STB Chapter 118: Breaking Through

The cars of ability holders always have biscuits and mineral water; Red Dragon even prepared a rocket launcher. The shot hit the target and directly smashed the glass snail into pieces. The nearby buildings aren’t affected. From the sniping technology to firepower selection, it’s so accurate that Jian Hua is surprised. Abandoned World Monster Manual: … Continue reading STB Chapter 118: Breaking Through

STB Chapter 117: Reinforcements

Jian Hua put on his clothes as fast as possible. The room was initially air-conditioned and at a suitable temperature, but now with a broken window, the cold wind poured in along with the freezing rain. The python’s tail swept across the room, and the furnishings near the window was destroyed. It opened its mouth, … Continue reading STB Chapter 117: Reinforcements

STB Chapter 115: Lost Contact

In this way, Li Fei’s bodyguard and assistant both laid down on the hospital. Compared to Geng Tian who encountered Dr. Mad, Assistant Lin is purely unlucky. Fortunately, in the end, he was just scared, and the injury is not that serious. After three days of hospitalization, the hospital can discharge him and let him rest … Continue reading STB Chapter 115: Lost Contact

STB Chapter 112: Suffer a Loss

The sparkling river reflecting the neon lights of the city is very colorful. The crowd that thickened to view the riverside at night gradually dispersed little by little. Except for tourists who participated in night tours, there are only a few young people who are publicly displaying their affections. Drunkards laid down on park benches. … Continue reading STB Chapter 112: Suffer a Loss

STB Chapter 110: Love Letter

Geng Tian listened to the busy tone on his phone, face distorted. He’s physically powerless. His hanging arm twitched slightly, and his face is a strange blue. “Aiya, your boss is a frigid person. Except for giving orders, he has no other communication with you?” Two fingers carried the mobile phone. The man who placed … Continue reading STB Chapter 110: Love Letter

STB Chapter 109: Demonstration

8:00 pm, Northern time, Haicheng xx District 1 Community incident reached the top in the internet search. Almost everyone is talking about this topic; then a mysterious video appeared on a foreign video website. At 8:30, the video clicks made it on the homepage of that website; soon it was forwarded to a domestic social … Continue reading STB Chapter 109: Demonstration