RTBAS 065: You Lunatic

RTBAS 064: Dispose of the Corpse
RTBAS 066: Wangye, Do Me A Favor

Xiao Ting sat there for an hour.

The Emperor came to see Xiao Guifei after he had dealt with the court matters, and when he saw her sitting there, he beckoned her out.

“You girl, why are you here and not in your Mansion?”

Xiao Ting pouted and was very unhappy what the Emperor said, “Aunt is sad, so Ting’er naturally wants to be with her.”

In the eyes of the Emperor, several years had passed since this matter. However, Xiao Ting felt that for the Guifei, the pain didn’t decrease because of the passage of time.

Perhaps, it’s even a bit deeper.

When the Emperor entered, Xiao Ting didn’t go in again but asked the guard outside.

“I heard that Tao Zhi has been dead for several years. Where is her body?”

The guard hurriedly replied when he heard those words, “Replying to Jiu Wangfei, it was taken away by Commander Xu.”

“Who’s Commander Xu? Where is he?”

The guard looked at her, not knowing how to explain it.

Xiao Ting raised her eyes and saw Princess Zhao Hua stagger from somewhere. She was swaying listlessly.

Xiao Ting ran over immediately, “Zhao Hua.”

Princess Zhao Hua looked up, saw that it was Xiao Ting, and immediately ran over. Before Xiao Ting could ask her, she hugged Xiao Ting and burst into tears.

The court ladies and eunuchs immediately retreated.

“My God, what’s wrong with you?”

Xiao Ting was dumbfounded. She and this girl had only been separated for an hour. How could she cry like this in her own territory?

“Imperial Grandmother scolded me. She scolded me. She never scolded me. Wuwuwu…”

When Xiao Ting heard that, she knew that the Empress Dowager must have known what happened last night. Zhao Hua thought she could escape, but she didn’t expect to be scolded.

She patted her on the back and said: “So you’re crying just for this? Are you that good for nothing? If it’s me, whoever dares to scold me, I’ll scold them back.”

Zhao Hua cried, then sniffled and left Xiao Ting’s shoulders. She said with red eyes, “That’s Imperial Grandmother, the noblest woman in the Empire. How can I scold her?”

Xiao Ting knew she’s right when she thought about it.

“Then, just suffer a bit and be scolded every day. If you cry like this, neither my Jiu Wangfu nor the Xiao fu enough for your flood of tears.”

She didn’t dare scold the Empress Dowager.

“That said, it’s the first time Imperial Grandmother scolded me!” Zhao Hua still didn’t let it go.

Xiao Ting put her arms around her shoulders, and the Palace servants next to her pretended not to see, merely bowing their heads and guarding their side.

“So what? Look, when I met the Empress Dowager for the first time, she scolded me once. Ordinarily, our tempers and personalities are very similar, but this treatment is too far apart. If you want to feel wronged, then I’m even more wronged, okay?”

“It seems so.” Xiao Ting persuaded the innocent Princess Zhao Hua in this way, and the Palace servants next to them silently followed.

In their hearts: One is an Imperial Princess, and the other is a Wangfei. It’s strange to treat them equally. Princess Zhao Hua couldn’t compare them.

“Furthermore, that old lady is getting old and had nothing to do all day long, except for saying this and that are wrong. She doesn’t have much to do, so if you’re scolded, you just have to bear with it, okay?” Xiao Ting patted Zhao Hua’s arm while explaining, then said: “No matter what, you’re also my friend. Crying in front of so many people will also make me lose face. Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Zhao Hua turned her head to look at her, “Then you haven’t cried since you were young?”

“Just kidding, of course, I cried.”

Zhao Hua was dumbfounded, but Xiao Ting continued: “But I will only cry when I’m sad. How can I cry just because I can’t beat or scold someone, let alone cry in public like you.”

Zhao Hua turned around to look at the Palace servants, then barked: “You guys are not allowed to speak out, you hear me?”

Everyone rushed to agree.

What a joke. Zhao Hua is in the Palace. Except for a few extremely honorable people, who would dare offend her?

“Go, take me to find someone.”

Xiao Ting took Zhao Hua’s hand and walked forward.

After inquiring, they went all the way to the prison.

They found Commander Xu there. Since Zhao Hua led the way, she smoothly met Commander Xu.

Xiao Ting directly stated her identity and asked to see the corpse.

Xu Ting was a stalwart man, dressed in iron armor and a cold sword on his waist. He was very majestic and not that old, so he looked very heroic.

While walking forward, Xiao Ting looked at Commander Xu and said: “The weather is so hot, and you wear so much, aren’t you afraid of getting sick?”

Xu Ting paused in his footsteps but didn’t even look at Xiao Ting as he continued leading the way.

On the side, Zhao Hua leaned on her ear and said: “Commander Xu is very boring, don’t be so familiar with him.”

Xiao Ting curled her lips, as if she wanted to talk to him.

As they all knew, the body could only be stored for three days after death. When the temperature is normal, like this hot summer, it will rot after two days.

After Xu Ting took over Tao Zhi’s corpse, he took it to the prison because something here could prevent the body from rotting, which would help him find out the truth of the matter.

The prison was divided into three floors. They went to the lowest level where no sun would shine all year round and was silent like a tomb.

In fact, few people were here because this is where the royal family, who committed crimes punishable by death, would be imprisoned.

As they walked forward, the lights along the wall automatically lit up, illuminating the entire passage. Soon, they turned the corner and came to the right place.

Xiao Ting paused in her footsteps and glanced back.

