STB Chapter 120: Nightmare

STB Chapter 119: Way to Survive
STB Chapter 121: Comfort

Even if Zhao Wen did not say anything, Li Fei could guess some of it. After all, with the changes in the base, people who use their heads can see it.

Especially smart people, when they found out that Red Dragon consciously accepted defected ability holders, and also bothered to check their identity, allowing some people to enter a specially divided area in the base, had started to wonder.

Waiting until they saw Red Dragon arrange a group of people to go out and wondered what are they busily discussing when the space ability holder Guan Ling took out a packet of chopped potato roots, a package of vegetable seeds, and also a pack of soybeans. The truth is almost out.

——bean sprouts and what not, as long as the method is right, the bean sprouts can take off. It won’t take long before it grows into vegetables. Even in just a big vat that doesn’t see the light, it would be no trouble. Abandoned World has no food, and growing beans is a good idea, but potatoes grew slower. It takes about a month to emerge. If they calculate from now, it takes at least four months to see the effect.

Unless the country is ready to experiment gardening in the Abandoned World, walking around with seeds in their space to see the effect of the unique environment on growing potatoes or study the period stagnation, and whether the seeds carried in can still absorb the nutrients in the soil. Otherwise, growing potatoes is really strange.

A book transmigrator like Huo Wei, who knew the original plot, will soon be able to guess.

Red Dragon does not deliberately avoid people when doing these things. There was no need. Looking at the number of ability holders who came running for refuge, and the number of monsters increasing, when people, who have no confidence to survive in such a cruel world, heard that the Abandoned World has a longer duration would immediately shake.

Even if the streets filled up with expensive goods, and money can be taken casually, most people will still want to save their lives first.

Those who robbed and smashed a store, injured others, even those who committed serious crimes, at least at that moment, they felt they were strong, safe, and uncontrolled.

The base currently accepts ability holders, mostly low-order ones. There’s only one D-level. Others say they’re ability holders, but it’s more accurate to call them ordinary people with a little bit of skill and full of guts. Low-order ability holders who have little combat power has become monster food now.

On the second day that Jian Hua entered the Red Dragon base, his sleeping sickness attacked again.

The room where he stayed in is filled with mushrooms. Who can get in except for Li Fei? Even if you’re near the door, you’ll be unceremoniously picked up by the mushrooms and thrown out.

During Jian Hua’s sleeping time, he has even breathing, heart rate dropped to about 50 per minute, and a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius. By all accounts, he’s not sleeping and instead entered a dormant state of fake death. But even though he doesn’t need to drink water, nor eat anything, his physiological metabolism has stopped.

Because Jian Hua mentioned that he’s always in a dark world every time he dreamed, and the only thing he can feel is Li Fei’s breath, Li Fei didn’t dare leave Jian Hua for too long, worried that Jian Hua’s consciousness can’t find the way back.

When Zhao Wen came, he just happened to catch up with a Red Dragon team from Huai City.

Huai City and Haicheng is very close. The timezone difference is not significant. These people are not those sent by Colonel Lu to become a messenger, but responsible for escorting an A-class ability holder.

To be more accurate, it’s taking care of an A-class ability holder.

Old Cheng is advanced in age. He lived in a mushroom-protected area, but still, a high-order ability holder killing the first wave of monsters is not a problem. However, his home has limited reserves, and eating raw food for a long time is harsh for an old man.

The Red Dragon members assigned to Huai City went to Old Cheng’s home under attack by monsters and successfully picked up their target.

Old Cheng does not want to stay at home.

For the house, for his wife, and also for the safety of the neighbors, he decided to leave.

Huai City to Haicheng initially took a few hours to drive. As a result, they arrived on the eighth day. Even if they hurried to leave Huai City, they were still delayed, and it also took too long.

Old Cheng wore a thick coat, and also a hat. His worried face full of wrinkles, the two Red Dragon members who escorted him were not injured, they just looked very tired.

Old Cheng can’t enter the room, so Li Fei, who heard movement, came out to talk to him.

The Red Dragon member who finished their escort mission turned and left, prepared to report to the head of Haicheng base Major Zhang. Zhao Wen stopped a man and asked, he knew that something happened in Huai City.

“I’m too old, and also experienced the thrill of almost breaking my bones.” Old Cheng said while sighing, telling Li Fei about his encounter. Five days ago, their car was on the way to Haicheng, when they encountered a huge monster.

Long tentacles, ugly skin, and wandering in the highway in the night, like a devil with a cloak.

“Cannibalistic squid?” Li Fei deeply frowned.

“That’s what they call it. I’ve seen it in the book of Red Dragon. It’s even more exaggerated than on paper.” Old Cheng has a lingering fear. He’s a man with a foot in the grave, and have experienced many things in life. When he saw the giant figure of a squid amidst the night, Old Cheng was surprised that in front of his decades of experience weathering storms, the ups and downs are just like a small ditch.

The cannibalistic squid will chase after encountering prey. Li Fei knew that this guy is difficult to deal with, so he can imagine Old Cheng’s life-threatening experience.

“Which direction did the cannibalistic squid go?”

Old Cheng heavily sighed, “I used my ability to confuse its sense of direction. We escaped several times, and almost got caught several times. It was only after the third day that we got rid of it. I didn’t expect this guy to be unwilling. It even invaded Huai City. At least a dozen ability holders died, Red Dragon introduced it into an open space, and other people trapped it with their abilities.”

Finally, the cannibalistic squid was bombarded into pieces by a rocket launcher. It’s not as hard as the glass snail, and the shell is fragile inside, but the broken tentacles wiped out a row of warehouses in the distance. Two other ability holders are unfortunately killed.

