he suddenly took a swallow of his coffee.

“If Johnson found the truth, he is very likely to become the latter one. Jack and his companions, I thought they were valued by the organization for receiving such an important and beneficial task, but in fact, they’re disposable.”

Li Fei puts himself at the top of the Holy Gate organization and envisions the next step. He found that as long as some of his subordinates are mixed in, then expose to Johnson that Jack and the others have ulterior motives, he could help Johnson “destroy” Holy Gate for the greater good.

Holy Gate organization makes a cunning escape plan. They would be transformed, and from the organization’s ulterior motive, split-up. Then they would join the American organization for ability holders, or become a force behind Johnson’s comrades. They would be directly washed white.

Regardless if Johnson has a good character, or a twisted nature, in the book, he is not a man of strategy.

What Johnson lacks is such a companion, meaning, his subordinates.

With “friends”, “subordinate” identity seemingly guiding and assisting, but in fact, it’s to control Johnson. It’s a very clever idea, and it’s worth the implementation.

“Unfortunately, US is too far away, and we can’t find the hero boy.” Li Fei said regretfully.

Geng Tian is in a cold sweat.

“Our future Black Abyss, what’s the situation?”

“That one named Yang Chao is okay. The other people’s minds float, wanting to take refuge in Red Dragon when they saw the power of the State.” Geng Tian is a little absent-minded.

Establishing an organization that doesn’t rely on the established ability holders organization of the State, Geng Tian also thinks it is necessary.

At least in the future when fighting in the Abandoned World, the Black Abyss can ignore the fight between countries and has freedom of movement.

Now that they have a good relationship with the Red Dragon, if there are no accidents in the future, it will not change. But on the surface, Black Abyss has nothing to do with the Red Dragon. The Chinese has always been good at playing the good cop bad cop.

“Our enemy is strong, and very well prepared. Speed up the progress, and use the fear of ability holders. Everything in this world is changing. The World War and Abandoned World, it’s impossible that it’ll last ten years like in the book.”

Li Fei’s expression made Geng Tian surprised. He has a moderate tone, but his eyes are those looking at prey.

“We don’t have time.”


There was a loud noise outside the coffee shop.

The chandelier shook, the table shook, and the glass cracked, but nothing fell down.

Geng Tian jumped up and stood in front of Li Fei. Then he saw much gray soft silk on the floor. They’re like explicitly confirming the safety of the “reserve grain”, and when they found that Li Fei is fine, they hid again.

It was a very short time, but enough for Geng Tian to see that the coffee shop’s tables and ceilings are covered with this hyphae. The windows are even more exaggerated, as the mushrooms covered all the gaps.

Smoke filled the coffee shop, making them choke.

Because there is no business, except for Li Fei and Geng Tian, there are no other guests.

“Is there a back door? Let’s get out of here!” Geng Tian is very nervous.

“No need to.”

Li Fei “press” the spilled coffee back into the cup.

The cards they talked about are not by the window but hidden behind a pillar. You can’t see this from the doorway. Geng Tian began to regret not applying for firearms from the Red Dragon, because most of them will not be approved.

Two minutes later, someone entered the coffee shop.

Li Fei took the lead and smiled at the other party, “Are there any passerby injured?”

Geng Tian looked straight at Jian Hua.

“Just the man who has explosives tied to him. I used the hyphae to uncover the manhole cover and stuffed him in it. The shock wave from the explosion is blocked by the mushrooms, probably killed a lot of mice in the sewer.” Jian Hua frowned deeply. He apparently disagreed with letting Li Fei out. Catching another wave of killers did not make him feel better.

“Wait till they know that you’ve been together with me for this long. Presumably, they’re not going to come and die so easily.”

The previous Jian Hua wouldn’t think much about the meaning of this sentence, but now he can’t help but look at Li Fei. He looked unhappy. “On the same street, hyphae also found suspicious people with weapons and telescopes. I collected all of them along with their laptop. Before the people from Red Dragon come, you can check the loot first.”

The standing next to him and looking like an extra Geng Tian: “……”

Just now, Li Fei seems to say that someone needs to be quiet right?

He was waiting to ambush the killer who caught the bait, so it has to be quiet?!

The author has something to say: ah ah ah There are mosquitoes. qaq I need a “field”.

STB Chapter 83: Base of Operations
STB Chapter 85: Psuedonym

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