FG008: The Last Straw

FG007: A Different Person
FG009: Right and Wrong

The one being beaten was Yu Zui. He just raised his pants and got out of the toilet. With no precautions at all, he was pushed to the wall by the three of them. The one in front was tall and had a long face. He shook his hand and gave him a slap in the face. Yu Zui’s face became hot and painful. He covered his face and shouted: “Brother, hey, brother, hey, don’t hit the face, I have to rely on this for a living.”

The hitter laughed first. Holding Yu Zui’s chin, he smiled at the other two: “Just this face, not much better than a donkey’s ass, still want to use it for a living?”

When he raised his hand again, Yu Zui covered his face and yelled. Unexpectedly, no palm fell. All three laughed. The one with a beard curled his fingers and made a striking noise which made Yu Zui shudder. “Don’t fucking pretend to be my grandson. Do you know what you did?”

“I know.” Yu Zui nodded while being looked down by the one holding him, who’s half a head taller. He gave way to the side, for fear of being squeezed and beaten by the three.

He couldn’t say that he didn’t know. If he did, they’d immediately beat him up.

“So you know?” The other asked, then gave Yu Zui a backhand on his forehead.

Yu Zui covered his head and wretchedly said: “Brother, just say what you want to say. Just tap it. I’m not in good health and I don’t want to fight.”

This kind of act made the three bored. They originally planned to give him a lesson, but seeing this attitude, they felt bored. When the one holding Yu Zui didn’t feel threatened and just loosened his hand, unexpectedly, a sharp pain came from his lower body. He let go and bent down to cover his son while screaming.

Like a bolt of lightning, Yu Zui’s right hand hit the person on the left. Using police style boxing, one punch sealed the eyes. The distance was just right, like hitting a sandbag. The other person covered his face and stepped back several steps. Yu Zui’s left followed and there was a clear “pa”. The palm was supporting the opponent’s fist.

The man didn’t expect the humble little man to react so fast. His fist was blocked. It was too late to retract his arm, and his wrist was caught and twisted, hurting him deeply. Yu Zui twisted his hands and the man squatted naturally when his wrist was pressed, just yelling out in pain. Something dark appeared in front of him and a big foot kicked his face.

When he got up, Yu Zui had already jumped out of their encirclement and was a dozen steps away. This was like a rabbit jumping up and down in front of a falcon, underestimating the enemy.

“Damn, I’ll kill you.”

“Get up…”

The three were playing with real fire. While rubbing their eyes, or caressing their son, they rushed to fight with a wave of anger.

Unexpectedly, what they met today was a not so good opportunist. When Yu Zui ran to the male dormitory, he shouted with open arms: “There’s a fight, come and watch the excitement.”

After taking a few more steps, he shouted again: “Mouse, Doubao, Mule, Traitor… make a bet.”

The shout was hoarse and anxious. The three, who were chasing from behind, thought this guy was just bluffing. They chased halfway when the one with his son injured shouted in pain. The three stunned students stopped. They heard the windows and doors of the dormitory building slam open and someone rushed out of the hall while shouting excitedly: “Where? Who’s beating who?”

Yu Zui yelled and pointed to this side. The ones in the hallway also took a look. Those people didn’t seem to be from their school. The police academy students immediately rolled their sleeves and roared: “Shit, you over there, you looking for some beating?”

Many people shouted. There were so many people who wanted to watch the excitement. These students had always been very idle, and it’s even more painful since the holidays would soon arrive. Now a greater stimulus was coming. From a window on the second floor, someone climbed out to the platform and jumped off with a thump. Someone also ran out of the toilet and while pulling his pants halfway, he spontaneously blocked the way.

In the police academy, there were many young men with too much energy. They usually played around happily, so how could they let the outsiders go like that?

While the three thugs were in a daze, more people gathered and they became even more dumbfounded. This was a police academy, but for a moment, it looked like a bandit’s den. Yu Zui found his chance and took advantage of the three dazed opponents. In two or three steps, he suddenly jumped in the air and gave a side kick. The person whom he’d twisted the arm reacted a little slowly and was kicked directly on the neck. He rolled on the ground and stopped, twitching in convulsions.

The other two desperately moved away. Unexpectedly, even when he succeeded, Yu Zui jumped out of their range and said to the gathered crowd: “Brothers, I don’t know where these bastards came from. They were waiting on the women’s toilet. I just said something and they wanted to beat me… everyone, let them know what kind of place this is.”

Upon hearing this, the gangsters of the police academy became angry. There were already not enough girls and the quality was not so good. It’s terrible when even outsiders are peeping on them. A student with arms crossed slowly approached. Everyone was looking at them and step by step, they squeezed the three men until their back was against the wall. Someone looked sideways at the camera in the dormitory and said: “Okay, we won’t be shot anymore.”

Outsiders might not know the rules of the police academy. Even when fighting, they would do it in a position that the camera couldn’t take. Out of the monitoring, no one could tell what happened, and so the beating began. These three big guys became stimulation for these groups of young students to vent their energy. A round of punches and kicks rained down on the three. The students never hit them in the face and made sure to hit their weaknesses. The three couldn’t help but scream in pain.

Mouse came late and rushed up to make up for it; Doubao came late, but those three had been sent to the student office by the school’s discipline committee. Many people unanimously pointed out that these three guys were peeping at the women’s toilet and beat them up as punishment. The discipline committee was also composed of police academy students, so their elbows would make certain turns, even kicking and cursing during the escort:

“You have to look where you’re going. This is a police academy, not an art school. It’s already good that you’re not disabled.”

No, mistaking the ruffians of the police academy to the chickens of an art school would make their reputation drop! They fell into a huge pit.

No one noticed that Section Chief Shi was watching quietly. After watching it halfway, he was a little dumbfounded and surprised at seeing such a farce. However, his professional sensitivity made him immediately serious. It seemed like the cause of this case wouldn’t be examined.

Going to the police academy to peep on the women’s toilet? Even coming in a group?

Someone else had guessed the answer. An Jialu saw the whole process clearly from a distance. She suddenly looked back at Jie Bing. Jie Bing looked embarrassed and blamed those three for being too boorish. An Jialu inferred the motive and cause at once. This morning, she was hit by the restless rogue Yu Zui and complained about it to Jie Bing. This gallant person then found someone to clean up Yu Zui this evening. Unexpectedly, the inverse happened.

“Are you looking for someone?” An Jialu’s voice was cold as she stared at Jie Bing.

“I… that.” Jie Bing stroked his forehead, not knowing what to say. He wanted to wait for it to happen and say that it’s retribution for doing evil. Who knew that God was so shortsighted that the wicked were still in power.

“If you have the ability, just stand up to him. What kind of ability is it to find someone else?” An Jialu really felt that this thing wasn’t done righteously. Turning her head, she angrily walked away. Jie Bing chased after her, explaining as he walked, but didn’t really explain much. Beauty An entered the female dormitory building and ignored him.

When the discipline committee took away the offenders, Section Chief Shi wanted to go back. Unexpectedly, after laughing at the discussing crowd, he saw Yu Zui, Yan Debiao, and Dou Xiaobo sneaking behind the cafeteria. Driven by a moment of curiosity, he silently followed…

FG007: A Different Person
FG009: Right and Wrong

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