“What’s wrong?”

Zhao Hua asked when she saw her stop.

“Nothing, let’s go!”

Xiao Ting always felt that something was looking at her, but she didn’t see anything when she looked back.

Tao Zhi’s body was placed in a strange ice coffin, and it’s not known where it came from. It was cold and covered with spells.

“It’s here.”

Xu Ting raised his hand to invite them into the cell.

The ice coffin was placed at the innermost cell, where there’s a pool in which the ice coffin was suspended.

Zhao Hua didn’t have much interest in this and only followed out of curiosity.

But as soon as Xiao Ting saw it, she pushed Zhao Hua away and rushed over. She glared at it, “Who did this?”

Zhao Hua staggered and almost fell. As soon as she was about to complain to Xiao Ting, she saw her expression.

“Ting’er, what’s wrong with you?”

After Xiao Ting asked this, she began to tear the spell on the ice coffin without saying a word. She pulled it while muttering something.


The sword was drawn, and Xu Ting pointed his sword horizontally between the ice coffin and Xiao Ting’s palm, nearly cutting her finger. Xiao Ting retracted her palm subconsciously.

“What are you doing? Get out of the way and let me see.”

Xiao Ting snorted coldly and went forward to push Commander Xu.

Xu Ting snorted coldly and stood steadily as he sharply said: “This lowly one wants to ask Jiu Wangfei, what are you trying to do?”

Then he looked at Zhao Hua and said: “Your Royal Highness, you’ve also seen it. This lowly one already agreed to your request. If you’ve had enough fun, please go back!”

Xu Ting pushed Xiao Ting back and put the cold sword back in its sheath. He then folded his hands and cupped his fists, then said: “In the end, there are still important clues in the body, so I will not accompany you.”

This was obviously driving people away. Although Zhao Hua was lawless in the Palace, she’s a little embarrassed for the Imperial Guards’ Commander. This person straightforwardly does everything and wouldn’t be bought by anyone. It’s also because of this that he had Father Emperor’s trust.

Zhao Hua stepped forward to pull Xiao Ting, “Ting’er, let’s go!”

She didn’t think that Xiao Ting, who’s generally a happy go lucky person, would look calm at this moment. She looked at her seriously and said: “Zhao Hua, wait.”

She pushed away Princess Zhao Hua’s arm, looked directly at Commander Xu, and said: “Are you thinking that this consort is playing around?”

“Aren’t you?”

“Of course not. This woman is related to Aunt Guifei, so this consort will also investigate the case. Let me ask you, who asked you to put this corpse here?”

Xiao Ting was serious at this moment.

“Do you know what would happen to those lying in this ice coffin?”

“Ting’er, what are you talking about?” Zhao Hua heard that and was confused. In her opinion, this ice coffin just looked a bit weird.

Xiao Ting ignored Zhao Hua but continued to look at Commander Xu and say: “It only takes three days for the human soul to be forever sealed in the body, and it can’t reincarnate anymore.”

Xu Ting stood there while gripping the sword’s hilt. With firm eyes, he said: “So what?”

Obviously, he didn’t believe this.

Xiao Ting almost died of anger and wanted to rush to beat him into a pig head.

However, looking at the cold and dazzling sword in front of her, she gave up this thought that was equivalent to suicide.

“That, this woman has been dead for many years, aren’t you wondering why her body is so well preserved?” Xiao Ting explained to him as calmly as possible, hoping that he could be more humane.

However, Commander Xu still had a stern expression, “This is the end of the matter. May the two of you please leave.”

Hehe, he’s too polite.

“This consort won’t leave. What can you do to me?” If the soft way doesn’t work, try the hard way.

However, Xiao Ting still underestimated this cold-faced Commander Xu.

She saw Commander Xu draw the sword and swing it decisively. If Xiao Ting hadn’t reacted quickly and jumped away, she would really be hit by that sword.

“You lunatic.” Xiao Ting was really taken aback, but Zhao Hua took Xiao Ting and turned away.

“Just you wait. This consort will definitely come back.”

Before leaving, Xiao Ting still said some parting words.

“I will wait for Jiu Wangfei until the end.” The other party also showed no weakness.

After leaving the jail, Xiao Ting’s mood was still not calm. She looked at her hand and cursed, “Who the hell is he? Is he usually that arrogant?”

The original owner was only mischievous outside the Palace and rarely went to the Palace. Except for visiting Xiao Guifei, she would rarely enter, and she needed an imperial edict to go.

Therefore, she’s not clear about the people and things in the Palace, let alone care about it.

She just did whatever she wanted to do!

But Xiao Ting was different. She’s not as heartless as the original owner. She must repay the kindness she received.

Therefore, she decided to resolve Xiao Guifei‘s matter.

“Commander Xu is the youngest grandson of Old Minister Xu. He’s twenty years old and an upright man that has outstanding martial arts. He won first place in the martial arts competition five years ago and became the Imperial guards’ Commander last year. Father Emperor trusted him so much because he only obeyed his orders. Mother Empress said that he’s Father Emperor’s shadow guard.”

“I say, no wonder he’s so confident and dared do something to this miss.” Xiao Ting’s mind turned.

Zhao Hua persuaded her, “Father Emperor won’t agree to let you participate in the investigation, so just give up!”

Along the way, Xiao Ting had already told Zhao Hua her plan.

“I will definitely think of a way to get the Emperor to agree.”

RTBAS 064: Dispose of the Corpse
RTBAS 066: Wangye, Do Me A Favor

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