Old Cheng, also because of his thrilling days, the whole person looks a few years older.

Li Fei is not familiar with Old Cheng. If there is no information about high-order ability holders inside Red Dragon, he may not be able to recognize his face. After Old Cheng said a few words filled with emotion, he was busy questioning about Jian Hua’s situation.

“Same as before.” Li Fei doesn’t want to talk more.

Jian Hua’s sleeping sickness involves his “fated ending”. If he can make Abandoned World disappear but can’t save Jian Hua, what will the countries do with this multiple choice question? The answer is self-evident.

A person’s life and death, compared to the life and death of everyone else……

Unfortunately, even if he doesn’t want to, even if the camaraderie between them is heavy, he is also helpless.

Sometimes Li Fei hated his sanity. If he is selfish and short-sighted, he will lay the blame on someone else if he got into trouble. Then when he’s full of resentment like now, he would go on a killing spree, stir up trouble, let Abandoned World’s disaster last longer and broader, because “the world abandoned them, so why should they consider this world”.

Li Fei is not an upright person; he’s not even a good man.

He didn’t do that because he calmly asked himself a question in his heart: If I destroy everything, kill more people, and make Abandoned World even more chaotic, can this prevent Jian Hua from disappearing?

Of course not!

Two S-class ability holders endanger human survival. The countries will speed up developing the technology mentioned in the “plot” and let Abandoned World disappear as soon as possible, so it’s counterproductive.

It is a dead end……

The blackness under Li Fei’s eyes has become even more apparent. The elegant and calm look in front of cameras can’t be seen. Others don’t think much if Jian Hua didn’t come out for a few days, but the people of Red Dragon can see it.

“How long did he sleep?” Old Cheng observed his color and felt that the situation is not good. He suddenly looked serious.

“Seven days. I have never seen him sleep this long before……”

Li Fei said half when suddenly the “power field” in his whole body changed. The flame beast woke up and roared like it found that the biggest competitor in its territory has left. At first, it was very doubtful, then delighted and complacent, before gradually feeling a strange sense of loss.

It must be affected by the emotions of his host! The flame beast thought in its head.

In the eyes of others, Li Fei’s body poured out the dazzling fire, extending outwards. Old Cheng was caught off guard and almost fell into the flames. Fortunately, high-order ability holders have “fields” that are mutually exclusive. Old Cheng retreated in the opposite direction.

The air screeched for only a moment before the sound disappeared, but the strange feeling in their ears did not fade. People nearby felt a headache at the same time. Low-order ability holders became dizzy and must hold the wall to be able to stand.

After Old Cheng was able to stand firmly, he quickly controlled his ability, and the signs of a headache disappeared.

Li Fei is also affected, just not as evident as others. He doesn’t care to say a word as he turned and ran to Jian Hua’s room. The hyphae is stimulated, assuming an attack posture, and the crowd retreated.

Despite the flame beast’s arrogance, the mushroom did not regard it as an enemy at all. The hyphae pushed the reserve grain towards the door, wrapped him under their own protective “umbrella”, and divided into several strands to inspect the source of that power just now.

——Old Cheng was sent downstairs through Zhao Wen’s quick response.

The mushrooms did not find the culprit, so it stopped their actions.

Li Fei entered the room and found that Jian Hua has faint breath. His palms went cold, and the blood on his face gradually disappeared. The signs of life slowly faded away, Li Fei was frightened.

He grabbed Jian Hua’s hand, about to shout, when he felt the cold fingers twitch slightly.

Followed by Jian Hua’s strange body condition gradually receding. His breathing became stronger, and his heartbeat stronger. Although the person is not awake, the five fingers instinctively grabbed Li Fei.

Jian Hua’s movements are heavy. The palms of the two men soon became white then turned red.

The pain in his palm enlightened Li Fei that Jian Hua is hovering between life and death.

After a long time, Jian Hua opened his eyes.

Every nightmare he has is a dark world with nothing at all. Li Fei habitually sat him up and lean on him, waiting for Jian Hua’s pupils to recover focus, noticing the things in the room——and him.

“I saw a worm and a strange hole.”

“……” Li Fei was startled. Jian Hua tilted his head and whispered.

“It’s very greedy. We started fighting after meeting in the void. I lost a lot of mushrooms, and it was also injured. In the end, it avoided me. We are alert to each other, floating and searching for a long time.” Jian Hua recalled his dream. He felt that if he didn’t tell these vague impressions, it would soon disappear, like most people’s dreams, remembering it all when you’re half-asleep, and forgotten after being woken up by the alarm clock.

Li Fei did not interrupt. He carefully listened.

“We found a strange thing — a light through a gap. It grabbed the gap and opened it, probed its head, then wriggled as if eating something, but it refused to enter the hole fully. When it’s full, it took a break next to it. I felt uncontrollably dragged towards the hole……”

There is another world with skyscrapers, crowd screaming, and buildings collapsing. It was a tragedy.

The mushroom wanted to go in, but Jian Hua held it back. He used all his strength; then he can’t even feel Li Fei’s existence. The vague connection seems broken, and Jian Hua almost lost to the mushroom in the void space.

But standing near the hole, Jian Hua understood why the giant worm refused to go in.

It is not the world it is looking for, nor the place it should go back.

“That giant worm also used to be a person with devouring abilities and then got lost.”

The author has something to say: 

In this novel, the “book Jian Hua” character will not appear.

That giant worm is the devourer of another Abandoned World and has nothing to do with the plot. It’s a big world setting that the author doesn’t know (what the heck)

STB Chapter 119: Way to Survive
STB Chapter 121: Comfort

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